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You can no more win a war, than you can win an earthquake."

-- Jeanette Rankin
Flyby News condemns all terrorist attacks
that harm innocent people and give power
to the sinister forces of terrorism,
especially in institutional governments.
War: first, one hopes to win;
then one expects the enemy to lose;
then, one is satisfied that he too is suffering;
in the end, one is surprised that everyone has lost.

-- Karl Kraus
(1874 ­ 1936)

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice,
you have chosen the side of the oppressor

-- Desmond Tutu

Updated Resources

19 January 2011 - Democracy Now - Amy Goodman
Gaza Doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish Two Years After
Israeli Attack that Killed 3 Daughters & Niece:
"As Long as I am Breathing, They are with Me.
I Will Never Forget"

23 September 2010 - The Telegraph/UK - War and Peace Report
Israel Used 'Incredible Violence' Against Gaza
Aid Flotilla, Says UN Human Rights Council

The recently released report on the flotilla
raid makes for a tough, demoralizing read.

28 September 2010 - The Jerusalem Post - Larry Derfner
Rattling the Cage: Burn after reading
..easier it gets to deny the crimes,
the easier it gets to commit them.

01 June 2010 - DemocracyNow! - War and Peace Report
Global Condemnation of Israeli Attack
on Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla

01 June 2010 - The Guardian (UK) - Information Clearing House
Israelis opened fire before boarding
Gaza flotilla, say released activists

20 July 2010 - Clear Day Books - James Petras
and the Zionist Fifth Column

20 May 2011 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
Did Obama's Mideast Speech Signal
United States Shift on Israel-Palestine?

Roundtable with author Norman Finkelstein,
Palestinian human rights lawyer Noura Erakat,
and Jeremy Ben-Ami, of lobby group J Street.
U.N. Gaza Inquiry Panelist Col. Desmond Travers
Challenges Goldstone's Recantation of Key Finding

23 February 2011 - Democracy Now! - Declan Walsh
Arrest of CIA Agent Sheds Light on American Covert
War in Pakistan, Straining U.S.-Pakistani Relations

23 February 2011 - Democracy Now! - Amy Goodman
"We're Witnessing the Violent Lashings of a
Dying Beast": Libyan Novelist Hisham Matar
on Gaddafi's Brutal Crackdown in Libya

22 February 2011
"Gaddafi Cares More for Himself and His Power
than He Cares for Anybody in Libya": Libyan
American Activist Abdulla Darrat on
Bloody Crackdown on Protesters

23 February 2011 - Pakistan Observer - Sorcha Faal
Raymond was 'giving N-material to terrorists'
01 May 2010 - Rumor Mill News - The Fox
Sorcha Faal AKA David Booth Is A
Well Known Disinformation Agent

23 February, 2011 - Pakistan Observer - Andrew J. Bacevich
They're doing it without us
Rendering a decade of U.S. policy irrelevant, the people
of the Middle East are transforming the region themselves.

13 February 2011 - WL Central - clayclai
Tales of Tyrants: Ben Ali, Mubarak & Suleiman

11 February 2011 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
The Egyptian Revolution:
Special on Mubarak's Resignation

04 February 2011 - The Guardian/UK - Phillip Inman
"Mubarak family fortune could reach $70bn,
say experts"
Egyptian president has cash in
British & Swiss banks plus UK & US property

11 February 2011 - Democracy Now - Professor Lisa Hajjar
"Omar Suleiman, the CIA's Man in Cairo
and Egypt's Torturer-in-Chief"

28 January 2011 - 911blogger - Stephen C. Webster
Under 'emergency' for decades, Egypt's
special powers mirrored in post-9/11 US

04 February 2011 - Foreign Policy in Focus - Common Dreams
US 'Orderly Transition' in Egypt
Really 'Business as Usual' in Disguise

03 February 2011 - Veterans Today - Dr. Ashraf Ezzat
All the President's Men in Egypt
Only a criminal regime could allow such criminal acts
to dominate and terrorize innocent people with impunity.

