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Disclosure Project - UFO/ET Documentation

"Yes there have been ET visitations.
There have been crashed craft. There have
been material and bodies recovered. And there
is some group of people. . . attempting to conceal
this knowledge or not permit it to be widely disseminated."

-- Edgar Mitchell
Astronaut, (May, 1998)

Editor's Notes: After reading dozens of testimonies collected and distributed by the Disclosure Project, one must consider supporting a group of former government workers, many of them military and security officials, who stepped forward to say they had witnessed evidence of aliens and unidentified flying objects and called for congressional hearings about such sightings. This FN resource was first posted 12 May, 2001, and updated!

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UFOs, Aliens and Secrets
Published by ABC News, May 10, 2001

"They're out there and the government knows."

That's according to a group of about 20 former government workers, many of them military and security officials, who stepped forward on Wednesday to say they had witnessed evidence of aliens and unidentified flying objects and called for congressional hearings about such sightings.

"These testimonies establish once and for all that we are not alone," said Steven Greer, director of the Disclosure Project, a nonprofit research organization dedicated to disclosing alleged alien sightings.

Greer, who organized the program at the National Press Club in Washington, argued that the United States and other governments have known about UFOs for at least 50 years and have been keeping the information secret.

Greer said there were some 400 witnesses who claim to have firsthand experience with UFO sightings or alien evidence, and are willing to testify before Congress.

Among them is Daniel Sheehan, a well-known Washington lawyer who is acting as counsel for members of Greer's group.

Sheehan told reporters that during the Carter administration he found out about government-held UFO information that then-CIA Director George Bush, father of the current president, would not release.

Sheehan said he was then led into the National Archives, where he was shown photographs of captured UFOs, complete with what appeared to be alien writing symbols, but he was only allowed to take notes on a yellow legal pad. He traced the photos onto the cardboard back of his pad, he said.

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Updated- UFO in Texas –Witnessed by dozens of credible people

Residents of rural Texas town abuzz over UFO sightings
By Angela K. Brown - Associated Press Writer
January 15, 2008

Standing near the area where he saw a large silent object in the sky, Ricky Sorrells talks about the sighting in Dublin, Texas. Sorrells said he has seen the object several times, and was glad to read that other people had seen it, too, “because that means I’m not crazy.”

Stephenville, Texas — In this farming community where nightfall usually brings clear, starry skies, residents are abuzz over reported sightings of what many believe is a UFO.

Several dozen people — including a pilot, county constable and business owners — insist they have seen a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast. Some reported seeing fighter jets chasing it.

“People wonder what in the world it is because this is the Bible Belt, and everyone is afraid it’s the end of times,” said Steve Allen, a freight company owner and pilot who said the object he saw last week was a mile long and half a mile wide. “It was positively, absolutely nothing from these parts.”

Truncated, for the complete article, see:
Item 7) UFO in Texas –Witnessed by dozens of credible people

Excerpts from Project Disclosure of UFO-Related Testimonies

Testimony of Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

May 1998 [The director of the Disclosure Project is Steven Greer (SG)]

[Our deepest gratitude goes to James Fox for sharing with us this interview. SG]

In February 1971 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell flew on Apollo 14 and was the 6th man to walk on the moon. In his testimony, he acknowledges the fact that there have been ET visitations here on Earth as well as crashed craft and recovered materials and bodies. He also speaks of the concealment that has been prevalent surrounding this subject for over 50 years and the lack of oversight and visible Government control. He is concerned over our stewardship of this Earth and sees our growing environmental crisis as real.

EM: Astronaut Edgar Mitchell JF: James Fox

EM: In the literature we see accounts from military people who have had encounters in flight, and been vectored to chase unidentified objects. These are people who have official positions whose job was to know about possible extraterrestrial visitation and to do something with it, people within Government.

There's a lot that does go on with these high security classifications-they are under military rules. I think it is a fairly muddy area when we are talking about this level of activity. There are some stories [about how secrecy has been enforced] that are rather ghastly, as a matter of fact. I can't validate those. I don't know that they are necessarily true. But, like many other stories, they put fear in the hearts of people and that's, perhaps, why many people don't want to come forward.

