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  1. Cassini Information Page
    • From NoFlyby

  2. Cassini Fact Sheet
    • From NoFlyby

    • Official Cassini Mission Home Page
    • http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/cassini/

  4. Known Plutonium launches scheduled after Cassini
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/launches.htm

  5. Getting there: how do you fly to Saturn?
    • NASA's explanation of how the "gravity-assist" scheme functions
    • " ... Basically, the idea is to use the gravity of other planets to do the dirty work of accelerating the spacecraft ...."
    • http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/cassini/Mission/traj.html

  6. What is a "gravity-assisted flyby maneuver" (or "planetary swing by")?
    • Common sense and a little mathematics, helps clarify the concept.
    • http://dosxx.colorado.edu/Fcrary/gravity.html

  7. NASA's Cassini trajectory timetable
    • Table with dates of flybys and altitudes from planets
    • Visual representation opf trajectory
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/traj.htm

  8. Cassini Events in 1999
    • From NASA
    • http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/cassini/msnstatus/1999.html

  9. The Cassini Debate--and Beyond
    • Jane Wardlow Prettyman's web site about space and science
    • http://www.rain.org/~openmind/cass2.htm

  10. Efforts of the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice to stop the Cassini launch
    • The Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice (FCPJ)
    • http://www.afn.org/~fcpj/space/cassini/

  11. Cassini is a Bad Seed
    • by Bruce K. Gagnon, Coordinator FCPJ and member of the NoFlyby Board of Advisors
    • http://www.globenet.free-online.co.uk/casssbs.htm

  12. Space mission accidents
    • Accidents ivolving radioactive material in space
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/accident.htm

  13. A Scientific Critique of the Accident Risks from the Cassini Space Mission
    • By Dr. Michio Kaku, member of the NoFlyby Board of Advisors
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/mk9708so.htm

  14. Cancel Cassini!
    • NASA and the European Space Agency are playing Russian Roulette with life on planet Earth... search /RENEGADE/ for articles on Cassini:
    • http://fornits.com/renegade/peaars.cgi?Cassini

  15. Interactivism
    • Comprehensive overview of the Cassini mission
    • http://www.interactivism.com/act2/cassini/intro.shtml

  16. Solar alternatives to Plutonium
    • By R. McCluney, member of the NoFlyby Board of Advisors
    • http://www.rain.org/~openmind/cassolar.htm

  17. NASA's Lack of Vision
    • By R. McCluney, member of the NoFlyby Board of Advisors
    • http://www.rain.org/~openmind/nasavisn.htm

  18. An Open Inquiry to NASA and DOE
    • Will the "Ceramic" Plutonium Still Be a Cohesive Solid, or Will Its Self-Irradiation Have Made It Very Fragile?
    • From John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., October 23, 1997.
    • http://www.ratical.com/radiation/CNR/CassiniOpenInq.html

  19. Speech by ex-NASA Safety Officer, recently retired
    • The speech was presented at a Stop Cassini rally sponsored by the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice (FCPJ).
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/ak9707fl.htm

  20. An Urgent Message
    • From Dr. Helen Caldicott, member of the NoFlyby Board of Advisors
    • http://www.janrainwater.com/Cassini.htm

  21. The Dangers and Alternatives of Plutonium
    • Cassini overview by Fenton Communications - "a force for social responsibility"
    • http://www.fenton.com/archive/cassini.html

  22. Omnicide: The Biggest Murder Case of all Time
    • By By Bernadette Geiger Counter
    • Article posted to Dr. Verdad Bulletin Board
    • http://www.gulfwar.org/webboard/messages/1085.html

  23. Seven more Plutonium launches are scheduled
    • From Grandmothers for Peace
    • Barbara Wiedner, President of Grandmothers for Peace is a member of the NoFlyby Board of Advisors
    • http://pw1.netcom.com/~lorjacy/gfp/newsletters/December1997/Page02a.html

  24. "Secret Fallout"
    • Low-Level Radiation from Hiroshima to Three Mile Island
    • By Dr. Sternglass, Professor of Radiation Physics at the University of Pittsburgh, member of the NoFlyby Board of Advisors.
    • The author presents the evidence he has for twenty years battled to bring before the public--the cumulative, devastating effects of low-level radiation on our health.
    • http://www.ratical.com/radiation/SecretFallout/

