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This page was originally posted on 13 May 2002
when Flyby News announced its support for
Dennis J. Kucinich for US President in 2004

"America, America. God shed grace on thee. Crown thy good, America.
Not with weapons of mass destruction. Not with invocations of an axis of evil.
Not through breaking international treaties. Not through establishing America as king of a unipolar world.

Crown thy good America."

Dennis J. Kucinich
"A Prayer for America"
speech at the Americans for Democratic Actions conference --
February 17, 2002

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people
can change the Earth: indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead, social anthropologist

"We will either bring an end to war or we will bring an end to a war-like administration."

–Dennis J. Kucinich

Text of speech by US Representative Dennis J. Kucinich
New York City; Saturday, February 15, 2003

"Inner Space"

One of the Columbia astronauts is said to have looked upon the earth from the silence of outer space and said to fellow voyagers: "Look! The whole world is reflected in the iris of my eye." As she watched the whole world, the whole world is watching us to see what is reflected in our eyes, the light of peace or the fires of war. We who gather carry a vision of peace. We see the world as one. We carry a vision of human unity. We see the world undivided. Today and tomorrow we act on that vision.

To those leaders in our country struggling in inner space, those who have war in their eyes and in their hearts and would project it upon the world: The whole world is watching. "Look, the whole world is reflected in the iris of my eye." America is reflected in the irises of billions of eyes. The whole world is watching to see if the power of our morality is greater than the power which would unleash our weapons. Peaceful coexistence or war. The whole world is watching. A fist or an open hand. The whole world is watching. First use of nuclear weapons or leadership in global disarmament. The whole world is watching. Bombs or bread to the Iraqi people, to the Iranian people, to the North Korean people. The whole world is watching.

Some in the name of peace, prepare us for war, in the name of liberty, prepare us for submission, in the name of courage, prepare us to be fearful. Let all Americans challenge war, submission and fear! Some power has ruled there is no permit to march today. Yet we are on the march. The direction of peace is forward! We are on the march. The direction of human unity is forward! We are on the march. The direction of political change is forward. We are on the march. We will either bring an end to war or we will bring an end to a war-like administration. We are on the march!

Two hundred and fourteen years ago the First Congress standing upon the holy ground of a new Constitution met in this city. Their permit came from the Declaration of Independence. The same High Power which entrusted them entrusts us with the Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We call upon the Spirit of the Founders to guide us as we create a new world where all may live in peace.

The United States, brought forth by the power of human unity, seeks to be reborn. We invoke the Spirit of Freedom. We hear the cadence of courage echo across the ages: "Life, Liberty, pursuit of Happiness." Once again, the hour has come for us to stand for unity, even as our government tells us we must follow it into war. Once again the hour has come for us to be strong of heart. The direction of human unity is forward. We are on the march. It is our government which must follow, or be swept aside.

Thank you.

–Dennis J. Kucinich

Beyond Cassini - Dennis Kucinich

Flyby News (FN) has tried to stay ahead of the curve of destruction since about a year and a half before the Cassini-Earth flyby. FN posted an endorsement for Dennis Kucinich for US President 2004 nine months before his announcement. Kucinich missed an opportunity in 2004 to win in New Hampshire. Yet any great leader must learn from their mistakes, and his work has exemplified the qualities of a great leader. Kucinich and Flyby News has endorsed John F. Kerry for US President in 2004 with his nomination by the Democratic Party.

The Lord of the Ring corruption/madness of the White House seemed to take shape beginning in the 1940's with the awesome power unleashed by the atomic bomb. This allowed fascist-fear to begin manipulating the US government, preparing for a permanent war mentality with weapons capable of destroying all human life. President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947, which began intelligence organizations like the CIA and the entrapments of a secret and corrupt government, with an agenda not always in keeping with the principle of the US Constitution, all in the name of "national security interests." This corrupt influence created things like the dangerous Cassini Earth flyby, new weapons of mass destruction, their proliferation, drug dealing, taking over space for military purposes, supporting fuels that add to Global Warming, and replacing democracies in other countries with dictatorships for US-corporate interests. The madness to endanger life for all humans reached into new extremes. Fear has become the ruler, a nectar for self-destruction, and only someone pure and simple like Frodo, or, perhaps, Dennis, could take the ring back to its source, and disarm weapons of mass destruction, uniting the world for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Kucinich, a vegan, a grass roots inspirational politician, the youngest Mayor in US history, has created a record for people to trust his abilities and motivation to lead the US back to an evolving democracy. His leadership could go a long ways in helping in the direction for world peace, a healthier environment, and improved economic conditions.

