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Highjack Nation * 9-11 & Tea * Carbon Rising

December 1, 2006

“When the people fear the government, that is tyranny.
When the government fears the people, that is liberty.”

- Thomas Jefferson

1) 911truth responds to South Park
- - Judicial Watch: Judge Orders FBI to Correct Disclosures
- - The Highjacking of a Nation - The Foreign Agent Factor
- - The September 11, 2001 Treason Independent Act
- - Join the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth
2) Jimmy Carter for Peace in the Middle East
- - Civil War in Iraq noted by mainstream US media
3) Carbon emission rises shock experts

Editor's Notes:

This issue contains a broad spectrum of actions and resources that question the official version of the events of September 11, 2001.

Item 2 covers on a new book by President Jimmy Carter on a humanitarian and democratic plan for peace in the Middle East.

Item 3 is more on the out of control carbonization of our atmosphere. The exponential rate of increase continues.

Western Mass 9/11 Truth Alliance


Improbable Collapse:

The Demolition of our Republic

at the Media Education Foundation
Thursday, December 14, 2006; 7pm

Also please join us for a

Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth
December 16, 2006

For other grassroots actions, see: - Calendar

1) 911truth responds to South Park

- - Judicial Watch: Judge Orders FBI to Correct Disclosures
- - The Highjacking of a Nation - The Foreign Agent Factor
- - The September 11, 2001 Treason Independent Act
- - Join the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth

From -- Hello, South Park Fans!
November 29 2006

To those of you who already know that we don't know what happened on 9/11, you're definitely not alone--our Zogby poll
in May found 45% of Americans want a new investigation because we know we were lied to! (Final report here).
And for a long list of people within the government and military who also know, check out

If you're absolutely new to the issue, take a walk through these links and decide for yourself what's true.

For a quick intro to some real information about these questions, we suggest you have a look at the following films online.

Improbable Collapse:
9/11: Press For Truth:
9/11 Mysteries:

For more depth, you might also look at some of this information:
Top 40 Reasons to Doubt the Official Story
New to 9/11 Research?
Online research library/archive.

Some "retards" believe the strongest evidence for government complicity is the collapse of a THIRD building on 9/11, WTC7,
which South Park didn't show (just like the mainstream media...) Watch it here.
We recommend for the best information on this.

And as for the whole "retarded" idea of government-sponsored false flag ops, check out 9/11 Precedents.

For good discussion and breaking news look at

There are hundreds of good 9/11 truth websites. Check out our Links page for more info.

As for the episode . . . thanks, guys!


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- - Judicial Watch: Judge Orders FBI to Correct Disclosures
By Jill Farrell
US Newswire

Monday 20 November 2006

Washington - Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that U.S. District Court Judge Richard W. Roberts of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigation to submit "proper disclosures" to the Court and Judicial Watch by December 15, 2006 concerning the U.S. government's evacuation of Saudi royals and members of the bin Laden family from the United States immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

For complete article, and to read the court order, and all other documents concerning the Saudi flights, visit

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- - The Highjacking of a Nation - The Foreign Agent Factor

The following editorial comments from

Sibel Edmonds' latest essay makes a strong case that, among the powerful in government, there is no principled interest in protecting Americans from the legitimate threats posed to them. Shedding more light on the corrupting influence of big lobbying, Edmonds shows once again that real security for Americans is routinely sold out for profit. The 9/11 attacks have not changed this basic fact.

Edmonds' "foreign agents by default," like the treasonous James Baker, routinely trump up false threats and ignore true ones, all to keep the flow of cash coming for themselves and their sponsors. As 9/11 skeptics have argued for two years now, the 9/11 Commission Report was simply a well-publicized effort to create the appearance of due diligence while assuring that no real structural changes to the corrupt status quo would occur.

The hint of resignation in Edmonds' last paragraph may indicate that the enormous pressure she has been under has taken its toll. This would certainly be understandable. Ironically, in her resignation she comes closest to telling the truth of the matter. Congress will not address core corruption. Its most powerful members are deeply complicit in the corruption (see Edmonds' own pointed expose of Dennis Hastert's influence-peddling, for example), and in fact cannot rise to the level of power without becoming corrupt themselves. This is the way the game is played. Electing a handful of new Democrats will not change this - not, at least, without citizens applying continuous, and enormous public pressure.

Two caveats: Edmonds does seem to underestimate the motivation that domestic members of the investor class have on their own to steal the future of American citizens. Carlyle Group-type corruption should not be blamed on the corrupting influence of foreign interests. The American kleptocrats need no push from foreigners.

Second, Edmonds does not pay enough attention to the way that Washington trumps up the terror threat to keep the public off balance, making it easier to fund aggressive wars and shift hundreds of billions from 'butter to guns.'

Still, Edmonds' diagnosis is important for helping to build public consciousness around the ruinous impact of the normalization of investor class lobbying.

— Ed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Part 1: The Foreign Agent Factor
By Sibel Edmonds
November 15, 2006

In his farewell address in 1796, George Washington warned that America must be constantly awake against “the insidious wiles of
foreign influence...since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government.”

