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Paranoid Reality * Liberty * Peltier Parole

01 June 2009

"You can never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes
the existing model obsolete."

-- Buckminster Fuller

1) Bush Hidden History Coming Out - Family Secrets
- - LA Times covers (Bush) Family of Secrets ‘paranoid style’
- - Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty - Russ Baker audio
- - Paranoid Shift Confronting Reality
- - Obama administration sides with Saudis in 9/11 suit
- - Vote for Answers - VIDEO - Heartfelt 50 seconds
- - The Hidden History of 9-11
- - Fake Terror - The Road to War and Dictatorship
2) Torturing Democracy - USS Liberty Silver Star - Missing H-Bomb
- - Bill Moyer Journal on special documentary - "Torturing Democracy"
- - USS Liberty Veteran Receives Silver Star
- - Defending Israeli War Crimes
- - The Case of the Missing H-Bomb
3) Parole Letter for Leonard Peltier; time for freedom
4) Critical Breaking News

Editor’s Notes:

This issue starts off with a review in the LA Times playing the “paranoid” (condescension) game, while responding to hard documents offered in Russ Baker’s book: FAMILY OF SECRETS: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America. Tim Rutten summarizes his outlook (and bias): “I think there are three things that every serious American needs to believe about our recent history: Kennedy was killed by a lone lunatic, Americans really did land on the moon and the Twin Towers were destroyed when they were struck by two fully fueled airliners that had been hijacked by Islamic extremists organized by Al Qaeda. People who do not believe in these things are, within reasonable limits, entitled to sympathy. They are not entitled to a seat at the table where serious discussions occur.”

In contrast the following article by Michael Hasty, called Paranoid Shift uses documented evidence to expose the cabal of deceit; and shows how ‘key’ words like "conspiracy" can discredit most any hard evidence, proving the full manipulation of the mainstream media and public. This is why 'real' patriots question the events of September 11. The 50-second video produced by NYC CAN features 9/11 Family Members Jean Canavan, Bob McIlvaine and Manny Badillo, asking a few poignant, heartfelt, unanswered questions, and calling upon all New Yorkers to Vote For Answers.

The second item begins with a transcript of the latest Bill Moyers Journal program, which featured the powerful new film documentary, Torturing Democracy. The element of NAZI Germany and the Bush group hits home again and again. But is there a light at the end of the tunnel? While the Obama administration is still covering up the truth of what happened on September 11, could there be a big turnaround for the US government in the works? This Memorial Day a hero from the USS Liberty was recognized with a Silver Star. Is this a sign that Obama is determined to recognize the threats to the US from within, and dedicated to making this change? I don’t really know, but with the case of the missing H-Bomb, there may be reasons to be cautious as we somehow find a way to rid our world of weapons (insanity) capable of the mass destruction to life.

The third item 3 is on Leonard Peltier. This July he will have a Parole Hearing. Please take the time to write a letter in support of this human rights defender and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize for the last six years. This test for basic native decency and US justice is much more important than many realize. This case confronts the distortion of in-justice and arrogant unethical leaders. Please join me in supporting this fellow human - help Free Leonard Peltier!


Let us forgive the worst among us
because the worst is in ourselves,
the worst lives in each of us,
along with the best.

Let us forgive the worst
in each of us
and all of us
so that the best
in each of us
and all of us
may be free.

- Leonard Peltier
PRISON WRITINGS: My Life Is My Sun Dance
Published by St. Martins Press, NYC; 1999

1) Bush Hidden History Coming Out – Family Secrets

- - LA Times covers (Bush) Family of Secrets ‘paranoid style’
- - Family of Secrets The Bush Dynasty – Russ Baker audio
- - Paranoid Shift Confronting Reality
- - The Hidden History of 9-11
- - Fake Terror - The Road to War and Dictatorship

- - LA Times covers (Bush) Family of Secrets ‘paranoid style’
The charges of corruption the author levels at the Bush family
are extraordinary and sensational--but are they believable?
By Tim Rutten
January 7, 2009

[Book review for "FAMILY OF SECRETS: The Bush Dynasty,
the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House,
and What Their Influence Means for America."]


The tendency Richard Hofstadter so aptly labeled "the paranoid style" in American politics operates independent of ideology.

