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911 Blood & Oil * Deep State Violence * Marks

19 June 2008
“The 'official conspiracy theory' of 911 is just such a lie.
Bush's official conspiracy theory requires a complete rewrite
of the laws of physics going back to Galileo, Newton, and
perhaps even Aristotle. It is more reasonable to conclude
that Bush is a part of a murderous plot to seize dictatorial
powers than to conclude that Galileo, Newton and Einstein
were just wrong about matter, motion, and the conservation
of both matter and energy. I don't [think] they were wrong.
Rather --I think Bush is a goddamn liar!”

-- Len Hart

1) The 911 Blood on Bush – Deep State Violence – NYC Commission
- - The Blood on Bush's hands
- - 9/11, Deep State Violence, and the Hope of Internet Politics
- - General Accuses WH of War Crimes
- - Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back
- - Tim Russert, Dick Cheney, and 9/11 –by David Ray Griffin
- - Independent 9/11 Investigation -- Mike Gravel -- Democracy Now!
2) Bush Threatens Iran With Military Action – What’s Next?
- - Ray McGovern Asks Conyers to Impeach to Stop Bush Iran War
- - Iraq War & the Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
3) Christopher Story and financial criminal underworlds
- - Christopher Story Explains Wanta “Betrayal”
- - Bush, Cheney at Centre of Huge Corruption Storm
- - Populism and plutocracy: Obama speaks to the Wall Street Journal
4) Alvin M. Marks, Inventor with 122 Patents, Dies at 97 - Obituary

Editor’s Notes:

Reporting-condensing news in the post Cassini-Earth flyby era is often quite challenging. Yet there is one point where an intersection is crossed over and over that can take us directly into the heart of the belly of the beast. NYC - Washington, D.C. - September 11, 2001. In 2008 finally there is a peoples’ campaign for a fair, honest, and open investigation. Please support the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative. Yet even before the National Elections this November there is a danger that the US or Israel will bomb Iran. How they may try to justify such an assault is anyone’s guess. The second item includes an article by Ray McGovern, asking Representative John Conyers to impeach Bush now to stop such an invasion. In item three you will find two recent articles by Christopher Story. There are also excerpts on reports on Senator Barack Obama speaking to the Wall Street Journal. Everything is not simply black or white; ideals mixed in with compromise can lead to positive solutions. What's critical is in environmental awareness, cooperation, diversity, and integrity. Item four is from the New York Times, an obituary for Alvin M. Marks, a prolific inventor, who gave me an opportunity to be a part of research and development projects for beneficial technologies (for the environment and economy). May his spirit shine on.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind
of thinking we used when we created them."

--Albert Einstein

1) The 911 Blood on Bush – Deep State Violence – NYC Commission

- - The Blood on Bush's hands
- - 9/11, Deep State Violence, and the Hope of Internet Politics
- - General Accuses WH of War Crimes
- - Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back
- - Tim Russert, Dick Cheney, and 9/11 –by David Ray Griffin
- - Independent 9/11 Investigation -- Mike Gravel -- Democracy Now!

- - The Blood on Bush's hands
By Len Hart

Bush's Official Conspiracy Theory of 911 Defies the Laws of Physics. If an airliner of some 100 tons had crashed into the Pentagon, some 100 tons of debris would have been recovered. It wasn't recovered because it wasn't there! Not even Bush's kiss ups have dared make such a claim!

The question then is not 'where is the airliner', but 'where is the debris'? Until Bush can come up with a better cover story, his 'theories' are not credible. Stories inconsistent with demonstrable physics are --bluntly --bald-faced lies. Odds are good that whomever is most motivated to lie about 911 is guilty of it!

The 'official conspiracy theory' of 911 is just such a lie. Bush's official conspiracy theory requires a complete rewrite of the laws of physics going back to Galileo, Newton, and perhaps even Aristotle. It is more reasonable to conclude that Bush is a part of a murderous plot to seize dictatorial powers than to conclude that Galileo, Newton and Einstein were just wrong about matter, motion, and the conservation of both matter and energy. I don't [think] they were wrong. Rather --I think Bush is a goddamn liar!

Truncated, for the complete article, see:

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- - 9/11, Deep State Violence, and the Hope of Internet Politics
By Peter Dale Scott - June 11, 2008


In my book The Road to 9/11, I have argued that there has existed, at least since World War Two if not earlier, an analogous American deep state, also combining intelligence officials with elements from the drug-trafficking underworld.6 I also pointed to recent decades of collaboration between the U.S. deep state and al-Qaeda, a terrorist underworld whose drug-trafficking activities have been played down in the 9/11 Commission Report and the mainstream U.S. media.(7)

Still to be explained is the suppressed anomalous fact that al-Qaeda’s top trainer on airplane hijackings, Ali Mohamed, was simultaneously a double-agent reporting to the FBI, and almost certainly still maintained a connection to the CIA which had used him as an agent and helped bring him to this country in the 1980s.(8) It is not disputed that Ali Mohamed organized the Embassy bombing in Kenya; and that he did so after the RCMP, who had detained him in Vancouver in the presence of another known terrorist, released Mohamed on instructions from the FBI.(9)

>From this historic background of collaboration, I would offer a hypothesis for further investigation: that the American deep state is somehow implicated with al-Qaeda in the atrocity of 9/11; and that this helps explain the conspicuous involvement of the CIA and other U.S. agencies in the ensuing cover-up.

