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14 February, 2011

Love Creation and Created
Honour Moon, Sun, and Planet
Obey Time and Space
Obey Sound and Light
Honour Earth, Star, and Comet
Love Finite and Infinite

We have inherited more than the wind.

We have a measure of Man's mind.

- Bart Jordan

Excerpt from:
"Measure Man's Mind and Mind Man's Measure"

Editor's Notes:

This is an important issue for those of us valuing a post Cassini flyby era. Generated by "Masters of Space", the plan was for the US Military to dominate outer space and all below it. The Cassini Earth flyby on 17/18th August, 1999 demonstrated a high-risk maneuver with three radioisotope thermal generators on board, containing 72.3 pounds of a toxic mixture of Plutonium 238 and 239. This made me see the madness and catapulted my own awakening to what Michael Hasty described as a "Paranoid Shift". This happens when you start connecting those dots that reveal incredible corruption that most refuse to look at, but also knowing they are too critical not to acknowledge. Chris Pratt in his film documented many Deceptions that threaten all. Gaining awareness of what really exists give us our best opportunity to stop the power of deception, even self-deception. Bart Jordan described what is happening as "Planeticide." Fear will either keep us down, or we will rise up. 9/11 is key to opening a new door to perceive our collective reality. With that awareness, a solution may emerge. Following these notes is the text for Black 9/11: A Walk on the Dark Side, by Mark H. Gaffney. This article is a must read, please forward.

Lord of the Rings
and what funny thing happened on the way to the moon

For those who had read the Tolkien classic, or watched the movie, "Lord of the Rings," you know about the power that could drive one into madness. A ring was a symbol, and the challenge was to return it to its source. The story was written under influence of two World Wars, but it could also describe the power-madness that resulted in the unleashing and proliferation of the Atomic bomb. US President John F. Kennedy, who successfully avoided nuclear war during the 1962 Cuban-US missile crisis, said: "Today, every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate the day when this planet may no longer be habitable. Every man, woman, and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment by accident or miscalculation or madness." He set his agenda to end the nuclear crisis and planned to dismantle the military industrial complex. Yet a shadow US government, gripped by power-distortion-fear, conspired and assassinated him in a coup d'etat. The deep corruption born after the 1947 National Security Act, signed by Truman because of the threat of the bomb, unleashed a chain of events of a shadow US government arming-corrupting the world with its tentacles threaded throughout media, financial institutions, other governments, health, insurance, and academic institutions; they all became involved. JFK's murder tipped the balance of the US government from working toward a policy for world peace to that of end-less war. Other leaders challenging the madness were killed; elections became fraudulent, big money took over.

According to Wikipedia: "The Big Lie is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, for a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously." Hitler exclaimed that the technique was used by Jews to unfairly blame Germany's loss in World War I. Yet the bigger lie was distorted so people could not see the criminals financing both sides during World War II, nor comprehend the seriousness of Eisenhower's farewell address, warning: "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."

While the events in Egypt and Tunisia show signs of hope beginning to overcome the tyranny of dictatorship and oppression for decades, the people are just scratching the surface in exposing the deception and betrayal to humanity and our environment. This is especially true for the USA with nuclear devices, including the H-bomb that was detonated in outer space in the 1950's and 1960's. The Generals discovered how these bombs back-fired and integrated deadly radiation into the Van Allen belts. The belts are Earth-core magnetic radiation that surround our globe and protects us from harmful solar radiation storms. What proof do we have that man has passed through the Van Allen belts? Since the claimed Apollo missions no one has claimed to have traveled beyond 400 miles Earth. The moon is 200,000 miles away. The only time I heard of a mission researching how far they could travel since the claimed-Apollo missions was in 1998. CNN reported: "The radiation belts surrounding Earth may be more dangerous for astronauts than previously believed. The phenomenon known as the 'Van Allen Belts' can spawn 'Killer Electrons' that can dramatically affect the astronauts' health." The shuttle astronauts got to find this out at only 350 miles from Earth. (This is hundreds of miles from the beginning of the Van Allen belts, which extend a further 25,000 miles away!) The 1998 Shuttle crew was better equipped with more advanced radiation shielding. However, the Shuttle astronauts reported "seeing" radiation with their eyes closed. Intense radiation penetrated their shielding as it went through the retinas of their closed eyes. This is only the tip of massive evidence of a fake lunar visitation and landing. The big lies are more than most people can accept. No wonder why the obvious building demolitions of the World Trade Center remain a myth, though its reality was used to justify our latest rounds of wars, energy-currency military so-called "strategic" operations. When you follow the money trail, we see footprints leading to an elitist world domination order, end-less wars, loss of civil liberties, crimes against humanity and nature.

