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19 September 2005 - Part 2

"Evil will succeed only if enough good people do nothing."

- Edmund Burke

4) Where David Ray Griffin and Flyby News Meet
- - Diebold Insider now Speaking - Election Fraud 2004
5) Limon film by Malachi Roth at MET this weekend
6) Earth Changes TV and Six X-Class Solar Flares
7) Quote - "..what we Bushes have done to this nation.."

Editor's Notes:

The second part of this day's issue begins with an article I wrote for my local food co-op, which is in the hills of Leverett, Massachusetts. It was from their bulletin board that I initially learned about NASA's Cassini space mission, leading to Flyby News. I decided to write this article from the inspirational work and efforts of David Ray Griffin. He is coming to speak within an hour of the co-op, in Brattleboro Vermont on October 11, 2005, high noon and on main street. Griffin will be drawing various people very interested in giving NASA and the US government a new direction, toward a more peaceful and productive use of time and space.

Bart Jordan will meet with me and others after the Griffin presentation to informally share about his paper, which will first be published by Flyby News. One individual planning to join with me there is my business partner and inventor of a 200kW Stirling engine. This engine is designed for commercial/industrial conversion of biomass and waste-heat-gas for cleaner electrical power generation. It would conserve existing resources and make use of emissions that contribute to global warming.

Item 5 is about Malachi Roth, director of the film-short, The Peace Candidate. Roth's prior film, "Limon, a life beyond words" is featured at the MET September 24th, and will be aired on PBS TV at various times and stations across the country.

Item 6 is on intense Solar Flares happening now. (Is it the full moon, solar flares, hurricanes, or Bart Jordan working through the night, I don't know.. but something is stirring and keeping me awake.)

Item 7 covers an interesting (alleged) quote by George H. Bush; did he say:

"Sarah, if the people had ever known the truth
about what we Bushes have done to this nation,
we would be chased down in the streets and lynched."

-- Bush 41 to reporter Sarah McClendon, June 1992

Who knows the full truth, but one thing is apparent, fact can be stranger than fiction.

So, to leave you pondering, I am including a poem written two days ago during one of those sleepless moments.

Shy composure undisturbed
by a lifetime of impropriety
Challenged by the swift currents
of a collective madness
Suitable, intolerable,
left alone
only to know a subject between
what is here and not here --

Silence splatters the
Within oneself
only to acknowledge
such imperfection
desire waiting
on the call
while such storms as Katrina
reach a boiling point
as ice heaves melt
pouring into obvious
misdirection leadership
tango for ultimate self
centerness & destruction
Only again to be left
alone contemplating
the challenge
or insight

4) Where David Ray Griffin and Flyby News Meet
by Jonathan Mark - "Village Register"

Something unusual caught my eye on the co-op bulletin board in the 1990's, a short article describing a NASA space mission that could kill a lot of people from radioactive plutonium. It was bizarre reading this in the Rattlesnake Gutter setting. Yet this story became more real when Karl Grossman gave a presentation on his investigative news reporting on the Cassini space mission, about what it was, and what was behind it. His presentation came only weeks before the launch in 1997. There was little I could do to stop the launch, but the greatest risk from Cassini was more than a year and a half later, since it was first sent to Venus (on its way to Saturn) for two flybys that accelerated the craft to about 10 miles per second when it came back for an Earth-flyby on August 18, 1999.

Fortunately the craft did not inadvertently re-enter our atmosphere, but it did reveal the hubris of NASA and the ability of US military to take over the civilian space program for global domination and weaponization of space interests. The NoFlyby campaign led to Flyby News, using the military-conceived Internet to expose such plans, and to cover other related justice, human rights, and environmental areas of concern.

Cassini was only the starting place for accelerating life-threatening news. In 2000 we reported on the US Supreme Court-ruling for George W. Bush to be president. This resulted in political prisoner Leonard Peltier remaining behind bars; the anti-ballistic missile treaty terminated, which expanded the arms race; the worsening of global warming, and much more. But, the biggest story by far was from the so-called "terrorist" attacks on September 11, 2001, which led to the US military attack on Iraq with hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians killed.

For many these issues seem far away or too big, or too scary to consider. Yet as things continue to worsen, we must respond before it is too late. An unofficial 9/11 truth community has indeed responded and has, thanks to a growing number of intellectuals in the movement, been gaining ever-increasing credibility. One of those intellectuals is David Ray Griffin, a renowned Christian theologian, who has written, co-authored, and produced 24 books and numerous articles on theology. He has taught philosophy of religion and theology at the Claremont School of Theology for more than 30 years. He is not your typical investigative reporter, but his reasoning, his way of communicating, his ethics, is perhaps just what we need to survive in today's world.

