Announcement of New Internet Site
December 21, 1997

The Action Site to Stop the Cassini Earth Flyby announces the opening of its website:


The controversial Cassini space probe carrying 72.3 lbs of lethal plutonium was launched by NASA on October 15, 1997 to study Saturn and gather information on the origins of our solar system and universe. To reach Saturn, NASA has scheduled a series of gravity-assist flyby or swingby maneuvers that accelerate the probe's speed. An Earth flyby is scheduled for August 18, 1999. The probe is expected to approach Earth at a speed in excess of 42,000 mph.

A flyby mishap could be catastrophic to life on Earth as we know it. According to the NASA Environmental Impact Statement, if there is an inadvertent reentry of the probe into the atmosphere of the Earth

"approximately 5 billion of the estimated 7 to 8 billion world population at the time of the swingbys could receive 99 per cent or more of the radiation exposure"
Do such catastrophic risks justify the possible rewards of the mission?

This new Site is designed to question the usefulness of the mission, to offer information and provoke thought, and to organize international Actions to bring this debate into full public view.

It will involve a massive campaign, but we DO have time to stop the Cassini Earth flyby.

We hope you will join us.

Please visit the NoFlyby Action Site and announce it to your friends and in your newsletters.

Also, please forward this message to other E-mail lists you might have access to, inviting recipients to visit the NoFlyby Action Site - or provide us with a list of E-mail addresses and we will contact them directly.

We welcome and encourage the establishment of reciprocal links.

Our Advisory Board currently consists of Prof. Karl Grossman, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Ernest Sternglass, Harvey Wasserman, Barbara Wiedner, Martin Kelly, Dr. Ross McCluney, Bruce Gagnon and Regina Hagen. We expect to be adding many more key individuals on the Board of Advisors for the Action Site to Stop the Cassini Earth Flyby.

We hope to be working with you on this project.

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