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WHO Flu H1N1 * NAZI Finance * Goldstone

03 November 2009

“A great civilization is not conquered from without
until it has destroyed itself from within.”

-- Will Durant

1) The WHO Flu Scam keeping hold on the truth
- - Shannon Brownlee: Does the Vaccine Matter?
- - Making Risky Vaccinations and Toxic Antibiotics Obsolete
- - The WHO Flu Scam Video now available
2) NAZI Continuum Overtaking US, UK, Israel, and World Peace
- - Bush SR. In Germany To Sabotage Payment Process
- - Capitol Hill Exposed Censoring Derivatives Critic
- - The American Ruling Class ~ and rave reviews
- - Brzezinski Says Ignore US Public on Afghanistan
- - Innocent Victims of Extraordinary Rendition Cannot Sue in US Courts
- - Condemning Goldstone Report on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza?!?
- - Support The Goldstone Report
3) Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet
- - Snow Cap Melting Away Atop Mount Kilimanjaro
4) The Tragedy of Leonard Peltier vs. the US
- - Jehan Abdur-Raheem on Leonard’s parole denial - Correction
5) Critical Breaking News - updated

Editor's Notes

The subject of the dangerous H1N1 (with evidence of it being created in a laboratory) begins this issue. The article by Dr. Leonard Horowitz discloses potential conflicting interest in his helping to formulate and market OxySilver™, an advanced silver hydrosol. FN also discloses being affiliated with this product. As this 17-page report shows: “The entire class of nanosilver solutions is gaining substantial scientific support and recognized value in healthcare for service in disease remediation and health promotion.” This product could be a lifesaver. All funds received from FN's affiliation is used to cover our expenses for campaigns for life’s survival in the 21st Century. On this subject, too, I recommend watching and sharing The WHO Flu Scam DVD.

In item 2, learn about the DVD of Germany, the NAZI connection with the head of US intelligence corruption, George Bush, Sr., following the path set forth by his father in supporting a fascist new world takeover. Many separate one issue from another. The larger story is almost too much to take in. But what are our options? The US basis for its military invasion-occupation of Afghanistan is based on the ‘official’ version (myth) of what happened on September 11, 2001. Only the truth will set us free. Meanwhile, Christopher Story and others are showing signs of an awakening world at the brink of global financial failure. Also in the second item too, take note of The American Ruling Class, a dramatic, musical, documentary satire that attempts to answer the question 'Who rules America?' The interview-segment with James Baker was particularly satisfying in its exposing corrupt doublespeak-evil of this man who was involved in the 2000 election coup d'etat. And don't miss the link to take action, Support The Goldstone Report.

Meanwhile, the snowcap is melting away atop Mount Kilimanjaro. Crises are looming almost on every level. Climate chief Lord Stern gives practical and healthful advice for humans to give up meat for lowering our carbon footprint on the planet. In the fourth item, Peter Matthiessen, author of The Spirit of Crazy Horse, writes an op-ed in the NY Times, “The Tragedy of Leonard Peltier vs. the US.” In the last item, catch up on all the recent posts at FN. Note especially Stephanie Kraft's October 22nd article, “Flying Girders, Falling Towers” on Richard Gage, AIA, presentation in Northampton, MA. It begins with the question: "Is the public ready to consider evidence that controlled demolition brought down the World Trade Center skyscrapers?" It concludes: "Increasingly, the signs are that they will."

New Beginning, New End

Time forged in mystery
Flowing to drips of anxiousness
Sweating out toxins and breathing in space
Where none existed before,
Except in our minds; now
Trembling into a disappearing act –
Frozen in fear as glaciers melt away
And consumption is on its last binge..
Where tomorrow holds uncertainty
And logic is confined in its space
Between denial and insanity,
Or perhaps science is on its last breath and voyage
From the perspective of humankind-nature,
And yet, a new day begins.