Sibel Edmonds, the Turkish-American who was formerly an FBI translator, has publicly linked both al-Qaeda and American officials to the Turkish heroin trafficking that underlies the Turkish deep state. Although she has been prevented from speaking directly by an extraordinary court order,(10) her allegations have been summarized by Daniel Ellsberg:

Al Qaeda, she's been saying to congress, according to these interviews, is financed 95% by drug money - drug traffic to which the US government shows a blind eye, has been ignoring, because it very heavily involves allies and assets of ours - such as Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan - all the 'Stans - in a drug traffic where the opium originates in Afghanistan, is processed in Turkey, and delivered to Europe where it furnishes 96% of Europe's heroin, by Albanians, either in Albania or Kosovo - Albanian Muslims in Kosovo - basically the KLA, the Kosovo Liberation Army which we backed heavily in that episode at the end of the century….Sibel says that suitcases of cash have been delivered to the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, at his home, near Chicago, from Turkish sources, knowing that a lot of that is drug money.(11)

In 2005 Sibel Edmonds’ charges were partly aired in Vanity Fair. There it was revealed that she had had access to FBI wiretaps of conversations among members of the American-Turkish Council (ATC), about bribing elected US officials, and about what sounded like references to large-scale drug shipments and other crimes.ť(12)

For the complete article, see:

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- - General Accuses WH of War Crimes
By Dan Froomkin
Special to
Wednesday, June 18, 2008; 12:44 PM

The two-star general who led an Army investigation into the horrific detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib has accused the Bush administration of war crimes and is calling for accountability.

In his 2004 report on Abu Ghraib, then-Major General Anthony Taguba concluded that "numerous incidents of sadistic, blatant, and wanton criminal abuses were inflicted on several detainees." He called the abuse "systemic and illegal." And, as Seymour M. Hersh reported in the New Yorker, he was rewarded for his honesty by being forced into retirement.

Now, in a preface to a Physicians for Human Rights report based on medical examinations of former detainees, Taguba adds an epilogue to his own investigation.

The new report, he writes, "tells the largely untold human story of what happened to detainees in our custody when the Commander-in-Chief and those under him authorized a systematic regime of torture. This story is not only written in words: It is scrawled for the rest of these individuals’ lives on their bodies and minds. Our national honor is stained by the indignity and inhumane treatment these men received from their captors.

"The profiles of these eleven former detainees, none of whom were ever charged with a crime or told why they were detained, are tragic and brutal rebuttals to those who claim that torture is ever justified. Through the experiences of these men in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay, we can see the full-scope of the damage this illegal and unsound policy has inflicted --both on America's institutions and our nation's founding values, which the military, intelligence services, and our justice system are duty-bound to defend.

"In order for these individuals to suffer the wanton cruelty to which they were subjected, a government policy was promulgated to the field whereby the Geneva Conventions and the Uniform Code of Military Justice were disregarded. The UN Convention Against Torture was indiscriminately ignored. . . .

"After years of disclosures by government investigations, media accounts, and reports from human rights organizations, there is no longer any doubt as to whether the current administration has committed war crimes. The only question that remains to be answered is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be held to account."

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- - Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back
Four Western oil companies are in talks with Iraq’s Oil Ministry for no-bid contracts to service the country’s largest fields.

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- - Tim Russert, Dick Cheney, and 9/11
By David Ray Griffin

17/06/08 "ICH" -- -- While we are remembering Tim Russert and his years as moderator of “Meet the Press,” we would do well to recall his interview with Vice President Dick Cheney at Camp David on September 16, 2001, just five days after the 9/11 attacks.1 In fact, Cheney himself, during an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer the morning after Russert died, reminded us of that Camp David interview, saying: “I always, when I think of Tim and think of ‘Meet the Press,’ that's the show that always comes to mind. . . . It was a remarkable moment in American history.”2

Commenting that he himself “remember[ed] that interview vividly,” Lauer asked: “Anything stand out from that interview?” In his reply, Cheney said: “We went back and reminisced to some extent about what had actually happened on the morning of 9/11. So it was---it was a remarkable moment in my career.”3

It was indeed. In reminiscing about his movements that morning, Cheney contradicted what was to become a crucial element of the account that the 9/11 Commission would give of those movements.

