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Peace Activists' Denial of Freedom * Peltier responds to threat

The reckless unjust law is coming down hard on Star Wars protestors. Also, on the dark side, President Putin is starting to shift in dealing with President Bush on an agreement for a limited U.S. missile defense. How can anyone be surprised under such leadership with horrendous human rights violations against many innocent people in Chechnya? The corruption of government leaders are well known, money talks. These issues make it even more important for the peace community to organize effectively against the expansion of the arms race. October 13 is far enough away for us to quadruple the number of organizations holding and supporting peace actions on the International Day to Protest the Militarization of Space. We need everyone's support. If they reach arms in space, life on Earth will subsist under a growing military tyranny and more chaos. One suggestion is to order and show the documentary video, "Star Wars Returns," and then organize for October 13.

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for more ideas and information.

Item 2 is a recent statement by Leonard Peltier, responding to threats of violence in response to the injustices of his imprisonment. Right now the FBI is on trial, and Leonard's statement makes it very clear how absurd it is that he should be in prison. He is 100% nonviolent and willing to protect others. His right of self defense has been usurped by a corrupt law enforcement and justice system. If Congress wants to take a hard look at the FBI, COINTELpro and abuses of power, they have as far to go as the case of Leonard Peltier, where 6,000 documents remain still withheld from his defense team, where an illegal land transfer remains in effect today, (while uranium and gold mining sicken the Earth), where evidences of an unfair trial, and FRAUD in his extradition from Canada, show the real culprit against the honor and principles of the US Constitution. For a current story on senators investigating the FBI for losing track of hundreds of guns and computers, with related links, see:.,1597,301963-412,00.shtml

To support Leonard Peltier's case in the inclusion of the Senate's FBI investigation, contact the new Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Leahy, who has an excellent human rights record. The Judiciary Committee has the power to initiate investigations. Here's the best link for helping free Leonard Peltier and writing to Senator Leahy:

Please respond in any way you can, but keep the sight on strategic actions in uniting with other movements for basic freedoms and rights for all. We need a consensus to respond to such heavyweights as the FBI and the corrupt web of the military industrial academic complexes, and the warped sense of justice to maintain an illegal national security system that spends billions of dollars for the corporate welfare for those threatening to harm all life.

1. Latest on Star Wars Peace Activists' Denial of Freedom
2) Peltier Responds to Threat Made In His Name

1) Latest on Star Wars Peace Activists' Denial of Freedom

Latest News


Activists protest outside US consulate in Hong Kong in protest of the charges made against the 17 activists.

Los Angeles, July 18th 2001: Greenpeace has condemned as brutal and unnecessary the actions of the United States government in demanding that all but one of the foreign nationals involved in the Stop Star Wars 17 court case be forced to stay in prison until their trial.

The U.S. government attorney has filed an appeal against Monday's ruling which had allowed all the defendants bail, but with restrictions put on their movements and their passports seized. The prosecution has not made clear the grounds for the appeal, but had previously indicated they believed there was a chance that if they were released they would leave the country. The motion is due to be heard tomorrow (Thursday 19th July) at 10.00am (PDT), and if it is granted then all may be kept in federal jail until their trial. The activists and an independent photographer come from the UK, Sweden, Australia, Germany, India and Canada.

"This is a disgrace. To claim that these activists will flee the country is nonsense. The reason they are in prison in the first place is because the government is trying to suppress legitimate opposition to George Bush's Star Wars programme. The activists are here because they want to have their voice heard, and they want to stay here until it is." said Greenpeace International disarmament campaigner William Peden. "The conditions that these men are being held in are appalling. They are housed in a maximum security facility, 30 prisoners to a pen and one open toilet for all. The governments from all these nations must demand the original bail conditions are respected, and stop this brutal attempt to silence peaceful, non violent protestors." Peden added.

So far all but one of the U.S. citizens has been released on restricted bail conditions as well as a Spanish videographer who was independently documenting the action. The non U.S. nationals were due for release on bail in the next 24-36 hours when the paperwork had been completed.