Jonathan Mark
28 October 2009

1) The WHO Flu Scam keeping hold on the truth

- - Shannon Brownlee: Does the Vaccine Matter?
- - Making Risky Vaccinations and Toxic Antibiotics Obsolete
- - The WHO Flu Scam Video now available

- - Shannon Brownlee: Does the Vaccine Matter?
Democracy Now! 02 November 2009

In a new article in The Atlantic, Shannon Brownlee examines how some flu experts are challenging the medical orthodoxy and arguing that for those most in need of protection, flu shots and antiviral drugs may provide little to none. So where does that leave us if a bad pandemic strikes? Shannon Brownlee is the author of the bestselling book Overtreated: Why Too Much Medicine Is Making Us Sicker and Poorer.

URL source for DN interview transcript; plus, watch or listen:

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- - Making Risky Vaccinations and Toxic Antibiotics Obsolete

OxySilver™: The “Green” Technology Making
Risky Vaccinations and Toxic Antibiotics Obsolete
Leonard G. Horowitz

The author discloses potential conflicting interest in helping to formulate and market OxySilver™ an advanced silver hydrosol. The entire class of nanosilver solutions has gained substantial scientific support and recognized value in healthcare for service in disease remediation and health promotion.


Drug makers profit billions of dollars annually from the sale of toxic antibiotics and risky vaccines. These antimicrobial methods accepted by the medical mainstream are often responsible for pollution and myriad side-effects. The use of antibiotics upsets the microbial balance of ecology and the human body. It promotes the evolution of “super germs” that require stronger chemotherapies.

Vaccines may have worse consequences. Inoculations of foreign proteins, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals tax the immune system and detoxification organs triggering auto-immune diseases, neuro-degenerative ailments, learning disabilities such as autism and more. Cancers are linked to some vaccine contaminations. To remedy these arguably criminal inequities, an advanced silver hydrosol has been developed as a “green technology” alternative to risky vaccinations and toxic antibiotics. OxySilver operates hydrosonically and energetically to save lives and costs as a far safer and proven effective broad spectrum solution to nearly all infectious diseases.

Targeting pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and viruses; OxySilver generally spares beneficial flora in the gut and supports, rather than stresses, the immune system, neurology, and general constitution. In addition, OxySilver, and silver hydrosols in general, do not encourage microbial mutations forming “super bugs” as do antibiotics. Given all the science that has advanced, OxySilver may be the “silver bullet” humanity has sought for freedom from infectious diseases.

For complete PDF article post (17 pagest):

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- - The WHO Flu Scam Video now available
as a download - for free - or via mail.

This videos is not false propaganda. The contents include a substantive and comprehensive collection of video news reports (from the major news networks), text news reports (from major newspapers) and unclassified government documents.

The purpose of these videos is to assist the viewer to make an informed decision about the safety and effectiveness of all vaccines (especially the H1N1 swineflu vaccine); to present evidence that the 2009 WHO flu level 6 pandemic is a fraud; and to document the existence of a corrupt secret government.

To order free copies of ‘The WHO Flu Scam’ DVD Video
First and Second Edition:

Send your mailing address and $5 in U. S. dollars
or postal money order for shipping and materials to:

Phil Segrave
3625 Courtney-Huntsville Rd
Yadkinville, NC 27055

If you have a currency problem or postage problem send message to: psegrave{at)yadtel[dot}net

URL Source - for info, download, etc..

2) NAZI Continuum Overtaking US, UK, Israel, and World Peace

- - Bush SR. In Germany To Sabotage Payment Process
- - Capitol Hill Exposed Censoring Derivatives Critic
- - The American Ruling Class ~ and rave reviews
- - Brzezinski Says Ignore US Public on Afghanistan
- - Innocent Victims of Extraordinary Rendition Cannot Sue in US Courts
- - Condemning Goldstone Report on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza?!?
- - Support The Goldstone Report

- - Bush SR. In Germany To Sabotage Payment Process
By Christopher Story
Published 03 November, 2009 by World Reports


The Main NAZI Perpetrators Exposed For The Whole World To See

The foregoing exposure reveals the accuracy of our assessment that the MAIN ENEMY OF THE MAIN ENEMY (as German and covert Soviet intelligence reference Great Britain and the United States) is the Nazi Continuum served by George Bush Sr., his partner Joseph Ackermann, CEO of Deutsche Bank, who runs the DVD’s main banking institution, and their hypercorrupt cohorts in the United States, including Paulson, the Clintons, Geithner, Summers, Panetta and Bernanke.