  25. Cover-up of Three Mile Island
    • Three Mile Island was infinitely more dangerous than was ever made public.
    • Jimmy Carter commissioned a full report that was never published
    • " ... (it) would have destroyed the civilian nuclear power industry ... "
    • Notarized statement by Jane Rickover
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/rick-st.htm

  26. The Health Costs of Low-Level Ionizing Radiation
    • A site dedicated to providing information about the health costs of man-made low-level ionizing radiation
    • 50+ years of Lethal Deception by what has become the "International Nuclear Mafia"
    • http://www.ratical.com/radiation/
    • Portion put on-line during 1992
      • http://www.ratical.com/radiation/inetSeries/

  27. The DOE misleads CNN reporter 10 minutes before Cassini liftoff
    • http://www.rain.org/~openmind/nasavisn.htm

  28. The Tragedy of Low-Level Radiation
    • By Dr. Ernest Sternglass, member of the NoFlyby Board of Advisors
    • http://www.bnlfable.com/3sternglass.html

  29. Study/ Even Low-Dose Radiation is Dangerous
    • "Radiation, even in very small doses, is far more damaging to health than previously thought . . . "
    • Source: Reuters [OL]
    • http://www.tdi.net/ishgooda/nuke7.htm
    • http://www.radiation.org - new studies of the impact of Radiation Exposure

  30. Global Russian Roulette
    • Analysis, by Tooker Gomberg
    • http://www.envirolink.org/archives/enews/0255.html

  31. Do the risks of this mission justify the rewards?
    • By Dr. Kai Petzke
    • http://troubadix.physik.tu-berlin.de/~petz0433/cassini/eindex.html

  32. Radio Australia's Science File
    • Weekly program (Oct 1, 1997)
    • http://www.abc.net.au/ra/elp/sincfile/st011097.htm

  33. Radio Australia's Science File
    • Weekly program (Oct 8, 1997)
    • http://www.abc.net.au/ra/elp/sincfile/st081097.htm

  34. Probability, Plutonium Don't Mix
    • Perspective on Space Exploration
    • The Cassini mission to Saturn is another NASA fixation with unrealistic risk assessment, as was the Challenger.
    • By Najmedin Meshkati
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/1010lat.htm

  35. Transcript of the 60 Minutes service on Cassini
    • Aired nationally on October 5, 1997, prior to the controversial launch
    • Co-hosts: Mike Wallace, Morley Safer, Ed Bradley, Steve Kroft, Lesley Stahl
    • Executive producer: Don Hewitt
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/60-min.htm

  36. Cassini demonstration ends with 27 arrested
    • Article published in Florida Today, Oct 5, 1997
    • By Robyn Suriano and Tony Boylan
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/flt105.htm

  37. Powered by Plutonium, Saturn Mission Provokes Warnings of Danger
    • This piece from the New York Times was the breakthrough for the Cassini story in the media. power media.
    • Article published in the NYT September 8, 1997.
    • By William J. Broad
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/nyt98.htm

  38. Nuclear Menace in outer space.
    • Despite the risks, push for nuclear technology in space steps up.
    • By Karl Grossman, member of the NoFlyby Board of Advisors.
    • First published December 8th, 1996 in The Baltimore Sun.
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/kg9612ba.htm

  39. Cassini -- NASA'S Millennial Nuclear Nightmare
    • If you liked Mars '96, you'll love Cassini!
    • By Chris Bryson.
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/crbryson.htm

  40. U.S. Slinging Plutonium into Space
    • Despite enormous danger and expense, the U.S. government is pushing ahead with development of nuclear technology in space.
    • By Karl Grossman, member of the NoFlyby Board of Advisors.
    • First published May, 1996.
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/kg9605pl.htm

  41. We Don't Need Nuclear Reactors in Space
    • By Karl Grossman, member of the NoFlyby Board of Advisors.
    • First published May, 1991
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/karl/kg9105we.htm

  42. Plutonium Shuttle: The Space Probe's Lethal Cargo
    • By Karl Grossman, member of the NoFlyby Board of Advisors.
    • First published January 23, 1988 in The Nation
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/karl/kg8801tn.htm

  43. Low-level Radiation: Radiation from the Inside Out
    • Article by Beth Ellen DiLuglio, reviewed and edited by Dr. Sternglass, Professor Emeritus of Radiology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
    • The article is based on Dr. Sternglass' testimony in court on December 12, 1997 when he spoke in defense of the Cassini protestors.
    • low level radiation from atmospheric fallout is MORE damaging than quick short blasts of high levels doses . . .
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/lowrad.htm

  44. U.S. Nuclear Accidents
    • Compiled and updated by Allen H. Lutins
    • Contrary to what most Americans believe, nuclear power and nuclear devices have not enjoyed a safe history at United States facilities...
    • http://www.nitehawk.com/alleycat/nukes.html

  45. Disproof of Any Safe Radiation Dose or Dose-Rate

  46. Drawing Battle Lines in Space
    • Wednesday December 17, 1997 Edition The Christian Science Monitor
    • By Jonathan S. Landay, Staff writer
    • " . . . accept the inevitable: weapons in space."
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/csm9712.htm

  47. Abolition 2000 Petition - Missiles to Sunflowers
    • End the nuclear threat
    • Sign the Treaty
    • Reallocate resources
    • http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ref/abolpet.htm

  48. The High Linear Energy Transfer (LET) internal radiation balance.
    • The public is usually presented with stats re external X-rays and Gamma rays exposure and not internal Alpha and Beta radiations.
    • The issues of high LET radiations internal doses expose persons to higher than expected health risks.
    • http://members.aol.com/doestar/let.html

  49. Global Deactivation of Radiation
    • A new site looking to raise awareness to the problems of radiation contamination's and the need to find ways to solve it through research in the deactivation of radiation on a global scale.
    • http://www.gdr.org/

  50. Intercontinental ballistic missile hit by orbital space debris
    • By James E. Oberg (Special to Space News, Feb 16-22, 1998)

  51. Get a FREE copy of the revolutionary Santa Sussanna/Rocketdyne "Low-Level" Radiation study by calling 1-800-970-6680.
    • This study, by Dr. Morgenstein of UCLA looks at 5-6,000 workers exposed to "Low-Level" radiation and concludes that people are AT LEAST 6-8 TIMES as susceptable to "low-level" ionizing radiation as had been previously believed by the medical communitty and nuclear industry.

  52. The full cost of the U.S. nuclear weapons program has never been added up. A new book puts annual maintenance and cleanup at $35.1 billion annually.
    • The full cost of the U.S. nuclear weapons program has never been added up. A new book puts annual maintenance and cleanup at $35.1 billion annually.
      (Source Los Angeles Times)

  53. Effects of Low-level Radiation
    • Article by Dr. Oscar Rosen, the Atomic Veterans Radiation News, a monthly publication of AVRRI, the Atomic Veterans Radiation Research Institute, editor, vol. 2, no. 3, March, 1998)
    • Source: International Conference on Effects of Low-level Radiation Muenster, Germany, March 19-21, 1998

  54. Orbital Debris
    • ...a growing international problem ... millions of objects the size of a B-B gun pellet are believed to orbit the earth, passing one another at speeds that average about 22,000 miles per hour ...

  55. "Space Probe Explodes, Plutonium Missing"
    • Source: Covert Action Quarterly, Spring 1997
    • "On November 16, 1996, Russia's Mars 96 space probe broke up and burned while descending over Chile and Bolivia, scattering its remains across a 10,000-square-mile area . . ."
    • Cited as number 6 of top ten most censored stories of 1997

  56. Radionuclide Fact Sheet
    • What you should know about radionuclides (plutonium, uranium, tritium, strontium, cesium) and your health
    • From the STAR Foundation

  57. Future NASA Spacecraft: Solar Arrays, Batteries, and Radioisotope power and Heating Systems
    • Answers questions about potential uses of radioisotope power sources in future space missions.

  58. Hazards of low-level radioactivity
    • An overview by Sara Shannon

  59. Story on Titan IV
    • Article by Karl Grossman
    • Published on September 13, 1998 in the Orlando Weekly

  60. Nuclear abolition & related public email lists with contact information

  61. War & Peace Foundation (Sept. 98) letter to the UN
    • Mrs. Selma Brackman of the War & Peace Foundation invites you to post this open letter

  62. Recent evidence of the harmful impact from low level plutonium radiation
    • By Frank Sutherland, Tennessean Editor

  63. Military interest in space-based solar power
    • Extract of the latest Institute for Global Futures Research (IGFR) "Global Futures Bulletin" relating to space issues.
    • (October 1, 1998 - ISSN 1328-5157)