My interest basically is what's the nature of the universe we live in? What is our relationship to the larger reality? If [UFOs] are a part of the larger reality and we are denying it, that to me is unconscionable. I don't live that way. I went into space to learn about the universe we live in, to get new insights, to go beyond the boundaries of our known existence. And if these phenomena are really indicators of new information about the cosmos at all, and intelligent life in the cosmos, and our ability to travel in the cosmos, then we ought to get to the bottom of it. It is just my curiosity that drives me.

There seems to have been, over the last 50 years at least, a great deal of secrecy surrounding the so-called UFO events. It's a very complex subject. We are not dealing with something that's very simple here. We have sightings of all sorts. We've been reporting thousands and thousands of sightings for 50 years or so. Large numbers of those sightings are indeed misperceiving natural phenomenon in some way. But a large number of them are not misperceiving. They are well documented events that represent flying craft that do not match anything we have in an Earthbound arsenal, which is very short of saying we have validated in the public domain that they are ET craft. We have to rely upon people who have been there and interacted, have firsthand data.

The only people I know of that claim to have been in that position are former intelligence, military, and Government people, and some contractor people whose official duties in the early days were to investigate this and know about it. Those people were under, at that time, great restrictions and high security clearances that prevented them from telling the general public about it. It would appear that period has long past but they are still under security restriction, or at least believe they are.

Yes there have been ET visitations. There have been crashed craft. There have been material and bodies recovered. And there is some group of people somewhere that may or may not be associated with Government at this point, but certainly were at one time, that have this knowledge. They have been attempting to conceal this knowledge or not permit it to be widely disseminated.

I cannot answer who are these people. But there is a lot of evidence that points to what I call a clandestine group- people who have some quasi affiliation with Government and certain Government facilities but operate in a very stealth and secret way that is not generally under high level Government control as far as we can tell. From all that I know, yes there has been ET visitation and may continue to be. There have been craft that have been recovered. There has been a certain amount of reverse engineering that has allowed some of these craft, or some components, to be duplicated. And, that there are Earthlings who are utilizing some of this equipment in certain ways.

And, that, perhaps a large part of the activity that's classified as UFO activity- abductions and the whole host of this type of activity- may very well not be due to ET activity at all. I would suspect if any is due to ET activity, it is a rather small part. And a larger portion is due to human type activity, Earthling type activity in a very clandestine fashion.

I will stop short of attaching motivation to this. I don't know the motivation. But if it is normal human motivation, it has to do with power and control and greed and money and so forth.

I think it is long past time to open this up to the public. I do not see anything that suggests, really, malevolent intent. We see things that, like abductions for example, that many would claim are hostile. To the extent that that may be true, I would more likely attribute it to some other [non ET] cause.

There is a mountain of evidence, if you will, that essentially amounts to smoking gun evidence that has not been brought forward at this point, at least not by the powers of Government.

The question of, has it been kept secret, or how could it be kept secret? It hasn't been kept secret. It's been there all along. But it has been the subject of disinformation in order to deflect attention and to create confusion so the truth doesn't come out. Disinformation is simply another method of stonewalling. And that's been used consistently for the last 50 years or so: Weather balloons over Roswell as opposed to a crashed craft of some sort. That is disinformation. We've seen that for 50 years. And it's the best way to hide something.

It shouldn't be any more of an effect that ET's have come here than that we have gone to the moon. Okay? It's just a part of the way things are. And we have to understand it and put it in context of the story of ourselves, our knowledge base, of cosmology, the nature of our existence, who are we, how does the world work. And of course that knowledge does change our understanding of how the world, or the universe at large, works. Until the last 30 years, it was conventional wisdom, both in science and theology, that we are alone in the universe, that we are the whole, single repository of life anywhere in the known universe. Well no one believes that anymore. That changes our concept of who we are and how we fit.