"American politics has often been an arena for angry minds," the great historian wrote in a 1964 issue of Harper's magazine. He called the expression of that anger "the paranoid style simply because no other word adequately evokes the sense of heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy that I have in mind."

"One of the impressive things about paranoid literature is the contrast between its fantasied conclusions and the almost touching concern with factuality it invariably shows" is a characterization of Hofstadter's that might have been tailored to fit Baker's book. "It produces heroic strivings for evidence to prove that the unbelievable is the only thing that can be believed. Of course, there are highbrow, lowbrow, and middlebrow paranoids, as there are likely to be in any political tendency . . . [that] all but obsessively accumulate 'evidence.' . . . The higher paranoid scholarship is nothing if not coherent -- in fact, the paranoid mind is far more coherent than the real world."

Baker's coherent explanation of the world purports to be "a secret history" of a vast conspiracy stretching back more than a century in which a cabal of rich, interconnected men -- mainly involved in oil and gold extraction -- have used, first, private intelligence agents and then, later, the government spy agencies they helped found to manipulate . . . well, just about everything. Along the way, readers with enough stamina to wade through the mind-numbing accretion of names, dates and places will discover heretofore "hidden" explanations for the American entry into World War I, the formation of the CIA, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the Watergate scandal (which, by the way, turns out to have been a secret coup engineered by the petro-intelligence access).

Here it's necessary to declare a personal bias. I regard the belief that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone as an important indicium of mental health. In fact, I think there are three things that every serious American needs to believe about our recent history: Kennedy was killed by a lone lunatic, Americans really did land on the moon and the Twin Towers were destroyed when they were struck by two fully fueled airliners that had been hijacked by Islamic extremists organized by Al Qaeda. People who do not believe in these things are, within reasonable limits, entitled to sympathy. They are not entitled to a seat at the table where serious discussions occur.

For the complete review:,0,6116790.story

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- - Family of Secrets The Bush Dynasty - Russ Baker audio -
the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House,
and What Their Influence Means for America

- Family of Secrets on KPFA

For more on book and Russ Baker:

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- - Paranoid Shift Confronting Reality

Paranoid shift
By Michael Hasty
Online Journal Contributing Writer
January 10, 2004

Just before his death, James Jesus Angleton, the legendary chief of counterintelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency, was a bitter man. He felt betrayed by the people he had worked for all his life. In the end, he had come to realize that they were never really interested in American ideals of “freedom” and “democracy.“ They really only wanted “absolute power.”

Angleton told author Joseph Trento that the reason he had gotten the counterintelligence job in the first place was by agreeing not to submit “sixty of Allen Dulles’ closest friends” to a polygraph test concerning their business deals with the Nazis. In his end-of-life despair, Angleton assumed that he would see all his old companions again “in hell.”

The transformation of James Jesus Angleton from an enthusiastic, Ivy League cold warrior, to a bitter old man, is an extreme example of a phenomenon I call a “paranoid shift.” I recognize the phenomenon, because something similar happened to me.


In his book, “Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower,” William Blum warns of how the media will make anything that smacks of “conspiracy theory” an immediate “object of ridicule.” This prevents the media from ever having to investigate the many strange interconnections among the ruling class -- for example, the relationship between the boards of directors of media giants, and the energy, banking and defense industries. These unmentionable topics are usually treated with what Blum calls “the media’s most effective tool -- silence.” But in case somebody’s asking questions, all you have to do is say, “conspiracy theory,” and any allegation instantly becomes too frivolous to merit serious attention.

On the other hand, since my paranoid shift, whenever I hear the words “conspiracy theory” (which seems more often, lately) it usually means someone is getting too close to the truth.

Take September 11 -- which I identify as the date my paranoia actually shifted, though I didn’t know it at the time.

Unless I’m paranoid, it doesn’t make any sense at all that George W. Bush, commander-in-chief, sat in a second-grade classroom for 20 minutes after he was informed that a second plane had hit the World Trade Center, listening to children read a story about a goat. Nor does it make sense that the Number 2 man, Dick Cheney -- even knowing that “the commander” was on a mission in Florida -- nevertheless sat at his desk in the White House, watching TV, until the Secret Service dragged him out by the armpits.

