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September 11 cover or impeach * NYC ballot-2009

15 August 2008
"Why is this man in the White House?
The majority of Americans did not vote for him.
Why is he there? And I tell you this morning
that he's in the White House because God put him there
for a time such as this."

- Lt Gen William Boykin,

speaking of G. W. Bush,
New York Times, 17 October 2003

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"God gave the savior to the German people.
We have faith, deep and unshakable faith,
that he was sent to us by God to save Germany."

- Hermann Goering

speaking of Hitler

1) September 11 Cover-up, Related Wars & Campaigns
- - Court: Saudi Arabia not liable in Sept. 11 attacks
- - Pentagon official removed from 2nd Guantanamo trial
- - Putin Demands His $30 Billion Or He Broadens the War
- - "President Bush, Will You Please Shut Up?"
- - US military will stay in Georgia
- - The New York Times: Making Nuclear Extermination Respectable
- - The BBC’s Demolition of 9/11 Truth
- - FilmClick: Red Pill nominated in best documentary category
- - Carrying Forward the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative
2) Join Kucinich 1 Million Strong for Impeachment Hearings

- - Obama Jet Incident was really an Emergency
- - The Internet As You Know It Is Slated For Death By 2012
- - Additional critical news resources

Editor’s Notes:

On 18 August 1999 John Gofman, a physicist on the team that developed the atomic bomb for the US during World War II, said, in response to that day’s Cassini-Earth flyby (with a record load of highly radioactive plutonium on board and at record speeds), "I'm very much in favor of the space program, but I think the use of plutonium in space is a manifestation of organized insanity." The insanity has been progressing exponentially in the last nine years. Some in this issue will raise eyebrows, but there is much to consider beyond mainstream news coverage. Note the last article with a date on the death of the Internet. So, don’t wait, sign the online petition for Impeachment Hearings today at - what we all agree upon is much greater in significance than any of our differences. Please note, too, the breaking news from the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative.

Support reach 1,000 architects and
engineers to call for real investigations by Sept. 11, 2008

ZERO, an investigation into the events of 9/11
Italian film shown in European Parliament 26 February 2008,
will be presented with a discussion with Valley 9/11 Truth
Thursday, September 4, 2008; 7:00 PM; Northampton, MA

For the first investigative drama to
challenge official version of 9/11

The Reflecting Pool
Watch the Jonathan Mark interview:
Jarek Kupsc and Joseph Culp

"It's better to light one candle
than to curse the darkness"

-- Emily Dickinson

1) September 11 Cover-up & Related Wars

- - Court: Saudi Arabia not liable in Sept. 11 attacks
- - Pentagon official removed from 2nd Guantanamo trial
- - Putin Demands His $30 Billion Or He Broadens the War
- - "President Bush, Will You Please Shut Up?"
- - US military will stay in Georgia
- - The New York Times: Making Nuclear Extermination Respectable
- - The BBC’s Demolition of 9/11 Truth
- - FilmClick: Red Pill nominated in best documentary category
- - Carrying Forward the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative

- - Court: Saudi Arabia not liable in Sept. 11 attacks

By LARRY NEUMEISTER, Associated Press WriterThu Aug 14, 5:32 PM ET

A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that Saudi Arabia and four of its princes cannot be held liable in the Sept. 11 attacks even if they were aware that charitable donations to Muslim groups would be funneled to al-Qaida.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the defendants were protected by sovereign immunity and the plaintiffs would need to prove that the princes engaged in intentional actions aimed at U.S. residents.

Justin Timothy Green, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said he was disappointed with the ruling and the plaintiffs were considering an appeal because the decision would make it harder to collect from others.

"The bottom line is it's a difficult proof level to say someone gave money intending it to be used in a terrorist attack in the United States as opposed to merely giving it to anti-American groups and foreseeing it," he said.

"Ultimately, al-Qaida couldn't have done the attacks if they didn't have the resources to train and equip the 19 terrorists" responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks, Green said.

Nancy Dutton, an attorney for Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington, said lawyers for the kingdom would have no comment until the litigation was completely over.

Lawsuits seeking billions of dollars in damages were filed by representatives, survivors and relatives of the victims against foreign governments, charities, financial institutions and individuals believed to have provided support to al-Qaida.

The plaintiffs claimed the defendants gave money to charities in order to funnel it to terrorist organizations behind the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

In its ruling, the judges said it would have to dismiss the case against the princes even if it were proven that they were aware of bin Laden's public vows to harm the United States.

"Even if the four princes were reckless in monitoring how their donations were spent, or could and did foresee that recipients of their donations would attack targets in the United States, that would be insufficient," the three-judge panel said.

The appeals court also agreed with a lower court that a Saudi banker and a charitable organization cannot be held liable.

Copyright © 2008 The Associated Press

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- - Pentagon official removed from 2nd Guantanamo trial


Pentagon official removed from 2nd Guantanamo trial
14 Aug 2008
A military judge [Army Col. Steve Hanley] on Thursday barred a Pentagon official from taking part in a second war crimes trial at Guantanamo Bay, providing more ammunition for detainee lawyers who allege that political interference taints the proceedings. The ruling will fuel defense challenges in other trials at this U.S. Navy base, where a former chief prosecutor and defense lawyers have accused Air Force Brig Gen. Thomas Hartmann, the legal adviser to the tribunals, of demanding that certain cases be pursued over others based on political considerations.

