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Dark Legacy Interview + Updated News

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Editor - Jonathan Mark
11 August, 2012

"I'm very much in favor of the space program, but I think the use
of plutonium in space is a manifestation of organized insanity."

John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D.
18 August, 1999
Professor Emeritus of Molecular and Cell Biology

Editor's Notes: Now that we have gone beyond ten years since the 9-11 crimes, and close to 50 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and cover-up, it is time to gain some perspective on the related importance of such conspiracies. Expanding our focus in such a way could help many realize the complicity and involvement of government, financial institutions, media, academia, big pharma, all tied down to a corrupt military industrial complex.Such a world-corrupting totalitarian shadow government acts in an allegiance for a money-driven (manufactured) ruling elite. Dark Legacy - JFK and 9-11 is a deprogramming tool to free ourselves from the deceptions that go against humankind itself. I am willing to send a free DVD to anyone interested in reviewing it for airing on a community TV station. Here is a list of Public-access TV stations in the U.S. You can also learn more about what is in the film by downloading a pdf (8.5" x 14") poster.

Following are updated news links, including my being interviewed by Kevin Barrett on American Freedom Radio, 10 August, 2012. We discussed Dark Legacy and much more.. You can also order a DVD from Dr. Tom from the 911dvdProject. During this post Cassini flyby era, united and timely efforts for truth to help set us free are vital for our survival, or at least our integrity. Love or fear are two opposites and we get to decide which side we are on.

Dark Legacy - JFK & 9-11
Part 1 - running time - 0:56:00
Part 2 - running time - 1:28:00

Dark Legacy - credits - poster

Public-access TV stations in US


10 August 2012 - Truth Jihad Radio - Kevin Barrett
Jonathan Mark on Dark Legacy - JFK and 9-11
Broadcast and archived - mp3 - 08/10/2012
American Freedom Radio

17 August 2012 - Deadline Live - 10:30 AM EDT
Jonathan Mark and Jack Blood JFK and 9-11

09 August 2012 - Huff Post - Ryan Grim and Cole Stangler
Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With
Money From Families Tied To Death Squads

09 August 2012 - Reuters - David Ingram and Aruna Viswanatha
U.S. Justice Department drops
Goldman financial crisis probe

09 August 2012 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
Former DHS Analyst Daryl Johnson on
How He Was Silenced for Warning
of Far-Right Militants in US

03 August 2012 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
Gore Vidal Remembered: 2003 Interview [Re: 9-11]
With Late Writer & Longtime Critic of U.S. Empire

01 August 2012 - CounterPunch - Morris Berman
Rule by Sociopaths
Stealing the American Dream

02 August 2012 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
Obama Admin Helps Undermine U.N.
Arms Treaty Talks While Touting
Record-High Weapons Sales Abroad

02 August 2012
Climate Skeptic, Koch-Funded Scientist Richard Muller
Admits Global Warming Real & Humans The Cause

02 August 2012
Bill McKibben: Even Industry-Funded Climate
Change Deniers Canít Ignore Planetís Warming

25 July 2012 - Common Dreams - Staff
'Not a Mistake': NASA in Disbelief
over Rate of Melting Ice

07 June 2012 - Nature - Common Dreams
Earth Facing Imminent 'Tipping Point'

Humankind is facing the threat of extinction,
according to new research released recently by
the science journal Nature. The article is entitled,
"Approaching a state shift in Earth's biosphere"

03 July 2012 - Truthdig - Amy Goodman
Climate Change: 'This Is Just the Beginning'
FN's updated resource page:
Energy Pollution's Impact On Environment

May-July, 2012 - AE911truth - Richard Gage
9/11: Explosive Evidence
Experts Speak Out

Final Edition

Lynn Margulis Interview

07 May 2012 - Petition -
Revise the U.S. government report
on the collapse of Building 7

In first 3 minutes, watch
9/11 - WTC-7 - Exposed!

2012 - Truthquake Radio - Robert Barron
Interview, Jonathan Mark, a flyby perspective

29 February 2012 - Flyby News - Jonathan Mark
Controlled Opposition * 9-11 Truth Attacks

10 January 2004 - ICH - Michael Hasty
Paranoid Shift

"9/11 Truth is a very important issue with the
power to bring lasting change to our country."

- William Sloane Coffin

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News Fit to Transmit in the Post Cassini Flyby Era

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