Professor Griffin wrote "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11," which summarized evidence revealed by various researchers over the Internet. His conclusion was that such evidence provided a "strong prima facie case for official complicity." His next book, "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions," revealed evidence of a cover-up by the Bush administration. Griffin showed how the 9/11 Commission simply ignored most of the evidence of government complicity, and distorted the rest. Last spring, David Ray Griffin spoke at a forum sponsored by a Muslim-Jewish group for peace at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, which was broadcast on cable TV. His talk was entitled "9/11 and the American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond?"

Professor Griffin has responded in a big way and is working on another book called "The American Empire and a Better Possibility: A Political-Economic-Religious Statement." He will be speaking in Vermont at four locations this October. Closest to our area is on Tuesday October 11 at noon at the Centre Congregational Church in Brattleboro, (on Main Street across from the post office). These events are free and sponsored by Southern Vermonters for a Fair Economy and Environmental Protection. Of course you can check the bulletin board for the flyer, or at; but you can also get DVDs of David Ray Griffin's presentations (filmed by Ken Jenkins, with added graphics and video clips), at our friendly co-op. Thinking globally and acting locally is a good place where change can begin to grow.

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For more on presentations of David Ray Griffin,
see Flyby News recommended Films that Make a Difference

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- - Diebold Insider now Speaking - Election Fraud 2004

In exclusive stunning admissions to The BRAD BLOG some 11 months after the 2004 Presidential Election, a "Diebold Insider" is now finally speaking out for the first time about the alarming security flaws within Diebold, Inc's electronic voting systems, software and machinery. The source is acknowledging that the company's "upper management" -- as well as "top government officials" -- were keenly aware of the "undocumented backdoor" in Diebold's main "GEM Central Tabulator" software well prior to the 2004 election. A branch of the Federal Government even posted a security warning on the Internet.

For more on this story, see: Radio News America

5) Limon film by Malachi Roth at MET this weekend

For Immediate Release:

2:00 pm on Saturday, September 24th, 2005 (Admission Free)

Air-dates to be announced (see WWW.LIMON.TV)

Directed by Malachi Roth
Produced by Ann Vachon & Jeffrey Levy-Hinte


Narrated by Uta Hagen and Isaiah Sheffer, "Limón: A Life Beyond Words" offers a compelling look at revolutionary modern dancer and choreographer José Limón (1908-1972) who was described by the New York Times as the "best male dancer of his own, or any other time." The film follows Limón's life chronologically beginning with his birth in Mexico and his family's flight from the violence of the Mexican revolution which took his uncle's life. After emigrating to the United States Limón lost his mother due to complications stemming from her thirteenth pregnancy.

Devastated, Limón became radicalized by left wing culture and decided to move to New York to become an artist during the height of the depression. Once there however, Limón lost all interest in painting and hit a low point in his life until being reborn by the discovery of modern dance. Though he was already much older than most dancers and did not have a typical dancer's body, Limón's passion, persistence and unflinching dedication to his art, allowed him to rise through the ranks of the Humphrey Weidman company and eventually to become one of the most respected choreographers in the world. The film peaks with the successive triumphs of his robust career and closes with his final years, his later works and his tragic untimely death.

During the first half of the film Limón's own words in the form of his unfinished memoir (recently published) tell the story, while stock footage, family photos and interviews provide the texture. Short interludes from Limón's dances during these early sections foreshadow his later artistic interpretation of these events. About half way through the film, when Limón's dance company is formed and starts to take off, the dances themselves become the primary force propelling the narrative, as they illustrate through gesture and movement the extent to which José used dance to re-examine his early life. Major themes such as colonialism, religion, race, loyalty and betrayal are grappled with through a choreographic form that is far more accessible to general audiences than the avant-garde trends that would follow. Limón's major goal was to "speak of the dignity of man," which he does with such skill and compassion that few are capable of resisting the emotional impact of his great works.


Best Film Made for Television / Montreal Festival of Films on Art
Best Documentary / Ajijic Festival Internacionale de Cine in Mexico
Best Documentary on the Arts / Wine Country Film Festival in California.