03 February 2011 - Mail Online - Nick Fagge and David Williams
Secret police blamed as peace protesters
are gunned down in the siege of Cairo

08 July 2010 - OnlineJournal - Jerry Mazza
Secret document confirms US-Israel nuclear partnership

06 June 2010 - Israeli daily Haaretz - Henry Siegman
Israel's Greatest Loss: Its Moral Imagination
If a people who so recently experienced such inhumanities
cannot understand the injustice and suffering its territorial
ambitions are inflicting, what hope is there for the rest of us?

19 January 2011 - Democracy Now - Amy Goodman
Gaza Doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish Two Years After
Israeli Attack that Killed 3 Daughters & Niece:
"As Long as I am Breathing, They are with Me.
I Will Never Forget"

23 September 2010 - The Telegraph/UK - War and Peace Report
Israel Used 'Incredible Violence' Against Gaza
Aid Flotilla, Says UN Human Rights Council

The recently released report on the flotilla
raid makes for a tough, demoralizing read.

28 September 2010 - The Jerusalem Post - Larry Derfner
Rattling the Cage: Burn after reading
..easier it gets to deny the crimes,
the easier it gets to commit them.

28 September 2010 - Democracy Now - Fatima Mohammadi - Gideon Levy
As Settlement Construction Begins Again in the West Bank,
Israel Blocks Jewish Activists on Aid Boat Headed to Gaza

05 August 2010 - DemocracyNow! - War and Peace Report
Emily Henochowicz, Art Student Who Lost Her Eye
Speaks Out After Being Shot by Israeli Tear
Gas Canister in West Bank Protest

31 May 2010 - APFN - Francis A. Boyle
International Law and Israel's War on Gaza

01 June 2010 - DemocracyNow! - War and Peace Report
Global Condemnation of Israeli Attack
on Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla..

01 June 2010 - The Guardian (UK) - Information Clearing House
Israelis opened fire before boarding
Gaza flotilla, say released activists

04 June 2010 - Online Journal - Jerry Mazza
Memorial Day and the Freedom Flotilla massacre
25 May 2010
Vanunu: 'Shame on you, democracy'
The world's most-noted whistleblower on Israel's nuclear arsenal
is going back to jail on some trumped-up charge, after serving
18 years in prison. What it is all about is silencing him.

26 May 2010 - Blog - Kevin Barrett
Senior BBC Mideast Correspondent:
"Here's what may have REALLY happened on 9/11"

Analysis considering an Israeli Connection to September 11

27 May 2010 - 911blogger - John Bursill
Journalist Alan Hart interviewed by Kevin Barrett:
Controlled Demolition and Mossad/Zionist
Israeli Involvement on 9/11?

28 May 2010 - Truth Jihad - Kevin Barrett
Jonathan Kay's mendacious propaganda:
Is this the only "argument" the anti-truthers have?

29 March 2010 - OnLineJournal - Jerry Mazza
U.S. and Israel

a massive arms deal

19 July 2010 - DemocracyNow! - War and Peace Report
Netanyahu in 2001: US "Won’t Get
in the Way" of Israeli Expansionism

"The Guantánamo 'Suicides'
A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle"
20 January 2010 * Interview * Democracy Now!
Casting Doubt on US Claims of Suicide, Attorney Scott Horton
Reveals 3 Gitmo Prisoners Died After Torture at Secret Site
19 January 2010 * Harpers Magazine * Scott Horton
The Official Response Begins
21 January 2010
Time for a Special Prosecutor
29 January 2010 * Harpers Magazine * Scott Horton
Obama's Secret Afghan Prisons

International Law Professor Launches
World BUSH TO HAGUE Campaign

26 January 2010 * Pravda * 911blogger
Hague acknowledges Professor of International Law,
Francis A. Boyle, on his filing against Bush et al
for the war-crime "Extraordinary Rendition"

04 March 2010 - BBC News - CommonDreams
The Cost of War:
Disturbing Story of Fallujah's Birth Defects

For a critical FN resource, see:
Uranium Munitions ~ harm for generations

04 March 2010 - The Telegraph/UK - CommonDreams
One in Three Killed by US Drones
in Pakistan Is a Civilian
Report Claims

Crisis in GAZA
Human Rights Blog - Qumsiyeh

"We do not constitute any threat to Israel’s security, and
that we just want to get to the people of Gaza. And so, if
they attack us, which they have threatened . . we hope it’s
clear to the international community that this is a deliberate
attack, and we hope it also opens their eyes to the policies of
Israel, which have nothing to do with security. It has to do with
punishing an entire population, and we just can’t accept this.”

