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21 April 2009

New York City voters have the power to legally mandate
the formation of a new investigation with subpoena power by
petitioning to place a referendum on the ballot in the November
2009 General Election. In September 2008, the petition reached a
milestone of 30,000 signatures, the minimum number required to
submit the petition to New York City Council for its approval.
By June 2009, NYCCAN will eclipse the 45,000 signatures
required to bypass City Council, ensuring its placement
on the ballot. With the passage of this referendum
New York City will take the first giant step
towards truth and justice.


1) NYC CAN – William Pepper – Truth and Justice
- - William Pepper Writes in Support of NYC CAN
- - NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative NYC CAN
2) Banking Ponzi Schemes Revealed - Christopher Story - World Reports
- - Financial Stabilization Without Debt handled from London
- - TARP Investigation looking into 20 criminal probes
3) CIA Used Waterboarding 266 Times on 2 Suspects
- - History Of Staged Terrorism Exposed In German Mainstream Media

Editor's Notes:

This issue contains information on the most crucial campaign for truth, justice, and peace in 2009. William Pepper leads off with a written statement in support of NYC CAN. I encourage you, too, to take part in donating funds to NYC ASAP to make this really happen. It is our best opportunity for peace and justice in the last eight years. Please pass the word is the web address. The second item covers the talented and courageous work of Christopher Story and World Reports. Item three shows just how far from truth and justice the CIA has been led astray, while hiding greater crimes than most could even imagine. Rather than fear what may be true, embrace it, for it could make all the difference in our freedom.

1) NYC CAN – William Pepper – Truth and Justice

- - William Pepper Writes in Support of NYC CAN
- - NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative NYC CAN

- - William Pepper Writes in Support of NYC CAN
April 18, 2009

Many deeply concerned citizens of this Republic and the world have been engaged in tireless, multifaceted research and investigation about the events surrounding the 9/11 tragedy. These patriots have produced articles, essays, books and films that seek answers to the multitude of unanswered questions about this atrocity. Not having researched these questions myself and having no answers, when I have appeared before them I have encouraged the continuation of their valuable work as citizens of the Republic.

In their numbers are distinguished scientists, engineers, architects, professional people from all walks of life and families of victims who seek closure -- people for whose courage, determination, intelligence and steadfastness, I have boundless admiration. It was largely as a result of their efforts that a 9/11 Commission was established in the first place over the initial opposition of the Bush administration.

The failure of that Commission to seek, even address the critical questions is now a part of contemporary history. Former Georgia Senator, Max Cleland, resigned early on in disgust citing official obstruction. More recently, Co-Chairmen Kean and Hamilton, have themselves declared their awareness that their work was obstructed and denied valuable information, materials and evidence. Consequently, there is overwhelming agreement that the initial government sponsored investigation was a failure in respect of bringing truth about 9/11 to the light of day.

That is why a group of citizens in the City of New York, aided, supported and encouraged by citizens throughout the United States and the world (remember, 80 nations lost citizens in that attack) came together to mount an effort to put a Referendum question on the general election ballot for the consideration of the voters of New York City, seeking their approval for the establishment of a new, independent Commission to investigate all aspects of 9/11. The Commission will convene with a commitment to go where the facts lead, and they will have subpoena power to compel testimony under oath and full investigative and legal support staff.

I encourage all citizens, everywhere, to support the establishment of this Commission and its work.

The torch of leadership in this effort has recently been passed to the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN). Ted Walter, a key leader of last year’s petitioning effort, has taken on the task of directing NYC CAN through this initiative’s final phases. Reverend Frank Morales, himself a 9/11 First Responder, has assumed the position of Treasurer. I have met with Ted and Frank on several occasions and have the utmost confidence not only in their abilities, but also the direction in which NYC CAN and its stellar, still growing Executive Council are taking this fight.

That being said, it has come to my attention that many are concerned about how events that have already transpired might impact this effort as it moves ahead. Main points of emphasis are the validity of the more than 30,000 signatures already gathered and the composition of the Commission itself.