For the complete article, see:
For World Reports archives:

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- - Capitol Hill Exposed Censoring Derivatives Critic

How Wall Street and Its Backers on Capitol Hill
Silenced a Critic Calling for Regulation of Derivatives

Broadcast 02 November 2009 by DemocracyNow!

Last month, when the a subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee held a hearing on the derivatives market, Robert Johnson was the only non-industry expert invited to speak. The former economist at the Senate Banking Committee and the Senate Budget Committee was invited just sixteen hours before the hearing. His testimony was cut short after five minutes by Congresswoman Melissa Bean, and the committee has since refused to post online his full testimony along with the statements of the other panelists. Robert Johnson comes on Democracy Now! to explain what he tried to tell Congress.

Read, watch, or listen:

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- - The American Ruling Class ~ and rave reviews


This is a highly entertaining dramatic documentary musical written by Lewis Lapham and directed by John Kirby that “explores our country’s most taboo topic: class, power and privilege in our nominally democratic republic.” It seeks to answer the question, “Does America have a ruling class?”

Serving as an oddly Vincent Price-like master of ceremonies, Lapham poses a simple question: Is there a ruling class in America, and, if so, how does one get in? To find the answer, he sends two fictional Yale grads on a series of interviews, some candid and some staged, with such power brokers as former secretary of State James Baker as well as progressive icons, such as Howard Zinn, filmmaker Robert Altman, Barbara Ehrenreich, Kurt Vonnegut, and Pete Seeger.

At bottom “The American Ruling Class” is a morality tale. As Lapham conducts them through the corridors of power: Pentagon press briefings, the World Economic Forum, philanthropic foundations, Washington law firms, corporations, banks, the Council on Foreign Relations, and New York society dinners--our two representative graduates “one rich and the other not so rich” must struggle with their responsibilities in “a world collaterally damaged by the magic of money and the miracles of science.” The real-life luminaries they meet on their journey become characters in a story about power, its responsibilities and abuses. 2007 89 min.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The American Ruling Class ~ reviews

“Divine madness…a documentary version of The Wizard of Oz … director John Kirby and Lapham attempt to illuminate the heart of darkness inside the American political-economic machine. What they find ain’t pretty.”
- Matthew Hays, Montreal Mirror

“A brilliant documentary/comedy, part Monty Python, part Michael Moore; brings to life the question: Can one join the power elite and yet work for the public interest?”
- Joseph A. Soares, Professor of Sociology, Wake Forest University,
Author, Power of Privilege: Yale and America’s Elite Colleges

“THE AMERICAN RULING CLASS is a crowning achievement of cinematic sociology… a must-see for those concerned about the future of our economy and social order.”
- Kevin T. Leicht, Professor and Director of the Institute
for Inequality Studies, The University of Iowa, Author,
Post-Industrial Peasants: The Illusion of Middle Class Prosperity

“A satirical tour through the corridors of power with Lewis Lapham… The film takes on our political and financial elites, the top of America’s food chain, but it’s all for a purpose: to remind us of those who are struggling just to make ends meet.”
-Bill Moyers

“THE AMERICAN RULING CLASS is the most cinematically subversive film to come along this decade. Led by the extremely lucid and funny Lewis Lapham, the nation’s number one intellectual treasure, the film takes us on a luminous quest… Director John Kirby has fashioned a sly film; it plays with form, but is populist in outreach, transcending documentary expectations with wit, style and political savvy.”
- Peter Wintonick, Director/Producer, Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media

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- - Brzezinski Says Ignore US Public on Afghanistan
By David Swanson

Zbigniew Brzezinski spoke at a RAND Corporation forum on Afghanistan in a Senate caucus room on Thursday. His first statement was that “Withdrawal from Afghanistan in the near future is a No-No.” He offered no reasons why and suggested that his other statements would be more controversial.