And it is becoming very clear that the way we have conducted ourselves as stewards of life on planet Earth is wanting. We haven't been good stewards. We have environmental, global problems right now that are bringing civilization to a crisis. And people don't want to hear that but it's slowly becoming obvious that that is true. And so, this knowledge of who we are, how we manage a planet, how we fit into the larger scheme of things, is a very important question.

Well, Dr. Greer did indeed mount an initiative and did go to Washington, did speak with high level Government people, did present some of the witnesses that we've talked about here, to give briefings. He has asked for congressional hearings on these matters. I attended and helped him with that. And I believe it is a very important effort that we get congressional oversight of all of this. But so far, that hasn't happened. We briefed certain members of Congress, some of their staff, some of the people from the White House. We talked with people in the Pentagon. And in general, it was well received and some were quite amazed at what they heard. But so far it hasn't resulted in any great activity.

JF: Was this news to a lot of their ears?

EM: To some people, yes. Others, not really so much. But I will say, it led me to the belief that people in high level Government have very, very little, if any, valid information about this. Most have no more knowledge than the man in the street. They were out of the loop of the things we were talking about, that's right.

JF: Is that a concern for you?

EM: Oh yes, it's a very great concern. I have expressed this concern over and over. That is exactly what I'm saying: whatever activity is going on, to the extent that it is a clandestine group, a quasi-Government group, a quasi-private group, it is without any type, as far as I can tell, of high level Government oversight. And that is a great concern.

[Astronaut Mitchell here is referring to the 1997 Briefings that Dr. Greer organized for Congress, White House personnel, the Pentagon and others. There were over a dozen government and military witnesses present who testified regarding what they personally had seen related to UFOs and ET matters. It was indeed disconcerting to see so many high government officials and senior Pentagon officers who had been kept in the dark about something as important as this. SG]

FN-post 12 May 2001
Testimony of Merle Shane McDow,
US Navy Atlantic Command - October 2000

Mr. McDow entered the Navy in 1978 and gained a top-secret, Special Compartmented Intelligence (SCI) clearance with a Zebra Stripes. He was assigned to the Atlantic Operational Support Facility, Atlantic Command, then under Admiral Trane. Mr. McDow was present when a UFO was tracked by radar and seen by pilots visually moving at high speed up and down the Atlantic coast. The Command Center was put on Zebra alert and Admiral Trane gave the order to force down the UFO. Mr. McDow discusses the threats, intimidation and confiscation of logbooks that occurred after the event.

MM: Merle McDow

SG: Dr. Steven Greer

MM: I enlisted in the United States Navy in August of 1978, and was assigned to the USS America, where unfortunately I sustained some injuries on the flight deck while performing my duties. I then went to CINC-ANT Fleet, Atlantic Command Support Facility in Norfolk, Virginia on Hampton Boulevard. I was directly assigned to AOSF, Division 22; we were a group of about eleven people then. We were directly responsible for briefing Admiral Trane who was the Commander in Chief, Atlantic Command. We briefed him on current military operations around the world, what the Soviets were doing that day, what they had done the night before, etc.

AOSF is just an acronym for Atlantic Operational Support Facility and CINC-ANT Fleet is another acronym for Commander in Chief-Atlantic Fleet, which Admiral Trane was at the time. Everyone on the eastern seaboard answered to this man.

After a six month wait I got a top-secret, Special Compartmented Intelligence (SCI) clearance, with a zebra stripe identification badge, which permitted access to all facilities on the base at all times. I had unrestricted access to any facility at any time as well as the Command Center to which it was specifically assigned. My station was up on the mezzanine, or the third deck as we called it, over the Command Center. My job was to make sure that any incoming and outgoing audio/video information that came into the Command Center was recorded and duly logged for reference in case they needed it later.

I recorded all of the video and audio- everything that is going on- even when they called a Condition Zebra alert. This was generally a training exercise that they would announce beforehand by saying, "This is a drill. This is a drill. Set Condition Zebra." and unauthorized personnel would then be escorted out of the Command Center if they didn't already know that they had to leave.