Notes to editors: The appeal will be heard at Judge Roybal Federal court, 255 East Temple Street, room 670. The charges against all the defendants are: Conspiracy to violate a safety zone is a Class D felony charge and carries a minimum 5 years jail term, and a maximum ten years jail. It could also carry a fine of up to $250,000. Either could be imposed singly or jointly. Failure to adhere to commander's instructions is a Class A misdemeanor and carries a maximum one year jail term and a maximum $5,000 fine Both sentences can run consecutively.

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Media contact:

* Sara Holden, Greenpeace International media officer in Los Angeles +1-805-291-1749
* William Peden, Greenpeace International disarmament campaigner in Los Angeles +1-202-285-9130

2) Peltier Responds to Threat Made In His Name

Fwd. Leonard Peltier Defense Committee:

Dear Friends,

Unfortunately, there has been some inappropriate activity undertaken in the name of Leonard Peltier. The article below will serve as an explanation. Leonard Peltier's statement in response, which has been sent to "The Forum" Newspaper in Fargo, North Dakota follows the article. We know you are already familiar with Leonard Peltier's policy of non-violence regarding any activities pursued on his behalf, but we want to make doubly sure that his position, especially in response to this specific incident, is known and that any further activity is halted.

Thank you for your understanding.

In Solidarity,

Forum receives letters indicating bomb threats
Forum staff reports
The Forum - 07/14/2001

The FBI is treating as serious three letters received by The Forum, possibly sent from the unknown suspect in the Fargo Post Office vandalism.

The latest was received Thursday afternoon by the newspaper. The envelope was addressed to the newspaper; the letter inside was addressed to the FBI. It implied the Federal Building, where the FBI office in Fargo is located, could be a target of another incident. The letter stated, in part:

"Even if I never become violent, I'm wasting your time and creating stress. Do you want to hire someone to watch the federal building full time? Do you want hundreds of people crowding around, holding their breath as they wait to discover whether a bomb threat is just a threat?"

The motive for the threatening letters appears to be the conviction and continuing imprisonment of Leonard Peltier, who in 1975 was convicted of slaying two FBI agents at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. He received two consecutive life sentences following the trial, which was held in Fargo. Peltier maintained the evidence against him was falsified.

"But I can not excuse many of your activities, among them your continued mistreatment of Leonard Peltier. No concealed evidence? You can only get away with that because of public apathy," the letter stated.

Referring to the Peltier case, the letter stated, "Think about that when you start attending the funerals of your own agents. Just remember that you have it coming."

Forum Editor Lou Ziegler said he contacted the FBI after the letter was received Thursday.

An FBI agent took possession of the letter Thursday afternoon.

The newspaper, Ziegler said, did not publish contents of the second letter because "we normally don't give anonymous letter writers a platform in our newspaper."

But he said Friday's police presence around the Federal Building, the evacuation of some people from their living quarters, the possible escalation in activity by the suspect, and the inconvenience caused to hundreds of people during Friday's rush hour were factors in reporting
and publishing this story about the letter.

"The content in Thursday's letter, and the timing of it, offer a possible explanation for Friday's disruption downtown. That makes it newsworthy, Ziegler said.

The two other letters were sent to the newspaper in June. Both mentioned Peltier.


July 15, 2001

I have just been notified of the letter sent to "The Forum" newspaper in Fargo, North Dakota, which makes violent threats against the FBI and refers to my continued imprisonment, in part, as the motivation. I want to make it completely clear that I do not condone violence, nor do I want any violence or threat of violence committed on my behalf. I have repeatedly made this clear to my supporters through public statements over the years of my imprisonment. Whoever sent this threat is using my name in a way that I cannot tolerate and I insist that they immediately cease the pursuit of any such activity. Threatening violence, or far worse, perpetrating violence, is not only heinous and loathsome, but will compromise our honest and righteous efforts to seek justice in my case as well as justice for all Native Peoples. In fact, such tactics so obviously contradict what I stand for and what all of my supporters stand for, that I must question the true intent of whoever is doing this. Clearly this person does not hold my interests at heart.

As Native Peoples, our traditional values teach us that all life is sacred and should be protected. Any act of violence perpetrated upon innocent people violates our most sacred beliefs. We have already witnessed the horrifying and devastating outcome of the Oklahoma City Bombing in which so many died needlessly, including children. I fully denounce any scheme that has the potential to cause this type, or any type of death and despair.

Leonard Peltier

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
PO Box 583
Lawrence, KS 66044


Email address: