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UN Peace Action * Kucinich * Cheney N.K. Nukes

23 February 2003

1) Center for Constitutional Rights - Uniting for Peace
Related article, "Saddam told: disarm in three weeks or it's war"

2) Kucinich for US President Update
Review by Goodsister on Kucinich at the Democratic National Committee Meeting
Join a new list serve discussion group, Kucinich4president, moderated by Goodsister

3) Rumsfeld was on ABB Board During Nuclear Deal with North Korea
Related article: "Iran sues U.S. in world court for helping Saddam kill Iranians"
Related article: "GOP Threats Halted GAO Cheney Suit"

Editor's Notes:

In 1950 the United Nations by an almost unanimous vote adopted Resolution 377, named "Uniting for Peace." As its charter so eloquently states, the UN can "save succeeding generations form the scourge of war." Item 1 opens on an Action Alert from the Center for Constitutional Rights : "In a Nutshell: The General Assembly could approve the Franco-German proposal for UN peacekeeping action in Iraq, which would effectively block aggression. The procedure is called the Uniting for Peace resolution. Any member of the UN can call for a peacekeeping action under this procedure if the Security Council are in disagreement." In this item find links for contact information for your contacting UN Permanent Missions.

Please act, send an E-mail, make a telephone call, send a fax, unite with the world to stop a US-preemptive-led invasion that could harm us all.

Item 2 is an update on the campaign to elect Dennis J. Kucinich for the next US President. This campaign could be the miracle we are hoping for to transform US government as we know it, and a foreign policy and environmental platform to sustain life in peace.

Item 3 is more from the category, stories from the weird but true, yikes! Donald Rumsfeld was on ABB Board during their nuclear deal with North Korea. Another article link is about Iran suing the U.S. in world court for helping Saddam kill Iranians. And another article link to a story about Cheney making budget threats to get a law suit dropped.

I can't help but agree with Scott Ritter, who believes the intentions of going to war with Iraq is to continue creating a policy that causes destabilization-chaos to in effect maintain a certain group of neo-conservatives in their positions of power. The best chances for the world to unite and to stop this war on Iraq is with the UN "Uniting for Peace." Beyond this we need regime change in the US and Kucinich has been a key leader and effective communicator in the ideals of freedom and democracy.

Many thanks to those donating and purchasing bumper stickers and supporting Flyby News. It cut my bill in half of what was owed to copiers, and that takes much pressure off me.. it feels good to feel a part of a team in this independent news sourcing endeavor. Anyone wanting to circulate fliers, posting on bulletin boards, please let me know. But most key is in your support of critical campaigns of critical campaigns like "uniting for peace." Will the UN move in time to stop the attack? If we can help accomplish a yes to this question, perhaps then we could transfer war funds to buy back nukes that Cheney et al sold to North Korea. What a world? Thanks for reading! Peace.

1) Center for Constitutional Rights - Uniting for Peace

Center for Constitutional Rights Action Alert!

Stop The War on Iraq

CCR is asking for your help in a very important action. We hope to create a movement in support of the adoption of a Uniting for Peace Resolution by the United Nations General Assembly to prevent an attack on Iraq by the United States, the United Kingdom and other nations. If even one country requests such a meeting, that alone can trigger this procedure. While in the U.N. system the Security Council has the primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security throughout the world, another procedure exists to ensure peace when the Council fails to do so. That procedure, the Uniting for Peace resolution, allows the General Assembly to meet to consider the threat to international peace and it can then recommend collective measures to U.N. Members to maintain or restore peace.

If one U.N. Member State requests that a meeting be convened to consider adoption of such a resolution and either seven Members of the Security Council or a majority of the Members of the General Assembly agree, an emergency special session will be called and the General Assembly will come together to discuss the threat to international peace. We are hoping to find the requisite support for the convening of such a session. The United States and the United Kingdom have become increasingly vocal about their willingness to use force against Iraq without explicit Security Council authorization. Because of the veto power of these two countries, the Security Council will be stymied in its responsibility to maintain international peace and security in the Persian Gulf. In these circumstances, the General Assembly has the right and indeed the responsibility to assume this duty.

We urge you to contact your U.N. representative, other members of your government, and other governments to request that they write to the Secretary-General to call for an emergency special session under the Uniting for Peace Resolution. Please also circulate these materials to other groups and individuals and encourage them to do the same.

To find e-mail addresses of UN Permanent Missions go to:

To find postal addresses of UN Permanent Missions go to:

To read more about this initiative, see this following URL link:

For further information, please contact:

For Flyby News updated page: "Uniting for Peace to Resolve the Iraq Crisis", see:,41257,m

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Related article, "Saddam told: disarm in three weeks or it's war"

Blair and Bush force second UN resolution
Backbench MPs set to mount rebellion

Kamal Ahmed,
political editor
Sunday February 23, 2003
The Observer

Saddam Hussein is to be given a final 'act or be defeated' deadline of the middle of March before a second United Nations resolution is debated by the Security Council, clearing the way for imminent military action.