During a subsequent question-and-answer period, I asked Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, why he had provided no rationale for his first rule. I asked him why such a rule should be considered uncontroversial when approximately half of Americans oppose the occupation of Afghanistan. I asked how he would respond to the arguments of a US diplomat who just resigned in protest.

Brzezinski’s response would make Dick “So?” Cheney proud. He responded that it was understandable but that a lot of people are weak and don’t know any better, and they should be ignored. But, he urged that those supporters of war who would criticize the president if he pulled out should be feared and followed.

These are paraphrases. For exact wording get the video.

For complete article with notes on Brzezinski’s remarks:

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- - Innocent Victims of Extraordinary Rendition Cannot Sue in US Courts

Appeals Court Rules in Maher Arar Case:
Innocent Victims of Extraordinary Rendition Cannot Sue in US Courts

On Monday, a federal court of appeals dismissed Canadian citizen Maher Arar’s case against US officials for their role in sending him to Syria to be tortured. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that victims of extraordinary rendition cannot sue Washington for torture suffered overseas, because Congress has not authorized such lawsuits. In 2002, Syrian-born Maher Arar was held in New York on his way back to Canada from a family vacation in Tunisia. A subsequent Canadian public inquiry has shown Arar was held on erroneous advice from Canadian officials who accused him of ties to Islamic militants. US authorities then flew Arar to Syria, where he was imprisoned and tortured for a year. Canadian authorities exonerated Arar in 2007, apologized for their role in his torture, and awarded him a multi-million-dollar settlement.

Democracy Now! Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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- - Condemning Goldstone Report on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza?!?

Israeli Activists Criticize US House for Considering Resolution
Condemning Goldstone Report on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

The House is expected to overwhelmingly vote today to condemn a UN inquiry that found Israel committed scores of war crimes in its three-week assault on the Gaza Strip. Headed by the South African jurist Richard Goldstone, the inquiry also accused Hamas of war crimes and said both sides should investigate the allegations or face international prosecution. Over 1,300 Palestinians were killed in the Israeli attack, a majority of them civilians. Nine Israelis were killed by Palestinians and another four by so-called friendly fire. The bipartisan, non-binding House measure calls the Goldstone inquiry “irredeemably biased and unworthy of further consideration or legitimacy.” The vote comes one day before the United Nations General Assembly is expected to take up the inquiry’s findings.

Democracy Now! Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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- - Support The Goldstone Report

Urgent US Action!

Tell your US Representative: Don’t Bury the Goldstone Report!

3) Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet

- - Snow Cap Melting Away Atop Mount Kilimanjaro

- - Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet

People will need to turn vegetarian if the world is to conquer climate change, according to a leading authority on global warming.

In an interview with The Times, Lord Stern of Brentford said: “Meat is a wasteful use of water and creates a lot of greenhouse gases. It puts enormous pressure on the world’s resources. A vegetarian diet is better.”

Direct emissions of methane from cows and pigs is a significant source of greenhouse gases. Methane is 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a global warming gas.

Lord Stern, the author of the influential 2006 Stern Review on the cost of tackling global warming, said that a successful deal at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December would lead to soaring costs for meat and other foods that generate large quantities of greenhouse gases.

He predicted that people’s attitudes would evolve until meat eating became unacceptable. “I think it’s important that people think about what they are doing and that includes what they are eating,” he said. “I am 61 now and attitudes towards drinking and driving have changed radically since I was a student. People change their notion of what is responsible. They will increasingly ask about the carbon content of their food.”

Lord Stern, a former chief economist of the World Bank and now I. G. Patel Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, warned that British taxpayers would need to contribute about £3 billion a year by 2015 to help poor countries to cope with the inevitable impact of climate change.

He also issued a clear message to President Obama that he must attend the meeting in Copenhagen in person in order for an effective deal to be reached. US leadership, he said, was “desperately needed” to secure a deal.

