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In the following commentary, Bart Jordan provides simple equations that give evidence that ancient cultures, such as the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaean, knew all about Uranium, Neptunium and Plutonium, and why they stayed away from developing certain life endangering isotopes.

Bart Jordan is well known as a gifted concert classical guitarist. His mentor, the world renowned guitarist Andres Segovia, wrote a revealing statement under his student's reconstructed drafting of the Ice Age Lespugue Statuette from southern France. It reads: "To Bart Jordan, whose intelligence penetrates the best concealed secrets of antique forms and equally composes lyric pieces for the guitar." Many have heard Jordan In concert, and know him as a great interpreter and improviser. Others are familiar with his single-handed recovery of early calendar art expressing the science of ancient cultures. Jordan's work can be seen in the journals of the New England Antiquities Research Association and in Lucy Lippard's book called Overlay.

Few, however, know how much Bart Jordan has given to science of our time. Most notable is his measurement of the velocity of Light at 299792.5 km per second (actually 299792.458587) & 186281.3 mi per second (actually 186281.274267) and the Cesium Second at 9192631770 Hz frequency (actually 9192631770.06), which regulates atomic clocks all over the world. The actual numbers in parentheses were provided by Bart Jordan to validate his astonishing claims and as a gift to the world community.

By way of introduction to Jordan's brief article appearing in Early America Revisited, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima states the following: "Bart Jordan was a child prodigy to whom Einstein granted special audience because of his phenomenal mathematical abilities. He has shown extraordinary correspondences between ancient Egyptian and ancient American pyramids. We present below a contribution by this remarkable genius on unsuspected correspondences between Old World/New World pyramids."

Finding and figuring the "unsuspected" is exactly what Jordan is known for. Whether his work be in the arts or the sciences, he is always unearthing the unsuspected or the unexpected. His work with the Greek, German, and Semitic Alphabets is a prime example of his unique approach and scholarship. What we present here is but a fragment of his truly monumental research of language as it relates to Early Science. It is, in a word, startling to those scientists who have been given the evidences that the development and use of the Uranium-Neptunium-Plutonium triad is an "abuse of the light."

Bart Jordan Commentary

In 1946, Ernest Orlando Lawrence (who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1939 and was the Berkeley scientist who developed the "atom smasher" for the war effort) read a paper I had written in 1944 on the moons of Mars; the location, orbit, and dimensions of the then unknown moon Miranda (Harmonia to the prehomeric Greeks) of planet Uranus; and Comet Halley. This lead to an abiding friendship which opened up many avenues of inquiry. One of Lawrence's requests of me was to provide accurate readings for the half-life of Uranium 235 & 238 and Plutonium 238 & 239. He shared these with his colleagues at Berkeley, especially Glenn Seaborg, who first derived Plutonium and later headed the Atomic Energy Commission.

Along with the data that Lawrence requested, I provided a number of very simple equations that my grandfather dubbed "injunction formulas," which made it very clear that the ancient cultures, such as the Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaean knew all about the Uranium, Neptunium, and Plutonium isotopes and they did not wish them to be used under any circumstances. They associated them with DEATH: Greek (NEKROS 445), Hebrew (MOT 446), and Aramaic (MOTA 447). These "equationalized" words were constructed around an expression of LIFE; the union of a MAN and a WOMAN.

The man's number was 240, relating to the ancient "rib-count" of 24 and the hours in the day - a SOLAR MALE reckoning. The woman's number was 280, relating to the more ancient LUNAR FEMALE or menstrual-count of 28, leading to gestation of 280 days. The union and average were viewed as 240 plus 280 divided by 2 equaling 260 - the Sacred Period of Mars in his Trinity of three children, the moons Phobos, Harmonia and Deimos (PHD). Note that this period was sacred also to the Central American Indian cultures, which have been documented from the time of the Olmec (prior to the Maya) forward. Here is how the "injunction formulas" were setup.

