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AE911 Building What! - Len Horowitz

18 August 2010 - 11th anniversary
NASA- Cassini space probe's flyby maneuver around Earth, August 18, 1999

Editor's Notes: I am still celebrating Cassini not crashing into Earth's atmosphere eleven years ago, and delighted that FN is continuing to expose the madness. I really will be celebrating when the 9/11 false flag gets exposed to the point of ending the energy-military-NWO wars. The current plan, the best we got, is in the following action alert from AE911truth. The 9/11 truth movement has a great opportunity in exposing the populations in the NYC area to the WTC-7 smoking gun. Maybe by the tenth anniversary the 9/11 crime will be reported in mass by citizens via Misprision of Treason evidence. Right now we still are building a base of enough awakened citizens to make a difference. However, I still encourage people to take all sorts of individual legal actions, and recommend the Citizen's Campaign for a 9/11 Grand Jury Investigation. I plan to send support letters to the NYC Attorney General, with enclosures including the 9/11 Investigator.
13 August 2010 - 9/11 Investigator
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17 August 2010 - AE911truth - Action Alert
The "BuildingWhat?"
NYC Television Advertising Campaign

To donate to this campaign, go to:

But to begin this issue, I am including another article by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. For many of us Christopher Story, Edward Harle's writings and sudden death illustrate the continuation of high crimes, financial, environmental, and military, against humanity. Science and law are being twisted into elements of spin and oppression. As a leading health advocate for we, the people, Len Horowitz is now under attack, and yet remains eloquent and crystal clear in his message. Note his summary of what happened to 'goodwill toward men and peace on Earth.'

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Dear Friends and Extended Family,

If you wonder what happened to "peace on earth and goodwill toward men" here is a simple summary:

A LONG TIME AGO, wealthy, powerful, evil people invested in ways to keep their families' riches. They developed a plan to weaken people with fear, confusion, and spiritual suppression. (They even degraded uplifting music!) Disempowered this way, people would not revolt and overthrow them.

These people started banks that loaned money to every government and religious organization. The bankers hired bad men, criminal infiltrators, to provoke wars between nations and religious groups.

To protect themselves and their people, the nations and religions borrowed more money from the bankers to pay for weapons. This pleased the bankers, and increased their wealth and power.

Soon, the bankers took control over governments, and even the world's great religions and spiritual movements.

They took control over the media and mafias, too.

They used their "bad news" presses and networks to frighten people with propaganda. This is how they pinned people, from various nations, races, and religions, against each other.

So successful have they been, justified by their terrorists' attacks; their agent provocateurs, and propaganda, the bankers' governments and religions now use fear to get We The People to hate each other, and give them more money to fight more wars, and make more money, from our premature death.

They abuse LOVE to kill. (For example, they say, "If you LOVE your country, you send your children to war." And, "If you LOVE your children, get them vaccinated.")

They are now gearing up to invade Iran, and release more biological weapons to kill We The People, following this "crisis capitalist" agenda, prompting "martial law," forced vaccinations, and WWIII with Russia and China against the "Allies."

Their advancing biochemical warfare against We The People for population reduction is obvious. We see it in the sky, feel it in our lungs, and register it in our crashing economy as productivity diminishes and "disease care" skyrockets.

We are awakening rapidly to their evil antics--chemical intoxications coupled with biolab creations spread by poisonous vaccinations.

We are celebrating our only hope, a Divine miracle/spiritual intervention, accompanying a 528LOVERevolution.

"They" do not like me very much for what our team is doing. This is the reason why my work in health science, consumer health protection, and humanitarian activism, is now under attack; why I have been framed in the murder of journalist Edward Harle, and falsely alleged to be Knights of Malta member, libeled and linked by CIA operatives to Harle's murder.

Please spread this message and YouTube introduction revealing what is happening.

With much LOVE and aloha in 528,

Leonard G. Horowitz
August 16, 2010, USA

CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY "SPECIAL REPORT, PART 1: PharmaWHO Swine Flu Fraud and Journalists' Murders. THEN forward this urgent information through your networks of friends and loved ones. Pray for us!

NOTE: Sherri Kane and I are asking for your prayers for protection. We ask that you contact members of the press, radio talk shows, and religious leaders, to help distribute and investigate this story, as our lives are being threatened. Ms. Kane's blog contains her excellent research and detailed reports, including e-mails from suspects being exposed in this CIA-administered conspiracy. I have published my affidavit and updates on this matter, CLICK HERE.

Keep the faith!

Source URL [with images -

Building What?

“Recognizing the high correlation between those who know about the collapse of WTC 7 and those who believe that a new – or rather real – 9/11 investigation is needed, I propose that the international 9/11 Truth Movement initiate, starting this September, a world-wide, year-long ‘BuildingWhat?’ campaign. Through this campaign, we would seek to make the fact of its collapse so widely known that the mention of Building 7 would never again evoke the question: ‘Building What?’ ”

–David Ray Griffin

Source URL (with images):

Dear Fellow Truth Advocates,

We are pleased to announce the beginning of the worldwide “BuildingWhat?” campaign started on August 11.

