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Peter Janney and Mary's Mosaic

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Editor - Jonathan Mark
03 April, 2013 - Peter Janney and Mary's Mosaic

"We must all learn to live together
as brothers or we will all perish together as fools.
We are tied together in the single garment of destiny,
caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. And
whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.
Speech in Memphis, April 3, 1968,
on the day before he was assassinated.
For article by Jonathan Mark on day after

FREE AT LAST- Day after Martin Luther King, Jr. died

Editor's Notes: This issue includes a review I wrote today on Peter Janney's, Mary's Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace. This book is invaluable for giving truth a face, and grace. On November 21st, FN will be presenting John Hankey's film, Dark Legacy: George Bush and the Murder of John F. Kennedy at a Main Street Cinema in Greenfield, MA. Also, a new 28 minute version of FN's film compilation, focusing on the two major anniversaries this year 'JFK and The FED' will be shown. Dark Legacy - JFK & 9-11 continues to be seen by thousands, and besides covering the big problems, it offers a potential solution for giving we, the people, a voice, via a National Citizen's Initiative for Democracy.

"Mary's Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy,
Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace"
By Peter Janney

April 3, 2013 - A Review by Jonathan Mark

A story has arisen fifty years later on the transformation of US President John F. Kennedy. He came on the scene as a cold warrior and grew into a supporter for world peace and disarmament. Yet everything changed on November 22nd, 1963. The public watched a seemingly endless caravan of death, never really quite understanding the betrayal of that moment, distracted by television, and fear infiltrating our minds. I was 12 then; George Orwell's 1984 was required reading in school. I believed it was all about the USSR, a totalitarian state. Gradually, to my amazement, I realized that statements like 'war is peace, justice is slavery, and ignorance is strength' was happening here in the so-called 'homeland.' Remarkably two thirds of the US population still have enough critical thinking to agree with me that there was a conspiracy and cover-up on JFK's assassination.

The US government decided to withhold details on their investigation from the public until 2017. But, it could then be delayed further by an order from the President. So, like a breath of fresh air, Peter Janney's book unfolds a story that reads like a crime mystery, but reveals an insightful personal connection, inspired by Mary Pinchot Meyer and her relationship with President Kennedy. Peter Janney's human touch gives life to this story and their vision for world peace.

Dick Russell, who wrote the forward to Janney's book, and who authored "The Man Who Knew Too Much and On the Trail of the JFK Assassins," stated "Mary's Mosaic is a story about intertwined destinies, about human strength and weakness, and finally about forces of good and evil. The book makes a reader consider those possibilities within each of us, even as what unfolds is on a Shakespearean stage." I couldn't have said that better.

Oliver Stone, ("JFK"), remarked that Mary's Mosaic is "A fascinating story... Peter Janney’s unsparing analysis moves us closer to a reckoning.” Perhaps this 50th anniversary enough of 2/3 of the US population will do something. Flyby News' recent film compilation, JFK and 9-11, not only shows evidence of CIA fingerprints all over the assassination, but its connection to the Federal Reserve and military industrial complex. It ends on a high note with a proposal to amend the US Constitution by a direct democracy initiative. Reading Peter Janney's book this year will help you become more aware of our history, and hopefully, yes, closer to a reckoning.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone
of any significance in the major media."

-William Colby
former CIA Director


Skyhorse Publishing - 2012 - Peter Janney
Mary's Mosaic
The C.I.A. Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy,
Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace

11 April, 2013 - FN - Northampton, MA
Peter Janney and Mary's Mosaic

09 April, 2013 - FN - Jonathan Mark
Peter Janney, Mary's Mosaic, Introduction

21 November, 2013 - Greenfield Garden Cinemas - FN
Dark Legacy: George Bush and
the Murder of John F. Kennedy

Plus remix of film compilation
Dark Legacy - JFK and FED

Federal Reserve - 100 - Dec. 23rd

Dark Legacy
George Bush and the Murder of John Kennedy

Provocative to say the least. Using materials familiar to researchers,
Dark Legacy makes a series of tantalizing connections between the rich
and powerful to suggest that Kennedy was brought down by a vast web of
powerful conservatives and that George H.W.Bush was close to all of them.
Hankey invites viewers not only to draw their own conclusions but also
to check out his sources." -- Kevin Thomas Los Angeles Times

22 November, 2013 - Facebook - Event Listings
50th Anniversary-Commemoration John F. Kennedy

February, 2011 - Youtube - Jonathan Mark
President John F. Kennedy
Excerpt from speeches to UN and Media

2012 - GCTV - Flyby News
Dark Legacy: JFK & 9/11
Short Version - 58 minutes - Online Film
Also on Youtube!
03 December, 2012 - Youtube - Duration: 6:22
Dark Legacy Trailer music-video
Press Release

13 January, 2013 - ABC News - Youtube
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Does Not Agree
[that] Lee Harvey Oswald Acted Alone

12 January, 2013 - AP - USA Today
RFK children speak about JFK assassination

Potomac Books - 2005 - Joan Mellon
A Farewell to Justice
Jim Garrison, JFK's Assassination, and
the Case That Should Have Changed History

"The individual is the true reality of life.
A cosmos in himself, he does not exist for the State,
nor for that abstraction called 'society,' or the 'nation,'
which is only a collection of individuals."

-- Emma Goldman
(1869-1940) Source: The
Place of the Individual in Society


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"There are only two mistakes
one can make along the road to truth:
Not going all the way, and not starting."

- The Buddha

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