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The Ancient Greek and Old Irish Alphabets each have 25 letter-tones celebrating the Average Year of 365 days wherein the frequencies amount to a total of 4839.62Hz.

The Ancient German Alphabets have 24 letter-tones celebrating the Leap Year of 366 days wherein the frequencies amount to a total of 4867.76 Hz.

The Ancient Semitic Alphabets, with their derived heptachords celebrating military events, have 22 letter-tones wherein the frequencies amount to a total of 4468.25Hz.

In each of the alphabets and their respective languages, there are a legion of words and names which are used to express scientific data from the simple to the complex. Apart from that which I already presented in my COMMENTARY, let it be understood that the resulting formulas and equations relate to everything from our Solar System to the most minute aspects of the Atom.

A case in point is that of the pre-Homeric legend family: ARES(309) + PHOBOS(842) + HARMONIA(272) + DEIMOS(329) + APHRODITE(993). These names, amounting to 2745 when added forward or backward, are found in so many formulas and equations that it is impossible to deny their antiquity or their authority. In basis, they refer to the union of the planets Mars and Venus plus their child moons Phobos, Harmonia (Miranda), and Deimos.

My reconstruction of the pre-Homeric mass-energy conversion factors makes this very clear:


000.510 999 015 Mev



931.494 325 025 Mev



938.272 288 024 MEV



939.565 626 022 Mev


2809.843 238 086


309.842 329 993


2500.000 908 093

Inspection of the final number indicates that it is constructed with two units: (a) the twelve-digit unit comprises ARES, PHOBOS, DEIMOS, and APHRODITE; (b) the thirteen-digit unit comprises the HARMONY OF SPHERES CONSTANT of 2500 (presided over by Mars), the mirror or retrograde number of 809 or 225 & 584 for Sidereal & Synodical Venus, and the retrograde consort number (by half) of Synodical Mars at 390. It also doubles as an expression of 093 for Neptunium.

Modern Science has not yet reached the stage where it can confirm my findings. However, it is on the verge of doing so. When it does, I hope it will honor the peoples of the Past who brought forward the evidence of a superior technology through story and song, legend and language. Incidentally, HARMONIA is recorded by the three digits following the decimal in the proton mass number. The Greeks had an expression for such semi-hidden appearances: "Hidden harmony is better than apparent harmony." People of our time should think about that.

Some people who have read my COMMENTARY have had trouble with what I was presenting in my effort to have NASA direct Cassini away from Earth. The problems stem largely from a lack of understanding of ancient cultures and their legacy to us moderns.

I can appreciate the difficulty some have had with my unfolding of the data and the direction I took in expressing the almost inexpressible. There were, however, those who jumped to conclusions based on faulty notions and an unwillingness to check the record resident not only in the known history but also my existing publications. This is a bad situation in that it lessens the impact of what our forebearers have said to us about what we are doing to our planet with our RUNAWAY TECHNOLOGIES and ROGUE ENTERPRISES -- many in connection with our probing of Space.

One of the most mystifying attacks on the content of my COMMENTARY was that of challenging my velocity of Light figure at 299792458.587 meters per second. The negative diatribe brought into question the measure itself and the basis for the meter behind the measure. Let me attend the second concern first.

The meter is not French anymore than the foot is British. Both measures are in evidence from the time of Neanderthal (as evidenced by art objects and other data). The METER is a LUNAR FEMALE MEASURE, as is clear from a number of words in various languages. The foot is a SOLAR MALE MEASURE. I gave proof of this in 1942, showing that all one had to do was divide the SOLAR YEAR of 365.24 by the LUNAR YEAR of 354.36 and divide that result by 3.1416 over 10 (human being number) to find 3.2808 -- the conversion between meter and foot. Hence, I repeat; the meter is not French and the foot is not British. Claims to the contrary only delay our understanding of past cultures and their important legacies.