He said that he was deeply concerned that popular opinion had so far failed to grasp the scale of the changes needed to address climate change, or of the importance of the UN meeting in Copenhagen from December 7 to December 18. “I am not sure that people fully understand what we are talking about or the kind of changes that will be necessary,” he added.

Up to 20,000 delegates from 192 countries are due to attend the UN conference in the Danish capital. Its aim is to forge a deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions sufficiently to prevent an increase in global temperatures of more than 2 degrees centigrade. Any increase above this level is expected to trigger runaway climate change, threatening the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

Lord Stern said that Copenhagen presented a unique opportunity for the world to break free from its catastrophic current trajectory. He said that the world needed to agree to halve global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to 25 gigatonnes a year from the current level of 50 gigatonnes.

UN figures suggest that meat production is responsible for about 18 per cent of global carbon emissions, including the destruction of forest land for cattle ranching and the production of animal feeds such as soy.

Lord Stern, who said that he was not a strict vegetarian himself, was speaking on the eve of an all-parliamentary debate on climate change. His remarks provoked anger from the meat industry.

Jonathan Scurlock, of the National Farmers Union, said: “Going vegetarian is not a worldwide solution. It’s not a view shared by the NFU. Farmers in this country are interested in evidence-based policymaking. We don’t have a methane-free cow or pig available to us.”

On average, a British person eats 50g of protein derived from meat each day — the equivalent of a chicken breast or a lamb chop. This is a relatively low level for a wealthy country but between 25 per cent and 50 per cent higher than the amount recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Su Taylor, a spokeswoman for the Vegetarian Society, welcomed Lord Stern’s remarks. “What we choose to eat is one of the biggest factors in our personal impact on the environment,” she said. “Meat uses up a lot of resources and a vegetarian diet consumes a lot less land and water. One of the best things you can do about climate change is reduce the amount of meat in your diet.”

The UN has warned that meat consumption is on course to double by the middle of the century.

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- - Snow Cap Melting Away Atop Mount Kilimanjaro

Democracy Now! – November 3, 2009

A new report has found that the snow and ice capping Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest peak, is shrinking rapidly and could vanish altogether in twenty years. Eighty-five percent of the ice cover that was present in 1912 has already melted. Meanwhile, the nation of Nepal has announced it will soon hold a cabinet meeting on Mount Everest to highlight how global warming is causing glaciers to melt in the Himalayas.

For FN's resource page on this issue, see:
Mounting Evidence of Extreme Global Warming

4) The Tragedy of Leonard Peltier vs. the US
By Peter Matthiessen
The New York Review of Books
Volume 56, Number 18 · November 19, 2009

On July 27, 2009, I drove west from New York to the old riverside town of Lewisburg in central Pennsylvania, the site of the federal penitentiary where early the next morning I would make an appeal to the parole board on behalf of the American Indian Movement (AIM) activist Leonard Peltier in his first parole hearing in fifteen years. On this soft summer evening, a quiet gathering of Peltier supporters from all over the country had convened in a small park near the Susquehanna River. Despite his long history of defeats in court, these Indians and whites sharing a makeshift picnic at wood tables under the trees were optimistic about a favorable outcome. Surely a new era of justice for minorities and poor people had begun with the Obama administration, and anyway, wasn’t Leonard’s freedom all but assured by the Parole Act of 2005, which mandated release for inmates who had spent thirty or more years in prison?

Leonard Peltier, an Ojibwa-Lakota from Turtle Mountain, North Dakota, was one of the three young Indians who were among the participants in a shoot-out with the FBI at Oglala on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation on a hot dusty day in June 1975. They were later charged with the deaths of FBI agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams. Ostensibly searching for a suspect in a recent robbery case, the agents had been warned by tribal police not to enter the property where the AIM Indians had their camp. Their intrusion apparently provoked a warning that led to an exchange of gunfire. Understandably outraged by the deaths of Coler and Williams and in particular by the fact that an unknown “shooter” had finished off both wounded men at point-blank range, their fellow agents would also suffer intense frustration and embarrassment when a dozen or more of the Indians involved, using a brushy culvert under a side road, escaped a tight cordon of hundreds of agents, Indian and state police, national guardsmen, and vigilantes who had the area surrounded.

