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NoFlyby Newsletter #9

December 23, 1998

One year ago, on December 21, 1997, the Action Site to Stop Cassini Earth Flyby announced the opening of the NoFlyby site.


One year flies by quickly when trying expose or avoid a space probe that is scheduled to accelerate to speeds in excess of 42,000 mph (64,000 km) and approach near Earth's atmosphere with 72.3 lbs. (32,8 kg) of deadly plutonium on board. We need your ideas and help to expose the dangers of the Cassini Earth flyby.

The recently released "Nukes in Space 2 - Unacceptable Risks" gives us an opportunity. It is an exciting and powerful 29-minute video documentary, which should be seen by as wide of an audience as possible.


NoFlyby has purchased a number of copies to use for promotional purposes. Please contact us if interested in a copy or know of a good place to send one.


The Global Network Newsletter #2 (December 22, 1998) is available at:

Contents include:


When you visit the NoFlyby site, check out the new images we posted of the planned Cassini Earth flyby:



Following is an E-mail reply from Regina Hagen, who is on the NoFlyby Board of Advisors. She was responding to an appeal for information on Nostradamus or other possible pathways to lead to the interest of the media, even including the tabloids. It is not the time to be fussy.

We need wide exposure before the flyby comes. Her response and interpretation of an article about the astrological forecasts of Elisabeth Teissier, renown Astrologist, is at the very least, very interesting.

Best Regards for 1999 and for a more peaceful and less threatening direction in space exploration and for the caring of humanity and our ecosystem.

Jonathan Haber
Joe McIntire


Subject: Re: NoFlyby Feedback No. 10 - meteor shower, cassini and Nostradamus
References: <>

Jonathan wrote:

> Hi friends,
> Also, I am seeking more information on the prophecy by Nostradamus for
> "castastrophe coming from the sky" in the eighth month of 1999 and . . . .

Hi Jonathan,

funny that you should ask. The popular daily newspaper "BILD" (I think you would call it yellow press, it's read by many million Germans) recently published an article about this issue. They told that Elisabeth Teissier, "the world's most renown astrologer" (she is usually addressed with the French title Madame, no idea why...) is deeply worried about the predictions which are a result of the planet constellation for August. AND SHE LINKS THIS TO CASSINI!!!

I'll attempt a translation - astrology and doomsday is not something I ever read about in English (or in German, really), so please be forgiving.

Just one comment: to my knowledge, NASA will alter Cassini's trajectory on August 11 to bring it closer to Earth, the flyby is scheduled for August 18, 1999.


Elisabeth Teissier (60), the world's most renown astrologer, is deeply worried. In her expert magazine "Year of Fate 1999", she looked into the starts - and gave an extremely doomy prognosis. She believes that Earth is threatened by the biggest catastrophe of all times.

Madame Teissier: "On August 11, 1999, the day of the first complete solar eclipse since 40 years, a cosmic constellation will be encountered which is absolutely unique and couldn't be worse."

Almost all the planets like Saturn, Mars, Uranus, and Neptune form a square between the signs Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus - full of tension, dangerous!

The results: "Wars, nature catastrophes, environmental poisoning, hitherto unmatched explosions."

What causes the specific worry of Mrs. Teissier are the additional gloomy predictions of the ancient and medieval ages?

* In the biblical apocalypse, Earth is haunted by Four Horsemen that appear as a lion, an eagle (the traditional symbol for Scorpio), a human (Aquarius), and a bull - exactly the planetary position on August 11, 1999.

* The medieval seer Nostradamus predicted: "In 1999 and seven months (which is August by our calendar), an enormous King of Horror will climb down from the skies..."

Elisabeth Teissier: "This could be the space probe Cassini on its way to Saturn. It has a plutonium payload."

This is strange indeed: exactly on August 11, the US space organization NASA plans to re-program the course of 'Cassini' - in order to increase its speed. This means that the probe will be directly hurtling toward earth for some time - with 68,760 kilometers per hour.

Mrs. Teissier: "If it crashed, large parts of the whole Earth would be poisoned with radioactivity."

The only thing which according to the astrologer could save us: the harmonic position of Jupiter and Venus. They mean hope for us all.


October 15 at 4:43 EDT (8:43 GMT) from Cape Canaveral Cassini spacecraft was launched. It will arrive at Saturn in 2004 to begin studying the ringed planet and its moon Titan. Cassini carries 30 kgs of Plutonium onboard. The trajectory of its space path is very complex, it using a gravitational field of all planets up to Saturn inclusively. By calculations Cassini should pass near to the Earth again (on only 1000 kms distance) on August 16, 1999. This date is surprisingly close to date of very rare solar eclipse, August 11, 1999, which Nostradamus wrote about in his Centuries:

"In the seventh month of 1999
The Great King of horror comes from the sky,
To resuscitate the great king Angolmua
And before and after Mars will be to rule happily"

Cassini and Nostradamus Prophecy (about August 11, 1999 Eclipse)

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