- Huwaida Arraf
30 June 2009 - Democracy Now!

Cynthia McKinney Reportedly
Taken Captive By Israeli Navy

02 July 2009 - Audio - YouTube
Telephone interview from Israeli prison

02 July 2009 - Democracy Now!
Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire
Speaks from Israeli Jail Cell After Arrest

on Boat Delivering Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

McKinney Headed Home

The Monstrosity of War
06 January 2009 article by Dahr Jamail

Kucinich Speaks Against Israel Resolution

Boat carrying Cynthia McKinney to Gaza attacked!
CNN: Israeli Navy Attacking Civilian Mercy Ship!

Cynthia McKinney talks about voyage to Palestine,
Israeli aggression in Gaza, and boat getting rammed!

Evidence Confirms Israel's Use of White Phosphorus

05 November 2009 - New York Times
Goldstone and Gaza - By Jimmy Carter

Support the Goldstone Report

What Anti-Zionism Is All About
A perspective from Hedy Epstein

85-year young Holocaust survivor,
who had left Germany when eight years old,
and lost her parents in 1942 in Auschwitz.

Watch, listen, read (12/24/09) Democracy Now!
Gaza Freedom March One-Year
Anniversary of Israeli Assault

"If we make peaceful revolution impossible,
we make violent revolution inevitable."

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Report from GAZA by a 9th-grader
via email from
Faculty for Peace and Justice-Faculty
for Israeli Palestinian Peace-Harvard
January 03, 2009 4:36 PM
Report from Gaza by a 9th-grader

Today is the eighth day of this horrible war. To me yesterday was the worst day of all. When I woke up in the morning one of my friends called, his voice was very weird and when I asked how was he. He was like "fine, but have you got any news about some of your friends?" I was really scared, and asked him what's wrong? He told me Christine died. I was in a big shock, and till now I don't believe it. I threw the phone and started crying. I called some of my friends to make sure, and all of them were sad about her. She has been my friend for almost four years and we used to go to school and to the YMCA together. I'm sad, afraid, and worried at the same time, because she would've been my sister. I feel very sorry for her and her family.

Her parents did the best they can do, but it wasn't enough so the result was dying. What if my parents couldn't protect me and give me the support I need...will I die too?

What I can say now is that my future is almost destroyed.

An Israeli rocket hit my school this morning, and the school was destroyed completely. I really can't imagine how come they're bombing religious and educational places such as mosques, schools, and universities (etc.)

In every explosion we feel our house shaking and about to be destroyed; what about the people that already lost their homes? I'm crying for the loss of one of my friends... what about the people that lost at least five of their relatives?

Depression and fear are filling our souls and surrounding our homes.what's next?

I actually don't wish for anything as much as I wish that this war will end soon and that the Palestinian people can live like any other people and Palestinian children can enjoy their childhood like any children in the world.


Nour Kharma
9th Grade

More critical news article links:

18 December 2009
CIA Working with Palestinian Security Agents
US agency co-operating with Palestinian counterparts
who allegedly torture Hamas supporters in West Bank

29 March 2009
Spanish judge to hear torture
case against six Bush officials

‘I was victim of medieval torture,’
says freed Guantanamo detainee

02 April 2009
Lawyers for Binyam Mohamed face
the incredible prospect of a six-month
jail sentence in America after writing a
letter to President Obama detailing their
client's allegations of torture by US agents.

22 March 2009 - Serbia
Death squad leader ‘was top CIA agent’

VIDEO: "An Unholy Alliance"
Documentary examines CIA links to the global drug trade

FN Middle East Archive Links:

For most recent issues, see: Flyby News Archives.