More galling still, Bob Robideau and Dino Butler, two of the three AIM suspects in the killings arrested during the FBI’s huge “ResMurs” (Reservation Murders) investigation, were acquitted a year later in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on a plea of self-defense, as the third and last suspect, Leonard Peltier, would certainly have been as well, had he not fled to Canada. He was arrested there in February 1976, extradited back to the US, and tried separately. Though originally indicted with the others on identical evidence, he was barred by a hostile new judge, Paul Benson, from presenting the same argument based on self-defense that had led to Robideau and Butler’s acquittal. Furiously prosecuted as the lone killer and convicted for both deaths on disputed evidence, Peltier was sentenced in February 1977 in Fargo, North Dakota, to two consecutive life terms in federal prison.

The following year, when Peltier’s conviction was appealed, 8th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Donald Ross denounced the coercion of witnesses and manipulation of evidence in his case as “a clear abuse of the investigative process by the FBI”; the US Attorney’s Office, too, would be sharply criticized for withholding exculpatory evidence. In October 1984, in an evidentiary hearing in Bismarck, North Dakota, ordered by the appellate court to review the possibility of a new trial, the prosecutor, US Attorney Lynn Crooks, had to concede that the FBI’s own laboratory had failed to verify the claimed ballistics link between Peltier and the murder weapon that was used to nail down his conviction—a shell casinng of disputed provenance that Crooks had called “perhaps the most important piece of evidence in this case.” Even so, Judge Benson refused to reconsider the conviction.

The following year when the decision was appealed again, Crooks finally admitted that the identity of “the shooter” had never been proven and was in fact unknown to the prosecution even when it was twisting the evidence to ensure Peltier’s conviction and make certain that its third and last suspect—by its own description, “tthe only one we got”—was imprisoned for life. Yet the appellate courrt, while noting that so much tainted evidence had deprived the defendant of his constitutional right to due process of law, found “no compelling legal justification” for ordering a new trial.

In a TV interview after his retirement in 1989, Judge Gerald Heaney, who had signed that astonishing decision, called it “the most difficult I had to make in twenty-two years on the bench.” The following year, in the National Law Journal, this troubled jurist held the FBI “equally responsible” for the deaths of its two agents; in a letter to Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, he urged commutation of Peltier’s sentence. Questioned on the same 1989 TV show about the perjured affidavits extracted by FBI agents from a frightened alcoholic, US Attorney Crooks declared: “I don’t really know and I don’t really care if they were false. I don’t agree that we did anything wrong, but I can tell you, it don’t bother my conscience one whit if we did.” Properly outraged by this arrogant refusal to repudiate US government use of fabricated evidence, Senator Inouye, as a former US attorney, called Crooks “a disgrace to the profession.”

I first interviewed Leonard Peltier in Marion Penitentiary in 1981, and that same year, with his original codefendant Bob Robideau, I inspected the Jumping Bull Ranch at Oglala where the shoot-out had taken place. Later, after reading many if not most of the pertinent documents, including the FBI field reports and the transcripts of both trials, I returned to Oglala to interview local people and study the scene again. Like the FBI, I would hear all sorts of rumors about the many young Indians involved without learning which one had fired the fatal shots; however there seemed to me no doubt whatever that Leonard Peltier had been railroaded into prison.

Unfortunately my long book making that case[*] was quickly suppressed by libel suits brought by South Dakota’s attorney general, William Janklow, and an FBI agent named David Price. Eight years would pass before both suits were summarily dismissed and the book was back in circulation. Meanwhile Peltier’s long fight for a fair trial had won his endorsement as a political prisoner by Amnesty International, and his thousands of supporters throughout the world included the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and the great majority of his own people in the more than 250 Indian nations that had formally demanded his release.