Unless I’m paranoid, it makes no sense that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld sat at his desk until Flight 77 hit the Pentagon -- well over an hour after the military had learned about the multiple hijacking in progress. It also makes no sense that the brand-new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff sat in a Senate office for two hours while the 9/11 attacks took place, after leaving explicit instructions that he not be disturbed -- which he wasn‘t.

In other words, while the 9/11 attacks were occurring, the entire top of the chain of command of the most powerful military in the world sat at various desks, inert. Why weren’t they in the “Situation Room?” Don’t any of them ever watch “West Wing?”

In a sane world, this would be an object of major scandal. But here on this side of the paranoid shift, it’s business as usual.

Years, even decades before 9/11, plans had been drawn up for American forces to take control of the oil interests of the Middle East, for various imperialist reasons. And these plans were only contingent upon “a catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor,” to gain the majority support of the American public to set the plans into motion. When the opportunity presented itself, the guards looked the other way . . . and presto, the path to global domination was open.

Prescott Bush, the late, aristocratic senator from Connecticut, and grandfather of George W Bush, was not only a good friend of Allen Dulles, CIA director, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, and international business lawyer. He was also a client of Dulles’ law firm. As such, he was the beneficiary of Dulles’ miraculous ability to scrub the story of Bush’s treasonous investments in the Third Reich out of the news media, where it might have interfered with Bush’s political career . . . not to mention the presidential careers of his son and grandson.

Recently declassified US government documents, unearthed last October by investigative journalist John Buchanan at the New Hampshire Gazette, reveal that Prescott Bush’s involvement in financing and arming the Nazis was more extensive than previously known. Not only was Bush managing director of the Union Banking Corporation, the American branch of Hitler’s chief financier’s banking network; but among the other companies where Bush was a director -- and which were seized by the American government in 1942, under the Trading With the Enemy Act -- were a shipping line which imported German spies; an energy company that supplied the Luftwaffe with high-ethyl fuel; and a steel company that employed Jewish slave labor from the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Like all the other Bush scandals that have been swept under the rug in the privatized censorship of the corporate media, these revelations have been largely ignored, with the exception of a single article in the Associated Press. And there are those, even on the left, who question the current relevance of this information.

But Prescott Bush’s dealings with the Nazis do more than illustrate a family pattern of genteel treason and war profiteering -- from George Senior’s sale of TOW missiles to Iran at the same time he was selling biological and chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein, to Junior’s zany misadventures in crony capitalism in present-day Iraq.

More disturbing by far are the many eerie parallels between Adolph Hitler and George W. Bush:

A conservative, authoritarian style, with public appearances in military uniform (which no previous American president has ever done while in office). Government by secrecy, propaganda and deception. Open assaults on labor unions and workers’ rights. Preemptive war and militant nationalism. Contempt for international law and treaties. Suspiciously convenient “terrorist” attacks, to justify a police state and the suspension of liberties. A carefully manufactured image of “The Leader,” who’s still just a “regular guy” and a “moderate.” “Freedom” as the rationale for every action. Fantasy economic growth, based on unprecedented budget deficits and massive military spending.

And a cold, pragmatic ideology of fascism -- including the violent suppression of dissent and other human rights; the use of torture, assassination and concentration camps; and most important, Benito Mussolini’s preferred definition of “fascism” as “corporatism, because it binds together the interests of corporations and the state.”

By their fruits, you shall know them.

What perplexes me most is probably the same question that plagues most paranoiacs: why don’t other people see these connections?

A second major reason people won’t make the paranoid shift is that they are too fundamentally decent. They can’t believe that the elected leaders of our country, the people they’ve been taught through 12 years of public school to admire and trust, are capable of sending young American soldiers to their deaths and slaughtering tens of thousands of innocent civilians, just to satisfy their greed -- especially when they’re so rich in the first place. Besides, America is good, and the media are liberal and overly critical.

Third, people don’t want to look like fools. Being a “conspiracy theorist” is like being a creationist. The educated opinion of eminent experts on every TV and radio network is that any discussion of “oil” being a motivation for the US invasion of Iraq is just out of bounds, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a “conspiracy theorist.” We can trust the integrity of our ‘no-bid” contracting in Iraq, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a “conspiracy theorist.” Of course, people sometimes make mistakes, but our military and intelligence community did the best they could on and before September 11, and anybody who thinks otherwise is a “conspiracy theorist.”

Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin of JFK, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a “conspiracy theorist.”

Perhaps the biggest hidden reason people don’t make the paranoid shift is that knowledge brings responsibility. If we acknowledge that an inner circle of ruling elites controls the world’s most powerful military and intelligence system; controls the international banking system; controls the most effective and far-reaching propaganda network in history; controls all three branches of government in the world’s only superpower; and controls the technology that counts the people’s votes, we might be then forced to conclude that we don’t live in a particularly democratic system.

That, on the morning of September 11, 2001: standard procedures and policies at the nation’s air defense and aviation bureaucracies were ignored, and communications were delayed; the black boxes of the planes that hit the WTC were destroyed, but hijacker Mohammed Atta’s passport was found in pristine condition; high-ranking Pentagon officers had cancelled their commercial flight plans for that morning; George H.W. Bush was meeting in Washington with representatives of Osama bin Laden’s family, and other investors in the world’s largest private equity firm, the Carlyle Group; the CIA was conducting a previously-scheduled mock exercise of an airliner hitting the Pentagon; the chairs of both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees were having breakfast with the chief of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, who resigned a week later on suspicion of involvement in the 9/11 attacks; and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United States sat in a second grade classroom for 20 minutes after hearing that a second plane had struck the towers, listening to children read a story about a goat, is not “theoretical.” These are facts.

That the Bush administration has desperately fought every attempt to independently investigate the events of 9/11, is not a “theory.”

Nor, finally, is it in any way a “theory” that the one, single name that can be directly linked to the Third Reich, the US military industrial complex, Skull and Bones, Eastern Establishment good ol’ boys, the Illuminati, Big Texas Oil, the Bay of Pigs, the Miami Cubans, the Mafia, the FBI, the JFK assassination, the New World Order, Watergate, the Republican National Committee, Eastern European fascists, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the United Nations, CIA headquarters, the October Surprise, the Iran/Contra scandal, Inslaw, the Christic Institute, Manuel Noriega, drug-running “freedom fighters” and death squads, Iraqgate, Saddam Hussein, weapons of mass destruction, the blood of innocents, the savings and loan crash, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, the “Octopus,” the “Enterprise,” the Afghan mujaheddin, the War on Drugs, Mena (Arkansas), Whitewater, Sun Myung Moon, the Carlyle Group, Osama bin Laden and the Saudi royal family, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and the presidency and vice-presidency of the United States, is: George Herbert Walker Bush.

“Theory?” To the contrary.

It is a well-documented, tragic and -- especially if you’re paranoid -- terrifying fact.

Michael Hasty is a writer, activist, musician, carpenter and farmer. His award-winning column, “Thinking Locally,” appeared for seven years in the Hampshire Review, West Virginia’s oldest newspaper. His writing has also appeared in the Highlands Voice, the Washington Peace Letter, the Takoma Park Newsletter, the German magazine Generational Justice, and the Washington Post; and at the websites Common Dreams and In January 1989, he was the media spokesperson for the counter-inaugural coalition at George Bush’s Counter-Inaugural Banquet, which fed hundreds of DC’s homeless in front of Union Station, where the official inaugural dinner was being held. Permission to reprint is granted, provided it includes this autobiographical note, and credit for first publication to Online Journal.

For the complete original posting of this article, see: Paranoid Shift

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- - Vote for Answers - VIDEO - Heartfelt 50 seconds

50-second video released by New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN).

The video features 9/11 Family Members Jean Canavan, Bob McIlvaine and Manny Badillo asking the unanswered questions and calling upon all New Yorkers to "Vote For Answers."

Video link -

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- - Obama administration sides with Saudis in 9/11 suit
By Stephen C. Webster -- May 31, 2009

A lawsuit filed by relatives of 9/11 victims which seeks to pin the blame on the Saudi royal family for financing attacks against the United States just acquired a significant new opponent: the Obama administration.