January 1, 2009 - Item 1
Israel Illuminati GAZA Death-Suffering Toll
- - We have no words left
- - "I Heard the Missile Coming"
- - Mass Grave
- - Bolton: Gaza raids precursor to Iran war
- - Boat carrying Cynthia McKinney to Gaza attacked!
- - Starhawk personal commentary on Gaza
- - Demonstrations to stop the massacre of Palestinians

January 27, 2008 - Item 3
GAZA – An Israeli Call for Urgent Action

December 1, 2006 - Item 2
Jimmy Carter for Peace in the Middle East
- - Civil War in Iraq noted by mainstream US media

July 24, 2006 - Item 1
9/11 and Art of Religion and Hypocrisy
- - Lebanon crisis reveals an Anti-Jewish Israeli State
- - Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11 – David Ray Griffin
- - Kevin Barrett Appears On 'For The Record'
- - Middle East Politics Divides Progressives

July 19, 2006 - Item 1
Israel Violates Law on U.S. Weapons in Mideast

February 8, 2005 - Item 1
Kennedy vs. Rumsfeld on US withdrawal from Iraq

February 2, 2005 - Item 1
We've Been Taken Over By a Cult
- - Iraq Dispatches: Dahr's personal log from Iraq
- - Debate on Alberto Gonzales Continues
- - "Standing for the Founding Principles of the Republic"
- - Gore Vidal on Bush's Inaugural Address

May 18, 2004 - Item 1
The Gray Zone by Seymour Hersh
- - Secret operation approved by Rumsfeld leads to abuse
- - Legal Foundation Clearing Way for Abuse Scandal
- - U.S. Denies Rumsfeld Approved Iraq Interrogations Methods
- - US guards 'filmed beatings' at Guantanamo
- - Precondition for Peace in the Middle East

May 10, 2004 - Item 1
Chain of Command - Horrible Abuse

May 1, 2004 - Items 1 and 2
US military in Iraq torture scandal * What's Happening in Iraq?
- - A Look at April 2004
- - Fallujah accord leaves US policy in disarray
- - Laptop Report From Fullujah, Iraq Battlefield
- - Bush League Diplomacy
- - Oil-Slick Jim Baker Moves In

April 27, 2004 - Item 1
Falluja, Najaf and the First Law of Holes

April 16, 2004 - Item 1
Stay the Course in Iraq?
- - A message from Dennis Kucinich
- - For U.S. Troops the Deadliest Days of the War
- - Bush rips up the Middle East road map for Peace
- - Iraqi 'Beaten To Death' by US Troops
- - Fallujah Refugees Describe Horrors of U.S. Siege

March 31, 2004 - Items 1- 3
This Isn't America * Cheney, energy and Iraq invasion * GOP and Nazis

March 27, 2004 - Items 1 and 3
"Opening the Gates of Hell" - Israel Assassinates Yassin * US soldier refuses return to Iraq

March 22, 2004 - Item 1
Did Bush Press For Iraq-9/11 Link?
- - The Armageddon Plan
- - General Sacked by Bush Wanted Early Elections in Iraq
- - Worldwide Protests Demand Iraq Pullout

March 20, 2004 was when people all around the globe took to the streets
to say YES to peace and NO to pre-emptive war and occupation.
Two organizations sponsoring events in USA were
United For Peace and International Action Center.

March 15, 2004 - Item 1
Camp X-Ray's Savagery Revealed

January 11, 2004 - Item 1
Ignore US atrocities in Iraq at what cost?

November 28, 2003 - Item 6
"Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War"

November 13, 2003 -Item 1
"US unleashes renewed bombing raids on Iraqi towns"
- - GNN interviews Naomi Klein

October 13, 2003 -Item 1
Kucinich: "Bring US Troops Home!"