Meanwhile 911blogger has become a forum that is going after 9/11 researcher, David Ray Griffin. While comments to important articles get little attention, about 5 comments, for The Terrorizing Truth About 9/11: It's Not A Matter of Keeping Secrets, But Maintaining a Grand Myth and Black 9/11: A Walk on the Dark Side, a Critique of David Ray Griffin's 9/11 Fake Calls Theory by Erik Larson has gotten more than 175 comments. Has everything turned Upside Down? Yet citizen journalists and activists in Egypt and Tunisia show the beginnings of 'people power' and what community and love is about. Can we overcome the fear that has gripped us for too long? It is not just freedom at risk, but survival. Life remains in the balance. We must eliminate weapons of mass destruction and the source of our fear, or be destroyed by human ingenuity gone mad.

Recent Issue:
February 7, 2011 - Democracy + 9/11 Myth = Deceptions

Black 9/11: A Walk on the Dark Side

First in a series - by Mark H. Gaffney
February 9, 2011

In his important 2006 book Nemesis, the Last Days of the American Republic, the third and concluding part of a trilogy, the late Chalmers Johnson, who was an expert on Japan and US foreign policy, writes that as much as 40% of the Pentagon budget is "black," meaning hidden from public scrutiny.[i] If the figure is even approximately correct, and I believe it is, the number is alarming because it suggests that democratic oversight of US military research and development has broken down. In which case our democratic values and way of life are presently at risk; not from without, as there is no foreign enemy that can destroy the US Constitution, but from within.

I would argue that Chalmers Johnson's estimate was corroborated on September 10, 2001, on the eve of the worst terrorist attack in US history, when Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld acknowledged during a press conference that the Department of Defense (DoD) could not account for $2.3 trillion of the massive Pentagon budge, a number so large as to be incomprehensible.[ii] Any remaining hope that the US military might still get its budgetary house in order were dashed at 9:38 AM the next morning when the west wing of the Pentagon exploded in flames and smoke, the target of a terrorist strike. Incredibly, the exact point of impact was the DoD's accounting offices on the first floor. The surgical destruction of its records and staff, nearly all of whom died in the attack, raises important questions about who benefited from 9/11. Given the Pentagon's vast size, the statistical odds against this being a coincidence prompted skeptics of the official story to read a dark design into the attack. As Deep Throat said: "Follow the money."

Was the Pentagon accounting office destroyed because diabolical individuals had planned it that way? No question, the west wing presented a much more challenging target than the east wing. Targeting the west wing required a difficult approach over the Arlington skyline. The final approach was especially dicey and amounted to a downhill obstacle course, skirting apartments and also a large building complex known as the Naval Annex, which was smack in the way. The Annex is located about a quarter-mile from the Pentagon and sits atop a hill that rises from the flat ground along the Potomac River. When I interviewed Army Brigadier General Clyde Vaughn over the telephone, in April 2008, he explained that he was on his way to work at the Pentagon, on the morning of 9/11, via Shirley Highway (I-395) when the strike occurred. In my opinion, Vaughn is an especially credible witness because some of his remarks to CNN, that morning, did not conform with the official narrative about what happened.[iii] The general told me that the hijacked aircraft (presumably AA 77) just missed the Naval Annex and would have hit the US Air Force memorial that presently occupies the site, had the 270 feet-tall monument existed on 9/11. The new memorial was constructed in 2006 and dedicated the same year.