Regarding the signatures, I have to date heard only legal opinion confirming their continuing validity. Additionally, the 45,000 new signatures NYC CAN plans to collect in the coming weeks will, by themselves, be enough to clear any potential legislative hurdle to placing the referendum on the November ballot, and at the same time render as moot any possible scenario by which opponents of this initiative might seek to use the courts as a means of delaying the inevitable by challenging the existing signatures -- thus, the importance of supporting NYC CAN in this final push.

As far as the named Commissioners are concerned, we all understand that nobody will ever enjoy universal public support. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that any commitment, particularly one made so early-on in the process, to a cause of this magnitude is made with not only with the understanding of, but with respect for, the importance of this undertaking and the resolve to ensure its successful completion. I cannot imagine any among us who if, for any reason, were to become an impediment to the successful completion of our mission, would not recuse themselves. Were that ever to happen, I also see none among us who would not seek to relieve such an individual of their responsibilities.

I call on all those within sight and sound of this message to rally behind this effort and, in your thousands, to support it with massive numbers of volunteer workers and monetary contributions. I encourage you to visit and contribute now. History waits for no man.

Let us join our brothers and sisters in New York City and from the very belly of the beast, seek truth and justice.

W.F. Pepper

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

- - NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative NYC CAN
New York City Coalition for Accountability Now
April 9, 2009

Dear Friends around the World,

The Time to Act is Now to place a public referendum for an impartial, independent and subpoena powered investigation of 9/11 on the New York City Ballot for the November [2009] General Election.

The 9/11 Commission was set up in 2002 to “provide the fullest possible account of the events surrounding 9/11”. What we got instead, in the words of Commission Chairs Governor Thomas Kean and Representative Lee Hamilton, was a Commission “Set up to fail”. A joint statement from both sides of the aisle is a rarity. This one speaks volumes.


Today, over 66% of New York City residents support a new 9/11 investigation. Millions now know that critical questions were left unaddressed. Only an objective, independent, subpoena powered investigation can ask the right people the relevant questions the 9/11 Commission certainly did not. Only an impartial investigation, free from intervention and powered by subpoena, can deliver the answers that every American deserves.

Thanks to your hard work and dedication in keeping 9/11 front and center all along, the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative has succeeded in collecting over 30,000 signatures, leading us to the final phase of our mission; to place a referendum for an independent subpoena powered 9/11 investigation on the NYC Ballot for the November General Election.

Those 30,000 signatures are needed to present the petition to the New York City Council for its approval. Our goal, however, is 75,000 signatures by the end of June, making it a virtual certainty that the referendum will be on the ballot, placing the decision to approve the pursuit of evidence and fact wherever it may lead exactly where it belongs - in the hands of New York City voters.

The NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative has evolved into the NYC Coalition for Accountability Now, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization comprised of 9/11 Family Members, First Responders and concerned citizens like you, determined to bring about an impartial, independent investigation into the events of September 11, 2001. Along with its new name, NYC CAN has brought new leadership and a renewed commitment to transparency and accountability.

Ted Walter, the key coordinator of the Initiative’s 2008 petitioning effort, has taken on the role of Executive Director, along with First Responder Reverend Frank Morales, who will serve as Treasurer. The organization’s Board of Directors will be comprised of 9/11 Family Members, First Responders and others committed to this effort. In the interim, the organization has created an Executive Council consisting of individuals most directly affected by September 11, including 9/11 family members Donna Marsh O’Connor, Bob McIlvaine, Jean Canavan and Bill Doyle, former downtown resident Janette MacKinlay and 9/11 Survivor William Rodriguez.

This initiative is the tangible result of all your efforts to keep 9/11 alive in the hearts and minds of the American public. At the height of our petitioning effort, we collected over 1,000 signatures per day. With 90 days and 45,000 signatures to go, our goal of 75,000 is well within reach.


If every person who reads this letter acts now to become a Member of NYC CAN by donating just $25, we will move that much closer to our goal of 1 Million Members worldwide and quickly surpass the $100,000 required to fund the final phase of the petitioning effort. With minimal overhead, your contribution will provide well-trained, professional petitioners along with all the marketing, advertising and collateral materials necessary to help New Yorkers realize their wish for an independent and impartial investigation into the events of 9/11.

Please join our commitment to answers, accountability and action by standing together and donating what you can - $25, $50 or $500 - today. If we stand as Americans, united as one, we do not simply succeed - we make history.

