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Bart Jordan

Evidence of Technologically Advanced Ancient Civilizations

The Cassini Earth flyby was preceded by the launching of the NASA space probe in October 1997, which included a record load of Plutonium on board. The probe was directed toward Venus to conduct two flybys that increased the speed significantly, and then the Cassini space probe was directed toward Earth traveling around 10 miles per second. It had the potential to release 400,000 curies of radioactive plutonium into our atmosphere in a breathable and ingest-able form. On August 17/18, 1999, Cassini was less than minutes away from unprecedented tragedy, which could have impact life on Earth for thousands of years. But it wasn't just that NASA or the US military would take such a risk that was the big surprise, the big one came from Bart Jordan. After learning from one of our press releases about the Plutonium content on board Cassini, Bart Jordan wanted to post a commentary on how ancient civilizations knew all about development of such isotopes, and how this development was like pushing death into our corner.

This was just the tip of almost unbelievable information. Bart Jordan is either simply honest and astonishing, or a total impostor. There seemed little other option for someone claiming to have understood Hellenic (Greek), Germanic, and Semitic languages when only five years old and deciphering a code revealing advanced measures from our ancient past. Bart explained that after reading Gulliver's Travels, in which Jonathan Swift had accorded two moons to Mars, named Phobos and Deimos by the ancient Greeks, young Jordan sought to determine their exact revolutions and distances from Mars. In 1944 when he was just seven years of age, using an ancient alphabet-frequency-number system, he calculated the distances of moons from the center of Mars. These four measures appeared in the statistical box of Encyclopaedia Britannica's article on Mars, running from 1966 to 1973. To date there has been no other explanation for this published account, which was prior to NASA's ability to measure and confirm.

Jordan's article, "The Moons of Mars," published by QUEST For Knowledge (a British science publication) in 1997, was excerpted from his paper of 1944 and provided mathematical evidence that the moons of Mars were culled from the Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars. Jordan also predicted the fifth moon of Uranus, which was known to the Homeric Greeks as Harmonia, and gave these calculations to Dr. Gerard Kuiper, who then identified the moon in 1948 (which he called Miranda after a heroine of Shakespeare). This moon renamed Miranda has a very interesting mark on its surface, which was witnessed by NASA's Voyager 2 space mission, guided by Jordan. Check out this photo from NASA of a "chevron". It looks like a big number 7, with new and old terrain.

Crossing the Mind-Barrier

Bart Jordan plans to publish additional articles, images, and interviews showing the significance of the measurements derived from the remote alphabets and the sound frequencies they produce. We will also post more on the work of Harry Jordan, who claims that he can prove beyond any doubt of Bart Jordan's involvement with NASA's Mars Viking 1 mission in 1976, which revealed the Cydonia region that he deciphered from the ancient Greek, Basque, and Haidia (NW America Indian) language. According to Jordan, these measures relate in exact proportion and direction to the satellite measurements (taken by the Canadian Government) of Queen Charlotte's Isle, (located off the coast of British Columbia, Canada), known as Aphrodite's Isle to ancient civilizations. Bart Jordan is preparing to put forth a series of papers confirming evidence of technologically advanced ancient civilizations and their message-measure for our present time.

10 July, 2014 - Youtube - Flyby News
Bart Jordan Timesinger
and Manhattan Project

Jonathan Mark interviews Bart Jordan
25 June, 2014 ~ video running time 02:41:22

15 July, 2013 - Flyby News - Wordpress
Deciphering the distant past
by Bart Jordan ~ originally published, 1974

Updated - Flyby News - Wordpress
Evidence of Technologically Advanced Ancient Civilizations
Following article was recently added to above resource.
11 February, 2009 - Examiner - Harry Jordan
Local teacher believes Mars
had ancient civilization!

Harry Jordan will be finally proving Bart Jordan's
precise measurements used by NASA during the 1976
Mars Viking 1 mission revealing the Cydonia region.

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Measure Man's Mind and Mind Man's Measure

by Bart Jordan

The following is the final statement in an article Bart Jordan wrote,
Measure Man's Mind and Mind Man's Measure" published in the journal
of the New England Antiquities Research Association Volume # 14, Spring 1985.

"..Patient reader: we all know that musicians are supposed to emote and not think. However, before leaving you with this minor statement of major systems, this truncated report inviting a thousand queries, allow this musician some emotive thoughts about Man's personal measure. From my former articles and foregoing account, it can be seen that much of what we are now may be measured against what we were then. And it is just this matter of measure that must be understood — the "we" of then and now.

We are historic; we were prehistoric. How do we measure ourselves? Our intellectual present versus our intuitive past? Originality versus aboriginality? Such notions as present Man is matchless and past Man is witless have little validity and less virtue. There is a difference between hidden harmony and apparent harmony, between mentality and ornamentality, between a thinking individual and a thoughtless society. In mindful time past, we honoured our grandparents; in mindless time present, we threaten our grandchildren.