Condition Zebra is the highest level of alert that the Navy [at that time had been] generally dealing with global nuclear threats, in particular the Soviets. Soviet Bearcats were routinely patrolling up and down the eastern seaboard watching what we were doing. And we would set a Condition Zebra if we had the need to put planes in the air to escort the bearcats out of the area if they were a little too close to our airspace or if they had ships in the area that were suspicious acting, for instance. Or we would have a drill, for instance, when they would get out the MAD books to wage nuclear war. The Watch Officer and the Junior Watch Officer, the JOD, had keys to a safe and they would get these books out called the MAD books "Mutual Assured Destruction" and they would have the codes that were necessary to transmit to the submarines if necessary, to launch a nuclear strike. And not many people were allowed in the Command Center when that was going on because they actually did use the codes and so forth. I am sure the Soviets and any others person who were enemies of the United States would like to get their hands on that information.

The Zebra Classification- well, without that you were not allowed authorized access to these facilities during this drill and the Zebra Drill was specifically for the highest level of top-secret information that was being exchanged between the Command Center and ships and/or submarines at sea.

Well, about this incident: The day started out pretty routine. I would say this was around the first week or two in May [1981] to the best of my knowledge. So everything was going along pretty routinely when they dimmed the lights (they did this first in the Command Center when they set a Condition Zebra alert). Most of the time when they set these drills they would say, "This is a drill. This is a drill. Set Condition Zebra." But they turned the lights down this time and they didn't say, "This is a drill." And the Watch Officer and the Junior Watch Officer looked at each other and told some of their assistants to verify whether or not this was a drill as the event was taking place. And the early warning system- I believe it came in from an Air Force base in Greenland or Nova Scotia at that time- said that we had contact with an unidentified flying object that had entered our air space. And they said that this was not a drill and so it was treated with the utmost promptness and everyone started running around like mad once they realized that it wasn't a drill. It took on a whole different air.

Within moments of that, the Watch Officer summoned Admiral Trane over to the Command Center because this was a little out of his area of authorization for lack of a better way to put it. It required Admiral Trane's oversight. And within minutes Admiral Trane was rushed into the Command Center into his viewing booth that he had right under the Mezzanine there and the first thing that Admiral Trane wanted to know was how many contacts we had, where they were, which direction were they going, and were the Soviets responding. Because we knew that it wasn't the Soviets that had entered our airspace. That was verified from the get go, from the start.

At that point, when Admiral Trane found out that it wasn't the Soviets and that he wanted to know were the Soviets responding to this threat also, that was the moment that he gave authorization to put two planes up to go see what this thing was. And that was when the chasing up and down the eastern seaboard began. We launched planes from as far north as Greenland to NAS (Naval Air Station) Oceania. This object, we had it on radar- this event lasted almost an hour. You could hear the pilots live voice transmissions being piped into the Command Center. And they had visual confirmation of the object and made descriptions of the object. Pilots were able to close a couple of times and were able to see that the object was not an aircraft that we were familiar with- it was nothing that we had and nothing that the Soviets had. That was determined very quickly. This vehicle or whatever it was that they were chasing showed very erratic flight up and down the coast, quick flight.

It would actually be off the coast of Maine, for instance, and would leave the airspace in that area so quickly that we were having to have planes coming out of Dover Air Force base just to pick it up just in what seemed like moments. Well, I know for a fact that it would take an F-14 probably thirty minutes to traverse that much distance but this object, whatever it was, was just popping up. One minute it was here and the next minute bam, it was down several hundred miles down the coast, just playing tag.

It did go all the way down to a point off the coast of Florida around Mayport, the Naval Air station that we have down there at Cecil Field. And that was before it turned and took what would have been an easterly direction from our vantage point back up towards the Azores before we actually lost track of it.

During all this, we were using satellites called the KH-11 satellites that we use for information gathering. And this satellite did have a very high capability of taking really good photographs of things literally within a few feet of the ground from a vantage point out in outer space. And they were trying to get the KH-11 satellite to track this thing to get some photographs of it. The photographs that we did get back in the Command Center later on came from the first encounters that the planes had with it off of the northern North American coast. They did get close enough to get some photographs taken that were later brought over to the Command Center.

