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Presidential Contender * Brainwashing America - Iraq * Bush Fires

24 August 2002

1) Kucinich - a Contender for US Democracy
2) Brainwashing America and Petition for No Iraq War
3) Analysis of Bush Wildfire Plan

Editor's Notes:
The first item gives reason for hope. Though Cynthia McKinney got booted in the primaries in Georgia for her re-election, Dennis J. Kucinich is picking up momentum beyond the expectations of many. John Nichol's article describes Kucinich's growing popularity in the labor movement and as a legitimate contender for the nomination of President for the Democratic Party. Following this article is a link to the transcript of the Kucinich speech for the people at the Iowa AFL-CIO State Convention on August 14, 2002. Following that is a brief report from a telephone interview with Flyby News on his controversial pro-life voting record; and after that is a link to various press releases and statements on current affairs from the Kucinich Congressional web site.

Item 2 has much information to grapple with on the brainwashing of America. Watching a puppy dog get gased on the media, with the anchor reporters' commentaries on how Al Qaeda is more dangerous than previously realized, is absurd; and then from the absurd to the ridiculous: AP reports that Fox took out a full-page advertisement accusing CNN of buying videos from AL-Qaeda, or is it the CIA? This becomes even more suspicious when Pravda, in the next piece, reports that Al-Qaeda operationals have been observed testing chemical weapons by US agents in northern Iraq. This is the Iraq of the Northern Shield, the no-fly zone imposed by the USA and UK. Pravda's source for information for this report is the American ABC network, which reported that Al-Qaeda were carrying out tests with chemical weapons on animals. For some unknown reason, ABC claimed that President Bush vetoed a CIA plan to target the facility producing the chemicals. Pretty spooky, which is why we need to act and support those people not mind controlled, like those demonstrators in Oregon protesting the Bush war on freedom and the environment. If you are awake, please take take actions, and respond to the petition linked to contact the Senate to stop a war before it can happen.

Item 3 are analyses of Bush's Wildfire Plan by environmental groups. Bush and his administration wants to cut more trees down, build more roads, and release more CO2 and nuclear pollution into our environment. Call it mind control or fear, but something stinks, and time is getting short. We better do more to prevent new wars and misguided terrorism coming from within, not without.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."

James Madison, while a United States Congressman


1) Kucinich - a Contender for US Democracy

Bold Kucinich Leaves Tepid Dems Behind
by John Nichols

Published on Tuesday, August 13, 2002 in the Madison Capital Times

Dennis Kucinich is using his summer vacation to stir up working people across America. Come fall, he might just find that he is a serious contender for the Democratic nomination for president in 2004.

Indeed, while every Democrat who is even pondering a presidential run angled for a prime speaking slot at this week's Iowa AFL-CIO dinner - in hopes that the right message will kick-start their campaigns in that state's critical caucuses - Kucinich has been awarded the coveted keynoter spot. [see Flyby link for complete transcript of this speech at end of this article (1)] Later this month, he'll address the conventions of the United Steelworkers and Service Employees unions.

None of this means that the labor movement is ready to throw its considerable weight behind a still relatively obscure congressman from Cleveland. But it does suggest that Kucinich, whose passionate defense of workers' rights, civil liberties and sensible foreign policies recalls William Jennings Bryan more than it does most contemporary politicians, is certainly getting noticed.

Kucinich is in some senses an unlikely Democratic presidential prospect. He has cast votes against abortion rights protections, [(2)], he has an intensely spiritual side and he is entirely unafraid of speaking his mind and standing his ground - even when it costs him politically. The former mayor of Cleveland was forced out of office at the dawn of the 1980s Reagan era when he refused to buckle under pressure from bankers and corporate power brokers who wanted to privatize the city's municipal utilities.

After Kucinich lost he was written off as a political ghost. But in the mid-1990s, he returned to haunt the corporate interests that had driven him from office more than a decade earlier. In 1994, Kucinich won a seat in the Ohio legislature as one of the few Democratic challengers to prevail in that Republican landslide year. Two years later, in 1996, he beat a Republican congressman and headed for Washington.

