The Citizens Awareness Network and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service are organizing the Northeast Action Camp this summer in southern Vermont to kick off a Nuclear Free New England Campaign. Our primary focus is Vermont Yankee. The camp will bring together activist and organizers from across the region and the nation for a week of learning, mobilizing, and nukebusting. Our goal is to inspire and empower people with the tools and resolve to oppose nuclear power and the contamination of communities. Activists will return to their communities to mobilize support to make New England a nuclear free zone.


The camp will run from August 21st through the 27th. Workshops will be offered on nuclear issues ranging from the A,B,C's of Nukes, to the ethics of radioactive waste to utility deregulation and sustainable energy. There will be sessions devoted to leadership development training, media work, grassroots organizing, and civil disobedience training. Workshop leaders include Safe Energy Communication Council, Solar Energy Industries Associations, the Institute for Conservation Leadership, Karl Grossman, Harvey Wasserman, Dave Dellinger, Deb Katz, the Childhood Cancer Research Institute, and many others. In the evenings there will be entertainment, multi-media shows, theater, and video. Throughout the week, there will be opportunities for informal discussions and networking. Bread and Puppet Theater will provide a street theater workshop and join us for a parade.

There will be a large legal rally with speakers and entertainment on August 22 in Brattleboro, VT and a demonstration at Vermont Yankee . There will be daily media events, a website updated daily, local organizing and canvassing and many other activities. We are anticipating over 150 organizers to participate in camp activities. We invite everyone to visit or join the camp and to contact CAN for more information and to register.

The camp will be held on 15 acres in beautiful southern Vermont. There is room for approximately 90 people in screened cabins, and plenty of room for tent camping. The camp will provide three vegetarian/vegan meals daily.

Full sanitation facilities will be provided. There are meeting rooms and even a swimming pool. We are asking for a $10 contribution to help with the costs of the camp, and $5 per day for food, however no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Additional contributions are appreciated.

To pre-register (VERY MUCH ENCOURAGED!!!) please send your name, organizational affiliation (if any) address, phone/email to Citizens Awareness Network, Box 83, Shelburne Falls, MA 01378. We will send you a map, confirmation and other details. Pre-registration for camp will help us plan ahead.

The camp is sponsored Citizens Awareness Network and Nuclear Information Resource Service. Endorsers include Dr. Helen Caldicott, New England Coalition for Nuclear Pollution, For Mother Earth, Chenago North, The Nuclear Resister, WESPAC, Safe Future Education Fund, Waste Action Project, Forces of Nature, Coalition for Peace and Justice (NJ), Earth First newspaper, Citizen Action Coalition of Indiana, Grassroots Network and many more.

Citizens Awareness Network
Box 83
Shelburne Falls, MA 01370
413.339.5781 fax 413.339.4374
can@shaysnet.org www.nukebusters,org

Nuclear Information and Resource Service
1424 16th Sr, NW
Washington, DC 20036
202.328.0002 fax 202.462.2183
nirsnet@igc.apc.org www.nirs.org

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