For complete article:

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- - Putin Demands His $30 Billion Or He Broadens the War
By Christopher Story –
Corrupt Georgian Pipeline Payments to Bush-Cliton Box Gang
Thursday 14 August 2008 00:02


By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York. For earlier reports, press the ARCHIVE. Order your intelligence subscriptions and our 'politically incorrect' intelligence books online from this website.

London, 14th August 2008:
Here's a strategic summary of what's going on geopolitically, presented in 'bullet point format' for ease of comprehension, given the rapid 'unfolding of events' (Lenin):

• Under the Baku (Azerbaijan)-Ceyhan (Turkey) pipeline deal, reached under criminalist President Clinton with Bush Sr.'s business/trading partner, Eduard Shevardnadze (a.k.a. 'Stalin II', the former Soviet Foreign Minister, Georgian Interior Minister and dictator, and usurper of power from the legitimately elected Zviad Gamsakhurdia), oil pipeline royalties were payable to, GUESS WHO?

• ANSWER: The Bush-Clinton Box Gang. GEORGIA PAYS ROYALTIES TO THE U.S. CROOKS. That's probably why the brave US agent Fred Woodruff was murdered outside Tbilisi in 1993. He'd found out about this corrupt deal between Shevardnadze, the Clintons and the Bush Crime Family.

• Yes, Georgia, under Mikheil Saakashvili, has been paying the Box Gang privately. That's what Georgia is 'for'. That is the basis of Georgia's 'orientation towards the West', which has of course no solid foundation because when Georgia is in trouble, the West double-crosses it. Georgians were always naive about this: they never understood that Zviad Gamsakhurdia was removed in 1992 so that the Bush gangsters could enrich themselves with the cooperation of Eduard Shevardnadze.

• Under the Mitterrand-Reagan Protocols, which Leo Wanta was responsible for settling (see early Wantagate reports) Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU) officer who, working with US and Western intelligence, orchestrated the sudden phased 'collapses' of the East European satellite states (starting with East Germany where Putin had his headquarters), the sum of $30 billion is payable direct to Putin (GRU). The (covert Soviet) Prime Minister and senior GRU officer has NOT been paid because the Bush-Clinton Box Gang have sabotaged the payouts.

• The payments due under the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols are separate from the payments to the 159 countries that have already (many weeks ago) been settled, as previously reported.

• The Wanta background information that we have published (both here and in our International Currency Review) has been leveraged silently by the saboteurs to foster the implication that the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols won't be paid. We don't need to go backwards at this juncture here: take it as read that this statement is a correct reading of the particular point being made.

• Specifically, muddled up with the Wanta background is the intention on the part of the Box Gang and their associates to renege on the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols. These were basically payments due to specified countries by way of 'rewards' for 'bringing down the Soviet Union'. Although Putin is a Leninist strategist, he played the West's corrupt game and took the PROMISE of the money. He has been double-crossed, because that is what the Bushes et al ALWAYS do. The Box Gang crooks double-cross everyone. But double-crossing GRU operative Vladimir Putin was NOT a good idea.

• President Mikheil Saakashvili was Shevardnadze's Interior Minister. He took over the pipeline arrangements from his corrupt mentor. Saakashvili pays or is required to pay the Box Gang (the Bushes, Clintons, Cheney, Rice, anyone else who is cut in on the deal) corrupt personal royalties on the oil flowing through the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline, which transits Georgia under the accord.

• Condoleeza Rice is being despatched by criminalist President George Bush to Tbilisi to talk to Saakashvili and ostensibly to broker whatever the 'public consumption line' put out by the State Department says is the objective of her visit. In all probability, she's on the 'pipeline payroll' too.
So, what Rice is going to do is to BROKER THE PAYMENTS: by which we mean, she's been sent to Tbilisi to act in the interest NOT of the United States, Georgia and humanity, BUT SOLELY OF THE CRIMINAL GROUP CALLED THE BOX GANG, who are sabotaging the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol payments as well as the Settlements generally. THEY HAVE NO INTENTION OF STOPPING.

And they will be more than content if open-ended warfare in this most unstable region becomes epidemic, because that way, they figure they'll be off the hook AND THEY WON'T HAVE TO PAY.

• Putin and the GRU see right through this duplicity and are DEMANDING PAYMENT NOW. The Box Gang are stalling. The Connecticut Trustee was summoned to the bank in question at 4.00am on Tuesday 12th August in order to fund the Trustees' accounts, and was reportedly back at the bank that evening at around 8.00pm. He was then flown back by helicopter into the Bank of America on Wednesday, when it was Clinton's turn to interfere with the Settlements. Faced with this further obstruction, he threw his mobile phone onto the deck and shouted words to the effect of DON'T BOTHER CALLING ME UNTIL YOU MEAN WHAT YOU SAY, AS I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. And so, all of a sudden, we were hearing complaints that the Trustee in question couldn't be contacted. That's because he threw his mobile phone on the floor, friends, so it doesn't ring any more. Unstated: don't lie to me and mess my life up any further: 20++ years is more than enough, thank you. I AM THROUGH WITH YOU LYING SWINE. His cellphone stayed dead, and calls aren't going anywhere.

• Mrs Hillary Rodomski Clinton is determined to be on the Democratic ticket. She is being misled inter alia by misguided and wishful-thinking elements of British intelligence who are urging her to stay around because she is being advised that 'Obama will be taken care of'. Foul play is now in full swing: a Democratic Party delegate is believed to have been 'whacked' this week. The Clintons are quite capable of murdering people who stand in their way: and that is what they are now doing.