Why did the terrorists not take the easy approach up the Potomac River? The river approach would have afforded a reasonably good chance to crash the offices of Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which which were located on the opposite side of the building, in the middle of the outer "E" ring. The location of their offices was no secret. Surely terrorists would have been more interested in decapitating the command structure of the US war machine than going after a bunch of accounting clerks.

That morning, there were other striking anomalies. The crash of AA 11 into the North Tower at 8:46 AM should also have raised red flags because the point of impact at the the 95th and 96th floors was too remarkable to be happenstance. Both floors were occupied by Marsh & McLennan, one of the world's largest insurance brokerages, with family ties to the private intelligence firm, Kroll Associates, which held the security contract at the World Trade Center. Indeed, the network of corporate ties is so entangled, that were I to trace all of the links they would easily fill a book. Here, I will sketch out only the most salient connections.

The CEO of Marsh & McLennnan on 9/11 was Jeffry Greenberg, son of Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, owner of AIG, the world's largest insurance conglomerate (or second largest, depending on the source). Greenberg's other son, Evan, was CEO of Ace Limited, another large insurance company. Maurice Greenberg had been a director of the New York Federal Reserve Bank for many years, and in 1994-95 served as its chairman. Greenberg was also vice-chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which in 1996 published his report, "Making Intelligence Smarter: The future of U.S. Intelligence"; as a result of which Senator Arlen Specter floated Greenberg's name as a candidate for the directorship of the CIA.[iv] Although George Tenet eventually got the job, the mere fact that Greenberg was in the running shows the extent of his influence. In 1993, Greenberg's huge insurance conglomerate AIG reportedly bankrolled the Wall Street spy firm, Kroll Associates, saving it from bankruptcy. Thereafter, Kroll became an AIG subsidiary. After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, Kroll acquired the contract from the Port Authority of New York to upgrade security at the World Trade Center, in the process beating out two other firms.[v] Kroll continued with the WTC security contract through the period leading up to the September 11 attacks. One of Kroll's directors, Jerome Hauer, also managed New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani's Office of Emergency Management, which was located on the 23rd floor of WTC-7.


Notice, this means Kroll had unfettered access to all three of the buildings destroyed on 9/11. This startling coincidence should have been reason enough for the 9/11 Commission to investigate Kroll's shady background as well as its relations with AIG, Ace, and Marsh & McClennan. The commission was armed with subpoena authority and might have probed deeply enough to learn the truth. Unfortunately, the official investigators were not interested in connecting the dots. Although Kroll was based in New York City, it served (and still serves) an international clientele through 60 offices in some 27 countries. Over the years, the firm has repeatedly been accused of, and/or formally charged with, conspiracy. In 1995 the French government expelled several Americans from the country, including a Kroll employee named William Lee, for allegedly spying on French industry. Lee's involvement with Kroll made French authorities suspicious that his Paris operation might be a CIA front.[vii] The French were surely aware of Kroll's longstanding practice of hiring former CIA, FBI, and British Intelligence agents. Kroll/AIG made no effort to conceal the fact that between 1997-2003 the AIG board of directors included Frank G. Wisner, Jr., son of one of the founders of the CIA.[viii] Wisner Jr. is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Wisner Jr. also served as US ambassador to several nations, including Egypt, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.[ix] As I write, Wisner's name surfaced in the news. Last week, President Obama dispatched Wisner as his personal envoy to confer with the embattled Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak.[x] Even as popular pressure continued to build for Mubarak to step down, Wisner embarrassed Obama by publicly encouraging Mubarak to ride out the crisis and hang onto power. No doubt, his action reflects the view from Langley, which would much prefer to see Mubarak remain in power. The CIA has long supported the Mubarak regime and in return was allowed to use Egypt as a haven for renditions and torture. Wisner's thumbing his nose at his own president, no doubt, is also an accurate measure of the US national security state's low opinion of Obama. It certainly exposes Obama's weakness as president.


