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Deceptions USA & The Earth Wondrous

27 November 2010

My greetings and thanksgivings
I extend to the Earth Mother;
her nourishment though invisible
is felt by the rushing four winds,
the seasons have purpose,
the sun, glorious;
life as spread forth by trees
feeds the continuing healing forces
of purification.
I am endowed with beauty
and my arms stretch forth
in openness and gaiety
to the music of the heavens.
The Earth is wondrous

Editor's Notes: Following are updated links at FN. This work would be too gruesome to bear except for the people that you find resisting the madness and using reason to enable a real healing.. whereas fear has overtaken so many.. and denial is more the rule than the exception. Spread the word on this site and on Chris Pratt, a new filmmaker from Brattleboro, Vermont. May healing and thanksgivings arise daily where truth can be behold.

You can watch this film Online at above link.
And it will be screened in Northampton, MA, December 30th
with the filmmaker, Chris Pratt; (click here to download fliers)

A sunrise takes us by surprise
yet never delays its coming,
its turning, its yearning
to mix life with color
and turn on the crystal
ball of Earth.

Life Rhythms poetry blog with Jonathan Mark


26 November 2010 - War Is A Crime - Harvey Wasserman
Afghanistan is About Perpetual War

26 November 2010 - War Is A Crime - Ralph Lopez
Losing the Real Bradley Manning Story

The American Ruling Class
A dramatic, musical, documentary satire on
class in America that attempts to answer
the question 'Who rules America?'

22 November 2010 - 12160 - Pat Shannan
Persecuted FEMA 9-11
Photographer Fights Extradition

25 November 2010 - Raw Story - Information Clearinghouse
WikiLeaks Release to Feature Corruption
Among World Leaders, Governments

New important independent film by Chris Pratt:

November 2010 - WeAreChange - FederalJack
Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura,
Second Season (Wall Street) - Part 1 of 4

13 November 2010 - Raw Story - 911blogger
Long-hidden report: CIA created
'safe haven' for Nazis in the U.S.

13 October 2010 - Veterans Today - L. Wolfe
Suppressed History: When Wall Street
Tried To Bring The Holocaust To America

9/11 Investigation vs New World Order
Perspective - Resource - Archives

"Man is deeply vulnerable when faced with overwhelming evil.
Instead of consolidating his energy to fight it,
he wastes valuable time and effort puzzling over it,
insisting it is not, cannot possibly be, what it seems."

- Konnilyn G. Feig
Hitler's Death Camps: The Sanity Of Madness P. 444 (1979)

26 November 2010 - Healthy World News - Sherri Kane
Sentenced To Vaccinations or Face Jail-Time

OXYSILVER: The Green Technology Making
Risky Vaccinations and Toxic Antibiotics Obsolete.

By Leonard G. Horowitz

Recommended alternative to over-used
conventional antibiotics and vaccinations:

Comparison of OxySilver to Colloidal Silver

Testimonial by Jonathan Mark
[Item 2 - July 21, 2009 Flyby News]

A new film by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz
The Showtime Sting of Penn & Teller

13 July 2010 - Youtube - Flyby News Productions
Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane
Interviewed by Jonathan Mark on July 1, 2010
Part 1 of interview is at above link.
For all 6 parts, and for Bob Bowman Interview, click here!
[Flyby News Productions, listed in alphabetical order]

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