Our success together depends on the efforts and participation of all, which includes an active and ongoing dialogue with you. We encourage you to email us at with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have. We’re listening. And we guarantee you’ll hear back from us. After all, we’re in this together.

And remember, while thinkers think and talkers talk, patriots act.

The time to act is now.



The New York City Coalition for Accountability Now

Donna Marsh O’Connor
Bob McIlvaine
Jean Canavan
Bill Doyle
Janette MacKinlay
William Rodriguez
Ted Walter
Frank Morales

2) Banking Ponzi Schemes Revealed - Christopher Story - World Reports

- - Financial Stabilization Without Debt handled from London
- - TARP Investigation looking into 20 criminal probes

- - Financial Stabilization Without Debt handled from London
By Christopher Story - 14 April 2009


For longer than we can remember we have been pointing out that THERE IS A SIMPLE, STRAIGHTFORWARD, TRANSPARENT SOLUTION to the financial crisis.

For longer than we can recall, we have stressed that the decisions taken by the former Bush II Administration via the corrupted Treasury headed by that criminal financier Henry M. Paulson Jr., and the new even more convoluted decisions taken by the Geithner Treasury, are THE REVERSE OF THE SAID SIMPLE, STRAIGHTFORWARD SOLUTION to the financial crisis.

The Obama Administration and the Geithner Treasury have leveraged the Fraudulent Finance formulae developed under the corrupt Paulson Treasury, with the same objective:

* To reignite and reboot the moribund Fraudulent Finance derivatives ‘Structured Products’ Ponzi parallel financial system, also known as a colossal BANKER’S RAMP, that was closed down between 10th and 12th September 2008 as reported by this service, when the $14.0 trillion was placed out of these criminal operatives’ reach.

Given the above, it follows that this obtuse attempt to continue the Ponzi Fraudulent Finance represents a US NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE and should be addressed as such.

Let’s not mince words here:

* Continuing with the Fraudulent Finance formulae concocted by the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve presents a grave threat to the stability, prosperity and the future of the Republic: and all concerned with this cynical rearguard operation to revive the collapsed derivatives sector should be handled with the severity reserved for them under the Patriot Acts, that lay down definitions of ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL TERRORISM, which is what these people are perpetrating.


It is possible, but unlikely, that the President of the United States has not understood this. So let us, once again, explain where his perverse advisers have led him astray.

* FACT: The TRUTH is always simple. LIES are always complex, and become ever more so because successive lies have to be perpetrated in order to buttress the earlier lies. A policy built on lies will COLLAPSE. Like plutonium, lies have a half-life: they decay.

* As will be seen below, derivatives are so complex that no-one can understand what is going on: which is the WHOLE POINT. They’re based on LIES. They are FRAUDS.

As the original lie at the base of the inverted pyramid decays, fresh lies have to be invoked, like scaffolding, to prop up the earlier lies. Eventually, as the lies proliferate, the scaffolding of lies which is underpinning the inverted pyramid on either side becomes unstable, too, and eventually the entire structure collapses.

* Obama therefore faces, sooner rather than later, the absolute collapse of the pyramid of lies and diversionary financing deceits that his wilfully misguided colleagues and advisers have fed him.

So let us reiterate the SIMPLE TRUTH that the President needs to UNDERSTAND:


Here are the basic economic FACTS of the matter:

* By definition, the private sector generates REVENUE which the Government TAXES.

* It follows, therefore, that the SIMPLE SOLUTION to the entire crisis is to ALLOW THE PRIVATE SECTOR to recoup the situation using the financial trading techniques that have hitherto been used clandestinely and corruptly and which the criminal financiers want to continue undertaking below the radar so that they don’t have to pay tax.

* These trading techniques are NOT ILLEGAL. However they become illegal when performed clandestinely, with the proceeds held UNTAXED, off-balance sheet, and placed in secret offshore accounts. In other words, when combined with TAX EVASION, they become illegal.

* So the simple, straightforward, transparent ANSWER to the crisis is crystal clear. PRIVATE SECTOR trading on-balance sheet yielding WINDFALL TAXABLE REVENUES should proceed immediately, and should have started up in June 2007 after the Group of Seven Financial Powers agreed in northern Germany that this was the way forward, reapproving this solution in 2008.