For the complete article, see:,12239,901242,00.html

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For another related article:
"White House Advisors Looking for a "Way Out" of War With Iraq"

From Capitol Hill Blue

White House advisors looking for a "way out" of war with Iraq
By CHB Staff
Feb 20, 2003, 05:47

Some strategists within the Bush Administration are urging the President to look for an "exit strategy" on Iraq, warning the tough stance on war with the Arab country has left the country in a "no win" situation.

For the complete original article, see:
also posted:

2) Kucinich for US President Update

Flyby News follows a reporting strategy that attempts to learn from past mistakes, and to get ahead of the curve by supporting strategic actions in support of life's survival in the 21st Century. Flyby News was conceived when successfully exposing the dangers of NASA's Cassini Earth flyby. NASA was embarrassed by the Internet exposure of their "high-risk" flyby. This probe was carrying a record amount 72.3 lbs (32,8kg) of deadly Plutonium on board and approached Earth at record speeds in excess of 81,000 mph (133,150 km). After August 18, 1999, in the post Cassini flyby era, "NoFlyby" became Flyby News. Besides reporting on basic human rights, democracy, justice, and environmental issues, we focused on stopping the weaponization of space before it happened. Dennis Kucinich became the champion of this effort. In 2001 and 2002 he proposed legislation to forever ban space-based weapons. Besides this direction for disarmament, Dennis Kucinich proposed legislation for a Department of Peace. And when Bush terminated the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty of 1972, to engage an expensive and aggressive Star Wars plan, Kucinich became the lead plaintiff in a law suit claiming that Bush had not the authority to terminate a Treaty signed into law by Congress and the US President. Yet transforming government to abide by the principles of the US Constitution is not easy. Yet Kucinich is trying and in representing his Constituency, he became involved in another law suit to stop President Bush from attacking Iraq. The Constitution states that only Congress has that awesome responsibility in declaring war. But is it any wonder that the Bush administration ignores the Constitution; he was selected by Judges in 2000 and is assuming the role of President, yet questions remain on a Court-appointed President, and the voting "problem" in Florida where his brother was Governor. Bush's actions show that he represents the military-industrial-academic-criminal complex and not US democracy, freedom, justice, or world peace.

The Lord of the Ring corruption/madness of the White House seemed to take shape beginning in the 1940's with the awesome power unleashed by the atomic bomb. This allowed fascist-fear to begin manipulating the US government, preparing for a permanent war mentality with weapons capable of destroying all human life. President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947, which began intelligence organizations like the CIA and the entrapments of a secret and corrupt government, with an agenda not always in keeping with the principle of the US Constitution, all in the name of "national security interests." This corrupt influence created things like the dangerous Cassini Earth flyby, new weapons of mass destruction, their proliferation, drug dealing, taking over space for military purposes, supporting fuels that add to Global Warming, and replacing democracies in other countries with dictatorships for US-corporate interests. The madness to endanger life for all humans reached into new extremes. Fear has become the ruler, a nectar for self-destruction, and only someone pure and simple like Frodo, or, perhaps, Dennis, could take the ring back to its source, and disarm weapons of mass destruction, uniting the world for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Kucinich, a vegan, a grass roots inspirational politician, the youngest Mayor in US history, has created a record for people to trust his abilities and motivation to lead the US back to an evolving democracy. His chances are excellent. He could win in the Iowa primaries for the Democratic Party's nomination for President, and this could lead to national exposure and excellent chances to win in New Hampshire. His campaign could go all the way and reclaim democracy in the US. His leadership in the ideal of the US Constitution could go a long ways in helping in the direction for world peace, a healthier environment, and improved economic conditions. This is the path of Dennis Kucinich, a man of destiny, and for those supporting his campaign.

Join us in getting ahead of the curve with integrity and in the spirit of freedom. Please check this following URL link for Flyby News' updated page Dennis Kucinich for US President in 2004!,9146,

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Congressman Kucinich was on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday (2/23/03). He again asserted his leadership in identifying why a US-led invasion of Iraq at will do more harm than good in the war against terrorism. He challenged the big price tag, responded to a question on why the administration's oil interests are in the debate, since nothing else is there that can substantiate the reason to attack Iraq while there is no evidence of Iraq being an imminent threat to US security interest. He also covered his pro-choice position, an expansion on the issue where he supports the Constitutional right of free choice for each individual, and will also seek to take actions in sensitivity to those of pro-life sentiments; he is seeking to conduct a policy with a role as a healer, not as a divider.

To read Dennis Kucinich's statement on many issues and/or to support the campaign:


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Dennis Kucinich's presentation at the Democratic National Committee Meeting
Review by Goodsister

The following is a review by Goodsister on Dennis Kucinich's presentation at the Democratic National Committee Meeting, chaired by Terry McAuliffe, broadcast on CSPAN, 22 February 2003.

I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't the incredible speech I just heard Dennis deliver to a fairly dead room of mainstream Democrats at their committee meeting.

