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Peltier Update/Action - Political Identity Crisis Convention

While the Rupublican and Democratic conventions struggle with image-identity persuasions, the environment continues to be trashed to create serious doubts of the survival of the human species beyond the 21st Century. 160 species are disappearing each day! Time is moving too swiftly for dead-end politics, especially with the "politically correct" Ralph Nader - Green Party agenda that can play the spoiler for Al Gore and swing the electorate for the George Bush "Star Wars" ticket. Presidential candidate Nader mentioned that he realizes this, and if things get worse, then, perhaps, the corrupt two-party U.S. political system would change in the next election. But this may come at a price and timing that is too late for a beloved planet of life that can be destroyed by humankind's collective ignorance. The time is now for change and the transformation to stop star wars and abuses to human and other life.

1) Leonard Peltier Update and Call for Action

Attorney Jennifer Harbury filed an Ethics Complaint with the Justice Department asking for an official investigation of FBI misconduct starting with the Pine Ridge reign of terror and finishing with the FBI's current campaign of disinformation against Leonard Peltier. You can find it on the LPDC website:

Please consider calling the White House daily for the remainder of 2000 to help free Leonard Peltier by supporting his 1993-filed Presidential Executive Clemency Petition. During the same call, support canceling the expensive "cannot work" missile defense program that can kill the anti-ballistic missile treaty and escalate a more deadly arms race. Jean Day of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee said that after every one hundred phone calls, President Clinton is notified on these issues.
The White House Comment Line: (202)456-1111
Congressional Switchboard: (202)224-3121
Justice Department: (202)514-2007 /
fax 202-514-5331

GOOD NEWS! The Democratic Party of California passed a unanimous resolution in support of Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier. The resolution, introduced by the Marin Progressive Democrats, passed with overwhelming support, including the entire 550 California Democratic delegates to the National Democratic Convention. President Clinton needs to know that overwhelming support for Executive Clemency exists among his party, and if he grants clemency, he will not stand alone.


RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, August 1, 2000 - Two weeks after Brazil's biggest oil spill in 25 years, the government owned oil company Petrobras admits another of its pipelines leaked Saturday, spilling 1,000 litres (270 gallons) of toxic fuel additive near Rio de Janeiro.


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