* FACT: By blocking this SIMPLE, STRAIGHTFORWARD SOLUTION – the Refinancing Programme – the Bush Administration compromised the national security of the United States, committed treason against the Republic and its people, and engaged in ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL TERRORISM.

The Obama Administration is continuing down the same futile path, and since it has the appalling example of its predecessor to contemplate, it should know better. So it is compounding the errors of its predecessor régime, and is likewise committing ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL TREASON by choosing the PERVERSE ROUTE, and failing to apply THE CORRECT SOLUTION.


By definition, the public sector generates DEBT. The public sector PRODUCES NOTHING and so, by definition, cannot generate revenue. It CANNOT TAX ITSELF, except through its payroll taxes. Since it cannot generate REVENUE, it relies on the taxpayer, on the creation of debt and also on printing money to finance its endlessly permissive operations.

* Therefore, the convoluted inventions of the Geithner Treasury and of the Bernanke Federal Reserve to reboot the derivatives sector represent perverse ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCTS which, by definition, generate DEBT, not REVENUE. THIS IS ENTIRELY UNNECESSARY: see above.

* To embark upon complex Fraudulent Financing operations under the cover of ‘stimulating the economy’ but in reality, in order to revive the derivatives sector which has collapsed – and which is now widely understood to represent a MONUMENTAL FRAUD given that the so-called ‘Structured Products’ generally have NO RECOURSE to the underlying original source of funds – is to engage wilfully in FINANCIAL TERRORISM against the American people and the Rest of the World.

* Now as we have all observed, the Obama Administration thinks it can continue down this path. We have news for this President’s headstrong ‘experts’. Your tired formula is rotten and it will collapse. There are liable to be few takers for your artificially revivable fraudulent ‘assets’ scheme; and although you have wrapped your criminal intentions in a dense fog of complexity consistent with the pack of barefaced lies that you are marketing, you are trying to build your house on sand.

As you have already doubtless observed, you can’t even build the house, because the foundations are sinking into the sand before you even start bricklaying.

* So, if President Obama prefers for his Administration to run into the sand, by all means carry on! Just keep going with this revamped Fraudulent Finance formula, and see where it leads you. You are collectively as arrogant and perverse as your predecessors: and you doubtless imagine that because you think 'they got away with it', you will too.

WRONG! You are careering towards DISASTER.

See here for => World Reports - Archives

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- - TARP Investigation looking into 20 criminal probes
Bailout cop busy on the beat
Neil Barofsky, who is overseeing the $700 billion TARP,
says he has 20 criminal probes and calls for changes to prevent fraud.

By Jennifer Liberto, senior writer
Last Updated: April 21, 2009: 10:59 AM ET

WASHINGTON ( -- The top cop tracking the government's $700 billion bailout program said Tuesday that he has opened 20 criminal investigations and six audits into whether tax dollars are being pilfered or wasted.

Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general overseeing the Troubled Asset Relief Program, released a 250-page report detailing a long list of concerns about government efforts to prop up hundreds of banks, Wall Street firms and auto companies.

Barofsky, whose investigations could lead to criminal charges, told in an interview that he wants taxpayers to understand where their money is going. At the same time, he wants to alert officials to weaknesses in TARP that could invite corruption or fraud.

"Our recommendations are forward looking and there are no vulnerabilities that can't be addressed," Barofsky said. "The balance of what we're trying to do is to inform, bring transparency and make appropriate recommendations."

The report reveals that Barofsky is looking into whether bailout decisions were influenced by those who stood to benefit from them and whether companies receiving bailout dollars are adhering to caps on executive pay.

Barofsky's report also makes several recommendations to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and other officials charged with implementing the bailout. Among them: Require all TARP recipients to detail how they use bailout dollars and safeguard a new mortgage rescue effort against scams.
The backdrop: Bailout rage

The report comes as public outcry over government bailouts is mounting. The Treasury Department is under increasing pressure to protect tax dollars even as it attempts to repair the financial markets - agendas that are often at odds with each other.

Geithner appeared Tuesday before a separate congressional watchdog group, the five-member Congressional Oversight Panel, which released its own oversight report two weeks ago.

The overall bailout scrutiny is wearing on the financial sector and, one expert said, has caused confusion over the government's unprecedented entanglement with the private sector.