September 8, 2003 -Items 1 and 2
The War on Terrorism is Bogus * Israel seeks pipeline for Iraqi oil

July 22, 2003 -Items 1 and 2
Uranium Deception May Be Tip of the Iceberg * Mysterious Diseases Haunt U.S. Troops In Iraq

June 5, 2003 -Items 1 and 2
The Silent Genocide from America * Iraq WMD, the Big Lie
- - Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death

May 13, 2003 -Items 1 and 2
Seven Nuclear Sites Looted * Trouble in Bush's America

May 3, 2003 -Item 3
Kucinich: The Military Victory is a Foreign Policy Failure * "Diplomatic Breakdown" by John Brady Kiesling

April 30, 2003 -Item 3
The mirage of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction * Hans Blix vs the US: 'I was undermined'

April 30, 2003 -Item 4
When the Depleted Uranium dust settles

April 27, 2003 -Items 1 - 2
Elect Peace in 2004 * Total Information Control - Corporate Media and Homeland Security

April 21, 2003 -Items 1 - 4
Real War * DU Clean-up * George Carlin * Weird Bush Men

April 15, 2003 -Items 1
Devastating critique of US/UK aggression
- - When ‘Precision Bombing Really Isn't
- - Lawless, grief-stricken Baghdad buries its dead
- - US rejects Iraq DU clean-up
- - Eagleburger: Bush Should be Impeached

April 9, 2003 -Items 1 - 4
US Terrorism * Kucinich&Polls * M. Moore * Wonderland

April 4, 2003 -Items 1 - 2
This war is wrong * March on Washington -- Global Actions for Peace
- - "Cluster bombs liberate Iraqi children"
- - Letter to UN General Assembly President

April 3, 2003 -Items 1 - 7
Death of America * DU * Objector * Nuke Forgery * Order?

April 1, 2003 -Items 1 - 5
CivilianDeaths * Miscalculations * BlessedMichael * DennisRocks

"President Bush announced tonight
that he believes in democracy and that democracy can exist in Iraq.
They can have a strong economy, they can have a good health care plan,
and they can have a free and fair voting. Iraq? We can't even get this in Florida."

-Jay Leno

March 30, 2003 -Items 1 - 5
BaghdadTears * EndWar * RuppertStorm * Skull&Bones * Zinn

March 27, 2003 -Items 1 - 4
Uniting for Peace * Scott Ritter Predicts - US Will Lose in its War on Iraq * Oil, Currency and the War on Iraq * Pro-War & Pro-Peace Candidates

"We are not liberating Iraq, we are destroying Iraq."

– Scott Ritter

March 25, 2003 - Editor's Notes - Items 1 - 6
US War Lies * UN Action! * Deep Concerns

March 22, 2003 - Editor's Notes - Items 1 - 4
Shock, Awe, & Kucinich * History's Darkest Visions

"We are going to be in such a fix when this war is over, or before this war is over.
Our grandchildren's grandchildren are going to be paying for this war.
I look at our future as, I'm sorry, being very, very dark."

Walter Cronkite

March 19, 2003

March 18, 2003 - Items 1 - 5
BushWar * Zinn * Constitution * Peace * Rachel * bloodbath?

March 15, 2003 - Items 3 and 4
Kucinich Forces Administration To Disclose Iraq Document to Congress * Dixie Chicks Hammer President on Iraq Issue
- - ‘Obviously Oil' by Dennis Kucinich
- - Yes Magazine Interviews Kucinich
- - 'The Empire Needs New Clothes' by Thom Hartmann
- - Action Alert - Remove Arctic drilling from budget bill
- - ‘Democracy in Iraq doubtful' Greg Miller

March 13, 2003 - Items 1 - 6
TerrorBomb * StopUS * Goodman * Shield * PentagonJunk

March 10, 2003 - Items 1 - 3
Going Off to War Supplied With Lies
* Going Off to War Supplied With Lies * Actions to Stop King George's War

-- UN Inspector: Fake Nuclear Evidence on Iraq
-- Red Alert for Bill of Rights! by Nat Hentoff
-- Afghan Prisoners Beaten To Death At US Base Investigation
-- Resisting the Doctrine of Pre-emptive Strike by Fidel Castro
-- Cheney wins oil-field contract

