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INCONTROVERTIBLE - 28 pages - 9-11 Truth

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Editor - Jonathan Mark
19 May, 2016 - INCONTROVERTIBLE - 28 pages - 9-11 Truth

"If a Nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state
of civilization, it expects what never was and never
will be…. If we are to guard against ignorance and
remain free, it is the responsibility of
every American to be informed

— Thomas Jefferson
(1743-1826), 3rd US President

Editor's Notes: This Saturday there will be a free screening of Tony Rooke’s film, “Incontrovertible 9-11 Evidence” in Greenfield, MA. This film, released last November, is now the most important film to help awaken decent people who have been lost in fear and denial. Facing our reality is about what freedom and truth is all about; without truth there is no justice, and without justice, no peace. Rooke’s talent with both film and music brings this documentary into full view about what was so unusual about the collapse of WTC-7 on 9-11-2001 late in the afternoon.

"INCONTROVERTIBLE is the first and only feature length documentary we have which portrays the frank and candid views of Police Officers, Firefighters and Soldiers as they express their grave concerns about the official explanation for the events of 9/11. The film is intended to act as a practical aid in combating the mainstream media's propaganda and outright lies concerning the attacks on September 11th 2001. This film is intended to be viewed by Police Officers, Firefighters and all those serving in the Armed Forces as they are the among the best placed members of our society to have the ability to change things for the better. If you have friends or family who are serving then please pass this film onto them."

07 April, 2016 - FN Youtube - 07:30 - PSA
Public Service Announcement - May 21 New England screening

New 9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke
Incontrovertible 9-11 Evidence
INCONTROVERTIBLE is the first and only feature length documentary,
which portrays the frank and candid views of Police Officers,
Firefighters and Soldiers as they express their grave concerns
about the official explanation for the events of 9/11. The
film is intended to act as a practical aid in combating
the mainstream media's propaganda and outright lies
concerning the attacks on September 11th 2001.

Help get this DVD distributed!
Go Fund US
9-11 Evidence

12 January, 2016 - AE911truth - James McDowell
Seeing Through the Miracles of 9/11
From its artful cinematography to its rich underscore,
Incontrovertible is an inspired and well-researched
documentary that reaches its viewers on multiple
levels, with layered messages.

21 May, 2016 - Valley 9-11 Truth - 3-5pm
Screening INCONTROVERTIBLE in Greenfield MA

05 April, 2013 - Youtube - 19:49 David Knight
Tony Rooke Interview on Info Wars

08 April, 2016 - The Con Trail - Peter Drew
Scotland firefighter resigns
in protest to 9/11 cover up

27 April, 2016 - We Are Change - Youtube - 08:59
Biggest Chemical Attack On American
Citizens By Their Own Government

Luke Rudkowski reports on WTC Asbestos

16 April, 2016 - Truth Frequency Radio - Sean Caron
Interview with Jonathan Mark
Connect the dots, JFK, Apollo Hoax and NWO Truth
Available now on Youtube!

This issue also links to recent information on the release of memos regarding the 9-11 Commission Report on what was covered up regarding Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the events.

17 March, 2016 - NY Times - Mark Mazzetti
Senate Passes Bill Exposing Saudi Arabia
to 9/11 Legal Claims

Link to 28 Pages-related 9/11 Commission
Staff Memos released by National Archives

(Following comments made by James McDonald in the "Dark Legacy - JFK and 9-11" facebook group.)

"Bingo! Note the pages in the Congressional Report recommend for review in this staff memo and this: On page 13, it talks about the CIA headquarters getting vital information that if acted on, had the potential to stop the planed attack, but the CIA failed to respond.

On page 31, the report notes that "Neither the CIA nor the FBI were able to confirm if KSM was in the US or sending recruits before 9/11". As I understand, Marshal points out that this statement means that the story about who attacked us that day was obtained by forced confession alone, and that there's NO other evidence to validate what the official story claims

On page 153, there's a communication between the FBI Headquarters and a New York agent. In short, as I understand it, the New York agent is not a happy camper because the SOP of the CIA is going to get Americans killed.