For more go to:

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- - The Hidden History of 9-11
Published by Seven Stories Press
Edited by Paul Zarembka
Paperback - $19.95 $14.96 Save $4.99 (25%)


How much insider trading occurred in the days leading up to 9-11? How compromised is the evidence against alleged hijackers? Why were there no military interceptions? To what extent does the testimony of more than five hundred firefighters differ from official reports of what happened at the World Trade Center buildings that day? How inseparably connected are Western covert operations to al-Qaeda? How is Islamophobia used to sustain US imperialism? What was the 9-11 Commission?

With contributions from Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, Four Arrows, David Ray Griffin, Jay Kolar, David MacGregor, Diana Ralph, Kevin Ryan, and Bryan Sacks, this path-breaking work examines 9-11 and its background, showing how much remains unknown and where further investigation and debate is needed.

Watch an interview with Paul Zarembka on Snowshoe films.
Watch Paul confront Phillip Zelikow of the 9/11 Commission Report.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

- - Fake Terror - The Road to War and Dictatorship
By Michael Rivero

It's the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times; creating the enemies you need.

For complete article:

Bush and 9/11 Investigative Reports,
looking into the unanswered questions.

2) Torturing Democracy – USS Liberty Silver Star – Missing H-Bomb

- - Bill Moyer Journal on special documentary – “Torturing Democracy”
- - USS Liberty Veteran Receives Silver Star
- - Defending Israeli War Crimes
- - The Case of the Missing H-Bomb

- - Bill Moyer Journal on special documentary – “Torturing Democracy”

May 29, 2009 — Full Transcript
Special documentary: "Torturing Democracy."
You can watch the entire film at TORTURING DEMOCRACY web site.


BILL MOYERS: Welcome to the Journal. You may have noticed that in all the recent debate over torture, many pundits and politicians alike have twisted themselves into verbal contortions to avoid using the word at all. In his speech to the conservative American Enterprise Institute last week, former Vice President Dick Cheney used one particular euphemism twelve times.

DICK CHENEY: In top secret meetings about enhanced interrogations, I made my own beliefs [...] enhanced interrogation [...] enhanced interrogations [...] enhanced interrogation [...] enhanced interrogation [...] facts on enhanced interrogation [...] the urgency and the rightness of enhanced interrogations in the years after 9/11.

BILL MOYERS: Smothering the reality of torture in euphemism of course has a political value. The enablers can use it to diminish the horror and possible lawlessness. Partisans use it to divert our attention by turning the future of, say, the Guantánamo prison into a "wedge issue," as the New York Times reported in this front page article. No political party would be bold enough to make torture the cornerstone of its rejuvenation if people really understood what it is. And lest we forget, we're not just talking about waterboarding, itself a trivializing misnomer for drowning.

There is one way to know what torture is, and what it does to human beings, and that's to look at it squarely, without flinching. That's what we'll do on this edition of the Journal, with excerpts from a powerful and important film, "Torturing Democracy," by one of America's outstanding documentary reporters, Sherry Jones. A longtime colleague, she and the film were honored this week with the prestigious RFK Journalism Award from the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. "Torturing Democracy" was cited for its "meticulous reporting," and described as "the definitive broadcast account of a deeply troubling chapter in recent American history."

Truncated, for the complete transcript, see:
[Note: You can link to watch and listen from top of page.]

Watch the entire film at the TORTURING DEMOCRACY Web site.

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- - USS Liberty Veteran Receives Silver Star
May 28, 2009

The Navy vet was only 23-years old when his ship ... the USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli fighter jets. 34 crewmembers were killed, 170 others injured. During the two-hour attack Halbardier fixed an antenna that was shot down and sent out a signal for help.

The June 8th 1967 attack is widely controversial because Israel was the U.S.'s ally during the war. President Lyndon Johnson declared it an "accident" but those aboard are certain the attack was deliberate.

"There's a lot of theories but let's just say they didn't want us listening in to what they wanted to do," said Halbardier.

"The government has kept this quiet I think for too long and I felt as my constituent he needed to get recognized for the services he made to this country," said Nunes.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

- - Defending Israeli War Crimes
by Stephen Zunes
Published May 29, 2009 by Foreign Policy In Focus
also posted at Common Dreams:

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- - The Case of the Missing H-Bomb
The Pentagon Has Lost the Mother of All Weapons
By Jeffrey St. Clair, CounterPunch. Posted May 16, 2009.