March 05, 2003 - Items 1 - 5
Emergency Petition * Caldicott-Pope * Nuke Threat

March 02, 2003 - Items 1 - 3
US Dirty Tricks * YAY Turkey * War Plans - Reactions

February 27, 2003 - Items 1and 2
CNN CrossFires with Dennis Kucinich * The War Against Ourselves - an Interview with Major Doug Rokke

February 26, 2003 - Items 1and 2
Iraq Agrees To Full Compliance With Inspectors and Oil * US Apology and Appeal ~ UN HELP

February 23, 2003 - Items 1- 3
UN Peace Action * Kucinich * Cheney N.K. Nukes

February 17, 2003 - Items 1- 6
World Watching * Kucinich President's Day * Bio/Chem

"We will either bring an end to war or we will bring an end to a war-like administration."

–Dennis J. Kucinich

15 February 2003, NYC

February 14, 2003 - Items 1- 4
World PEACE Rally * Illegal War * UN Peace Mission

February 12, 2003 - Items 1- 3
A U.N. Alternative to War: "Uniting for Peace" * Lobbying Congress * The war on Iraq: Conceived in Israel?

"..To engage in war is always to pick a wild card. And war must always be a last resort, not a first choice. I truly must question the judgment of any President who can say that a massive unprovoked military attack on a nation which is over 50% children is "in the highest moral traditions of our country". This war is not necessary at this time. Pressure appears to be having a good result in Iraq. Our mistake was to put ourselves in a corner so quickly. Our challenge is to now find a graceful way out of a box of our own making. Perhaps there is still a way if we allow more time."

--US Senator Robert Byrd

For the Senator's complete Senate Floor Speech - Wednesday, February 12, 2003, see:
Reckless Administration May Reap Disastrous Consequences

February 10, 2003 - Items 1- 4
UN-War * K-Endorsed * CIA-Drugs-Nam-JFK * Patriot?

"It takes wisdom to have great power and to make gentle its presence in the world."
-- Dennis J. Kucinich

February 7, 2003 - Items 1& 2
The Tangled Web of War * Analysis Report: CIA Media Manipulation

January 31, 2003 - Items 1 - 4
God's Gift to Humanity? * US Prepared To Violate International Law (Mandela * Iraqi Children * Impeach Bush) * U. S. Military Spending And the Cost of Invading Iraq * War 'has ruined Afghan environment' * Cities for Peace Anti-War Resolution (Kucinich: No Case For War Against Iraq)

January 28, 2003 - Items 1 - 3
Saddam Can Prevent WAR * Secret Army * Nuke Cowboy

January 25, 2003 - Items 1 - 6
Why the Rush to War? *Attack Iraq (sic) Timetables * U.S. Weighs Tactical Nuclear Strike on Iraq * Support for War with Iraq Weakens * Human shields head for Iraq

January 23, 2003 - Items 1 - 6
Germany-France-Peace * Bush-Nazi * UN * Kucinich: "Peace as a Civil Right"

January 21, 2003 - Items 1 - 6
"Flawed Report; Iraqi Warheads Found" * January 18 - ‘Give Peace a Chance' * Mossad - JFK * FlyingNukes *

January 17, 2003 - Items 1 and 3
"The United States of America has gone mad" * "Bush Concealed Iraqi Chemical Weapons Plant in Florida"

January 12, 2003 - Item 2
"Bush's Armageddon Obsession- revisited" & "Happy Imbeciles At War"

"We are, in short, going to attack and massacre Iraq for the oil reserves,
to protect America's corporate interests, to feed the gaping maw of the military-industrial complex.
Same as it ever was."

-- Mark Morford

SF Gate Columnist

January 9, 2003 - Item 2
The Consequences Of An Iraqi Misadventure

January 6, 2003 - Items 1 and 2
U.S. Played a Key Role In Iraq Military Buildup * 9/11 Investigator Linked to Osama bin Laden?

January 4, 2003 - Item 1
Doug Rokke - Depleted Uranium - War Hazard

December 20, 2002 - Items 2 and 3
The "Secret" War on Iraq * Stop US Military Aid to Israel

"For powerful countries to adopt a principle of preventative war
may well set an example that can have catastrophic consequences."