Did the French government over-react in 1995 when it expelled a Kroll employee for suspected industrial espionage? Possibly, but the French had good reason to be wary of CIA meddling in their country. It is a safe bet the French have not forgotten Operation Gladio, the rogue intelligence network secretly organized in Europe by the CIA, NATO and British MI-6, after World War II.[xii] "Gladio" means "sword" in Italian and is the root of the word "gladiator." Known as the "stay behind armies," they were in every NATO country, and totalled thousands of paramilitary soldiers. Their ranks included known underworld criminals and drug traffickers; and crucially, the CIA kept the whole operation secret for nearly forty years.

Although the stay-behind-armies were supposed to form the nucleus of an armed resistance movement in the event of a Soviet invasion of western Europe, the invasion never materialized and the CIA-trained forces were sometimes used for other less savory purposes. These included smear and disinformation campaigns, mass bombings, kidnappings, assassinations and attempted coup d'etats; all of which was blamed on the communists. Before it was over, the CIA-staged terror campaign added up to hundreds of incidents in Italy, France, Greece, Belgium, and other European nations.

The news about Gladio first broke in the Italian press, in August 1990, at the time of Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait; and immediately touched off a political earthquake on the continent. As they say, bad news travels fast. Shock turned to outrage as Europeans learned that for decades the CIA and NATO had been sponsoring terrorist attacks in the democratic nations of Europe. All of which, as noted, was blamed on the communists. The purpose of Gladio had been to strike fear into the population of Europe, and thus, to weaken the left-wing parties.

If this sounds like fantasy to the reader, it is only because the US media, to this day, has never informed the American people about the CIA's long and ugly history of staging international terrorism. Here in the US, it is euphemistically known as "counter-terrorism." Although the average American is ignorant of the fact, most Frenchmen probably also know that under Gladio the CIA lent support to an attempted putsch against French President Charles de Gaulle in 1958 by reactionary elements of the French army. The renegade French forces were opposed to de Gaulle's controversial decision to end to the French military occupation of Algeria. Most of the people of France probably also know about the CIA's involvement in at least one other conspiracy to assassinate de Gaulle in the mid-1960s; but which fortunately failed.[xiii] De Gaulle survived some thirty assassination attempts. At the time, the CIA's involvement caused a near rupture in US-French relations. De Gaulle reacted angrily by pulling France out of NATO, and ordered US military forces out of France. The US was compelled to move NATO headquarters from Paris to Mons, in Belguim. Nor did the American people hear the truth about what really happened. In fact, they still do not know, because the US press has never informed them.

Given this brief background, one must ask: Were the French trying to send a wake-up signal to the American people when they leaked the following shocker about 9/11 to the world press? In October 2001 the prestigious French paper Le Figaro reported that in July 2001, just two months before 9/11, Osama bin Laden received dialysis treatments and other medical care for a serious kidney ailment at the American Hospital in Dubai, one of the Arab emirates in the Persian Gulf.[xiv] At the time, bin Laden was a wanted man, and had been indicted by the US Department of Justice for the 1998 bombing of US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. Yet, according to the detailed report in Le Figaro, the Americans treated bin Laden as a VIP guest. The Al Qaeda leader arrived with a retinue that included his personal physician, a nurse, four bodyguards, and at least one of his lieutenants. Bin Laden reportedly held court in his hospital suite, welcoming members of his large family, Saudi officials, and even the local CIA station chief, who evidently was a well known figure in the tiny country. The CIA official was evidently seen entering bin Laden's room. Immediately after leaving, he caught a flight back to the US. The article in Le Figaro was closely followed by a story in The Guardian (UK), which added more details. It noted that bin Laden's Saudi guests had included Prince Turki al Faisal, then head of Saudi intelligence. The story also named French intelligence as the source of the story in Le Figaro, and added that the information was leaked because the French were "keen to reveal the ambiguous role of the CIA and to restrain Washington from extending the war to Iraq and elsewhere."[xv] If the story is accurate, it means Osama bin Laden was a US intelligence asset right up until the morning of 9/11. There is no other possible interpretation. In which case, the American people have been seriously misled, indeed, have been fed a pack of lies, about the events of that horrible day. I would add: there were no retractions. Le Figaro stood by its story. Meanwhile, the US media played dumb and never even reported it.