• Mrs Clinton is as 'Black' as her so-called CIA husband. She's a hardened, ruthless CIA operative. Her intention is to grab hold of the Democratic nomination, and she will stop at nothing to achieve this, by whacking whoever needs to be whacked. She has no morals, no scruples, no limits at all. It should be understood that with these CIA politicos, the rule is: once in power, never out of power.

• NEW: Bill Gwatney, Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party, was the Superdelegate who was whacked yesterday. He supported Obama. This was a straight ASSASSINATION and is being treated as such in official and other circles. No prizes for working out who gave the order to kill him.

• NEW: 7.30PM UK TIME 14TH AUGUST: Motives for the foregoing assassination have now been clarified to us. They are as follows: (1) Bill Gwatney possessed compromising information on the Clintons and they got wind of the fact that he was intending to use it to derail the putsch now being mounted by Hillary; (2) The assassination is intended as a warning to other delegates that they must support Mrs Clinton Rodomski OR ELSE. This is the standard Stalinist technique and all Americans should understand LOUD AND CLEAR that if Jezebel gets on the ticket, the future will be Stalinist. If Cain wins, the future will be MORE ZIONAZISM, i.e. MUCH, MUCH MORE OF THE SAME.

• NEW: MI6 sources are reported to us as warning that if Jezebel Rodomski gets on the ticket, THAT WILL BE THE END OF THE SETTLEMENTS. She will NEVER allow any further payments to take place beyond what has already been settled. THIS IS HARD, RELIABLE INTELLIGENCE. (Remember: MI6 is divided between factions, just like the US crimtelligence community).

• MI6 is not fulfilling its instructions on behalf of The Queen to procure the Settlements. MI6 is now betraying The Queen and the people of Britain and the United States. The reason for this is that MI6 is headed by John Scarlett, who is 'in bed with' the pan-Germans in general, and the DVD (namely, the German 'Black' Nazi strategic continuum, Dachau), in particular. DVD's interests are served by the Box Gang (the Bush Crime Family and the Clintons, who disconcertingly 'work with' as well as being antagonistic towards, the Bushes. Normally, their interests run in parallel).

• NEW: Reports that not only US but external intelligence communities, including MI6, are being paid out of Settlement funds, ring true to us, but HAVE NOT BEEN CONFIRMED.

• NEW: President Sarkozy of France, of course, is after France's Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols money, just like Putin. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY...

• Three senior Republican Party figures PAID FOR Barrack Obama's recent trip to Europe, so that he could meet key Europeans who are antagonistic to the Clintons. That's how worried sensible Republicans are about the reality they see before them: a Clinton putsch in the near future.

• NEW: Reports from 'inside' sources that Mrs Hillary Rodomski and Senator Cain have some kind of 'arrangement' come as no surprise to this office. Mr Cain represents a direct continuation of the Bush conspiracy, as does Mrs Rodomski. These ruthless US operatives have NOTHING TO DO WITH DEMOCRACY AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE MONEY. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

• The analysis on Georgia and how it fits into the financial warfare, published in our report dated 12th August, is accurate. The Georgian operation was allowed to develop because cokehead Bush allowed the Georgians to embark on a hot-headed provocation, knowing (with 'Black' cunning) that Putin would respond, as his Generals have been itching to do, so that: HEY PRESTO, we've got a nice little OBFUSCATORY WAR GOING, so it's all going to be fine, we're going to get away with not paying so we can steal ALL the money. Not some, ALL. AND THAT IS WHAT THEY INTEND TO DO.

• ONE SMALL PROBLEM: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin wants his $30 billion. Like, NOW.

• If he doesn't get it, he'll go deeper into Georgia and at the very least will move troops south of the pipeline so that he will control the flow of oil and take away the Box Gang's corrupt goodies. He'll draw his demarcation line the 'wrong side' of the pipeline, or he'll take the whole of Georgia if he doesn't get his way. BUSH THINKS HE CAN SEND RICE TO BROKER A DEAL. A CORRUPT deal.

• Rice, who's probably being paid too, has instructions to negotiate an accord so that everyone, including Putin, is happy. That's what she's going for. Disregard the State Department rhetoric and all the complex think-tank assessments, and the Talking Heads. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

• IT'S ALWAYS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Cease 'buying into' the rest of the diversionary waffle from egg-head commentators in the 'mainstream' media. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

What is U.S. law enforcement doing to uphold the law, which means taking these criminals down instead of threatening them? Nothing constructive that we know about. It's relying on MI6, which is compromised and corrupt, too. In this Mad Hatter's Tea Party, everyone is blaming everyone else. We understand that certain parties (we don't know who) have asked for, and been given, military protection. SO, THE U.S. MILITARY IS PROTECTING THESE THIEVES?

• Memo to U.S. law enforcement: You want these crooks to win? You want to see what the grandfather of all train wrecks looks like? You LIKE train wrecks? Then do please be our guest.


What is wrong with you? HAVE YOU ALL BEEN BRIBED?

Sorry we asked. What a STUPID question.

For complete article, see:

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- - "President Bush, Will You Please Shut Up?"
Counterpunch August 13, 2008
Two Morons: Bush and Saakashvili
"President Bush, Will You Please Shut Up?"

The neoconned Bush Regime and the Israeli-occupied American media are heading the innocent world toward nuclear war.

Back in the Reagan years the National Endowment for Democracy was created as a cold war tool. Today the NED is a neocon-controlled agent for US world hegemony. Its main function is to pour US money and election-rigging into former constituent parts of the Soviet Union in order to ring Russia with American puppet states.