Unlike most politicians who suffer early in their careers, however, Kucinich did not come back cautious. Rather, the current chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus may well be the boldest member of the current Congress.

His courage was on display earlier this year when, in a speech to the Southern California chapter of Americans for Democratic Action, the congressman delivered the speech heard round the world. At a time when few members of Congress were willing to challenge a president with 90 percent approval ratings in the polls or that president's military adventuring abroad, Kucinich dared to demand that the United States stop and reflect on strategies that had led to the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians in Afghanistan, inflamed tensions in the Middle East, estranged the United States from European allies and undermined constitutional rights at home.

The talk of a Kucinich presidential run started after that speech, as dissenters from the Bush administration's military and economic policies hailed him as one of the few Democrats who was willing to challenge not just a popular president but the direction in which the nation was headed.

Whether Kucinich actually makes a run, and whether that run draws the support of powerful unions, remains a big "if." But there is no question that the congressman will continue to be the sort of outspoken dissenter from a dreary status quo that his party desperately needs.

"I believe the world is a profoundly creative place where we can turn war into peace, where we can turn famine into plenty, where we can turn fear into hope. But that does require us to speak up," says the Cleveland Democrat. "When we limit ourselves to the fears of the moment, we often miss opportunities to change the whole debate."

# # #

(1) The transcript for Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich's speech,

"The Soul of the Worker and the American Restoration"
at the Iowa AFL-CIO State Convention; Wednesday August 14, 2002, is posted:,37097,m

(2) Regarding Dennis Kucinich's voting record on Abortion Rights –

After reading Katha Pollitt's article, "Regressive Progressive?" in The Nation, Flyby News received another return call from Congressman Kucinich, who again asserted his commitment to maintain the status quo of the Supreme Court ruling, Roe V. Wade, which guarantees a woman's right to choose an abortion, safely and legally. The question of Kucinich's pro-life record relates to his representing one of the highest concentration of Catholic voters of any Congressional district, his personal beliefs about life and conception, and his challenging whether the government should fund abortions. The real issue, he said, is about not judging one another, but to begin thinking in a new way to help heal this issue, which has polarized many Americans for so long. He expressed his interests in support of one's rights for pro-choice and for pro-life. Dennis Kucinich said that some of his staff disagree with him on this or other issues, and that he prefers it that way, for diversity in discussion and consideration. He said that if he should decide to run for President, he would have a position paper available for people to know where he stands on this and other important issues.

(3) Kucinich's Press Releases on current issues in the US House of Representatives
News Releases

August 2002

(August 15, 2002) Statement of Congressman Kucinich in Advance of Traveling to The World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa

(August 6, 2002) 75 Members of Congress, led by Kucinich, Assert Constitutional Role in Declaring War

July 2002
(July 24, 2002) Kucinich: House [Against] Bill Could Fund New Military Action in Iraq
(July 23, 2002) Kucinich: Keep Accounting Standards for Federal Employee Health Plans
(July 19, 2002) Kucinich Calls For An Investigation Into US Control of Supplies of Biological and Chemical Pathogens
(July 19, 2002) Kucinich: US Should Not Take New Military Action Against Iraq
(July 08, 2002) Kucinich Introduces The Baseball Fan Protection Act

For links to these and other Press Releases & Statements by Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, visit:

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For the Flyby News Archives Updated Page on Dennis J. Kucinich, see:,43210,m


2) Brainwashing America and Petition for No Iraq War

This following segment of the brainwashing of America was received from Brian Clarke via - 21 Aug 2002
Subject[911inquiry] Brainwashing America

In light of the recent "gas the cute little puppy dog" story that has seen so much airplay over at CNN and other networks, here's a quote from "Brainwashing America," an article by former US Army War College Dept Head Dr. Norman Livergood, that might have some relevance.