On Page 158, the short story is that Congress wanted to talk to that fellow that's was a informant with the FBI out in San Diego, that happen to have a couple of the hijackers renting from him. It looks like the FBI was playing defense counsel at one point and needed a lot of legal cover for the guy if he was going to be forced to spill the beans, even though Congress already knew that the dude was full of it, nothing happened about getting the guy on record.

On page 159, the FBI started leaning on their informant where as he let on that he was actually pretty close to the hijackers but "...expressed disbelief that the two were involved]."

On Page 162, the informant uses the Guidelines, as set forth by the Attorney General to say that he had no clue about the two.

On page 163, the San Diego office did get a clue but when Congress asked them about it, they said that the informant was clueless.

One page 164, the FBI guy that had contact with the informant attributed inconsistencies in the informants' lack of a clue because of the guys' clueless personality.

After a couple of redacted lines from the same page, the same agent told congress that the informant was "very credible, highly reliable, very, very credible, very useful" and that the informant had been "duped".

Finally, at the bottom of page 164, Congress has got some serious issues with all of this and thinks the guy might be full of it.

On page 167, headquarters knew about the two, connected to the informant that didn't have a clue but headquarters kept the San Diego office clueless about the two."

There's two reports and regretfully, most Americans are not aware of this. The first one is called the Congressional Report, created right after 9/11. In chapter four from The Big Bamboozle, titled The Joint Congressional Inquiry, Marshall notes, "With all the distractions of terror and war, few Americans realize that in 2002, a Congressional Joint Inquiry was formed to investigate the 9/11 attack. The investigation was an unprecedented act by the U.S. congress. Never before had the two permanent intelligence oversight committees, one from the House and One from the Senate, collaborated on an investigation." The area where he said that it was an "unprecedented act by the United States Congress" should get people's attention, it did mine. The 9/11 Commission report was created to cover up the crime.
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Also just posted today at FN are these two links:

18 May, 2016 - Steve Pieczenik
DNC/Hillary: Feel the Bern!
Nevada is Prelude to Chopin's
"Revolutionary Etude."

22 April, 2016 - Alex Jones - Youtube - 15:02
Steve Pieczenik (Govt Insider) says the Israelis,
Saudis and neocons were behind the 9-11 attacks.

Alex Jones title for his interview with Steve Pieczenik was more sensationalized than the one I used above. He entitled it as “Govt Insider Confirms Israel's Role In 9/11 Attacks!” And this is true, but can be taken out of context, just like by only exposing the Saudis and agents from Pakistan. Who wants to leave out the enforcers of the Plan, the Neocons, and those covering up and continuing false wars for terror, not on terror?

This issue covers quite a lot since our last issue was posted in February. However, if you want to be updated around the time when they are posted, follow me on facebook and google.

Critical News & Events

02 May, 2016 - Off Guardian - Eric Zuesse
Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved
Sending Libya's Sarin to Syrian Rebels

03 May, 2016 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
"The Assassination Complex":
Jeremy Scahill & Glenn Greenwald Probe
Secret US Drone Wars in New Book

03 May, 2016
Jeremy Scahill Remembers His Longtime Friend,
Daniel Berrigan: "The Man was a Moral Giant"

20 April, 2016 - Sputnik News - Pepe Escobar
Fear and Loathing
in the Arabian Nights

US President Barack Obama landed in Saudi Arabia
for a GCC petrodollar summit and to proverbially
"reassure Gulf allies" amidst the oiliest of storms.

21 April, 2016 - Activist Post - Brianna Blaschke
Devastating Radioactive Leak In Washington's
Hanford Nuclear Facility Sparks Outrage

21 April, 2016 - Common Dreams - Nika Knight
Victory: Kinder Morgan Nixes
New England Pipeline Plan

14 March, 2016 - Youtube - 4:00 - Br Luck
Deeply Moving Message from Bernie Sanders

13 April, 2016 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
Hear Hillary Clinton Defend Her Role in Honduras
Coup When Questioned by Juan González

13 April, 2016
"She's Baldly Lying": Dana Frank Responds
to Hillary Clinton's Defense of Her Role
in Honduras Coup

04 May, 2016 - NY Daily News - Shaun King
Bernie Sanders would be Donald Trump's
worst nightmare; Hillary, not so much

28 April, 2016 - John Laurits
This is What Will Happen at
the Democratic Convention

Math vs. Media: Part One

Flyby News Endorsed Feeling the Bern!
Bernie Sanders for President!