The neoconservative Bush Regime used the NED to intervene in Ukrainian and Georgian internal affairs in keeping with the neoconservative plan to establish US-friendly and Russia-hostile political regimes in these two former constituent parts of Russia and the Soviet Union.

The NED was also used to dismember the former Yugoslavia with its interventions in Slovakia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, told the Washington Post in 1991 that much of what the NED does “today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.”

The Bush Regime, having established a puppet, Mikhail Saakashvili, as president of Georgia, tried to bring Georgia into NATO.

For readers too young to know, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was a military alliance between the US and Western European countries to resist any Soviet move into Western Europe [and to ensure European countries lined up behind the US, and bought its weapons systems. Editors] . There has been no reason for NATO since the Soviet Union’s internal political collapse almost two decades ago. The neocons turned NATO into another tool, like the NED, for US world hegemony. Subsequent US administrations violated the understandings that President Reagan had reached with Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, and have incorporated former parts of the Soviet empire into NATO. The neocon goal of ringing Russia with a hostile military alliance has been proclaimed many times.

Western European members of NATO balked at the admission of Georgia, as they understood it as a provocative affront to Russia, on whom Western Europe is dependent for natural gas. Western Europeans are also disturbed at the Bush Regime’s intentions to install ballistic missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic as the consequence will be Russian nuclear cruise missiles targeted on European capitals. Europeans don’t see the advantage of helping the US block Russian nuclear retaliation against the US at the expense of their own existence. Ballistic missile defenses are not useful against cruise missiles.

Every country is tired of war except for the US. War, including nuclear war, is the neoconservative strategy for world hegemony.

The entire world, except for Americans, knows that the outbreak of armed conflict between Russian and Georgian forces in South Ossetia was entirely due to the US and its Georgia puppet, Saakashvili. Americans, alone in the world, are unaware that the hostilities were initiated by Saakashvili, because Bush, Cheney and the Israeli-occupied American media have again lied to them.

Everyone else in the world knows that the unstable and corrupt Saakashvili, who proclaims democracy and runs a police state, would not have taken on Russia by attacking South Ossetia unless given the go-ahead by Washington.

The purpose of the Georgian attack on the Russian population of South Ossetia is twofold:

To convince Europeans that their action in delaying Georgia’s NATO membership is the cause of “the Russian aggression” and that to save Georgia from conquest Georgia must be given NATO membership.

To ethnically cleanse South Ossetia of its Russian population. Two thousand Russian civilians were targeted and killed by the US-equipped and trained Georgian Army, and tens of thousands fled into Russia. Having achieved this goal, Saakashvili and his puppet-masters in Washington quickly called for a cease fire and a halt to “the Russian invasion.” The hope is that the Russian population will be afraid to return or can be prevented from returning, thus removing the secessionist threat.

No doubt the Bush Regime can con the American population, just as it did with Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, and 9/11 itself, but the rest of the world is not buying it, not even America’s bought-and-paid-for European allies.

Writing in the Asia Times, Ambassador M. K. Bhadrakumar, a former career diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service, notes the disinformation that is being peddled by the Bush Regime and the US media and reports that “at the outbreak of violence, Russia had tried to have the United Nations Security Council issue a statement calling on Georgia and South Ossetia to immediately lay down weapons. However, Washington was disinterested.”

Amb. Bhadrakumar notes that the American and Georgian resort to violence and propaganda has brought an end to the Russian government’s belief that diplomacy and good will can bring about a settlement of the South Ossetia issue. If Russia wished, Russia could terminate Georgia’s existence as a separate country at will, and there is nothing the US could do about it.

It is certain that the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia was a Bush Regime orchestrated event. The American media and the neocon think tanks were ready with their propaganda blitzes. Neocons had ready a Wall Street Journal editorial page article for Saakashvili that declares “the war in Georgia is a war for the West.”

Faced with the collapse of his army when Russia sent in troops to protect South Ossetians from the Georgian troops, Saakashvili declared: “This is not about Georgia any more. It is about America, its values.”

The neocon Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., quickly called a conference hosted by warmonger Ariel Cohen, “Urgent! Event: Russian-Georgian War: A Challenge for the U.S. and the World.”

The Washington Post hosted neocon Robert Kagen’s war drums, “Putin Makes His Move.”

Only a fool like Kagen could think that if Putin intended to invade Georgia he would do so from Beijing, or that after sending the American-trained Georgian army in flight, he would not continue and conquer all of Georgia in order to put an end to American machinations on Russia’s most sensitive border, machinations that are likely to eventually end in nuclear war.

The New York Tiimes hosted Billy Kristol’s rant, “Will Russia Get Away With It?” Kristol thunders against “dictatorial and aggressive and fanatical regimes” that “seem happy to work together to weaken the influence of the United States and its democratic allies.” Kristol presents a new axis of evil--Russia, China, North Korea and Iran--and warns against “delay and irresolution” that “simply invite future threats and graver dangers.”

In other words, “attack Russia now.”

Dick Cheney, the insane American Vice President telephoned Saakashvili to express US solidarity with Georgia in the conflict with Russia and declared: “Russian aggression must not go unanswered. Only an idiot would tell Saakashvili anything other than “to cease immediately.”

What must be the effect on US Intelligence services and the US military of Cheney’s propagandistic and irresponsible statement of US support for Georgia’s war crimes? Does anyone really believe that the CIA or any US intelligence service told the vice president that Russia opened the conflict with an invasion? Russian troops arrived in South Ossetia after thousands of Ossetians had been killed by the Georgian attack and after tens of thousands of Ossetians had fled into Russia to escape the Georgian attack. According to news reports, Russian forces have captured Americans who were with the Georgian troops directing their attack on civilians.

