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Day of Shame Feedback * 25th year Peltier Imprisonment - from Leonard via Harvey

25 January 2001

This coming February 6, 2001 is the 25th anniversary of Leonard Peltier's arrest. A fierce Congressional lobbying effort may be Leonard's last chance to get out of prison alive. A very effective educational tool is the Peltier Congressional Briefing video with the testimonies of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Rigoberta Menchu Tum; acclaimed human rights activist and attorney, Jennifer Harbury; Pine Ridge reign of terror survivor, Debbie White Plume; shoot-out survivor, Nilak Butler; LPDC spokesperson and survivor, Jean Day; former NPR journalist, Kevin McKiernan; Amnesty International Advocacy Director, Carlos Salinas; National Congress of American Indians Executive Officer, Ernie Stevens Jr., and Leonard Peltier's lawyer since his trial and expert in FBI activities on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Bruce Ellison. The tape runs about 45 minutes, concise and powerful. To receive a copy send $15 to the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee; P.O. Box PO Box 583 Lawrence, KS 66044 Tel. (785)842-5774. Please help distribute it to the public, especially via community access tv.

Feedback from Vincent Guarisco and Harvey Arden
[Vincent's father is Anthony Guarisco, Director of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans.]

From: Vincent
Subject: Re: Leonard Peltier Defense Committee's Statement: "DAY OF SHAME"
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 01:27:43 -0700

Dear Jonathan: Today is truly a sad day in American history. Clinton's denial to grant freedom to Leonard Peltier is his final act of disgrace. I can't begin to explain the lost and despair feeling of emotional pain I have felt today. Perhaps I'm not alone? It started for me watching bush getting sworn in as president, then most of his cabinet members successful confirmation, protesters in D.C. denied their constitutional rights, hit me like a bullet in the heart, the reality of gloom & doom this country is headed for. Years of work my family and friends have fought for, will probably set us back to square#1. This maddening despair took me over and i walked outside away from my family and cried for about 10 minutes, and had to walk for another 20 to lose the shakes. I started thinking back of old times when my father, brother and i were in D.C. for the unveiling of the vietnam statue, I wore a hat that said "fuck the draft" at the prez speech that followed. Attending press hearings in Utah, and listening to Hatch talking out of the side of his face on the downwinder's around election time. Going to Berkley during the Gulf War protesting with brian wilson,norman solaman, and many others. All of the victory's we achieved were small ones after countless defeats, and through it all i've never felt the up-hill battle as the one we face now.......I'm hopping this is just a low point in time for me, but I have to admit i'm scarred this time around. At (41) years of age i can't remember our government so far to the "Right" with no balance to counter-set the events that undoubtedly will occur. My family and i will never give up the fight, but god help us, this will be the mother of all battles! These crazy bastards dominate all of the field and will quickly attempt to silence us through our own US Supreme Court. I hear concerns for Roe V Wade, but what about the rest of our const. rights? Freedom of speech........... I wonder if most americans believe it's possible for us to lose most of our civil rights? Keep me informed of islands or other squat-spots on planet earth to move my family to where dictators and war mongers have no natural resources to steal! We all may need a contingency plan to pack up the tents. Keep the faith brother!***VINCE***

Editor's note: I hope Vince and others can write directly to Leonard.

Leonard Peltier #89637-132
PO Box 1000
Leavenworth, KS 66048
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 21:38:07 EST
Subject: Re: Tomorrow the struggle resumes!!/LEONARD CALLS
Content-Disposition: Inline

In a message dated 01/21/2001 11:50:26 AM Eastern Standard Time, AIM4JUSTCE

> Dear Family:
> When I met with Leonard at Leavenworth in November of 1999 his first words to me were "how are the people"? Knowing him to be a true warrior of our people, I'm sure that is his greatest concern today. I spent Saturday morning with my three grandchildren: wrestling, playing kissing. They said to me "I love you Pap" As I awaited word of Leonard's pardon my thoughts were that soon he will be enjoying his family much as I am. I was so sure he would soon hold his grandchildren and hear similar words. I took Leonard's grandson a ride on my Harley several years ago in Tulsa. It was no big deal at the time, but now it takes on a whole new meaning as I reflect back.
If we are to incorporate the words "Mitakuye Oyasin " into our lives I believe it is imperative to remember, our children are Leonard's children. Our grandchildren are Leonard's grandchildren and his are ours. Sunday I will reflect, curse, plot, maybe even mourn a bit. When the Creator lifts the Sun on Monday morning I will rejoin our family of the 7th generation in a celebration of determination and gratitude and resume the journey to liberate our brother and in doing so liberate my own soul to better serve our people. Please join me...we are still strong!
> Matt Sherman Madadje Moniga
> Rep. National Field Office
> American Indian Movement
> Dennis J. Banks, Director

