Effects of Low-level Radiation

Source: Article by Dr. Oscar Rosen, the Atomic Veterans Radiation News, a monthly publication of AVRRI, the Atomic Veterans Radiation Research Institute, editor, vol. 2, no. 3, March, 1998)

International Conference on Effects of Low-level Radiation Muenster, Germany, March 19-21, 1998

In three days, we learned more than we could have learned in 300 years in the US, simply because open conferences like this one are not held in the US. We met specialists on low-level radiation from many European countries as well as several from the US. The titles of some of the papers were startling, shocking, to say the least. A Swedish physician gave a paper on "Multiple Sclerosis and Ionizing Radiation" in which he stated that more research is necessary but that he is confident he is on the right track.

Chris Busby, a brilliant physical chemist from Wales, spoke on "Enhanced Mutagenicity of Internal Sequentially Decaying Beta Emitters from 'Second Event" Effects." He left no doubt that low level radiation damages the DNA. His excellent book, "Wings of Death", goes into much more detail on this subject. His introduction begins with this quotation:

"I feel like a father who is ashamed of his children." --Dr. Karl Z. Morgan

Dr. Ernest Sternglass, from the University of Pittsburg, and a member of the Radiation and Public Health Project, gave three papers, his own and two for colleagues who were unable to attend. For Jay Gould, he spoke on "U.S. Infant Mortality in the Nuclear Age, 1945-1996." He reported that while infant mortality was declining before the start of the nuclear age, with the advent of nuclear testing and the leakage from nuclear plants, the number of infant deaths increased to the point where as many as 1 million died from a combination of fallout, leakage, and chemical pollutants. For Joe Mangano, Dr. Sternglass spoke on "Chernobyl Emissions Linked to a Variety of Adverse Health Effects in the US." Dr. Sternglass' own paper was "Health Effects of Low Dose Exposure to Fission Products From Chernobyl and the Fermi Nuclear Reactor in the Population of the Detroit Metropolitan Area." Detroit gets its drinking water from nearby Lake St. Clair which was contaminated by the leakage of the Fermi Reactor.

Dr. Alice Stewart of the University of Birmingham in the UK, spoke on "A-Bomb Survivors With and Without Acute Radiation Injuries." She is known for her study of radiation health effects upon Hanford workers. Her findings so embarrassed the US government that she was replaced by a scientist who was willing to report what her sponsors wanted her to report. Dr. Stewart is also famous for her study of the effects of x-rays on human fetuses. She is 90 years old and still a major force in the struggle to bring out the truth.

University of North Carolina epidemiologist, Dr. Steve Wing, spoke on "Occupational Exposures and Multiple Myeloma at Hanford, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, and Savannah River." His colleague, Dr. Dave Richardson, spoke on "Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation and Cause Specific Mortality Among Workers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory."

Epidemiologist, Dr. Rudi Nussbaum of Portland, Oregon, gave an enlightening paper on "Epidemic Juvenile Hypothyroidism Among a Population of Hanford Downwinders."

A paper of particular interest was "Strahlenexposition des fliegenden Personals--Bewertung und gesundheitliche Konsequenzen." It revealed that flight personnel suffer from high rates of cancer because of the natural radiation to which they are regularly exposed at the altitudes they fly. This does not give us any pleasure, but it is good because it refutes Dr. Rosalyn Yalow's oft-stated argument that atomic veterans were never in any danger because they were exposed to no more radiation than flight personnel. Rosalyn Yalow is a Nobel Laureate and spokesperson for the VA against the claims of the atomic veterans'. She was awarded her prize for experiments with radiotracers on patients at a VA Hospital in the Bronx. She speaks for the radiology establishment and coverup.

Dr. John Gofman wasn't at the conference in the flesh but certainly in spirit because announcements of his book, "Preventing Breast Cancer" were prominently displayed.

Sister Rosalie Bertell was also unable to attend but the book, "Chernobyl", which she brought to our attention several months ago was on sale at the conference...

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