Well, from the photograph I remember the shape was more like a cylinder; it was quite flat and long. It had abrupt ends. The ends didn't taper down like most aircraft. It just came to an abrupt end and it did appear to be reflecting sunlight and you could clearly tell that it was metallic. And the pilots were giving information such as it was not leaving behind a vapor trail, no discernable lights or markings on it, no cockpit windows or doors, nothing like that. It just seemed to be one solid thing whatever it was.

What was really bugging Admiral Trane, what was really driving him nuts, was this thing absolutely had complete control of the situation and could be anywhere that it wanted to be in a matter of seconds. One minute we were closing on it off the coast of Maine and the next minute it is in Norfolk heading south towards Florida. And it is all that we can do to get the early warning radar up and down the coast to watch for this thing as it just had it's day with us.

Admiral Trane and his staff were quite concerned about it to say the least. They were quite concerned especially once they found out that it wasn't the Russians and it wasn't us and he wasn't aware of anyone else who had the technology to build such a craft that could move about so easily and so quickly. I remember distinctly looking over the rail of the mezzanine and just watching complete chaos break out because of their inability to keep an eye on this thing, whatever it was.

The UFO was moving around so erratically and so quickly up and down the coast$B!&(BThey were trying to notify as many commands as they could up and down the coast to track this thing or get a plane up. Admiral Trane was scrambling and authorizing planes just left and right up and down the whole eastern seaboard to try and cut this thing off and to get some planes from the north and south to literally track it and to force it down. It was clear that they wanted to recover it, to force it down by whatever means possible.

The order was given by Admiral Trane to try and get this object forced down out of the sky if at all possible, by whatever means possible. After they found out and knew for certainty that it wasn't the Russians, they didn't care who it was as long as it wasn't the Russians. They didn't care who it was or where it was from. They wanted it and they wanted it bad.

The information coming in from the Command Center was being relayed to us from different radar sites that we have up and down the eastern coast that watch our airspace.

I would describe the officers as being scared. Yeah, they were scared to put it in a nutshell. Admiral Trane was usually a very calm man of very mild demeanor a really nice fellow. And you never really saw him lose control or raise his voice or get excited about anything. But this really got him upset to say the least. I would say that was the impression that I had from most of the officers there- they were just as much in the dark and scared as everybody else.

They would actually not track it down the coast. It would just appear hundreds of miles from the last sighting. And the pilots said that one moment it was there and the next moment it wasn't. And I think that that was one of the things that really had Admiral Trane's hackles up because he didn't have any control of it or the situation.

This thing just had a mind of its own and was causing such an uproar up and down the eastern coast. Admiral Trane was ultimately responsible at that time and I am sure it was stressing him out quite a great deal. You could tell by his tone of voice. You could just tell by listening to him that he was very, very, very worried.

But on radar we were keeping track of it one minute and then we would absolutely lose it, and then we would pick it up. It would just appear as an unauthorized vehicle in military airspace.

And trust me, the military knows where every commercial flight is at all times. We knew where every plane we had was at all times. We knew where every commercial flight coming through our airspace was at all times. There just wasn't anything going on that we didn't know about it. All the planes that were scrambled were put up off of the shore facilities- the Navy has shore facilities, the Naval Air station for example, Oceania.

When you set a Condition Zebra, whether it is a drill or not people are not authorized to be there who do not have a Zebra Access Badge. It is a zebra striped area on your clearance badge. They have to leave the Command facility and we have Marines stationed inside and outside the building there that were under orders to shoot any unauthorized personnel that remained in the Command Center during one of these episodes. That was for the interest of national security.