Where are the measures of yesteryear? Blue Winter Mother, Green Spring Daughter, Yellow Year Person, Orange Autumn Son, Red Summer Father — a bow has been set in the cloud, a covenant made with the Earth. There be a message in these measures for a man's family and for the Family of Man:

Love Creation and Created
Honour Moon, Sun, and Planet
Obey Time and Space
Obey Sound and Light
Honour Earth, Star, and Comet
Love Finite and Infinite

We have inherited more than the wind.

We have a measure of Man's mind.

Bulletin Board Shuttle

~ Light-years ahead of NASA ~

By Jonathan Mark

You never know where a bulletin board will lead you. A blurb in the mid-1990's, initiated my journey to respond to NASA's Cassini mission, which had 72.3 pounds of Plutonium on board. Destined for a Saturn orbit, Cassini was first directed in the opposite direction for two gravity-accelerated assists around Venus, and then came back for an Earth-flyby. According to the Environmental Impact Statement, it could have exposed five billion people to 99% or more of the radiation.

Just before the launch I attended a program with author, filmmaker, Karl Grossman, who outlined the high-risk perspective, but also presented documents showing the US military's plan to dominate the planet. For many this is old news, but what came out of this campaign could be known as one of the top US government secrets since the development of the atomic bomb, and reveal the reality of technologically-advanced ancient human civilizations.

Who Is Bart Jordan?

Bart Jordan contacted me a few months before the 1999 flyby, responding to a press release. He seemed genuinely upset about the plutonium, and claimed that ancient civilizations knew all about the development of such isotopes. His story was shocking, but Jordan had a record of accomplishments. To list two: he lectured at five different Departments at the University of NH; and was a classical guitarist, who studied with the renowned Andre Segovia.

But there was more. Bart Jordan worked anonymously, supplying scientists in U.S. government agencies with measurements he discovered as a child. He derived these measures from ancient sources, such as the Hellenic, Germanic, and Semitic peoples. Using an ancient alphabet-frequency-number system, he calculated the distances of moons from the center of Mars. These four measures appeared in the statistical box of Encyclopaedia Britannica's article on Mars, running from 1966 to 1973.

There are whole universes in hiding from the actions of the US government, which created an atomic bomb that was carelessly and purposely misused, and caused untold suffering from its proliferation. Perhaps by learning what our remote ancestors have passed down, humankind will, once again, unite with integrity, and put away the bomb technology before it is too late.

This article was published by the Village Register,
Winter/2006 issue for the Village Coop (Leverett, MA) newsletter

11 October, 2012 - NTDTV - Youtube - 0:02:23
Naquatica: Bosnia Pyramid
Carbon dated 25,000 years old

08 November, 2012 - Youtube - Dr. Semir Osmanagić
The Underground Tour Of
Bosnian Pyramid Tunnels

Running time 0:23:31

09 September, 2014 - Science Channel - Dr. Semir Osmanagich
The Unexplained Files (Season 2):
Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramids

The Bosnia Pyramid was covered by
the science channel recently, and will re-broadcast
Tuesday, 09 Sept., 2014, at 9:00 PM. The above
video only shows a little of it. It is well worth watching.
The energy measured at the top of the pyramid, K-2,
monoliths, stone work, show it is authentic, and
supports the reality of advanced civilizations
in pre-ice age times..

12 April, 2014 - Nat Geo - Youtube
The Forgotten Ruins of Göbekli Tepe

September, 2010) - New Dawn Magazine - Robert M. Schoch
The Mystery of Göbekli Tepe
and Its Message to Us

30 June, 2014 - Archeological Park - Jock Doubleday
The Mysterious Anti-Scientific
Agenda of Robert Schoch

30 June, 2014 - Archeological Park - Press Team
30,000 Year Old Bosnian Pyramids
Built With Man Made Cement

20 March 2012 - WantToKnow - Fred Burks
Forbidden Archeology, Suppressed History
Media Articles Reveal Suppressed History and Archeology

Additional resources on Bart Jordan

January 1, 2013 - Article by Steve Carter
A Jazz Musician's Wisdom on Listening:
Lessons for Us in Healthcare

October 10, 2013 - Published by Epoch Times
Shen Yun's Blend of Instruments
'A Credit Beyond Measure' Says Musician

February 11, 2009 - Examiner - Harry Jordan
"Local teacher believes Mars had ancient civilization!"

November 10, 2000 - The Millennium Group - Harry Jordan
"Mars Theory Falls on Its Face ?"

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July 4, 2014 - Bart Jordan Timesinger & Manhattan Project

Bart Jordan opens up on his work on the Manhattan Project and on the nature of his connecting many disciplines, as a gifted interpreter, who listens to our distant past and cry of our present time. Jonathan Mark's interview with Bart Jordan has a video running time of 02:41:11 and it will also be broadcast over community television stations.

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Science - Ancient computer was ahead of its time

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Bart Jordan's Moons of Mars
This Item contains links to NASA photos of the moons and the Cydonia region of Mars, as well as Miranda."

March 24, 2002 - Editors Notes
Bart Jordan's mathematical modeling on Global Warming concerns in the 1950's.

June 15, 2002 - Editor's Notes:
Warming World on Thin Ice - Bush Manifesto: Death by Carbon Dioxide

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15 July, 2013 - Flyby News - Wordpress
Deciphering the distant past
by Bart Jordan ~ originally published, 1974

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