But I digress. Back to AIG/Kroll. In 2005 the government of Brazil formally indicted Kroll's chief Brazilian executive Eduardo Sampaio and five other Kroll employees on criminal charges, including bribery and various breaches of Brazil's data privacy laws. Sampaio reportedly escaped arrest by fleeing the country.


In 2006 another Kroll affiliate made the news for "unacceptable billing practices" while representing the failed energy giant Enron in court.[xvii] The Enron Corporation had collapsed in late 2001 amidst allegations of fraudulent accounting; then, in January 2002, hired Kroll Zolfo Cooper to handle its chapter 11 proceedings. The US Trustee Program, which administers bankruptcy cases, uncovered the billing irregularities after Kroll sought an additional fee of $25 million for its services. The firm had already received a cool $100 million for scavenging the Enron corpse but wanted more, even as stockholders received nothing. Evidently, the folks at Kroll thought no one would notice a mere $25 million, which is chump change compared with the $30 billion in inflated energy costs that Enron gouged from the state of California, in 2000-2001. All of which must be good: because Enron got away with it. According to economist Paul Krugman, emails confirmed that Enron had rigged the markets.[xviii] The heavily Democratic golden state has yet to recover from what must be viewed as a partisan attack.

Also in 2006: a whistleblower named Richard A. Grove went public with stunning testimony about his involvement with the Greenberg empire, an up-close-and-personal experience, Grove says, that nearly cost him his life.[xix] During the period leading up to 9/11, Grove worked as a salesman for Silverstream Software, an enterprise company which marketed designer solutions to a number of Wall Street firms, including Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Banker's Trust, Alex Brown, and Morgan Stanley. According to Grove, Silverstream "built internet transactional and trading platforms," designed "to web-enable the critical business functions of Fortune 500 companies, basically integrating and making available on the web the disparate legacy applications and mainframes while simultaneously streamlining workflow and traditional paper processes." The "end result [was] a lower cost of operation and more efficient transactions because inefficiencies such as people were being taken out of the loop."


Grove was so successful as a salesman that (he claims) he became a millionaire before the age of thirty. He only realized, later, that the software he sold might have enabled fraudulent trading in the hours before and possibly during the 9/11 attacks. The most advanced software of all went to Marsh & McClennan, which, he says, placed an order in 2000 for a technological solution "beyond what we had done for any of the above-named companies; insofar as it would be used to electronically connect Marsh to its major business partners via internet portals, for the purpose of creating 'paperless transactions' and expediting revenue and renewal cycles." Grove inked the software deal with Marsh & McClennan in October 2000. After which, his employer Silverstream stationed a team of 30-40 technicians in the client's offices in WTC-1, led by several software developers who proceeded to design and build the software package "from the ground up." During this period, Grove served as liaison between Silverstream & Marsh to insure that the software would perform as specified. The team worked around-the-clock, seven days a week, to meet Marsh's pre-September 11, 2001 deadline. The end result was "a specific type of connectivity that was used to link AIG and Marsh & McLennan, the first two commercial companies on the planet to employ this type of transaction."