The US military certainly has no resources for a war against Russia on top of lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a planned war with Iran.

With its Georgian venture, the Bush Regime is guilty of a new round of war crimes. What will be the consequence?

Many will reply that having got away with 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, and with its preparations for attacking Iran, the Bush Regime will get away with its Georgian venture as well.

Possibly, however, this time the Bush Regime has overreached.

Certainly Russia now recognizes that the US is determined to exert hegemony over Russia and is Russia’s worst enemy.

China realizes the US threat to its own energy supply and, thereby, economy.

Even America’s European allies, chafing under their role of supplying troops for America’s Empire, must now realize that being an American ally is dangerous and has no benefits. If Georgia becomes a NATO member and renews its attack on South Ossetia, it must drag Europe into a war with Russia, a main supplier of energy to Europe.

Moreover, if Russian troops are sent across European frontiers, there is nothing to stop them.

What does America offer Europe, aside from the millions of dollars it pays to buy off Europe’s political leaders to insure that they betray their own peoples? Nothing whatsoever.

The only military threat that Europe faces comes from being dragged into America’s wars for American hegemony.

The US is financially bankrupt, with budget and trade deficits that exceed the combined deficits of the rest of the world together. The dollar has wilted. The American consumer market is dying from the offshoring of American jobs and, thereby, incomes, and from the wealth effect of the real estate and derivatives collapses. The US has nothing to offer Europe. Indeed, American economic decline is killing European exports by driving up the value of the euro.

America long ago lost the moral high ground. Hypocrisy has become America’s best known hallmark. Bush, the invader of Afghanistan and Iraq on the basis of lies and deception, thunders at Russia for coming to the defense of its peacekeepers and Russian citizens in South Ossetia. Bush who ripped Kosovo out of Serbia’s heart and handed it to the Muslims, has taken an adamant stand against other separatist movements, especially the South Ossetians who wish to be part of the Russian Federation.

The neoconned Bush Regime is furious that the Russian bear was not intimidated by the US supported aggression of the American puppet state, Georgia. Instead of accepting the act of American hegemony that the neocon script called for, Russia sent the Americanized Georgian army fleeing in fear.

Having failed with weapons, the Bush Regime now unleashes the rhetoric. The White House is warning Russia that failure to acquiesce to US hegemony could have a “significant, long-term impact on relations between Washington and Moscow.”

Do the morons who comprise the Bush Regime really not understand that short of a surprise nuclear attack on Russia there is nothing whatsoever the US can do to Moscow?

The Bush Regime owns no Russian currency that it can dump. The Russians own US dollars.

The Bush Regime owns no Russian bonds that it can dump. The Russians own US bonds.

The US can cut Russia off from no energy supplies. Russia can cut America’s European allies off from energy.

President Reagan negotiated the end of the cold war with Soviet President Gorbachev.,The neoconservatives, whom Reagan fired and drove from his administration, were furious. The neocons had hoped to win the cold war, thereby establishing American hegemony.

The Republican Establishment reestablished its hegemony under Bush 1st that it had lost to Ronald Reagan. With this feat, intelligence was driven from the Republican Party.

The neocons engineered their comeback with the First Gulf War and their propaganda, pure lies, that Iraqi troops bayoneted Kuwait babies in hospitals.

The neocons made a further comeback with President Clinton, whom they convinced to bomb Serbia in order to permit separatist movements to become independent states dependent on America.

With Bush 2nd, the neocons took over. Their agenda, American world hegemony, includes Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.

So far the schemes of these ignorant and dangerous ideologues have come a cropper. Iraq, formerly in the hands of secular Sunnis who were a check on Iran, is, after the American invasion and occupation, in the hands of religious Shi’ites allied with Iran.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban are resurgent, and a large NATO/US army there is unable to control the situation.

One consequence of the neocons’ Afghan war has been the loss of power of the American puppet president of Pakistan, a Muslim country armed with nuclear weapons. The puppet president now faces impeachment, and the Pakistani military has informed the Americans to stop conducting military operations in Pakistani territory.

The American puppets in Egypt and Jordan might be next to fall.

In Iraq, the Shi’ites, having completed their ethnic cleansing of Sunnis from neighborhoods, have declared a cease fire in order to contradict the US propaganda that American withdrawal would lead to a blood bath. Negotiations on withdrawal dates are now underway between the Americans and the Iraqi government, which is no longer behaving like a puppet.

Last year Hugo Chavez ridiculed Bush before the UN. Russia’s Putin ridiculed Bush as Comrade Wolf.

On August 12, 2008, Pravda ridiculed Bush, “Bush: Why don’t you shut up.”

Americans may think they are a superpower before whose presence the world trembles. But not the Russians.

Those Americans stupid enough to think that America’s “superpower” insures its citizens from danger need to read the total contempt shown for President Bush in Pravda:

“President Bush,
Why don’t you shut up? In your statement on Monday regarding the legitimate actions of the Russian Federation in Georgia, you failed to mention the war crimes perpetrated by Georgian military forces, which American advisors support, against Russian and Ossetian civilians

“President Bush,
Why don’t you shut up? Your faithful ally, Mikhail Saakashvili, was announcing a ceasefire deal while his troops, with your advisors, were massing on Ossetia’s border, which they crossed under cover of night and destroyed Tskhinvali, targeting civilian structures just like your forces did in Iraq.