"In an earlier article, I reviewed the varied aspects of personality profiling and simulation. While serving as Head of the Artificial Intelligence Department at the U.S. Army War College, 1993-1995, I conducted studies on profiling, psychological programming, and brainwashing. I explored and developed personality simulation systems, an advanced technology used in military war games, FBI profiling, political campaigning, and advertising. Part of my discovery was that:

- unenlightened human minds are combinations of infantile beliefs and emotional patterns

- these patterns can be simulated in profiling systems

- these profiling systems can be used to program and control people

Personality simulation systems are being used to create political campaigns which apply voter profiles to control their voting behavior. TV commercials and programs use personality simulation to profile viewers to control their purchasing and viewing behaviors. And sophisticated propaganda and brainwashing techniques are being used by the Bush junta to keep American citizens under control.

Here's the link to the rest of the article:

Check out also the article "Military Dictatorship USA," also by Dr. Livergood posted at:

Well, certainly the first thing American workers must do is wake up to what the Bush regime is doing: fostering and allowing corporate crime to run rampant, destroying the life savings of hundreds of people.

We must be aware that the Bush regime is actually a military dictatorship which will inevitably lead to the total destruction of our civil liberties unless we make sure that doesn't happen.

It's easy to miss the unmistakable aspects of the "High Cabal's" dictatorship if we assume that tyranny in the United States will necessarily take the same form as in, say, Nazi Germany, the communist Soviet Union, Sadam Hussein's dictatorship in Iraq, or other instances of despotism.

The United States has a long and glorious history of civil rights and some amount of governance by the will of the people. So the "High Cabal's" puppet Bush regime must start from a different historical position in its insane drive toward a police state. Daily, we see the Bush-led junta demolishing Constitutional liberties with impunity. We must recognize that the old forms of military dictatorship--with jackbooted storm troopers--have been replaced with new ‘war on terrorism' military control of civilians.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Who's wagging the dog now? This "war on terrorism" is getting more ridiculous by the day!!


CNN ****BUYS**** Videos from Al-Qaeda
by Associated Press

This is HILARIOUS!!! Fox takes out a full-page NYT ad (for $100,000)
accusing CNN of BUYING videos from AL-Qaeda (for around $30,000)!!!
"NEWS" to the HIGHEST BIDDER !!!! (next time, Al-Qaeda should try ebay?)


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

But protected by the Kurds in the Northern Exclusion Zone

Al-Qaeda operationals have been observed testing chemical weapons by US agents in northern Iraq, but not the Iraq of Saddam Hussein. This is the Iraq of the Northern Shield, the no-fly zone imposed by the USA and UK.

The Al-Qaeda operationals were reportedly observed for several weeks by CIA agents. The Al-Qaeda members were carrying out tests with chemical weapons on animals and, it is claimed, a man, according to sources quoted by the American channel ABC. It was stated that donkeys and chickens were killed in the experiment and at least one man, who was exposed to the toxin and then watched as he died in agony at home.

All of this took place under the protection of the Kurdish group Ansar-al-Islam. For some reason, claims ABC, President Bush vetoed a CIA plan to target the facility which was producing the chemicals.


For this Pravda posted story, and links, see:

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Petition: NO IRAQ WAR

The Bush White House is aggressively promoting war on Iraq, against the advice of its diplomats, and without strong support from Congress, the American public, or our allies. The organization, MoveOn is launching a petition to oppose a war that would likely undermine both national and world security. Let's show our representatives that they have strong public support to stop this war. If you sign today, your comments will be hand-delivered to your Senators as part of a national day of action next week. They're organizing constituent meetings with Senate offices everywhere.
Sign the petition at:


3) Analysis of Bush Wildfire Plan

Environmental Media Services (EMS) Update - August 23, 2002
Analysis of Bush Wildfire Plan

Following the unveiling of Bush's "Healthy Forests Initiative," green groups have released their analyses of the plan and experts are available to comment.

The Wilderness Society analysis:

The Sierra Club analysis:

WWF experts available:

Duke University release:

Wildfires and Climate Change
For links to reports and websites that touch on the relationship between global warming, drought and wildfires, visit a new links page at

World Summit News
For World Summit news, updated daily, visit:

EMS Updates provide news tips and resources for journalists from
Environmental Media Services -

For a Village Voice feature (July 31 - August 6, 2002) article,
The Climes They Are A-Changin'
by Mike Romoth
The Indisputable Science of Global Warming, see:


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