In Peltier’s first parole hearing in 1996, the examiner filed an internal recommendation in Peltier’s favor. (The US Parole Commission, like the US Attorney’s Office and the FBI, is under the aegis of the Justice Department: its examiner informs himself about the case, questions both sides, and appraises the new evidence, if any.) Yet in actions so belated and irregular as to raise suspicion of undue influence, the commission replaced that first examiner with one more to its liking and denied parole.

By then, the few bold lawmakers who had called for investigations had retreated or retired, and Peltier’s best hope was executive clemency. To that end, I wangled my way into the Oval Office and pressed my book about the case into President Clinton’s hands. In January 2001, during Clinton’s last week in office, as FBI lobbyists—the Association of Retired FBI Ageents and No Parole for Peltier—marched in front of the White House, I joined attorney Bruce Ellison and filmmaker Jon Kilik in a long meeting with the presidential and White House counsels in which we argued that granting clemency to an American Indian who could offer nothing in return was a bold symbolic step that could only enhance the President’s last-minute efforts to prop up his legacy.

The lawyers seemed impressed and hopes were high, but when the clemency list appeared on the Saturday morning of Inauguration Day, Peltier’s name was missing. The phone call I dreaded was put through from Leavenworth Prison in early afternoon. “They didn’t give it to me,” mumbled a stunned voice I scarcely recognized, the first time in twenty years of visits, letters, and telephone conversations that Leonard Peltier’s strong spirit sounded broken. With all court appeals exhausted and no hope of mercy from the incoming Republican administration, this aging prisoner was condemned to wait for his next parole hearing in 2009.

In the park in Lewisburg, people agreed that had the shoot-out victims not been “FBIs,” Leonard might never have been convicted; at the very least, he would have been paroled many years before. Someone in the park recalled the fear and disruption on the reservations caused by the FBI’s huge ResMurs investigation (which was widely perceived as the latest chapter in the long history of oppression and revenge against “the redskins who killed Custer” that had led up to the shoot-out). The killing that day in June 1975 of a young member of the AIM by a marksman’s bullet in the forehead had gone all but unmentioned, someone said, let alone investigated by “the Injustice Department,” doubtless because “Injuns don’t count.” How about Bob Robideau’s statement to an FBI man that he had been “the shooter”? Would the Parole Commission take that into account? And was it suspicious that Robideau had been found dead last February in Barcelona? (The official autopsy concluded that he had struck his head in a fall while suffering a seizure.)

With Peltier’s attorney Eric Seitz and the two other parole advocates —Dr. Thoom White Wolf Fassett, a Seneca elder and United Methodist adviser to Congress on Indian affairs, and an Ojibwa woman named Cindy Maleterre representing Peltier’s Turtle Mountain Reservation—I went early the next morniing to the prison, passing supporters waving “Free Peltier” signs at the entrance road.

In the hearing room the first to speak were the two sons of the late agent Jack Coler. After testifying to their family’s great loss, they suggested that if this man facing them today were to take responsibility and express remorse for those brutal murders he so stubbornly denies having committed, the Coler family might not protest his parole. But the three FBI spokesmen and the assistant US attorney who spoke next were content to repeat the same vilifications and distortions of the facts that won a conviction back in 1977. Locked long ago into their ResMurs myth, they insisted that Peltier was still a danger to the public and cited those provisions in the Parole Act specifying that parole may be denied if the subject’s release might “depreciate the seriousness of the offense” or “promote disrespect for the law.”

In response to the charge that Peltier has evaded his responsibility for those murders, Eric Seitz countered that the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office have evaded responsibility for their own illegal tactics in his prosecution. Otherwise Seitz made no attempt to retry a long historic case in a few minutes, emphasizing instead the prisoner’s exemplary behavior record, serious health problems, and other strong qualifications for parole under the commission’s geriatric and medical criteria. He reminded Examiner Scott Kubic that in a few weeks, on September 12, when Peltier would turn sixty-five, he would also become eligible for home detention under the new Second Chance program for elderly inmates designed to ease overcrowding in the US prisons.