He started out light and funny, joking that we could change from the days of Crawford, Texas and barbecues to Cleveland, polka and kielbasa. Ha ha! He joked about his "cold day in hell" remark, and how he saw, during last week's severe storms in the East, that his time had come. He joked about his 2% showing in the "polls", saying that was pretty good, for a guy no one knows. He even spelled out his name, and said he'd changed it - "to capture the ethnic vote". Ha ha ha! That was a good one. I laughed along to every joke, delighted.

But then his tone changed; his expression went grave, and he began to talk quietly about the mess we're in, and all of the things we need to do to change direction. His cadence got more and more rhythmic, and soon he was working a classic gospel 'call and response' with the audience, which is a GREAT oratorical skill. At certain points, he got people to their feet, but I had a feeling that if he'd been speaking to a rally of regular Americans, as opposed to that cynical roomful of professional politicos, the reactions would've been much more visceral and enthusiastic.

Mine certainly was. There's something about him. Something that makes me get to my feet and shout out responses to the television. He makes sense - and he covers it all. There are no blank spots he skitters away from; he sees the whole picture.

That speech I just saw would fall into the Shakespearean category of "pearls to swine", I'm afraid, even if I did see Maxine Waters of Los Angeles in the audience. But once Dennis gets to speaking to crowds of ordinary Americans across this country, I think he will have an eager and ever-growing army of followers. There's something irresistible about hearing the truth spoken with passion and conviction. Dennis is a leader for these apocalyptic times.


Join a list serve for discussions on Dennis J. Kucinich for US President!

Goodsister is the moderator ! ! !

This is a group for discussion, support, and encouragement for Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich to become the next US President of the United States. Discussion, analysis, and news related to the Kucinich campaign welcome. Let's become part of the grassroots movement to make this happen!

To subscribe send a blank message to:

3) Rumsfeld was on ABB Board During Nuclear Deal with North Korea

Published on Friday, February 21, 2003 by SwissInfo -
Swiss Radio International

Rumsfeld was on ABB Board During Nuclear Deal with North Korea
by Jacob Greber

The Swiss-based ABB on Friday told Swissinfo that Rumsfeld was involved with the company in early 2000, when it netted a $200 million (SFr270million) contract with Pyongyang.

The ABB contract was to deliver equipment and services for two nuclear power stations at Kumho, on North Korea's east coast. Rumsfeld - who is one of the Bush administration's most strident "hardliners" on North Korea - was a member of ABB's board between 1990 and February 2001, when he left to take up his current post.

Wolfram Eberhardt, a spokesman for ABB, told swissinfo that Rumsfeld "was at nearly all the board meetings" during his decade-long involvement with the company.

Maybe, maybe not

However, he declined to indicate whether Rumsfeld was made aware of the nuclear contract with North Korea.

"This is a good question, but I couldn't comment on that because we never disclose the protocols of the board meetings," Eberhardt said. "Maybe this was a discussion point of the board, maybe not."

The defense secretary's role at ABB during the late 1990s has become a bone of contention in Washington. The ABB contract was a consequence of a 1994 deal between the US and Pyongyang to allow construction of two reactors in exchange for a freeze on the North's nuclear weapons program.North Korea revealed last year that it had secretly continued its nuclear weapons program., despite its obligations under the deal with Washington. The Bush government has repeatedly used the agreement to criticize the former Clinton administration for being too soft on North Korea. Rumsfeld's deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, has been among the most vocal critics of the 1994 weapons accord.

Dirty bombs

Weapons experts have also speculated that waste material from the two reactors could be used for so-called "dirty bombs". Rumsfeld's position at ABB could prove embarrassing for the Bush administration since while he was a director he was also active on issues of weapons proliferation, chairing the 1998 congressional Ballistic Missile Threat commission.

The commission suggested the Clinton-era deal with Pyongyang gave too much away because "North Korea maintains an active weapons of mass destruction program., including a nuclear weapons program.".

Copyright swissinfo SRI

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For a related story, "Iran sues U.S. in world court for helping Saddam kill Iranians"
Translated from Der Spiegel,1518,236508,00.html

A strange spectacle in court: As the USA prepares for a war against Iraq, it is being sued by Iran for its previous close relationship to Saddam Hussein. At the International Court of Justice, Teheran is accusing the United States of delivering dangerous chemicals and deadly viruses to Baghdad during the eighties.

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Another related news story: "GOP Threats Halted GAO Cheney Suit"
Published on Wednesday, February 19, 2003 by The Hill (Washington, DC)
by Peter Brand and Alexander Bolton

Threats by Republicans to cut the General Accounting Office (GAO) budget influenced its decision to abandon a lawsuit against Vice President Dick Cheney, The Hill has learned.

Sources familiar with high-level discussions at the GAO said Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), chairman of the Appropriations Committee, met with GAO Comptroller General David Walker earlier this year and "unambiguously" pressured him to drop the suit or face cuts in his $440 million budget.

For a complete posting of this article, see:
also posted:

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