U92 + 260 + 93Np



Np93 + 260 + 93Np



Np93 + 260 + 94Pu



Neptunium was regarded as pivotal not only because of its central position between Uranium and Plutonium with the fissionable isotopes on either side, but also because of its role with regard to Venus as MOTHER GODDESS OF HUMANITY. The expression was as follows:

Np93 x 93Np


COPPER 2 x 584 x 5 FRIDAY




COPPER 2 x 280 x 5 FRIDAY

Note: on the ancient 'Star Halo' showing the 7 Days, 7 Metals, 7 Outer Tones and 7 Inner Tones or 28 total, Copper is 2nd & Friday is 5th. West 6 & 3 East, referring to Evening Star Venus & Morning Star Venus in her Trinity or triune aspect as Mother of the three moons (PHD), is indicated. The 280 flanked by Copper & Friday restates who the Mother of all is. Let us look at the triune aspect in relation to her role as "Light-bringer" or "Life-bringer" in which her Synodical Period of 584 days is "doubled" as 558844 and divided by 3 (Trinity or triune), resulting in 186281.3 - the velocity of Light in miles per second.

This figure of 186281.3 is often abbreviated in ancient equations - dropping the 0.3, giving 186281. Here is the "injunction formula" restating what we have already witnessed but ending in the Light number. The statement here is complete and unequivocal in that it features all the basic information surrounding Uranium and Plutonium. It indicates that using these isotopes is an ABUSE OF THE LIGHT!

2352 + 922 + 2382 + 942 + 2392


WEST 6 + 186281 + 3 EAST

One very important piece of documentation coming from a neighbor to the Greeks, Hebrews, and Aramaeans is that of King Assurbanipal of Nineveh. In his royal library was a tablet with the number 195,955,200,000,000. I first saw this figure in Ceram's book which I read in German (published in English with the title Gods, Graves, and Scholars, 1955). While its root number companion was not reported (and may not be on the tablet), the use of the number herein is related to a summary sum concerned with half-life readings. For the moment, it is sufficient to explain it in this way:

92 + 93 + 94



You will please make careful note of the fact that the period is ONE DAY SHORT OF GESTATION AT 280. As such, it drew attention to the concern of DEATH WITHIN THE WOMB. Let us see how exactly the 279 relates to the 195,955,200,000,000:

2 + 7 + 9 times 2 x 7 x 9





MAN 10 x 864 x 10 WOMAN



PHD 103 x 195,955,200 x 103 PHD


Assurbanipal's number

Please consider that all the figures presented herein are simple, direct, memorable (from generation to generation), and totally free of any manipulation. What we have in the most ancient of records - the Sumerian, which is twice as far away from the Greeks as the Greeks are from us - is also extremely revealing. While I cannot include the unit of equations here, the cousin of those equations is that of Assurbanipal. The units of the Sumerians define the situation regarding the 235, 238, & 239 even more trenchantly than what is recorded here.

Make no mistake about the view that was held by all the cultures concerned, regardless of the names of the given Deities or Planets by which they were represented. Use of the Uranium-Neptunium-Plutonium triad was strictly forbidden. SPACE BEYOND THE EARTH IS NO EXCEPTION.

NASA's use of Plutonium 238 to power Cassini or other space ventures is a very real threat to every living thing on this planet - not just humans. IT AMOUNTS TO SHAKING ONE'S FIST IN THE FACE OF THE CREATOR. NASA scientists who have permitted and promoted such projects as Cassini are guilty of what the ancient Greeks called "hubris" or overt pride. Their arrogance is beyond comprehension. I do thereby add my voice to those in the scientific community who have said to NASA in terms that the public of this country and the world can understand - DIRECT THE SPACECRAFT AWAY FROM EARTH. Scratch the project, and put nothing else of so threatening a nature on the drawing board. Otherwise, there may be no Future.

Notes on Bart Jordan Commentary

[This information was originally distributed by E-mail by the Action Site to Stop Cassini Earth Flyby -- -- on August 13, 1999]