For the article, see:

# # # #

Sibel Edmonds is the founder and director of National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC). Ms. Edmonds worked as a language specialist for the FBI. During her work with the bureau, she discovered and reported serious acts of security breaches, cover-ups, and intentional blocking of intelligence that had national security implications. After she reported these acts to FBI management, she was retaliated against by the FBI and ultimately fired in March 2002. Since that time, court proceedings on her case have been blocked by the assertion of “State Secret Privilege”; the Congress of the United States has been gagged and prevented from any discussion of her case through retroactive re-classification by the Department of Justice. Ms. Edmonds is fluent in Turkish, Farsi and Azerbaijani; and has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, and a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University. PEN American Center awarded Ms. Edmonds the 2006 PEN/Newman's Own First Amendment Award.

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- - The September 11, 2001 Treason Independent Act

Please sign this Online Petition to hereby request that the U.S. Senate President Pro Tempore; U.S. Senate Majority and Minority Leaders, and the Speaker of the House, and U.S. House of Representatives Majority and Minority Leaders introduce, and that the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives adopt, fund, and implement The SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 TREASON INDEPENDENT PROSECUTOR ACT, to appoint an Independent Prosecutor under the authority of Article III(3) of the U.S. Constitution to prosecute Treason against these United States of America by U.S. President George W. Bush, U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney, U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and other John and Jane Does for planning and carrying out the acts of treason, as defined in Article III(3) of the U.S. Constitution, by conspiring to carry out, carrying out and/or causing to be carried out an armed attack upon these United States on September 11, 2001, in the guise of a strategic deception operation.

Signed today by 2,887 individuals with a goal of 10,000 signees:

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- - Join the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth

In the spirit of the Courageous American Patriots who, on December 16, 1773 said “No!” to the lack of representation and tyranny to which the colonies were subjected by Great Britain by tossing crates of British tea into Boston Harbor, the Boston 9/11 Truth Committee will sponsor an event to enact the "9/11 Truth Boston Tea Party" on December 16, 2006. Calling upon “All American Sons and Daughters of Liberty to reunite at the birthplace and the birth time of the American Revolution to cast off the tyrannies imposed on the American public and the world justified by the lies and deceit of the official 9/11 Commission Report."

The Boston 9/11 Truth Committee is a citizens' activist organization, which, along with its national counterpart,, is highly critical of the omissions and distortions of the official 9/11 Commission Report released in 2004. Joining forces with 9/11 victim families who brought about the creation of the original 911 Commission investigation, their primary demand is for elected and appointed government officials to immediately initiate an exhaustive, transparent, all-encompassing reinvestigation of the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Among the many objections being raised by the 9/11 Truth movement are:

* The 9/11 Commission failed to investigate numerous Air Force war games conducted on September 11, 2001 that severely crippled our normally highly competent FAA/ANG team’s aircraft interception capability.

* The 9/11 Commission failed to investigate or even mention the collapse of the 47-story World Trade Center Tower 7, a steel-framed high-rise the size of the Hancock Tower in Boston. It is highly suspicious that this building was the first in history to collapse from small fires alone.

* The 9/11 Commission lied by stating that the World Trade Center Towers 1 and 2 center areas contained air ducting and elevators only when in fact it is where the 42 massive vertical beams were placed that constituted the core supports for these towers.

* The 9/11 Commission failed to investigate the fact that the three tower collapses on 9-11-01 each exhibited the eleven classic characteristics of well-engineered building demolitions.

* The 9/11 Commission failed to investigate and explain how the Pentagon, the most-guarded airspace on planet, with its own multi-billion dollar missile defense system was penetrated on 9-11-01.

* The 9/11 Commission failed to investigate members of the Administration who posted their radical military plan in Sept. 2000, which stated that their goals would not be met unless a “cataclysmic event, like a new Pearl Harbor”, occurred to get US citizens on-board with their ruthless agenda.

* The 9/11 Commission failed with over 100 other questions, omissions, inconsistencies and implausible scenarios fall unacceptably short of the 9/11 Commission's original mandate, constituting gross malfeasance in its overriding obligation to the 9/11 victims' families to conduct a thorough investigation.

Boston 9/11 Truth is part of a rapidly growing international movement of scientists, engineers, academics, civilian and military officials, and concerned citizens who believe that the 9/11 Commission conclusions are scientifically implausible and suspiciously lack answers to questions it was charged to investigate.

In keeping with the defiance and patriotic symbolism of the 1773 activists, 9/11Truth Tea Party proclamations will be posted throughout Boston prior to the "Tea Party." At 11:30 a.m. on December 16, 9/11 Patriots will gather at Faneuil Hall to hear the 911Truth Tea Party Proclamation read publicly. They will then march through Boston to the original Tea Party site at the Seaport Blvd. Bridge over Fort Point Channel, carrying crates of 9/11 Commission Reports. There, spokespersons will cast a larger-than-life size replica of the 9/11 Commission Report into Boston Harbor. The event will conclude with teams of 9/11 Truth Patriots casting crates of 9/11 Reports into the harbor.