Join the movement to transform US government
with that of integrity and with/in the spirit of freedom.


Flyby News encourages you to visit, sign up to volunteer, and/or sign up for email notices from

Dennis Kucinich web site is


: ) ( :

okay all you kids, or if you know any, pass the word..

For an article on this "kids4K" movement, initiated by Dylan Hallsmith from Vermont see:


United States Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio)
1730 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5871
Fax: (202) 225-5745

The following web sites had Dennis Kucinich for President Campaigns:
Another Iowan for Kucinich

For sharing other Kucinich links with Flyby News, please send website URL's to with Flyby-Kucinich-Link in subject.
MeetUp with Fellow Kucitizens
Plan to meet fellow peace and justice activists in your town on the first Thursday of every month
Learn more and sign up at

Kucinich Films That Can Make a Difference

  • The Peace Candidate [20 minutes]

    This new film short by Malachi Roth offers an intimate look at the most qualified and inspirational American leader to emerge in decades. In the film, we will see Dennis Kucinich captivating, inspiring, and energizing audiences by discussing crucial issues in a
    way which actually provides hope for the future of our planet. The film will integrate excerpts from Kucinich's greatest speeches and appearances, candid footage of the candidate campaigning and speaking in Congress and interviews with well known artists, intellectuals, political figures to create a stirring portrait of Kucinich and the global movement which has sprung up as a reaction to the overreaching of an unelected president and the high crimes of his corporate cronies.

    "It's the so-called liberals or centrists who are closet imperialists who are the true danger.
    Kucinich is in the unique position to be the one person who from the very beginning
    tried to tell the American people what was happening in their name."
    – Malachi Roth

    For more on "The Peace Candidate" plus other films for a discussion/film forum, see:
    Films that Make a Difference!

  • "We Can Make War Archaic"
    -- Dennis J. Kucinich

    Check this excellent article on a Kucinich 2004 candidacy, posted in Flyby News, May 21, 2002, Item 1.
    Deeper Rivers - A Kucinich candidacy would tread where others can't reach

    Kucinich at the Democratic National Committee Meeting
    a review by Goodsister

    "I just saw the segment, and they had some nimrod CA Republican sitting with Kucinich. He repeated the phrase "blood grudge" at least five times by my count, as in "Iraq has a blood grudge against the United States" as a reason for war. His remarks were real eye-rollers; he had his little prepared set of phrases, and that was the extent of what he could contribute.

    Rep. Kucinich was magnificent. He made his points clearly and firmly, no matter how many times little Tucker Carlson tried to derail him with frivolous and irrelevant sidebars. Tucker brought up the Congressman's votes from the past, on trying Hussein as a war criminal, and something else I forgot that's related.... Tucker was trying to say Kucinich is pro-Saddam, but instead he just neatly proved the opposite. Kucinich said, "Thanks for making clear that I've never been pro-Saddam", and looked at Tucker like he's an idiot.


    When the CA Repub actually said that the Iraqi people would love us as their liberators, throw flowers and wave American flags, Kucinich pointed out that they'd be unlikely to respond in that way to Operation Shock-Awe, which would drop 8000 missiles on Iraq. Kucinich says that inspections worked for years, and they can continue to work. He says there is no reason to punish the Iraqi people because we don't like their leader, not to mention 300,000 American men and women. He mentioned the numbers of other countries that possess chemical, biological, and/or nuclear weapons, and asked if we were prepared to bomb all of them and impose leaders more to our liking. And when someone tried to talk about the danger Iraq poses to US security, Kucinich held up a copy of the CIA report to the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which says that what puts us in most danger would be for us to attack Iraq!

    He got the last word in, too, commenting that "Being the world's policeman is not what America is about". And, very important to me, Kucinich never forgot that Iraqi lives are as important as American lives. That peculiar, parochial view some Americans have, thinking that somehow our lives are more "real" or somehow more valuable than those of foreign people living in countries we can't find on a map, is obviously not a view Kucinich shares. He clearly sees a big picture, a global picture. He sees that in order to survive as a species on what's left of our planet, we will need to evolve into cooperation and friendship.

    I love this guy. Did anyone else see it? What did you think? Can we unseat the Pretender with this man's energy and integrity?"