Grove says he first noticed fiscal irregularities in October 2000 when he and a colleague helped "identify about $10,000,000 in suspicious purchase orders." Marsh's chief information officer, Gary Lasko, later confirmed that "certain vendors were deceiving Marsh....selling....large quantities of hardware that were [sic] not necessary" for the project. But Grove did not worry too much about this at the time, nor did he run into personal trouble until the spring of 2001, when he learned, while negotiating a license renewal contract with Lasko, that his own employer Silverstream was over-billing Marsh "to the tune of $7 million, or more." Grove brought the matter to the attention of Silverstream executives but was told to keep quiet and mind his own business. A Marsh executive advised him to do the same. By this point, a number of Marsh employees had earned Grove's trust and when he shared his concerns with them, they agreed that "something untoward was going on." Grove names these honest employees in his testimonial: Kathryn Lee, Ken Rice, Richard Breuhardt, John Ueltzhoeffer, in addition to Gary Lasko, all of whom perished on 9/11.[xxii] Incidentally, a simple check confirmed that these names do indeed appear on the fatality list of World Trade Center victims.


The proverbial schtick hit the fan on June 5th, 2001, the day after Grove sent an email to his sales team informing them that "Silverstream was billing Marsh millions above and beyond the numbers we were being paid commissions on..." There were only two possibilities: either the members of his team were being cheated out of their rightful commissions, or Silverstream was defrauding Marsh & McClennan. Later that day, Grove received word from Gary Lasko that Marsh had decided to retain Silverstream for the the next phase of the project. The extension was good news and he immediately informed his boss. Grove was personally delighted because his rightful commission "would have been a payday worth well over a million dollars." He never collected it, however; because the next morning, Grove was summoned to his boss's office and abruptly terminated.

This is not the end of the story. Several weeks later, Grove suffered a medical emergency that required surgery and weeks of hospitalization. In August 2001, while still bedridden, a Silverstream company official visited him at the hospital and offered him $9,999 in cash plus an extension of his medical benefits if he would agree never to talk about the work he did for Silverstream. Grove needed the continuing medical coverage and agreed to the terms. However, after his convalescence he became suspicious about the secrecy agreement, and decided that, at very least, he should maintain contact with the honest employees at Marsh, several of whom were now close friends. Shortly thereafter, one of them arranged for Grove to attend a meeting at the offices of Marsh & McClennan, at which the honest employees planned to "openly question the suspiciously unconcerned executive who seemed to be at the center of the controversial secrecy." The executive had agreed to participate via a video conference link from his apartment in uptown Manhattan. This was the same individual who, months before, had warned Grove to look the other way. Grove was in possession of documents proving illicit activity, and he planned to produce them at the meeting. However, on the day of the showdown he ran late, having been delayed by heavy Manhattan traffic. Grove says he was within 2-3 blocks of the World Trade Center when UAL175 hit the South Tower. By then, all or most of his friends in the North Tower were already dead, or trapped on the upper floors. All told, some 300 or more Marsh employees perished, that morning. None of whom had any idea what was in store for them.

to be continued

Mark H. Gaffney is the author of The 9/11 Mystery Plane and the Vanishing of America (2008). His next book, Black 9/11, will be released later this year. 9/11 Whistleblowers are encouraged to contact Mark at

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"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone
of any significance in the major media."

-William Colby
former CIA Director,
quoted by Dave Mcgowan, Derailing Democracy

The CIA and the Media


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It is an undeniable requirement of all people and all
societies that seek to humanize themselves and be free.."

- Guatemalan Bishop Juan Jose Gerardi Conedera

Assassinated April 25, 1998, one day after his speech (and above quote),
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to declare H1N1 a global pandemic held close
financial ties to drug companies that profited
from the sale of those vaccines.

OxySilver: The Green Technology
Making Risky Vaccinations and Toxic Antibiotics Obsolete.