“President Bush,
Why don’t you shut up? Your American transport aircraft gave a ride home to thousands of Georgian soldiers from Iraq directly into the combat zone.

“President Bush,
Why don’t you shut up? How do you account for the fact that among the Georgian soldiers fleeing the fighting yesterday you could clearly hear officers using American English giving orders to “Get back inside” and how do you account for the fact that there are reports of American soldiers among the Georgian casualties?

“President Bush,
Why don’t you shut up? Do you really think anyone gives any importance whatsoever to your words after 8 years of your criminal and murderous regime and policies? Do you really believe you have any moral ground whatsoever and do you really imagine there is a single human being anywhere on this planet who does not stick up his middle finger every time you appear on a TV screen?

Do you really believe you have the right to give any opinion or advice after Abu Ghraib? After Guantanamo? After the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens? After the torture by CIA operatives?

Do you really believe you have any right to make a statement on any point of international law after your trumped-up charges against Iraq and the subsequent criminal invasion?

“President Bush,
Why don’t you shut up? Suppose Russia for instance declares that Georgia has weapons of mass destruction? And that Russia knows where these WMD are, namely in Tblisi and Poti and north, south, east and west of there? And that it must be true because there is ‘magnificent foreign intelligenc’ such as satellite photos of milk powder factories and baby cereals producing chemical weapons and which are currently being ‘driven around the country in vehicles’? Suppose Russia declares for instance that ‘Saakashvili stiffed the world’ and it is ‘time for regime change’?

Nice and simple, isn’t it, President Bush?

“So, why don’t you shut up? Oh and by the way, send some more of your military advisors to Georgia, they are doing a sterling job. And they look all funny down the night sight, all green.”

The US is not a superpower. It is a bankrupt farce run by imbeciles who were installed by stolen elections arranged by Karl Rove and Diebold. It is a laughing stock, that ignorantly affronts and attempts to bully an enormous country equipped with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.He can be reached at:

URL source;

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- - US military will stay in Georgia
18 Jan 2004
US officials have said that their military presence in Georgia will now become permanent. The American military has been training and equipping the Georgian army since the spring of 2002. In 2002 the Bush administration set up an 18-month, $65m programme aimed at training and equipping Georgia's army. The programme was part of America's war on [of] terror.

For complete article:

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- - The New York Times: Making Nuclear Extermination Respectable

By Prof. James Petras

Global Research, July 30, 2008

On July 18, 2008 The New York Times published an article by Israeli-Jewish historian, Professor Benny Morris, advocating an Israeli nuclear-genocidal attack on Iran with the likelihood of killing 70 million Iranians – 12 times the number of Jewish victims in the Nazi holocaust:

“Iran ’s leaders would do well to rethink their gamble and suspend their nuclear program. Barring this, the best they could hope for is that Israel ’s conventional air assault will destroy their nuclear facilities. To be sure, this would mean thousands of Iranian casualties and international humiliation. But the alternative is an Iran turned into a nuclear wasteland.”

For the complete article, see:

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- - The BBC’s Demolition of 9/11 Truth

British Broadcasting contorts itself again to blast 9/11 conspiracy advocates
By Jeremy Baker

(“The Conspiracy Files: 9/11 - The Third Tower,” BBC 2, July 6, 2008)

If you want to kill a dangerous animal, you go for the jugular. If you want to demolish a building, you destroy its main supports. If you want to marginalize the burgeoning 9/11 truth movement, you attack its most popular points. This isn’t brain surgery.

In a recently broadcast documentary, The Conspiracy Files: 9/11 - The Third Tower, the BBC presents the second of two programs confronting claims made by a growing activist movement comprised of people who doubt the official story of 9/11. This time the BBC looks into one of the most compelling areas of 9/11 research, the theory that WTC7 was brought down by controlled demolition.

The perfect vertical implosion of this enormous building­the last of seven WTC buildings to be completely destroyed on 9/11­was filmed from several excellent angles and is further supported by aerial photos (fig. 1). Those theorists who claim that the Twin Towers as well were brought down with explosives have enjoyed an exponential boost in credence from strong evidence supporting the intentional demolition of WTC 7.

VIDEO The BBC’s Demolition of 9/11 Truth
Source URL: Jeremy Baker's Darkprints:
also posted:
911Blogger - The BBC's Demolition of 9/11 Truth

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- - FilmClick: Red Pill nominated in best documentary category

The short documentary film "The Red Pill" has been nominated for the award of "Best Documentary" from the online film community FilmClick. The film, which ultimately asks viewers to demand a new investigation into 9/11, relates the attacks on 9/11 to the actions of the shadow government beginning in the post-WWII world, and shows how the 9/11 attacks are just an extension of the shadow government's capabilities for covert operations which were honed during the modern era.

The FilmClick Online Film Festival is currently underway with voting in the documentary category taking place from August 12 to August 26, 2008. The winner's will be awarded their prizes on September 10th, 2008. As it stands our chances are pretty good. It is unclear the chances of winning a cash prize, however given that the Red Pill was undertaken as a non-profit effort, any winnings from this contest would be donated in their entirety to the FealGood Foundation. At the very least, we could have a pro 9/11 truth movie high on the list of winners.

We ask that if you can you come donate a few minutes to vote for 9/11 truth and hopefully the FealGood foundation as well.

