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Edward Snowden, pulling the curtain back

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Editor - Jonathan Mark
11 June, 2013 - Edward Snowden, pulling the curtain back

"Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts
to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against
injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and
crossing each other from a million different centers
of energy and daring, those ripples build a current
which can sweep down the mightiest walls
of oppression and resistance."

Robert F. Kennedy
Capetown, June 6th 1966

Editor's Notes: The Orwellian world is upon us. Readers of Flyby News can no longer doubt this. Yet so many still struggle with their denial in stark contrast to reality. Comfort is like a carrot, but a stick can so easily come into play. Meanwhile denial takes over.., the blind leading the blind, living in the moment of make-believe, but paying a terrible price by not realizing time is fading from humankind's existence, and integrity. Thank goodness for people such as Edward Snowden, and those revealing our reality, especially in this post 1963 US-coup d'etat shadow world government.

"The truth will set you free,
but first it will make you miserable."

- James A. Garfield


10 June, 2013 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
"You're Being Watched": Edward Snowden Emerges as
Source Behind Explosive Revelations of NSA Spying

10 June, 2013
Glenn Greenwald on How NSA Leaker Edward Snowden
Helped Expose a "Massive Surveillance Apparatus"

12 June, 2013
Is Edward Snowden a Hero? A Debate
with Chris Hedges & Geoffrey Stone

07 June, 2013 - Jeremy Scahill
Dirty Wars
Winner Sundance Film Festival

07 June, 2013 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
Inside the U.S. Dirty War in Yemen with
Jeremy Scahill, Nasser al-Awlaki, Sheikh Fareed

07 June, 2013 - Exclusive
Nasser al-Awlaki to Obama: Why Did You Kill
My U.S.-Born Son, Grandson in Drone Strikes?

05 June, 2013 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
As U.S. Deploys Patriot Missiles, F-16s to Jordan,
Could Syrian Conflict Engulf the Middle East?

07 June, 2013 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
"A Massive Surveillance State": Glenn Greenwald
Exposes NSA Program Collecting Calls, Emails

04 June, 2013 - WantToKnow - Fred Burks
World Bank Whistleblower Crushed,
Monsanto Opposition Flourishing,
Chilling Leak Probe

02 June, 2013 - Youtube - WeAreChange
Richard Gage asked about Judy Wood
Conspiracy Conference 2013

Updated - Flyby News - Wordpress
Apocalypse and lifting of veil JFK & 9-11

28 May, 2013 - Democracy Now - Amy Goodman
Poet, Author Alice Walker Meets the Inner Journey
With Global Activism in "The Cushion in the Road"

25 May, 2013 - Global Research - Paul Craig Roberts
Why Disinformation Works. In America "Truth
has no Relevance. Only Agendas are Important"

24 May, 2013 - Global Research
GMOs: Power, Profit and the Patenting of Life

23 May, 2013 - Mondoweiss - Adam Horowitz
Video: Medea Benjamin interrupts
Obama speech on US drone policy

23 May, 2013 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
Killing Americans: Jeremy Scahill on Obama Admin's
Admission 4 U.S. Citizens Died in Drone Strikes

20 May, 2013 -Democracy Now - Clive Hamilton
Can We Save the Planet by Messing with Nature?

17 May, 2013 - - Fred Burks
John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy
US Congress Report: Kennedy Assassination Was Conspiracy

15 May, 2013 - Veterans Today - James Norwood, Jim Fetzer
The JFK War: The Case of
Federal Judge John Tunheim

Skyhorse Publishing - 2012 - Peter Janney
Mary's Mosaic
The C.I.A. Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy,
Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace

04 April, 2013 - Amazon - Jonathan Mark
A Review - Mary's Mosaic

01 April, 2012 - Amazon - Douglas
A Masterpiece of Biography and
a Mesmerizing Detective Story

11 April, 2013 - Youtube - Boston Globe
Author claims CIA plotted to kill JFK's mistress
0:03:46 running time

11 April, 2013 - Youtube - Jonathan Mark
Peter Janney Mary's Mosaic Interview
29-minute running time

11 April, 2013 - NCTV - Flyby News
Peter Janney Mary's Mosaic Presentation
58-minute running time

21 November, 2013 - Greenfield Garden Cinemas - FN
Dark Legacy: George Bush and
the Murder of John F. Kennedy

Plus remix of film compilation
Dark Legacy - JFK and FED

Federal Reserve - 100 - Dec. 23rd

16 April, 2013 - Youtube - Flyby News
JFK and The FED
Running time - 28 minutes

Dark Legacy
George Bush and the Murder of John Kennedy

Provocative to say the least. Using materials familiar to researchers,
Dark Legacy makes a series of tantalizing connections between the rich
and powerful to suggest that Kennedy was brought down by a vast web of
powerful conservatives and that George H.W.Bush was close to all of them.
Hankey invites viewers not only to draw their own conclusions but also
to check out his sources." -- Kevin Thomas Los Angeles Times

22 November, 2013 - Greenfield Community Television - Studio
JFK 50th Anniversary and Commemoration
What did his assassination mean to you?

22 November, 2013 - Facebook - World Listing
50th Anniversary-Commemoration John F. Kennedy

February, 2011 - Youtube - Jonathan Mark
President John F. Kennedy
Excerpt from speeches to UN and Media

2012 - GCTV - Flyby News
Dark Legacy: JFK & 9/11
Short Version - 58 minutes - Online Film
Also on Youtube!
03 December, 2012 - Youtube - Duration: 6:22
Dark Legacy Trailer music-video
Press Release

13 January, 2013 - ABC News - Youtube
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Does Not Agree
[that] Lee Harvey Oswald Acted Alone

12 January, 2013 - AP - USA Today
RFK children speak about JFK assassination

Potomac Books - 2005 - Joan Mellon
A Farewell to Justice
Jim Garrison, JFK's Assassination, and
the Case That Should Have Changed History

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone
of any significance in the major media.

- William Colby,
former CIA Director
quoted by Dave Mcgowan, Derailing Democracy
The CIA and the Media

"There are only two mistakes
one can make along the road to truth:
Not going all the way, and not starting."

- The Buddha

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News Fit to Transmit in the Post Cassini Flyby Era

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