By Leonard G. Horowitz

Recommended alternative to over-used
conventional antibiotics and vaccinations:

Comparison of OxySilver to Colloidal Silver

Testimonial by Jonathan Mark
[Item 2 - July 21, 2009 Flyby News]

A new film by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz
The Showtime Sting of Penn & Teller

13 July 2010 - Youtube - Flyby News Productions
Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane
Interviewed by Jonathan Mark on July 1, 2010
Part 1 of interview is at above link.
For all 6 parts, and for Bob Bowman Interview, click here!
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"Man is deeply vulnerable when faced with overwhelming evil.
Instead of consolidating his energy to fight it,
he wastes valuable time and effort puzzling over it,
insisting it is not, cannot possibly be, what it seems."

- Konnilyn G. Feig
Hitler's Death Camps: The Sanity Of Madness P. 444 (1979)

09 February 2011 - Rep. Ron Paul - Dr. Mercola
One of the Biggest Scams in World History Exposed
$16 trillion in secret backdoor bailouts of
US Federal Reserve funds to global banks

Awakening In Peace - World Reports - Christopher Story
30 July 2010
10 July 2010 - [Removed]
Worst Financial Terrorism Sabotage In History
01 July 2010
Big US Banks Confirmed As Criminal Enterprises
Youtube - October 2009 - Video
Christopher Story - EU Corruption

31 July 2010 - - Comments
Was Christopher Story Assassinated?
Comments - 10 July - World Reports

02 August 2010 - Flyby News - Gordon Duff
'Christopher Story Was Poisoned'
Intelligence Report On Assassination

18 November 2010 - Foreign Policy Journal - Kevin Ryan
Evidence for Informed Trading
on the Attacks of September 11

24 January 2011 - WantToKnow - Fred Burks
WikiLeaks Release of Rich Tax-Cheaters' Data,
Vatican Secrecy on Child Abuse, Private CIA

18 January 2011 - Democracy Now - Amy Goodman
Former Banker Hands Offshore
Account Data to WikiLeaks

20 January 2011 - NDTV - Zurich
Whistleblower Swiss banker
Rudolf Elmer arrested in Zurich

19 November 2010 - Online Journal - Jerry Mazza
Why has Viktor Bout been extradited to the US?
24 November 2010
The plot thickens over Viktor Bout's US extradition

12 November 2010 - Independent Media Institute - Information Clearinghouse
Bank of America Is in Deep Trouble
There May Be Financial Disaster on the Horizon

05 November 2010 - Democracy Now! - Michael Hudson
New $600B Fed Stimulus
Fears of US Currency War

November 2010 - WeAreChange - FederalJack
Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura,
Second Season (Wall Street) - Part 1 of 4

28 September 2010 - Global Research - David DeGraw
The Road to World War III - The Global
Banking Cartel Has One Card Left to Play

O eons of darkness, eternal night
you are only a backdrop for wondrous light.
And here I might find through the core of self
the entrance to illuminate, to perceive,
to flow with atoms expelling light,
as a river of purity in the deepness of night

13 December 2010 - YouTube - Dr. Len Horowitz
Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura,
Season 2 Episode 7 (BP OIL SPILL) - FULL LENGTH

08 November 2010 - Associated Press -
Scientists Found Dead Coral Caused
by BP Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico

21 October 2010 - Democracy Now! War and Peace Report
6 Months Since BP Oil Spill, Writer and Environmentalist
Terry Tempest Williams Asks "Where Is Our Outrage?"

21 October 2010 - - Greg Palast
The Petroleum Broadcast System Owes Us an Apology

07 July 2010 - Tetrahedron - Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane
WAR on The World
Rothschild League of Bankers
Thirty Facts Reveal Gulf Oil Disaster Was Planned

17 August 2010 - NY Daily News - Common Dreams
Government Report on Gulf Oil Spill Inaccurate,
Scientists Say at Least 79% of Oil Still in the Sea

06 August 2010 - 911blogger - Sander Hicks
From Agent Orange, to 9/11, to BP:
Kenneth Feinberg is Master of Disaster

27 June 2010 - EcoFriendlyConsult - Jack Williams
They are Purposely Killing the Gulf with Corexit

Secret ingredients of chem-dispersant Corexit finally revealed
11 June 2010 - Natural News - Mike Adams
Toxic Corexit dispersant chemicals remained
secret as feds colluded with Big Business

18 June 2010 - Scientific America -Common Dreams
Is Using Dispersants on the BP Gulf Oil Spill
Fighting Pollution with Pollution?