Flyby News updated resource:
Reclaiming A Lost USA Republic

07 April, 2016 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
A Torturer's Confession: Former
Abu Ghraib Interrogator Speaks Out

04 April, 2016 - Moon of Alabama
Selective Leaks Of The PanamaPapers
Create Huge Blackmail Potential

01 April, 2016 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
Human Rights Advocates: U.S.-Backed Saudi Offensive
in Yemen a "Dark Mark" on Obama's Presidency

"The greatest purveyor of violence in the world:
My own Government, I can not be Silent
- Martin Luther King

03 January, 2014 - Media Roots
How Opium is Keeping US in Afghanistan:
CIA's Shady History of Drug Trafficking

23 March, 2016 - Global Research News Selected Articles
Belgium Bombings.
Who is Behind the Attacks?

19 March, 2016 - SOTT - Brandon Martinez
Wikileaks 2012 Killary email:
Secure Israeli hegemony, destroy Syria

13 March, 2016 - PressTV - Ray McGovern
Militants carried out 2013 sarin
attack in Syria: Ex-CIA analyst

Flyby News Archive Updated Resource:
Syria and false flag operations

09 May, 2016 - The Silver Edge - Steve Barwick
Colloidal Silver and Lyme Disease

09 April, 2016 - YourNewsWire - Kristen Meghan
Military Insider Comes Clean About
Chemtrails To Luke Rudskowski

17 March, 2016 - YourNewsWire - Sean Adl-Tabatabai
Top Scientist Confirms Aluminium
Poisoning Via Chemtrails Is Real

02 November, 2015 - Myeclinik - J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.
Peer Reviewed Scientific Evidence Exposes
Chemtrail as Crime Against Humanity

12 December, 2015 - Youtube - 1:48
Chemtrails Report: WIN TV
, Dubbo, Australia

01 October, 2014 - Youtube - 15:23 - OfGeometry
Pilots, Doctors and Scientists
Tell the Truth About Chemtrails

30 April, 2014 - Zen Gardner - Carolyn Williams Palit
The True Purpose of Chemtrails?

September, 2007 - Youtube - UN webcast
Rosalind Peterson addresses the UN
on Chemtrails And Geoengineering

Read the transcript here!

29 April, 2013 - CE - Arjun Walia
Geoengineering & Chemtrails:
What In The World Are They Spraying?
And Why?

05 June, 2014 - MemoryHole - Marcus K. Dalton
Chemtrails Are Over Las Vegas

17 May, 2014 - Youtube - WuweiTranslations
Aerospace Worker:
"I Installed Chemtrails Devices"

17 May, 2014 - - Eric Lavals
Does the Airline You Fly Spray Chemtrails?
Plus more video resources

05 February, 2014 - YouTube - GeoEngineeringWatch
Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth

Energy Pollution's Impact On Environment

11 March, 2016 - TruthOut - Zain Raza
Ray McGovern on the CIA,
Torture, and Blowing the Whistle

11 March, 2016 - Democracy Now! - Linda Sarsour
Sanders' Michigan Win "Sent Loud & Clear
Message" Not to Discount Arab-American Vote

11 March, 2016
As Trump's Rallies Become "Racism Summits,"
Linda Sarsour & Mohamed Elibiary Debate Islamophobia

08 March, 2016 - Daily Kos - greywolfe359
Why Bernie Would Crush Trump & Why Every Vote
For Hillary Puts Trump Closer to the White House

08 March, 2016 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
Honduran Activist Berta Cáceres Died in Gustavo
Castro Soto's Arms; Now His Life is in Danger

08 March, 2016
"Here's to Flint": An Unprecedented Look at the
Battle for Clean Water in Flint From the ACLU

02 March, 2016 - RT - Youtube - 10:32
Ray McGovern Exposes Dick Cheney
& The Rockefeller Commission


JFK Coup d'etat 50, The FED 100+

New 9-11 investigation vs New World Order

Energy Pollution's Impact On Our Environment

Resources for Reclaiming A Lost USA Republic

Credible Witness - UFO - Disclosure

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