Thom White Wolf testified that Peltier’s incarceration for nearly thirty-three years has been viewed both nationally and internationally as a gross injustice and a major embarrassment to our country, with a negative effect on the world’s view of how the US government treats its native population. When my turn came, I spoke to the points made in this article, adding how much this inmate had matured over the three decades of our acquaintance, not only as an articulate spokesman for his people but as an artist, self-taught in the prisons, whose work is admired through- out the US. And Cindy Maleterre assured the examiner that the prisoner’s Ojibwa-Dakota people at Turtle Mountain—including grandchildren he has never seen ”had already taken care of the parole requirements of social support, adequate housing, and steady employment (as an arts-and-crafts teacher and alcoholism counselor on the reservation), and were planning to welcome him home with a great feast.

That afternoon we left the prison with the feeling that Examiner Kubic had listened carefully and would recommend parole—a guarded optimism we conveyed to the flag-waving suupporters awaiting our report on the public road. But no one forgot how the examiner’s finding in Peltier’s favor fifteen years before had been aborted; in the next weeks, as so often in the past, the prisoner would have to suffer the suspense of desperate hope.

On Friday, August 20, federal inmate #89637-132 received terse notice that his petition for parole had been denied: not until his “15-year Reconsideration Hearing in July 2024,” he was informed, would he become eligible to be turned down again. In the unlikely event that he lives long enough to attend that hearing, Inmate Peltier will be eighty years old.

In his angry response, Attorney Seitz accused the commission of “adopting the position of the FBI that anyone who may be implicated in the killings of its agents should never be paroled and should be left to die in prison.” I entirely agree with Seitz and share his anger. For the prisoner and his supporters, the Lewisburg hearing had been hollow, with a predetermined outcome: The United States v. Leonard Peltier had always been a matter less of justice than of retribution.

Americans—those in public office especially—should inform themselves about this painful case and demand an unbiased investigation that might start with one simple question: If, in the thirty-three years since his trial, reputable evidence has ever emerged that Leonard Peltier was the lone killer and deserves to be in prison for life, why hasn’t the Justice Department produced it?

Without public protest, Peltier will not be granted a fair hearing since his prosecutors know that in the absence of honest evidence, “the only one we got” would be set free. Instead, this man’s life leaks away behind grim concrete walls for the unworthy purpose of saving face for the FBI and a US Attorney’s Office that together botched the famous ResMurs case and mean to see somebody pay. And who better for this fate than a “radical” AIM Indian who dared stand up to “legally constituted authority” in defense of his humiliated people, as he was doing with such tragic consequences on that long-ago June day?

In reviewing this case with an open mind, as surely he must in fulfilling his oath of office, Attorney General Eric Holder (the assistant attorney general in 2001) might reflect on his own role in the clemency bestowed by Clinton on Marc Rich, the notorious “fugitive felon.” He might consider, too, Rich’s consequent evasion of even a single day in prison in the harsh light of the eleven thousand days already served by a penniless American Indian who remains innocent before the law, having never been proven guilty.


[*]Notes - In the Spirit of Crazy Horse (Viking, 1983).

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- - Jehan Abdur-Raheem on Leonard’s parole denial - Correction

In a previous issue of FN – September 19, 2009 - Sept 11 Treason + Vaccine * Peltier

I posted an earlier address for Jehan Abdur-Raheem, which has now been corrected:

Jehan Abdur-Raheem
# 77A1180 - Eastern, NY Correctional Facility;
P.O. Box 338; Napanoch, NY 12458-0338


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When I despair, I remember that all through history
the way of truth and love has always won.
There have been tyrants and murderers
and for a time they seem invincible
but in the end, they always fall --
think of it, ALWAYS.

-- Mahatma Gandhi

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A “perplexing” Canadian study linking H1N1 to seasonal flu shots
is throwing national influenza plans into disarray and testing
public faith in the government agencies responsible for
protecting the nation's health. Distributed for peer review
last week, the study confounded infectious-disease experts
in suggesting that people vaccinated against seasonal flu
are twice as likely to catch swine flu.

OXYSILVER™: The Green Technology Making
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By Leonard G. Horowitz

12 May 2009
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Researchers refine theory for lab origin of swine flu

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