As to the specific measure in question, here is the relevant history. LOUIS Essen in Britain, trying to determine the speed of light via Microwave cavity, was given my 2997925 hectometer per second figure by Ernest O. Lawrence. At first, he could not validate my finding, but did so in 1950. This work was furthered by K.D. Froome to whom I gave the data myself in 1956 while serving in the Armed Forces in Britain. The value of 299792.5 km plus or minus 0.4 was adopted by the 12th General Assembly of the Radio-Scientific Union in 1957. Fourteen years later, Evenson Etal were given my more specific figure of 299792458.587 meters; however, they and those who followed during the mid-seventies in Britain failed to reproduce the same result. In 1983, the internationally adopted value was fixed exactly at 299792458 meters -- differing from my stated figure by 0.587 (for Mother Venus 584 + 3 Child Moons) meter. It is important to realize that my metric calculation was based on my 1944 setting of the Kryton 86 wavelength determined in relation to iron 55.78026 from the "Star Halo" wherein the atomic number 55 refers also to Cesium. Hence, the sacred number unit was then followed by Sidereal Mars 687, minutes of Mars or Earth day 1440, Synodical Mars 780, and atomic number of Iron 26. It was divided by the Cesium Second as follows:

55 687 1440 780 26


For anyone to discount all that I had to say because of an unvalidated difference of two feet lacks reasonableness, to say the least.

Some scientists taking a very different view of my COMMENTARY asked if I would give the companion frequency to the Cesium Second, the Hydrogen Second which was also known to the Greeks and the Sumerians. That frequency, involved with our masers, is very stable at 1420405751.88Hz. If one divides the Cesium Second by the Hydrogen Second the following correlation will emerge:

WEST 6.47 183 50 780 3 EAST

This number commences with West 6, goes to 47 Silver (Moon), 183 half Leap Year, 50 Tin (Jupiter), 780 Synodical Mars, and terminates with 3 East. This is a much encountered set of correspondences in the calculations of ancient peoples -- not just Greeks and Sumerians.

At this point, I wish to record for posterity the ancient values for three of the most fundamental constants of physics:

Gravitational Constant

G 6.6 7265 33


10-11 m3/kg s2

Planck Constant

h 6.6260755


10-34 J s

Elementary Charge

e/c 1.60204256819




2.80 280 280 280

divided by


Note: Four babies of 280 were evidently thought to be electrifying!!

I was also asked to furnish the ancient reckoning of certain ratios. One requires only repetition in that it is already stated correctly in various texts:



Another not yet stated correctly in any source I have seen is as follows:



The number 1836, before the decimal point, refers to 918x2 or 459x4, clearly relating to the orbital periods of Phobos 2/918 (minutes), Deimos 918 (hours), or Harmonia 2953-918 (minutes). The number 151581 derives from Deimos as 918x104 plus 177=303162. Dividing by 2=151581: known by the Olmec and recorded by the Maya as 1(Kin) +20(Uinal) +360(Tun) +7200(Katun) +144000(Baktun).

Let me also point out that the Central American Indian cultures undoubtedly knew the same figure raised to the 3rd power, expressed as follows:

619 0 392 0 73.0 0 11


106 000.918 3 22 828 242

As such, this set embraces many equations based on the ingredients of each number. The simplest is by unit: 619+392+730+11=1752 or 584 (Venus as Mother) x3 (Moons as Children); 106+918+3=1027; and the palindromes 22+828+242=1092. The total returns the original 1836 as "918" Phobos + "918" Deimos, together with 2035 Harmonia.

Still another not yet derived accurately is the RATIO OF MASS OF PLUTO TO MASS OF SUN:


There are certain problems with the given ratios of other planets; Pluto's is, of course, the most incorrect figure.