"It's become chic to demand more oversight of how the government is spending money to stabilize the financial system, yet we already have so many oversight entities in place, that it's hard to say who's responsible for ensuring how the money is spent," said Jaret Seiberg, policy analyst at Concept Capital's Washington Research Group.

Barofsky, in the interview, insisted his goal is to inform the public that someone is minding the store and that bailout programs are not a "black hole."

"It's not trillions of dollars going out the door without anyone keeping tabs on it," said Barofsky, who will testify before Congress on Thursday about his findings.

As an inspector general, Barofsky has legal firepower. He can use subpoenas to compel disclosure and is tasked by federal law to track the details of how banks are spending taxpayer dollars.

Barofsky, appointed by then-President Bush last November, has so far hired 35 members of a staff he expects to grow to 150. Currently working out of the main Treasury compound next to the White House, Barofsky and his staff are securing their own offices in the same building in downtown Washington that houses the Treasury staffers that administer TARP.

Barofsky, 38, is a former federal prosecutor from New York who spent years chasing after white-collar criminals, organized crime figures and drug traffickers. In one recent high-profile case, he prosecuted a trading firm that filed for bankruptcy a few months after raising millions in its initial public offering. The chief financial officer of that company, Refco, pled guilty to fraud and money laundering last year.
Red flags and recommendations

Barofsky told that he believes one of his report's most urgent recommendations is that Treasury develop a system to better figure out the value of the different types of shares it now owns in financial institutions.

The Treasury has invested hundreds of billions in companies in exchange for shares of preferred stock.

He said the need to better understand the value of the government shares is even more important now that the administration is considering a plan to convert preferred shares into common shares, which is the kind of stock that consumers usually hold.

"There needs to be asset valuation strategy so the Treasury can make the most informed decisions," Barofsky said. "I don't think anything bad has happened, but it's time for them to do that."

The report also warns federal officials, in great detail, against expanding a Federal Reserve-run program to allow investors to use cheap government financing to purchase questionable mortgage-backed securities. The program poses "significant fraud risks," according to the report.

In addition, Barofsky also warns federal officials to create safeguards barring conflicts of interest among banks and investors participating in the new Public- Private Investment Program to prevent "collusion between participants, and vulnerabilities to money laundering."

Finally, he said he is concerned about the Obama administration's nascent mortgage rescue program, which aims to help millions of homeowners get affordable loans. He's worried that the program could spur a wave of real estate fraud and suggests officials take steps to confirm the identities of participants and make sure homeowners know that they aren't required to pay fees to take part.

Barofsky's report did not detail the 20 criminal investigations, which it said "vary widely" and include securities fraud, tax, insider trading and public corruption matters. He has previously reported working with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to investigate how bonuses were given to high-ranking employees of American International Group (AIG, Fortune 500).

The report also says that the $182 billion AIG bailout is the subject of two separate audits. One is looking at federal oversight of the bonuses. The other is probing bailout disbursements to AIG counterparties who had purchased insurance-like products from AIG.

First Published: April 21, 2009: 3:39 AM ET

3) CIA Used Waterboarding 266 Times on 2 Suspects

- - History Of Staged Terrorism Exposed In German Mainstream Media

- - Waterboarding Used 266 Times on 2 Suspects
Published: April 19, 2009

C.I.A. interrogators used waterboarding, the near-drowning technique that top Obama administration officials have described as illegal torture, 266 times on two key prisoners from Al Qaeda, far more than had been previously reported.

The C.I.A. officers used waterboarding at least 83 times in August 2002 against Abu Zubaydah, according to a 2005 Justice Department legal memorandum. Abu Zubaydah has been described as a Qaeda operative.

A former C.I.A. officer, John Kiriakou, told ABC News and other news media organizations in 2007 that Abu Zubaydah had undergone waterboarding for only 35 seconds before agreeing to tell everything he knew.

The 2005 memo also says that the C.I.A. used waterboarding 183 times in March 2003 against Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the self-described planner of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The New York Times reported in 2007 that Mr. Mohammed had been barraged more than 100 times with harsh interrogation methods, causing C.I.A. officers to worry that they might have crossed legal limits and to halt his questioning. But the precise number and the exact nature of the interrogation method was not previously known.