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- - Carrying Forward the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative
By Les Jamieson
Aug. 15, 2008

Petitioners for the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative have now gathered in excess of 27,000 signatures of NY City registered voters who are in favor of the creation of a new, independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks. Anyone who has participated in a petition drive will recognize that reaching this number is a monumental accomplishment. Approaching the general public with the controversial questioning of 9/11 makes it even more so. However, since a minimum of 30,000 valid signatures is required plus an extra margin of several thousand is recommended, it appears that time has run out to meet the Sept. 4th deadline for getting this public referendum onto the Nov. 2008 ballot. Even if another 10,000 signatures were to come in by that date, the City Clerk as well as NY City Council would have needed time to review the petitions and deliberate.

Although this is a great disappointment to the dozens of dedicated people working on the Initiative, they have also accepted that it may be a blessing in disguise. The presidential race would have drawn so much media attention as to overshadow this effort to establish a new, independent, and impartial “truth commission”. Also, more time to educate the public about the faults of the official account and shortcomings of the government’s investigation will be beneficial.

Therefore, it has been decided that it’s best to continue the petition drive into the next election cycle, since the current petitions will still be usable. This will allow time to gather double the amount of required signatures, broaden the base of supporters, and build a momentum that will encourage NY City Council to align with the desire of tens of thousands of NY City voters as well as a large constituency across the country who, according to various polls, feel that the official 9/11 Commission did not conduct a valid investigation.

It’s important to note that in addition to the collection of 27,000 signatures (see for photos), there have been other related accomplishments. Tens of thousands of NY residents have received educational material about 9/11. Two family members, Chris Burke (see and Tom Ruggiero, who had never publicly expressed their views have come out in support of a new investigation with significant statements. We got Mike Gravel on Democracy Now. Ralph Nader, Jesse Ventura, Dan Ellsberg, Christine Ebersole, Wayne Madsen, Mark Stepnowski, and the producers of “Reflecting Pool”, have publicly voiced their support. Grammy Award-winning hip hop artists “Arrested Development” have also voiced their support (see NY Magazine has just run an article on the Initiative.

We thank all who have contributed financially to this historic effort. We thank people from the northeast who have come to NYC to help petition with us. We thank Mike Gravel, for his solid support. It should be noted that he has worked for 20 years on creating the opportunity for us all to participate in Initiatives (see This effort still has a long way to go to be legal in every state. He recently told me, “This is a long process. Sometimes we have to be wise and realize we have to take a longterm view and just stay determined and focused”. He would know.

That said, many of us here continue to believe that the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative is the culmination of 7 years of research and activism because it’s designed to result in a legally recognized investigation. So we are strategizing for the next stage. We’re working on getting just 50 volunteers get a minimum of 20 signatures a week, which is 3 hours work and will total 1,000 signatures per week. We have a few other volunteers who will likely get 75-100 per week. The local Pacifica radio station, WBAI, along with the Gary Null show on WNYC will continue to be available to us to advocate for the Initiative. With additional funding, we can hire more excellent petitioners and get 1,000 per day. We hope this will be the case, since the presidential campaigns raise millions, yet will never result in an authentic 9/11 investigation.

We still have the opportunity to show there’s a groundswell of Americans who represent a mandate for truth and accountability for 9/11. There are people of conscience throughout the public, within government and military circles, as well as around the world who are waiting for us to lead the way. With the help of thousands of you helping in any way you’re able, we can prevail in showing the glaring inconsistencies of the official account and thereby, the necessity for an authentic, comprehensive 9/11 investigation.

Les Jamieson
Coordinator, NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative

For FN’s resources, see:
The Bush Conspiracy and 9/11 Investigative Reports,
looking into the unanswered questions.

2) Join Kucinich 1 Million Strong for Impeachment Hearings

- - Obama Jet Incident was really an Emergency
- - The Internet As You Know It Is Slated For Death By 2012
- - Additional critical news resources

- - Join Kucinich 1 Million Strong for Impeachment Hearings

WHEREAS, in his conduct while President of the United States, George W. Bush, in violation of his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has committed abuses of power.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that President George W. Bush has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and Commander in Chief, and subversive of constitutional government, to the prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States and that he be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Support impeachment hearings -

Join the campaign with Rep. Dennis Kucinich to
make September 10th a day to change the world!

Dear Friends,

On August 1st, I delivered to Speaker Nancy Pelosi; a petition bearing the names of over 100,000 Americans that, like us, feel that the President must be held accountable for abusing executive power and disregarding his Constitutional obligations. Your voices have been heard and your support continues to send a powerful message to lawmakers. That is why I call on you again to help us in a new effort to deliver 1 Million signatures to Speaker Pelosi on September 10, 2008.

Together we can:

* Urge real Congressional action to hold President Bush accountable now
* Reinstate the authority of our Constitution
* Document crimes committed by President Bush for historical account
* Facilitate post-Administration law enforcement and prosecution
* Reset the standard for the incoming and future administrations
* Demand justice for the over 3,000 who died on 9/11and whose deaths were tragically exploited to take us into an illegal war in Iraq
* Demand justice for the estimated 30,324 U.S. military personnel who have been injured/wounded
* Demand justice for the estimated 4,138 U.S. military personnel who have been killed or died
* Demand justice for the 1 Million innocent Iraqis who have died*
* Avert another illegitimate looming war – this time against Iran

We need your active participation to deliver 1 Million signatures to Congress by September 10, 2008.

Please give at least ten of your friends the opportunity to stand up for our country – the way you and I have, by inviting them to sign the impeachment petition online at Send your friends an email invitation to sign the petition=> Together we can make September 10, the day before the world changed, a day we change the world!

