Anthony Guarisco, Director

Atomic Veterans are one of the U.S. military's best kept secrets. Members of The Alliance of Atomic Veterans came together in 1975 at the Nevada Test Site NTS. The majority of us are combat veterans of WW II, Korea and some Vietnam vets who were also ordered to be part of the War Department Nuclear insanity before going to Vietnam.

Atomic veterans were the sacrificial Lamb, laid on the alter of the beginning of the atomic age for the development of the nuclear weapons that today hold each of us hostage. Nuclear weapons for the U.S. Pentagon crazies who along with the international bankers and American multinational corporations. NAFTA and GATT are enforcing America's new world order. AAV veterans are older. Truly, we know better then any other Americans that the abolition of all nuclear weapons is a requirement for human survival.

We are a by-product of the same U.S. military and nuclear corporate people who are now giving the the world "Cassini", -- without world consent we would add. You must understand that Cassini is big busine$$ and therefore as the atomic veterans had to learn, -- consent for Cassini is not and option for the American people. An Informed consent could kill the hen that lays the golden eggs.

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