Speaking of the planets, I have never known a single astronomer to have the sixteen whole numbers which apply to the eight Synodical or apparent periods and eight Sidereal or star periods at the ready in his head. Furthermore, none has ever known the right whole number for Sidereal Pluto. There even persists some unaccountable confusion regarding Jupiter. This is important to address in that our Solar System was understood by ancient cultures to be, in essence, palindromic with regard to the summary number representing the combined Synodical and Sidereal periods -- powerful evidence of a Creator, or as many of our Amerindian peoples so rightly say (embracing both male and female equally), the Great Spirit. Please study the days and commit to memory that which was taught by the ancient cultures who gave us the technologies we continue to abuse:


116 Mercury 88

584 Venus 225

780 Mars 687

399 Jupiter 4333

378 Saturn 10759

370 Uranus 30685

367 Neptune 60190

367 Pluto 90774


3361 197741




Palindromic Solar System

The subtractive schedule was also important and is reflected in the ancient alphabets and the tones their letters represented:



Star Halo 118399 Jupiter Tin


Solar 36524 + 35436 Lunar


Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury

378 399 780 584 116

399 780 584




This matter of a clear provable palindromic order to the Solar System brings us directly back to one of the most trenchant "injunction formulas" against the use of the Uranium and Plutonium isotopes by relation to the Mother Venus and Daughter Moon goddesses as "life-bringers." The statement is set in MIRROR or RETROGRADE not only as Venus would demand as a physical heavenly body but also to make absolutely clear that any use of these particular isotopes is an abuse of all Creation -- not just the Light:

235 238 239




932 832 532


Venus 584 0 35436 Moon


Venus 584 0 35436 Moon

Note that 101 -- the unquestionable union between a Man and a Woman -- is central to the formula (also the production of the unnatural isotopes). The ZERO between the 584 of Venus and the 35436 of the Moon is a multiple figure indicating that the flanking heavenly bodies are responsible for human life. We should honor that role by being responsible ourselves. NASA's use of Pu 238 as a power source for Cassini or any future mission is totally irresponsible. It makes a mockery of all the Science and Knowledge of the Past. No mission, nor any knowledge gained from it, is worth the risk of ending life on this planet.

Some queries about my reference to Comet Halley reached me amid my shaping of these footnotes. I have not written an article on the comet but intend to do in the coming year. Here are some of the essentials:


2392014988.88 seconds

or 75.8 tropical years of

31556925.9747 seconds


Based on the atomic numbers & weights

of Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen,

Magnesium, Silicon, and Iron:



Based on the atomic mass ratios in the order of

percentage sequence: water, carbon monoxide,

formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, methane,

ammonia, and hydrocyanic acid:



0.584 2953 225 AU


35.2371248855 AU

These calculations were taken from my 1944 paper cited in the original commentary on Cassini. while every writing of Comet Halley contains the word "erratic" or something similar, there is positively nothing even remotely untimely abut its 76+75+77+76+75 or 379 year schedule, averaging exactly 75.8. Those astronomers who have tried to back-figure or project the varying returns of Comet Halley are feeding erroneous data into their otherwise helpful computers. The published listings, especially regarding the ancient Chinese documents, are a total disaster from the standpoint of accuracy.

Black Elk, the great Oglala Sioux shaman told his translator that Comet Halley was "Man's timepiece of the ages." This is the most precise notion I have ever heard expressed by anyone about Comet Halley. It stands in stark contrast to all the commentators of our day.

Perhaps one of the most revealing "injunction formulas" is the one which is based on the velocity of Earth at the equator -- its most pregnant, life-connected point. It moves from the meter to the foot, ending in the palindromic 131484131 feet measure for the Equatorial Circumference of 24902 miles:

465.1 225 2 46










For those who want to persist in the notion that no civilization before us achieved a technology much greater than our own, I leave them to ponder why the moons of Mars have orbits that precisely echo and define our Moon's ANOMALISTIC MONTH (which is measured from apogee to apogee or perigee to perigee);



27.554 57090ld

left to right right to left




Ancient cultures knew Phobos as "Rough" and Deimos (the mirror moon) as "Smooth." NASA found exactly that to be the case, confirming what was already known. What will future probes seek to learn? NASA could be helpful to Man and Woman to put us in touch with our Past. It must, however, make wise and careful choices regarding all it does. There must be no other Cassinis which threatens all Creation as it has just done. On the eve of the flyby, I close the footnote to my COMMENTARY with this simple admonition from the Wisdom of the Ages Past and my present age.


Bart Jordan

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