The Cassini Trajectory/Timetable
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Based on launch occurring on October 15 (not October 6)
Launch window Open, GMT 8:43
Venus-1 Flyby Date, Altitude 4/26/98, 336 km
Deep Space Maneuver Date, Magnitude 12/3/98, 452 m/s
Venus-2 Flyby Date, Altitude 6/24/99, 623 km
Earth Flyby Date, Altitude 8/18/99, 1157 km
Jupiter Flyby Date, Altitude 12/30/00, 9.72E6 km
Saturn Arrival Date, Altitude 7/1/04, 1.8E4 km
km - kilometers, m/s - meters per second

Visual representation of the trajectory

After the second Venus flyby scheduled for June 24, 1999, NASA has projected an Earth Flyby on August 18, 1999. The altitude of the swingby is set for 1157 km (717.34 mi).

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