Former US President Jimmy Carter
December 10, 2002 -
Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in Oslo

December 7, 2002 - Item 2
U.S. Gulf War 'crime'

November 29, 2002 - Item 4
Flying in the no-fly zone

November 24, 2002 - Item 1
US would attack Iraq even if UN inspectors fail to find weapons!

November 17, 2002 - Items 2 and 3
Scott Ritter: "The Case Against The U.S. War on Iraq" * Kucinich: Leading Opposition in the House to the War

November 12, 2002 - Items 1 and 2
War Veterans Gather To Stop A New War * More DU Weapons in Afghanistan Than in Gulf War

November 11, 2002 - Items 2 and 3
Half-A-Million March in Anti-War Rally in Italy * Gulf War Veteran Doug Rokke and Depleted Uranium

November 7, 2002 - Item 2
New champions of the war cause
A small group of influential right-wingers with close ties to the offices of Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney plan to launch a new political campaign to rally public support for the invasion of Iraq.

November 5, 2002 - Items 1, 2, 3
The Bloodstained Path * Global Eye -- Into the Dark * Letter to Sen. John Kerry on Iraq
These items include articles by Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, (published by The Progressive), and Chris Floyd, (Moscow Times); and the letter was written by peace activist and Viet Nam Veteran, Brian Willson.

"Why of course the people don't want war ... But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger."

--Hermann Goering -- Nazi leader, at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II

October 23, 2002 - Items 1-3
Scott Ritter -- "NO TO WAR" * Kucinich Asks White House To Explain Contradictions On Iraq, North Korea Nukes * Bush - Iraq War - and Armageddon

October 12, 2002 - Items 1 and 2
Congress: Bush OK to Attack Iraq Unilaterally * Turning the Tide

Alert==>Stop Bush War Resolution * Call Congress

October 10, 2002 - Items 1, 2, and 3
Stop War * president's real goal * Iraq War/for Dummies

October 7, 2002 - Items 1, 2, and 3
Oppose War on Iraq Petition * Ritter - Kucinich - McDermott

October 5, 2002 - Items 1 and 2
Byrd's Filibuster? -- Tell Senate to Deny Bush Blank Check * Congress Overwhelmed With Anti-War Calls

September 23, 2002 - Item 1-4
NO VOTE Pledge - Stop Iraq Attack * Skull and Bones

September 16, 2002 - Items 1 and 2
Secret Blueprint for US Global Domination Revealed! * Nelson Mandela: The U.S. Is a Threat to World Peace

August 24, 2002 - Item 2
Brainwashing America and Petition for No Iraq War Also see: AL-QAEDA IN IRAQ: But protected by the Kurds in the Northern Exclusion Zone; Pravda.RU

August 17, 2002 - Item 4
Apocalypse Now - US Attack on Iraq?
Media's Willing Distortions Pave Way for War with Iraq

August 8, 2002 - Item 2
To attack Iraq is a crime

August 1, 2002 - Item 1 and 2
West Sees Glittering Prizes Ahead in Giant Oilfields * Iraq: What's Missing From the Hearings?

June 4, 2002 - Item 5
Jenin -- Time to clean up the battlefield of a dirty war

May 13, 2002 - Items 2 and 3
The solution is the problem by Noam Chomsky * Sharon's party votes to reject Palestinian state

May 9, 2002 Items 1-4
Nonviolence * US/Sharon * Israeli Reservists * Powell: Iraq Attack

April 25, 2002 - Items 1-4
McKinney on MidEast Crisis * Jenin Stinks * Peace Initiatives

April 11, 2002 - Item 4
Jewish Manifesto: Sharon is Israel's Worst Enemy

April 4, 2002 - Item 1
Israel's State Terrorism

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It may be that God will ordain love between you and those
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Islam. Qur'an 60.7

Aid an enemy before you aid a friend, to subdue hatred.
Judaism. Tosefta, Baba Metzia 2.26

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
Christianity. Romans 12.21
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