Activists Stand their Ground, Even As Cassini Sails Safely Away

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Grandmother's for Peace on the march!

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Bangladeshi's on the march!

Here are some other ideas that we have received to bring this debate into full public view.

Plutonium Life Span

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*Get a FREE copy of the revolutionary Santa Sussanna/Rocketdyne "Low-Level" Radiation study by calling 1-800-970-6680. This study, by Dr. Morgenstein of UCLA looks at 5-6,000 workers exposed to "Low-Level" radiation and concludes that people are AT LEAST 6-8 TIMES as susceptable to "low-level" ionizing radiation as had been previously believed by the medical communitty and nuclear industry.

  • **Petitions gather a broader base of support. Consider posting and distributing petitions to be returned to your local network.

    June 12 International Actions
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