For 9/11 Truth Tea Party details, visit::

To download PDF flyer for the event, see:

2) Jimmy Carter for Peace in the Middle East

- - Civil War in Iraq noted by mainstream US media

Carter's 'Palestine Peace Not Apartheid'
ABC News
November 28, 2006

Former President Shares His Plan for Middle East Peace in New Book Palestine Peace Not Apartheid

*Nov. 27, 2006 --* Former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter was able to negotiate peace
between Israel and Egypt, and has continued to remain in touch with all the key players in the Middle East
since leaving the White House. In his new book, "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid," Carter writes about the
history of the Middle East and shares what he believes is the key to peace between Israel and the Palestinians.


A system of apartheid, with two peoples occupying the same land but completely separated from each other, with Israelis totally dominant and suppressing violence by depriving Palestinians of their basic human rights. This is the policy now being followed, although many citizens of Israel deride the racist connotation of prescribing permanent second-class status for the Palestinians. As one prominent Israeli stated, "I am afraid that we are moving toward a government like that of South Africa, with a dual society of Jewish rulers and Arab subjects with few rights of citizenship. The West Bank is not worth it." An unacceptable modification of this choice, now being proposed, is the taking of substantial portions of the occupied territory, with the remaining Palestinians completely surrounded by walls, fences, and Israeli checkpoints, living as prisoners within the small portion of land left to them.

Withdrawal to the 1967 border as specified in U.N. Resolution 242 and as promised in the Camp David Accords and the Oslo Agreement and prescribed in the Roadmap of the International Quartet. This is the most attractive option and the only one that can ultimately be acceptable as a basis for peace. Good-faith negotiations can lead to mutually agreeable exchanges of land, perhaps permitting a significant number of Israeli settlers to remain in their present homes near Jerusalem. One version of this choice was spelled out in the Geneva Initiative.

The bottom line is this: Peace will come to Israel and the Middle East only when the Israeli government is willing to comply with international law, with the Roadmap for Peace, with official American policy, with the wishes of a majority of its own citizens -and honor its own previous commitments - by accepting its legal borders. All Arab neighbors must pledge to honor Israel's right to live in peace under these conditions.

The United States is squandering international prestige and goodwill and intensifying global anti-American terrorism by unofficially condoning or abetting the Israeli confiscation and colonization of Palestinian territories.

It will be a tragedy -- for the Israelis, the Palestinians, and the world -- if peace is rejected and a system of oppression, apartheid, and sustained violence is permitted to prevail.

Copyright © 2006 Jimmy Carter.
"Palestine Peace Not Apartheid." (Simon & Schuster )
Visit the Simon & Schuster Web site for more about the book.

For complete article, see: Carter's 'Palestine Peace Not Apartheid'

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- - Civil War in Iraq noted by mainstream US media
Published November 29, 2006 by The Nation
News Flash: Major Media Begins to Think for Itself
by John Nichols

Something important in the overall scheme of the American experiment happened this week.

On Monday morning, MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer appeared on cable television screens across the United States and announced: "The news from Iraq is becoming grimmer every day. Over the long holiday weekend bombings killed more than 200 people in a Shiite neighborhood in Baghdad. And six Sunni men were doused with kerosene and burned alive. Shiite Muslims are the majority, but Sunnis like Saddam Hussein ruled that country until the war. Now, the battle between Shiites and Sunnis has created a civil war in Iraq. Beginning this morning, MSNBC will refer to the fighting in Iraq as a civil war -- a phrase the White House continues to resist. But after careful thought, MSNBC and NBC News decided over the weekend, the terminology is appropriate, as armed militarized factions fight for their own political agendas. We'll have a lots more on the situation in Iraq and the decision to use the phrase, civil war."

The statement followed a similar decision by the Los Angeles Times to drop the pretense of referring to the fighting in Iraq as something other than the civil war it has obviously been for some time. Time magazine and other publications have begun to loosen up on the use of the term "civil war," as well.

Truncated, for the complete article, see:

For more on this issue, visit FN’s resource page:

Middle East Peace -- initiatives and information

3) Carbon emission rises shock experts
by Rachel Kleinman
Age, November 28, 2006

CARBON emissions are escaping into the earth's atmosphere at an unprecedented rate, an international group of scientists has warned.

In 2005, about 7.9 billion tonnes of carbon were released globally, according to figures published yesterday by the CSIRO. Scientist Mike Raupach, who also co-chairs the international Global Carbon Project, was surprised by his research results. "It shows recent efforts globally to reduce emissions have had little impact on emissions growth," he said.

The rate of emissions had grown by about 2.5 per cent each year since 2000, compared with less than 1 per cent growth each year in the 1990s.

Carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere — a separate measure to carbon emissions — had also increased at an unprecedented rate.

For article, see:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - BBC: Carbon emissions show sharp rise
By Richard Black
Environment correspondent, BBC News website

The rise in humanity's emissions of carbon dioxide has accelerated
sharply, according to a new analysis.

The Global Carbon Project says that emissions were rising by less than
1% annually up to the year 2000, but are now rising at 2.5% per year.

The complete article from BBC NEWS, see:

For FN's resource page on this issue, see:
The Mounting Evidence of Global Warming

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