"Roth's social conscience gives [the film] a strong
sense of context and he's adept at linking Limón's
works to the era of their creation or the man's
own story."


"...this poetic film enriches our experience and
understanding of this great artist"


To receive a DVD of Limón: A Life Beyond Words
for reviews or other screening considerations please contact Ann Vachon
at: or 908.240.2792 or visit on the web: LIMON.TV

Malachi Roth has also produced a film on Dennis Kucinich,
called The Peace Candidate. You can learn more on this
and his current film project at

6) Earth Changes TV and Six X-Class Solar Flares

EARTH CHANGES TV NEWSLETTER - September 10th, 2005
Now Up To Six X-Class Flares and Counting
by Mitch Battros ECTV

Due to so many large solar flares, this may be the last newsletter related to solar storms. So instead, simply go to the ECTV website for the latest posting and updates.

Within the last two hours a new X-Class flare has fired away. But there is one very important difference; now sunspot region 808 has rotated into position to cause Earth Directed flares and CME s (coronal mass ejections). From this point on, and for the next 23 days, each and every flare has the potential for a glancing or direct hit to Earth.

When the charged particles hit our protective magnetic field, the magnetic field shifts as if cranking tightly on a jar top. When this occurs, it in turn, causes a shift in the jet stream, often causing it to drop down low enough to disturb weather patterns. And when this occurs, it causes ocean currents to shift.

Sun-Earth Diagram:

Today s X-Class Flare:

Kp Index:

7) Quote - "..what we Bushes have done to this nation.."

"Sarah, if the people had ever known the truth
about what we Bushes have done to this nation,
we would be chased down in the streets and lynched."

-- Bush 41 to reporter Sarah McClendon, June 1992

Re: Sheila Samples: 'The mothers are coming!' (Score: 1)
by Sheep on Wednesday, August 31 @ 13:39:30 EDT

An interesting interview with Sarah McClendon is at on a variety of subjects. At the bottom, there is an interview with retired Lt. Cdr Al Martin by Tom Valentine and was aired on Valentine's Radio Free America July 10, 1995. Martin quotes from McClendon's June 1992 newsletter. (Note: "Q" is Valentine, and "A" is Martin)...

Q: Only 3 percent? That means 97 percent went somewhere else.

A: It went into people's pockets. General Secord certainly profited handsomely. General John Singlaub and a host of others did likewise.However, would it have been possible for these men to carry out such an enormous conspiracy, to traffic in such enormous quantities of illegal items, without the duplicity and complicity of the United States government?

Q: I don't see how it would have been possible.

A: It would not have been possible, and it was not possible at the time to do so. I think George Bush said it very well in an interview with Sarah McClendon, the grand dame of the Washington press corps. When Bush consented to an interview with Mrs. McClendon in June of 1992, he said on record, which she printed in her newsletter that month, when she asked him about Iran-contra and he said, (and I'm quoting from her newsletter): "If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched." This was a public comment by George Bush.

Q: George Bush actually admitted that?

A: He said it and it was printed in Mrs. McClendon's newsletter in June of 1992.

You can Google "Sarah McClendon June 1992 newsletter" and click away until you're "google-eyed" if you like, or you can take my word for it.

Poppy had a tendency to just "blurt" out the truth because he was too damn stupid to do otherwise when asked a direct question. Also in 1992, he was asked what Iran-Contra was all about. He replied:

"The continuous consolidation of money and power into higher, tighter and righter hands."

Republicans are a constant source of amusement, dismay, and horror. Check these babies out:

"I was provided with additional input that was radically different from the truth. I assisted in furthering that version." Oliver North from his Iran-Contra testimony.

"If we let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely, and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy but just wage total war, our children will sing great songs about us years from now." Richard Perle, known since his Reagan years as the Prince of Darkness, with his fantastical vision of the upcoming shock and awe liberation strike on Iraq.

"For bureaucratic reasons, we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction, because it was the one reason everyone could agree on." Paul Wolfowitz, Vanity Fair interview, May 28, 2003, on the justification given by the Bush administration for invading Iraq.

And -- my favorite quote of all time...

"So many minority youths had volunteered for the well-paying military positions to escape poverty and the ghetto that there was literally no room for patriotic folks." Rep. Tom Delay during the 1988 Republican National Convention, explaining his own lack of service in Vietnam.
On second thought, the DeLay quote is tied with the Wolfowitz quote for "say, whut?" honors...LOL



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That quote is also posted:

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