  64. Outer Space - Relevant treaties and principles
    • Extract of the latest Institute for Global Futures Research (IGFR) "Global Futures Bulletin" relating to space issues.
    • (October 1, 1998 - ISSN 1328-5157)

  65. Nuclear Powered Space Missions - Past and Future
    • Extracts by Regina Hagen, edited by Dr. Martin Kalinowski (August 11, 1998)
    • NASA plans eight nuclear powered space missions
    • RTG and reactor technology (used by the USA and the USSR/Russia)
    • Document extracted from IANUS Working Paper
    • contains "Literature List" for references

  66. Pu 238 production for space missions
    • DOE intends to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement to assess the potentials of establishing a domestic capability to produce Pu-238
    • The public scoping period begins with the publication of this Notice of Intent and will continue until 4 November 1998.

  67. Re: Use of plutonium for space missions in the near future
    • Give your feedback to DOE .....
    • Comment period ends November 4 !
    • Letter by Bruce K. Gagnon, Coordinator Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space to the Department of Energy

  68. The First Millennial Foundation
    • Pursues the development of green technology for space to replace ecohazardous and military ones

  69. "Nukes in Space 2, Unacceptable Risks"
    • Powerful new documentary produced by EnviroVideo, hosted and written by investigative reporter Karl Grossman, directed by Steve Jambeck with Joan Flynn as associate producer.
    • Provides an update on the Cassini space probe and the consequences of an accident
    • Reports on NASA’s planned additional plutonium missions
    • Investigates the U.S. military’s aim to “control space” and the Earth below with space-based nuclear-powered weaponry

  70. Cassini Spacecraft Movies to Download
    • The movies have been provided by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the European Space Agency.
    • They are in MPEG and QuickTime formats - free viewing software avalable at site

  71. Chronicling the Disaster of America's Experience with Atomic Radiation, 1945-1982
    • By Harvey Wasserman and Norman Solomon
    • Published by Dell Publishing Co., Inc.

  72. Plutonium-238 in Oranges
    • Health Phys 1987 Jun;52(6):707-15
    • received from Ross Wilcock

  73. Association of Autonomous Astronauts
    • A world-wide network of people interested in independent space exploration challenging NASA's monopoly on space.
    • Active in several countries including United Kingdom, Italy, France, New Zealand, Oceania, and USA

  74. China calls for space weapons ban
    • U.N. Conference on Disarmament: China, proposes that the U.N. ban weapons in outer space.
    • Geneva (Reuters, March 11, 1999)

  75. “Space Use and Ethics"
    • Speech by Karl Grossman 4 March 1999

  76. Nuclear physicist and Nobel Prize winner Hans Bethe to President Clinton
    • Noted nuclear physicist calls for halt to all future U.S. nuclear weapons research
    • From he "WASHINGTON REPORTS" section of the July 1997 issue of PHYSICS TODAY.

  77. Military Satellite in Wrong Orbit
    • The Associated Press, Article by Marcia Dunn
    • AP-NY-04-11-99

  78. NASA planning next generation of plutonium-powered spacecraft
    • Opponents also forming ranks
    • By Robyn Suriano FLORIDA TODAY, April 12, 1999

  79. Cloth Would Provide Solar Power to Space Vehicles
    • Fox News April 12, 1999
    • By Tim Furniss


  81. "No Safe Dose for Plutonium Radiation"
    • An important letter of concern from John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D.

  82. "The Phantom Menace: Space Weapons Aren't on Media Radar"
    • Source: May/June 1999 issue of "Extra!" Magazine

  83. Proyecto Cassini
    • No al Proyecto Cassini SI A LA VIDA
    • Nuestra protesta en el Radiotelescopio de Arecibo contra el proyecto Cassini, estuvo representada por nuestro Indio que es simbolo de nuestra lucha por la perseverancia y la preservacion de lo natural, la vida, la paz y la justicia.
    • From Puerto Rico

  84. Poster for 6/12/99 International Actions
    • From the Global Network

  85. Frequently asked Questions Regarding the Cassini Mission Earth Swingby
    • from JPL

  86. Landmines at the cellular level
    • A particle of plutonium 239 revealed by autoradiography.
    • Revised: 97-09-12

  87. The Grand Cross of August 17-18, 1999
    • An Astrological Analysis

  88. Bart Jordan Commentary
    • Finding and figuring the "unsuspected" is exactly what Jordan is known for.
    Finding and figuring the "unsuspected" is exactly what Jordan is known for.

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