For example, one time a Condition Zebra was called and the Marine comes in and wants to know what is going on. Is this a drill or so forth? They have got orders to start shooting people. And I know because I actually got the Junior OOD's attention and said, "Hey, you guys need to tell this guy something. He is ready to start shooting people." They haven't told him to stand down yet, which he did. And I remember wanting to just get the hell out of there because he came in there and he said, "You have got a minute or two. If I don't find out something" (he was ready to come in there and start shooting people, destroying evidence.

When this event, as I refer to it, ended, the object that we had been chasing up and down the seaboard headed out over the Atlantic, over the Azores. I do remember them saying that it had pulled up at a 66 degree angle as it approached the Azores like this, and it just pulled up at a 66 degree angle without slowing down or anything and left the atmosphere and was gone into space. It just took off into space and was gone like that (snaps fingers). I mean it just absolutely left. You are talking about something that covered thousands of miles in a blink of an eye and it was just gone and it just left everyone sitting around scratching their heads. "Gee whiz, I wonder what that was."

It was comical in a way to see how the vast military might of the United States was put on its knees by something they had no idea what it was, where it came from, where it was going or anything. The only thing that they knew for sure was that it wasn't the Soviets and they were very adamant about finding that out.

So we secured from Condition Zebra. They turned the lights up. Everyone was sitting around talking about it down on the command floor. I am up here by myself on the third deck. Admiral Trane is down here in his briefing area. They stayed for a few minutes before they left. I made a note of it in my logbook like you had to do. Then I really didn't give it much more thought.

Later, these two guys came in, in suits. They weren't in military uniform. They just came in, in suits and they had their little badges on but they didn't have Zebra Striped badges. It was like a visitor badge. You could tell that they weren't regular personnel. And I didn't know them from Tom, Dick, or Harry. I had never seen these guys before. So we go downstairs to the first floor and there were several little conference rooms and they took me into one that they already set up and sat me down- and they had my logbook. They got that and took it down with me.

These two gentlemen began to question me about this event. They were being pretty rough about it to be honest with you. I remember literally putting my hands up and saying, "Wait a minute fellows. I'm on your side. Just a minute," because they were not really nice. They were very intimidating and made it quite clear to the point that nothing that was seen, heard, or witnessed, that transpired was to leave this building. "You are not to say a word about it to your co-workers. And off base, you just forget everything that you may have seen or heard concerning this. It didn't happen." They were nasty, I guess is a good way to put it. I distinctly remember sitting back in my chair and I put my hands up and had to tell these guys, "Wait a minute, we are on the same side fellows. We don't have a problem here."

You got the impression that they would do bodily harm to you otherwise, without really coming out and threatening you. You could just tell by their tone of voice when someone is saying, "Hey buddy, do what I say or else."

If this object had been hostile and wanted to drop weapons or shoot missiles at us, or whatever, it would have been very easy for them to do that. There was no question about that. We didn't have anything at that time that could hold a candle to whatever this was. And it just had its own free run of our airspace and could do anything it wanted as far as traveling. We did not pose any threat to it whatsoever. That was painfully obvious, very much so. I do believe that Admiral Trane knew that too and was quite afraid. Just in a word I would say that that old boy was just plain scared.

SG: Whatever happened to the photographs of the UFO?

MM: That is a really good point that you raised about what happened to the 35 mm slides that we had. That is a really good point that you have there because we never got around to putting them up on the Telesign [sp] for Admiral Trane to actually view. They were just prepared. I can remember her [the technician dealing with the slides] telling me that these two men in suits came in, got up all the film developed and undeveloped and all the materials that they had with it and the slides. My logbook, I never did see that again. I know that we had a new logbook the next day- a brand spanking new one to start with. I don't know what happened to it and nobody really knew what happened to it.

This technician also said, "These two guys came in here and read us the riot act and wanted this, that and the other and rounded up all their stuff and they weren't real nice."

This event went down as just an unidentified flying object. They never did know what it was. I remember the Watch Officer and the JOD and the OOD, Officer of the Deck and Junior Officer of the Deck, I do remember them looking at each other talking. And I am just hanging my head over listening and they are talking to each other about how to put it in their logbook. They just said, "Put it down as an unidentified flying object contact and that is it."