The release of the numbers is likely to become part of the debate about the morality and efficacy of interrogation methods that the Justice Department under the Bush administration declared legal even though the United States had historically treated them as torture.

President Obama plans to visit C.I.A. headquarters Monday and make public remarks to employees, as well as meet privately with officials, an agency spokesman said Sunday night. It will be his first visit to the agency, whose use of harsh interrogation methods he often condemned during the presidential campaign and whose secret prisons he ordered closed on the second full day of his presidency.

C.I.A. officials had opposed the release of the interrogation memo, dated May 30, 2005, which was one of four secret legal memos on interrogation that Mr. Obama ordered to be released last Thursday.

Mr. Obama said C.I.A. officers who had used waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods with the approval of the Justice Department would not be prosecuted. He has repeatedly suggested that he opposes Congressional proposals for a “truth commission” to examine Bush administration counterterrorism programs, including interrogation and warrantless eavesdropping.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has begun a yearlong, closed-door investigation of the C.I.A. interrogation program, in part to assess claims of Bush administration officials that brutal treatment, including slamming prisoners into walls, shackling them in standing positions for days and confining them in small boxes, was necessary to get information.

The fact that waterboarding was repeated so many times may raise questions about its effectiveness, as well as about assertions by Bush administration officials that their methods were used under strict guidelines.

A footnote to another 2005 Justice Department memo released Thursday said waterboarding was used both more frequently and with a greater volume of water than the C.I.A. rules permitted.

The new information on the number of waterboarding episodes came out over the weekend when a number of bloggers, including Marcy Wheeler of the blog emptywheel, discovered it in the May 30, 2005, memo.

The sentences in the memo containing that information appear to have been redacted from some copies but are visible in others. Initial news reports about the memos in The New York Times and other publications did not include the numbers.

Michael V. Hayden, director of the C.I.A. for the last two years of the Bush administration, would not comment when asked on the program “Fox News Sunday” if Mr. Mohammed had been waterboarded 183 times. He said he believed that that information was still classified.

A C.I.A. spokesman, reached Sunday night, also would not comment on the new information.

Mr. Hayden said he had opposed the release of the memos, even though President Obama has said the techniques will never be used again, because they would tell Al Qaeda “the outer limits that any American would ever go in terms of interrogating an Al Qaeda terrorist.”

He also disputed an article in The New York Times on Saturday that said Abu Zubaydah had revealed nothing new after being waterboarded, saying that he believed that after unspecified “techniques” were used, Abu Zubaydah revealed information that led to the capture of another terrorist suspect, Ramzi Binalshibh.

The Times article, based on information from former intelligence officers who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Abu Zubaydah had revealed a great deal of information before harsh methods were used and after his captors stripped him of clothes, kept him in a cold cell and kept him awake at night. The article said interrogators at the secret prison in Thailand believed he had given up all the information he had, but officials at headquarters ordered them to use waterboarding.

He revealed no new information after being waterboarded, the article said, a conclusion that appears to be supported by a footnote to a 2005 Justice Department memo saying the use of the harshest methods appeared to have been “unnecessary” in his case.
More Articles in World » A version of this article appeared in print on April 20, 2009, on page A1 of the New York edition.

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- - History Of Staged Terrorism Exposed In German Mainstream Media
Post @ 04/19/2009 - 7:12am submitted by Reprehensor

History Of Staged Terrorism Exposed In German Mainstream Media

The article goes in great detail into the history of Gladio, its connections with former german SS troops and plans to blow up bridges and other strategic infrastructures in case of an soviet invasion after WW2. The story the "Stay behind Army" was blown open in 1952 when members of the underground groups informed police and the scandal first made the news. This lead to a political uproar when it is revealed that a list of numerous well known german personalities exited who were planned to have been killed in case of an emergency situation. The list included communists as well as social democrats and the state interior minister of the German state of Hessen. Several people were arrested when the list was discovered. German chancellor Adenauer claimed to have not known anything about the activities at the time. The US High Commissioner Walter Donnelly claimed the group was about to be dissolved in the same month when the arrests occurred. The Süddeutsche Zeitung article then reports that after a ruling of the German constitutional court the arrested members were released in the same month.

More -

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