Noble words! I concur absolutely and with renewed dedication. Thanks for your inspiration. Monday morning "when the Creator lifts the Sun," as you say, Matt, the struggle resumes...Leonard WILL be free...and so will his People!

I am heartened that the U.S. Army has just borrowed for their own slogan Leonard's words "Be an Army of One!"...those words from his book have become one of the mantras of our movement for justice and equality in America. Even the U.S. Army recognizes the strength in Leonard's heart...and in ours. We share the warrior's spirit...and they are welcome to Leonard's inspiring and transformative words.

What IS an "Army of One"? Here are Leonard's words from his book...they lay out a program of action that is up to EACH of us...

"People often ask me what my position is, or was, in AIM--the American Indian Movement. That requires an explanation. AIM is not an organization. AIM, as its name clearly says, is a movement. Within that movement organizations come and go. No one person or special group of people runs AIM. Don't confuse AIM with any particular individual or individuals who march under its banner--however worthy or unworthy they may be. AIM is the People. AIM will be there when every one of us living today is gone. AIM will raise new leaders in every generation. Crazy Horse belonged to AIM. Sitting Bull belonged to AIM. They belong to us still, and we belong to them. They're with us right now.

One other point I want to make about AIM. There are no followers in AIM. We are all leaders. We are each an army of one, working for the survival of our people and of the Earth, our Mother. This isn't rhetoric. This is commitment. This is who we are."

Then later he states:

"We're in this together, my friends, the rich, the poor, the red, the white, the black, the brown, the yellow. We're all one family of humankind. We share responsibility for our Mother the Earth and for all those who live and breathe upon her. Our work will remain unfinished until not one human being is hungry or battered, not a single person is forced to die in war, not one innocent languishes in in prison, and no one is persecuted for his or her beliefs.

I believe in the good in humankind. I believe that the good can prevail, but only with great effort. And that effort is ours, each of ours, yours and mine.

WE MUST EACH BE AN ARMY OF ONE in the endless struggle between the goodness we are all capable of and the evil that threatens us all from without as well as from within. Yes, we can each be an army of one. One good man or one good woman can change the world. Are you that man or woman? If so, may the Great Spirit bless you. If not, why not? We must each of us be that person. That will transform the world overnight. That would be a miracle, yes, but a miracle within our power, our healing power. We can do it. Yes, you and I and all of us together. Now is the time. Now is the only possible time. Let the Great Healing begin."

Hey, Matt--the Great Healing begins tomorrow morning!

JUST AS I'M ABOUT TO SEND THIS LEONARD CALLS!! (9:05pm)...I read him Matt Sherman's email above...I told him the struggle resumes tomorrow AM and will continue larger than ever until he's free. He says, "Tell everyone...I was down for a couple of days there...but now I'm UP! Tell them we may have lost a battle but we WILL win the war! Tell them to get together and stay together and work together... Don't stop now...we're stronger than ever!"

I told Leonard we're still with him...every step of the way...

He really laughed when he heard the US Army has adopted his "Be an Army of One" motto...

"That's what we need to do, too," he said, "Advertise...publicize...get the attention of EVERYone! Don't EVER let them forget those of us in here... And, hey, Bro, tell'm all I love them, every one of them...make sure you tell them that!"

/Harvey Arden
The Dreamkeepers Project
"Bringing the Elders to the World...and the World to the Elders"

The Leonard Peltier Support Group of Greater New England in coalition with I.AIM is planning peaceful actions on February 6, 2001, the 25th anniversary of his arrest and the International Day of Protest to Free Leonard Peltier. If interested in joining this work in the central New England call Chris 413-549-2739 or send an email for updates to

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