I would say that the facilities that actually had this UFO on radar- there were five that I am sure of, and that is from Greenland all the way to Florida, and there may be some others that I don't know. I know this because Admiral Trane was giving orders to NAS Oceania, "Let's get some planes up from there, scramble some fighters." He did make a call for them to alert Dover Air Force Base, Patuxent River, Maryland, Cecil Field down in Florida.

When I got out, I received an official United States Navy document on the Navy letterhead. They gave me this document where for five years it was absolutely out of the question for me to leave the country under any circumstances whatsoever. And to leave the state of Virginia I had to contact the Roanoke office of the FBI and let them know if I just wanted to cross the state line to go into North Carolina. And that was for five years after I was discharged.

I also wanted to tell you about this member of my wife's family. Jack Booth is his name. He is dead now but he was in the army and he was stationed at Roswell when the Roswell incident happened. He was my wife's uncle- my wife's mother's brother. He was from Bluefield, West Virginia. He said that when he was just a kid in the army, he was at Roswell (NM) when this thing, whatever it was, crashed. And he was there pulling guard duty when they went out to the crash site. A truckload of them went to pick debris up and whatnot, and he was there when they actually did recover the bodies. He said, "I am telling you that they put little bitty guys in body bags and they weren't humans. They were just little odd-looking fellows. They were nothing like a human." And they put them in body bags and one or two of them were still conscious or alive or something like that from the crash. There were actual survivors from this crash according to him.

They were picking up all the little pieces of the craft and he said that they actually put those guys down shoulder to shoulder on their hands and knees and went across the debris area picking up any little speck and scrap that they had. And they did it for days. He said that they were all threatened. He said they just came right out and said, "Look, if you say anything about this you might just turn up missing tomorrow."

He did say that. They didn't make any bones about it and came right to the point about letting them know how much they wanted to keep this under wraps. He said, "I'm telling you I was there."

Another man I met who knew about this subject was John Michael Murphy. He was a Marine Corp Corporal when I was in the Navy. He was stationed down there at the security barracks at CINC-ANT Fleet. He was part of the security detail there for the base. Murphy swore up and down that when he was still in the Marine Corp that he had actually guarded a spaceship, an extraterrestrial craft at a facility not far from Dover Air Force Base over in Delaware. Knowing Murphy as I did, I would believe him. I would believe Murphy. This would have been 1979 maybe, 1980.

[This testimony is of great significance because the witness had such a high security clearance top secret SCI with Zebra stripes and was personally involved in a prolonged encounter with an extraterrestrial vehicle for over one hour that was on at least five radar scopes, visually contacted by pilots, etc. It underscores the need for a general disclosure on the subject since the dangers to world peace and security resulting from our forces chasing and attempting to down such advanced craft are obvious. In briefings that I have done for senior CIA and Pentagon officials, often we find these men are not at all adequately informed about the subject and might react in a similarly dangerous fashion shown here by Admiral Trane's orders to down the object. In the vacuum of secrecy, terrible mistakes can be made due to a lack of knowledge and perspective. For this reason we continue to call for an ending of secrecy on this subject so that our military and national security leaders can be adequately informed and so diplomats and other leaders in society can formulate an appropriate, safe, and peaceful response to the extraterrestrial civilizations which are already observing our world. The stakes are too high to allow this matter to be the domain of only covert projects or unprepared military leaders. The danger here is not from the extraterrestrial vehicles per se but from a lack of knowledge and preparation in how to properly deal with their presence. SG]

Testimony of Sgt. Clifford Stone,
U. S. Army (ret.), September, 2000

Stone has seen living and dead ETs in his official duties on an army team that retrieved crashed ET craft. He tells an amazing story about the history of UFOs and extraterrestrials dating back.. and probably before. Gen. Douglas MacArthur organized a group called the Interplanetary Phenomena Research Unit back in 1943 to study this issue and it continues to this day. Their purpose is to recover objects of unknown origin. They obtain field intelligence information and pass it on to those who are "keepers of this information." Stone says that even Project Bluebook had an elite investigation unit which was outside of Bluebook. This unit was thought to be working in conjunction with Bluebook but in fact was not.