60 years have passed since a damaged jet dropped a hydrogen bomb
near Savanah, Ga. -- and the Pentagon still can't find it.

For article, see:

3) Parole Letter for Leonard Peltier; time for freedom

Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee (LPDOC)

This following is from a sample letter in support of Leonard Peltier.

For official sample letter from LPDOC, see:

You can copy and paste, edit into a word processing program.
Then you can print, sign, and send:

United States Parole Commission
5550 Friendship Blvd., Ste. 420
Chevy Chase, MD 20815-7286

(Insert Date)

Re: LEONARD PELTIER #89637-132

Dear Commissioners,

I am writing in behalf of Leonard Pelter for his freedom from prison at his upcoming Parole Hearing. While I am aware of the seriousness of the conviction in his case, I am also aware of many other issues regarding unfairness in his original trial. Documents show that although the prosecution pointed the finger at Peltier for shooting FBI agents at close range in 1976, for three years the prosecution withheld critical ballistic tests proving that the fatal bullets could not have come from the gun tied to Leonard Peltier. However, Mr. Peliter has expressed sadness for the tragedy that occurred that day at Oglala, and pain for the families of the two agents and the Indian man that died. Please consider that while in prison, Leonard Peltier has been a positive influence in our society.

Leonard Peltier has recently been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the 6th straight year. He consistently donates his artwork for charities such as battered women shelters, half way houses, alcohol and drug treatment programs, and Native American scholarship funds. Thirty-three years is a long time; not just for Leonard Peltier and family, but for many of his supporters, working and praying for peace, justice, and harmony for sovereign native nations and the USA.

Please grant parole.


[Your name]

For more information, visit FN's resource page: Free Leonard Peltier


Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust
from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

April 2009
Press Release ~ Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice
18 May 2009
Vice President Biden confronted with conclusive
scientific proof of criminal demolitions on 9/11/01

Active and retired top military brass met
to discuss what really happened on 9/11

640 Architects and Engineers
Call for New 9/11 Investigation

AE911Truth “Companion” Edition
10-Minute WTC 7 Video Online

Richard Gage on KMPH Fox 26 in Fresno

US Television Premiere: 9/11 Press for Truth
Colorado Public Television KBDI-Channel 12

Review of new book by David Ray Griffin,
Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive

Financial Analysis - World Reports - Global Intelligence
26 May 2009
Bush Sr., Clintons - Extortion - criminal mess continues
15 February 2009
Catastrophic Banker's Ramp to Continue Under Obama

22 May 2009 - The Public Record
The CIA's History of Bamboozling The Congress

Obama Signs Financial Bill, Creating Investigative Panel
But after signing, president reserves right to claim executive privilege.
22 May 2009
Obama's Detention Plans Face Scrutiny
21 May 2009
Indefinite Detention? Shame on you... President Obama
Don't miss this 7 minute video wirh Rachel Maddow!

21 May 2009 - The Independent (UK)
Exclusive: How MI5 blackmails British Muslims
18 May 2009 - pdf
41 U.S. Counter-Terrorism & Intelligence Agency
Veterans Challenge the Official Account of 9/11

11 May 2009
CIA and ISI together created Taliban
12 May 2009
Obama threatens to limit US intel
with UK over Guantanamo torture

18 June 2008
General Accuses WH of War Crimes
16 May 2009
Rumsfeld's renegade unit
blamed for Afghan deaths

Recommended resources for late breaking news:
Citizens for a Legitimate Government


For Independent Investigations
NYC Coalition for Accountability Now

NYC CAN - Video - 9/11 survivor
Janette MacKinlay - May 11, 2009

Petition for 2009 Referendum Vote

Real Change & Transparency Conference
New York City <> September 11 - 13, 2009

9/11 Truther and Sustainable Earth Retreat @
July 10 - July 12, 2009 - Tinmouth, VT

For an important investigative drama that
challenges the official version of 9/11

The Reflecting Pool
Watch the Jonathan Mark interview:
Jarek Kupsc and Joseph Culp

Also, note this Podcast audio link:
Jonathan Mark Interviewed by Daria Fisk
Upfront Valley 9/11 Truth and Flyby News

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