For nearly nine years, the American people and the world have been kept in the dark about an event of monumental significance: the freefall collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, a 47-story skyscraper that was the third building to fall on September 11, 2001, even though it was not struck by a plane and suffered only minimal fire damage. Only a small minority of the public has seen footage of this collapse. But the vast majority of those who have seen the footage agree that the building was brought down intentionally, and they therefore support a new investigation of 9/11.

In 1975, nearly 12 years after JFK’s assassination, the public release of the Zapruder film created widespread doubt of the official account and eventually led to the creation of the House Select Committee on Assassinations. The Committee found that the Warren Commission investigation had been seriously flawed, and that there had indeed been a second gunman. The lesson we must take from this is that a few seconds of video footage can help reshape the way a country views the event of its generation.

There is a reason why the mainstream news media won’t discuss or air footage of the collapse of Building 7 – because that footage is the “Zapruder film of 9/11.” As the first step in a worldwide effort to spread awareness of the collapse of Building 7 to every corner of the globe, we have come together to cosponsor the “BuildingWhat?” Television Advertising Campaign in New York City. Our goal is to enlighten over 1 million New Yorkers with footage of Building 7’s freefall collapse. The plan is to blanket the New York City television market with our ad during the week of September 20, 2010.

We are seeking to raise $500,000 between August 11 and September 11, 2010 to cover the costs of this effort. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is now a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and so every dollar that is donated to this campaign will be fully tax-deductible!

We know there is nothing you would want more than for the truth about 9/11 to be revealed, and for the positive impact it would have on our society to take hold. Indeed, you have been involved in this struggle for many years.

We ask you now to unite in a movement-wide effort and give as much as you can to make this campaign possible. We must prove to ourselves what we are capable of. Let’s start a tidal wave of truth that will grow from city to city until tens of millions of people learn the truth about 9/11. Please read the details below and consider becoming a part of what will perhaps be the most important effort ever to awaken the public to the truth. After you’ve read more about the campaign, please go to to donate.

Thank you for caring.

Very truly yours,

Manny Badillo, Nephew of Thomas Joseph Sgroi

Richard Gage, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

David Ray Griffin, Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth

Niels Harrit, Coauthor of the WTC Nanothermite Study

Karen Johnson, Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth

Erik Lawyer, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth

Bob McIlvaine, Father of Bobby McIlvaine

JF Ranger, World for 9/11 Truth

Kevin Ryan, Coeditor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies

Ted Tilton Jr. and Justin Keogh,

William Veale, Lawyers for 9/11 Truth

Ted Walter, NYC CAN

What: The “BuildingWhat?” Television Advertising Campaign is a movement-wide effort cosponsored by several 9/11 truth organizations and leaders to blanket New York City in the week of September 20, 2010 with television advertisements featuring footage of Building 7’s collapse.


• The fundraising drive will run from August 11th until September 11th.

• As a 501(c)(3), Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth will serve as the fundraising vehicle. Your contribution will be 100% tax-deductible!

• Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth will receive 5% of the funds raised, another 5% will go to the WTC Rescuers Foundation, and the remaining 90% will go toward ad placement, web design and press releases.

• A fundraising target of $500,000 will allow for heavy saturation of the New York City television market for one week.

Scope of the Ad Campaign:

At an average cost of $750 per 30-second ad, and an average viewership of 10,000 people per ad, $500,000 minus expenses will allow for approximately 5.5 million individual views. The number of people who would see the ad at least once would be around 1 million.

Why New York:

To have an immediate and major impact, the first advertising campaign will be concentrated in one location. In addition to being where the events took place, New York City is the best location for three reasons:

1. It makes up 6.5% of US television viewers, more than double the third largest market, Chicago.

2. As the media capital of the country, New York City is the most likely to have an after-effect in the media.

3. New York City’s government provides the best chance for an official investigation to be started in the foreseeable future. Many local officials have been educated about Building 7 and are waiting for greater public support before taking action.

After the New York campaign is finished we will begin fundraising for the next campaign in a city to be determined. As the campaign grows, thousands of new donors will emerge and our fundraising efforts will snowball.

Description of the Ad:

The ad will be produced by John Kirby, creator of both NYC CAN ads, “Vote For Answers” and “A Message from Bob McIlvaine.” The ad will be shot and edited in a similar style to the NYC CAN ads, featuring a handful of 9/11 family members together with the most compelling footage of Building 7.

The ad will be unveiled on Friday, August 27! Stay tuned!

Over one million New Yorkers will see Building 7’s collapse for the first time and tens of thousands will go to for more information. The website will be a visually stunning, user-friendly journey through the most essential information about Building 7. It will open with a 90-second intro featuring 9/11 family members and David Ray Griffin telling the story of Building 7, interspersed with news footage from 9/11. There will be a video gallery, an 8-part section on evidence of controlled demolition, a page on fundraising for future ad campaigns, and an advocacy page explaining what New Yorkers can do. There will also be links to the organizations cosponsoring the ad campaign.

The website will also be unveiled on Friday, August 27! Stay tuned!

What You Can Do:

1) Donate generously!

2) Tell your friends to donate generously!

3) Help us find matching contributors! Do you know someone who would be able to match 2% or 5% or even 20% of everything that is raised? Can you match a certain percentage? Please let us know so that when we unveil the ad and website on Friday, August 27, we can invigorate the fundraising drive with the promise of matching contributions!

Please go to to donate. Thank you in advance for your support.


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