    -- Goodsister

    Join a list serve for discussions on Dennis J. Kucinich for US President!

    Goodsister is the moderator ! ! !

    This is the national networking group for the fast-growing grassroots movement behind the Presidential campaign of Congressman Dennis Kucinich. We are supporters, volunteers and campaign workers, dedicated to the reclamation of the Democratic Party and our country.

    We are a discussion group as well as a center for all news, interviews, articles, reviews, and audio and videos about Kucinich. We value our growing sense of community, and ask only that members keep their messages on-topic and focused on Kucinich and the campaign.

    Downloadable materials and flyers to hand out in your communities can be found in our Files section, and great stuff in our Links section, too.

    Courage, America!

    To subscribe send a blank message to:

    Meet-Up with Kucinich Supporters - First Thursday of each month @ 7pm

    The Kucinich for President campaign is urging all volunteers to use the MeetUp website to organize with their friends and neighbors. MeetUp is a website that allows you to plan monthly meetings at restaurants in your city.

    Please consider going to this site right away to sign up:

    Flyby News Archives - Kucinich Resources

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    "Until we convince ourselves of the utter inevitability of our self determination
    others will determine our future for us."
    – Malachi Roth

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    CNN CrossFires with Dennis Kucinich
    This issue links to the complete transcripts of CNN's "Crossfire" interview with Dennis Kucinich, and Dennis' interview on NBC's "Meet the Press" with Tim Russert.

    February 23, 2003 - Item 2
    Kucinich for US President Update
    Also see review by Goodsister on K's presentation at the Democratic National Committee Meeting.

    February 17, 2003 - Items 2 and 3
    World Watching * Kucinich President's Day

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    Congressman Kucinich Draws Speculation As Possible Candidate

    January 23, 2003 - Item 6
    Kucinich: "Peace as a Civil Right"

    January 17, 2003 - Item 2
    Draft Kucinich for President 2004

    January 12, 2003 - Item 1
    Representative Dennis J. Kucinich, Swearing-In * Speech in Canada for Space Preservation Treaty

    "It takes wisdom to have great power and to make gentle its presence in the world."
    - Dennis J. Kucinich

    January 6, 2003 - Item 4
    Judge Allows Bush's Withdrawal from ABM Treaty to Stand

    January 4, 2003 - Item 3
    Evolutionary Politics: Representative Dennis J. Kucinich

    December 13, 2002 - Item 2
    Open Letter to Bush on Venezuela from U.S. Congress Members

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    Kucinich: Leading Opposition in the House to the War

    November 5, 2002 - Item 1
    "The Bloodstained Path" by Dennis Kucinich

    "Unilateral military action by the United States against Iraq is unjustified, unwarranted, and illegal.."

    October 30, 2002 - Item 3
    Oral Argument in Kucinich v. Bush on Plaintiffs' Motion

    October 23, 2002 - Item 2
    Kucinich Asks White House To Explain Contradictions On Iraq, North Korea Nukes

    October 12, 2002 - Item 2
    Kucinich: Statement in Opposition to the Resolution

    October 7, 2002 - Item 3
    Kucinich & McDermott -- Questioning Bush's Iraq War Motives

    August 8, 2002 - Item 1
    Spirit and Stardust - Dennis Kucinich Speech in Croatia

    "The Soul of the Worker and the American Restoration"
    Dennis Kucinich's speech (transcript) at the Iowa AFLCIO State Convention, Wednesday August 14, 2002.

    July 4, 2002 - Items 1
    Kucinich Videos Released!. Also see Item 2 - ABM Treaty still lives!

    June 12, 2002 - Item 1
    1) Lawsuit to stop withdrawal from ABM Treaty * also see item 2 for a link to Dennis Kucinich's Statement to STOP: "Transportation of Nuclear Waste to the Proposed Yucca Mountain Storage Facility.

    February 25, 2002 - Items 1, 2, 3,
    ABM Treaty Hanging * Nuclear Theft Confirmed * Kucinich on war economy - "How Can We Justify This?"

    April 23, 2002 - Item 1
    "Kucinich Is the One", article by Studs Terkel

    March 9, 2002 - Items 2 and 3
    "Kucinich Rocks the Boat" + Carol Rosin reports on Peace in Space kick-off event

    For a February 2, 2003 - (NewsNet5) Associated Press article, see:
    "Kucinich Running For President?"

    For information on Dennis J. Kucinich ~ see his web site at:

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