Dennis Kucinich

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- - Obama Jet Incident was really an Emergency
'51 souls on board' FAA Tapes Reveal Drama of Obama Jet Incident
--Audio Contradicts FAA Account of "No Emergency" 14 Aug 2008

The incident involving Sen. Barack Obama's campaign plane last month was much more serious than the airline or the Federal Aviation Administration said, according to FAA control tower tapes obtained by ABC News. At the time, an FAA spokesperson said the pilot did not declare an emergency and the airline owner, Midwest Airlines, said safety "was never an issue." The tapes show otherwise. Just 41 seconds after discovering he no longer had full control of the plane's up and down movements, the pilot told an FAA air traffic controller "at this time we would like to declare an emergency and also have CFR [crash equipment] standing by in St. Louis." ...Asked by the St. Louis tower controller which runway he wanted to land on, the pilot responded, "Well, which one is the longest?" The pilot then reported, "We have Senator Obama on board the aircraft and his campaign." Unbeknownst to the pilot, an emergency evacuation slide had inflated inside the tail of the jet, affecting control cables there. As tension mounted and the pilot rapidly descended from 32,000 feet, he was asked how many were on the jet. "51 souls on board," he responded.


Also linked from Breaking News and Commentary

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- - The Internet As You Know It Is Slated For Death By 2012
by Barbara L. Minton

(NaturalNews) It's probably safe to say that many of you reading this article right now came upon the website while you were roaming around on the internet looking for empowering information to help get healthy or to protect the good health you have. Can you imagine what it would mean to you to lose your freedom to search for free, unlimited and uncensored information on the internet? You may soon find out as the two largest internet service providers in Canada, Telus and Bell Canada, use the Canadian people as the first test in the efforts of the power elite to drastically and forever change the delivery of internet service.

Since the internet began to gain popularity in the early 1990's, we as a society have had access to information at a speed and depth never dreamed of by our recent ancestors. About 1 billion people use the internet, and each of them is able to communicate with the rest of them anytime and anywhere on the planet. The internet was predicted to bring out the worst in people, but the truth is that it has brought out the best in us. Although our identities can be masked, as a people we have generally told the truth and acted fairly on the internet. We have only begun to realize to what level our awareness can be heightened by using the internet.

At a time when our freedoms are being hacked from underneath us, the internet is our bedrock of resistance. It is the only medium not owned, controlled and censored by big money and big power. It is only on the internet that we hear the truth about those who seek to dominate us and use us as pawns to further their own agendas.

Unfortunately, when there are profits to be had the needs of society don't matter. The truth of this statement was recently revealed when two Canadian telecommunications giants, Telus and Rogers, rolled out a charge for text messaging. The increased charges were not sustained as people banded together using the internet to send the corporations a clear message to forget it.

This may be a shining example of how the internet can be used to fight big corporations, but it is also a glaring example of the kind of resistance the power elite will not tolerate.

Now Telus and Bell Canada are planning to radically change the way internet service is delivered. The magnitude of this change will end the internet as we know it.

According to an article by Kevin Parkinson at Global – Center for Research on Globalization, an upcoming report in Time Magazine will attempt to smooth over the rough edges of a diabolical plot by Telus and Bell Canada to charge per site fees on most internet sites. The plan will convert the internet into a cable-like system in which customers will sign up and pay for access to specific web sites and then pay al a carte to visit any sites beyond the package they have bought. It's modeled on the manner in which cable TV subscribers buy prepackaged service, leaving them open to purchase extra services on a per view basis. Many sites not popular enough to be bundled would disappear.

The plan is slated to become effective in 2010 in Canada says Parkinson. Two years later, the plan will become world wide. Canada was chosen as the initial target for the plan because of the perceived relaxed openness of the citizens and their lack of political savvy.

Aside from filling corporate coffers, this plan to restrict internet availability will serve the power elite quite well. The internet has been the one roadblock to the implementation of the elite's agenda set for the beginning of the 21st century, the next phase of the move toward One World Government, also known as The New World Order. Pockets of resistance have halted steps essential to the progress of this agenda, such as the current efforts underway by the people of Texas to stop construction of the Trans Texas Corridor. Internet restriction would go a long way in squelching this resistance.

Are the corporations right in their assessment of the people of Canada? What about the people of America? Will we be steamrolled once again or will we be willing to take a stand here at the threatened loss of our most powerful tool? Maybe we will realize that if we lose the internet, we will have lost everything.

You can learn more about the move to One World Government because thankfully today you still have free access to all the information on the internet. The film Endgame is a good place to start your education. You can watch it for free at

The creator of the film, Alex Jones, also is the creator of a very informative website

When you first came to you may have thought the information here was radical. It may have taken you a few visits before you began to realize that at Natural News, you are being told the truth. You will probably have the same reaction to the Alex Jones sites, where the truth you are being told is so far away from what the mainstream media tells you that it is very unsettling at first.

After you have seen Endgame, you will probably want to research the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, and the Tri-Lateral Commission. And you can use your freedom to roam on from there. The more you find out, the more you will see how all the pieces fit together, and how the information you are getting from Natural News fits into the whole picture.

What you will find may shock you, cause stress and give you some sleepless nights. It is absolutely stunning in its magnitude. And yet this information is also very liberating and empowering. Many of the questions you have lurking in the back of your mind will be answered. Sir Francis Bacon had it right when he told us that "Knowledge is Power".

For article source and more information, see:

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