09 June 2010 - Sherri Kane - Leonard Horowitz
Vatican Official Tied To BP, Goldman-Sachs,
And Media Censorship In The Oil Fiasco
Increasing Evidence Of Foul Play

14 June 2010 - OnlineJournal - Jerry Mazza
Shedding light on the dark hole in the Gulf

21 May 2010 - New York Times - Bob Herbert
More Than Just an Oil Spill
The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is threatening
an ecosystem the same way that big corporations
like BP threaten our political system.

19 May 2010 - OnlineJournal - Jerry Mazza
Capping the devil's cauldron
In the face of apocalyptic events,
thoughts of deity, the devil
and our children.

17 May 2010 - NaturalNews - Mike Adams
Massive underwater oil cloud
may destroy life in Gulf of Mexico

Like pollution gushing out of the drilled oil well,
the Israeli attacks on humanitarian aid to Gaza
is a disconnect to reality. The idea of 'Never Again.'
with genocide and holocaust, is simply not working;
it is repeating over and over again. The oppressed
becomes the oppressor, with many manipulated by
an elitist plan to divide and conquer with nefarious
plans to depopulate the masses, to maintain their
wealth, greed, power . . . their madness has no
restraint and is destroying life on Earth.

19 January 2011 - Democracy Now - Amy Goodman
Gaza Doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish Two Years After
Israeli Attack that Killed 3 Daughters & Niece:
"As Long as I am Breathing, They are with Me.
I Will Never Forget"

23 September 2010 - The Telegraph/UK - War and Peace Report
Israel Used 'Incredible Violence' Against Gaza
Aid Flotilla, Says UN Human Rights Council

The recently released report on the flotilla
raid makes for a tough, demoralizing read.

28 September 2010 - The Jerusalem Post - Larry Derfner
Rattling the Cage: Burn after reading
..easier it gets to deny the crimes,
the easier it gets to commit them.

01 June 2010 - DemocracyNow! - War and Peace Report
Global Condemnation of Israeli Attack
on Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla

01 June 2010 - The Guardian (UK) - Information Clearing House
Israelis opened fire before boarding
Gaza flotilla, say released activists

20 July 2010 - Clear Day Books - James Petras
and the Zionist Fifth Column

Middle East Peace
~ initiatives & information ~

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice,
you have chosen the side of the oppressor

-- Desmond Tutu

For an important investigative drama that
challenges the official version of 9/11

The Reflecting Pool
Watch the Jonathan Mark interview:
Jarek Kupsc and Joseph Culp

12 July 2010 - 911blogger
9/11 Documentary Film Resources

11 September 2001 - World Trade Center Building 7 - 5:20 pm EST
Footage of WTC-7's Collapse

14 July 2010 - 911blogger - 911TrueStory
Video Compilation of Controlled Demolition Evidence

For FN's recommended films, see:
Films that Make a Difference!

Also, note this Podcast audio link:
Jonathan Mark Interviewed by Daria Fisk
Upfront Valley 9/11 Truth and Flyby News

02 December 2009 - 911blogger
Obama Invokes 9/11
to justify more troops

17 May 2010 - 911blogger - Veterans for Peace
Bob Bowman on Left-Right divide

Space for Peace and September 11
Connecting dots to democracy or to genocide

New 9/11 Investigation vs New World Order
P e r s p e c t i v e --- R e s o u r c e s --- A r c h i v e s

"Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution
of the United States as our Fathers made it inviolate. The people
of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress
and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to
overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

- Abraham Lincoln

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