Sgt. Clifford Stone: ...During the discussion of UFOs the question, ultimately, is going to come up, can any government keep secrets, let alone the U. S. government? And the answer to that is, unequivocally, yes...we look for a prosaic explanation and we throw out the bits and pieces of the evidence that doesn't meet our paradigm. So it is a self-keeping secret. You can conceal it in plain sight. It is political suicide to go and start hitting up intelligence agencies to get this information released. So, most of your members of Congress, and I know, I've worked with a lot of them along that line, will balk and try not to do it...When I got members of Congress to help me open up more files, they were immediately destroyed and I can prove this...only a small nucleus within the intelligence community, numbering less than...50 control all that information. It is not subject to congressional review or oversight at all...

Now, in order to prepare me for this...they sent me to NBC School...NBC meaning Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical. And it would always be in the context of an NBC unit that I would be involved in UFO retrievals...

I am prepared to state that I have been at locations where craft of unknown origin that did not originate on the face of this planet were there...we saw living and dead bodies of entities that were not born on this planet...that we had what they referred to as "interfacing" with those entities...that when I got out of the service in 1990, that they held me for two months so that I might better reconsider to stay in and not get out...We have contact with aliens...originating...from some other solar system. And I have been a party to that. I've worked it. I've been there. And I know some of the things we do are really, really...terrible. They are not hostile towards us...I have concluded that I am fighting against the clock. That I have but a short time to try to convince people that we are moving down an avenue where we are going to militarize space...

Testimony of Master Sgt. Dan Morris
USAF, (ret.)/NRO Operative September, 2000

Dan Morris is a retired Air Force career Master Sergeant who was involved in extraterrestrial projects for many years. After leaving the Air Force, he was recruited into the super secret National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO), during which time he worked specifically on extraterrestrial-connected operations. He had a cosmic top-secret clearance (38 levels above top secret) which, he states, no U. S. president, to his knowledge, has ever held. In his testimony, he talks of assassinations committed by the NSA; he tells how our military deliberately caused the 1947 ET craft crashes near Roswell, and captured one of the ETs, which they kept at Los Alamos for three years until it died. He talks about the intelligence teams that were charged with intimidating, discrediting, and even eliminating witnesses to ET/UFO events. He talks about Germany's re-engineering of UFOs, even prior to WWII. He talks about our current energy crisis and the fact that we have not needed fossil fuels since the 1940s, when free energy technologies were developed but have been kept from humanity. This is the real reason for the secrecy of the ET/UFO subject.

Master Sergeant Dan Morris: I had a clearance 38 levels above top secret. It is for UFOs and aliens, etc. No president has had that level...Eisenhower was the closest...And then there were several secret intelligence agencies. One that did not exist, it was so secret, was the NRO...If you're on that level, then there's an organization worldwide called ACIO, that's Alien Contact Intelligence Organization. If you pay your dues and you follow the rules, your government is allowed to benefit from that organization's information,.so I called headquarters. I said, "Okay, we have a contact."... He says, "What do you mean...?"...I said, "I mean there are three UFOs sitting out there."...I became part of a group that would investigate, gather the information, and in the beginning it was still under the Blue Book, Snowbird and different covert programs. I would go interview people who claimed they had seen something and try to convince them they hadn't seen something or that they were hallucinating. Well, if that didn't work, another team would come in and give all the threats. And threaten them and their family and so on and so forth. And they would be in charge of discrediting them, making them look foolish...Now, if that didn't work, then there was another team that put an end to that problem, one way or another...So there would be cover stories deliberately put out and then de-bunked. Information, disinformation has been going on for 50 years.

For more information on this subject, see:
WantToKnow - UFO Information Center
The Disclosure Project

"There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force,
its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability
to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all
checks and balances, and free from the law itself."

- Senator Daniel K. Inouye,
during the Iran Contra Hearings

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