In praising Russert’s tenure on “Meet the Press,” Cheney said: “He would ask you tough questions, he would remind you of quotes you made previously in other settings or on earlier shows, so you never got away with anything going up vis-ŕ-vis Tim.”4

Given Cheney’s appraisal of his interview with Russert as a “remarkable moment” in both American history and Cheney’s own career, we should apply Russert’s method to this interview, reminding ourselves of exactly what Cheney said, then comparing it with what was said about Cheney by the 9/11 Commission.

Truncated, for the complete article, see:

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- - Independent 9/11 Investigation -- Mike Gravel -- Democracy Now!

Former Senator Mike Gravel Calls for Independent 9/11 Investigation and Prosecution of President Bush and Vice President Cheney
Democracy Now! June 17, 2008

The former Democratic senator from Alaska discusses his presidential campaign, his role in the releasing of the Pentagon Papers and his support for NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Campaign, a grassroots group seeking to place an initiative on the ballot of the November 6th general election allowing registered New York City voters to create a new commission to investigate 9/11.

Guest: Sen. Mike Gravel, former Democratic senator from Alaska, who served two terms from 1969 to 1981, and a former candidate in the 2008 presidential election.

Related Links - 9/11 Ballot Initiative Campaign.

AMY GOODMAN: Former Alaska senator and 2008 presidential candidate Mike Gravel is holding a news conference in New York City today to call for a new independent investigation into 9/11. Gravel will be speaking on behalf of the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Campaign, a grassroots group seeking to place an initiative on the ballot of the November 6th general election allowing registered New York City voters to create a new commission to investigate 9/11.

The group is looking to appoint between nine and fifteen commissioners on the panel to conduct the investigation. Some of the people who have reportedly already agreed to serve as commissioners include Lori Van Auken, a 9/11 widow, one of the so-called “Jersey Girls”; Lincoln Chafee, the former Republican senator from Rhode Island; Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, a pastor in Detroit, Michigan; as well as former Democratic Senator Mike Gravel, who joins us here today.

He has published three books this year: Citizen Power: A Mandate for Change, The Kingmakers: How the Media Threatens Our Security and Our Democracy and A Political Odyssey. His book Citizen Power: A Mandate for Change has a forward by Ralph Nader. He’ll be joining us on the show later in the week.

Welcome to Democracy Now!, Senator Gravel.


MIKE GRAVEL: And this is the same situation we have with Iraq. How did we get there? . . . And now, this segues us into this commission here in New York. I view this very, very serious. I don’t see the body politic having the guts to go out and make a new—a real new investigation, because the way politicians act, whether it’s Democrat or Republican, “Oh, we’ll investigate a little bit, but let’s not go too deeply, because we’ve got to cover their backside, because they’ll cover our backside,” and it’s too political in nature.

And so, with the commission that we’re talking about 9/11 here in New York City, now that’s a commission that’s going to be a real commission. And that commission now can make a true investigation as to what happened on 9/11, but not just 9/11, because the war is tied with that. And so, this will give us an opportunity to vertically go into all the backup to this data and have subpoena powers to have people testify. Now, if a person perjures themself here with the New York commission, it’s perjury, so it’s a crime. And so, maybe, maybe this will give us an opportunity to have justice, and we can begin subpoenaing the President of the United States—at that time, he’ll be the former president—and the Vice President and go on down into the boughs of the intelligence and a whole host of areas to get to the truth. We don’t know the truth.

AMY GOODMAN: And how advanced is this ballot initiative?

MIKE GRAVEL: Well, it’s very serious right now, because there’s windows. When you do an initiative, there’s a window that you have to comport to. And so, they need upwards of 50,000 signatures to be real safe, and they’ve only got 10,000 signatures. And so, they’ve got about four weeks left.

AMY GOODMAN: They have to all be New Yorkers?

MIKE GRAVEL: Yes. Oh, yeah, they do. And I can’t even—I was going to try to go out and collect signatures, but legally I can’t. So I’m going to be part of a press conference, and I’ve done several initiatives myself as a sitting senator. And as you know, with my efforts with the National Initiative, I believe in this concept. What the government can’t do, the people can do through the initiative process. And so, we’ve got to get those signatures in the next forty—thirty, forty days, and it’s going to depend on people hearing my voice, hearing you, because you’ve spoken about this before and the importance of this.

And so, there’s a telephone number I want to give: (646) 537-1755. That’s (646) 537-1755. And that’s a hotline. And today, at St. Mark’s Church, that’s at Second Avenue and 10th Street—

AMY GOODMAN: Here in New York City.

MIKE GRAVEL: Here in New York City. If people will come there, we’re going to have a get-together at 7:30. It’s going to be a reception. There will be some light refreshments, and then we’ll be talking about this. Sign the guest book. Give us your address. And then what you can do is log on to our website, and that website will permit you to download a petition, and then you’ll be able to circulate the petition. But it’s key to call this phone number.

AMY GOODMAN: Mike Gravel, did you ever raise this, for example, in the debates that you were able to participate in?

MIKE GRAVEL: About the commission? Not this particular commission, because I was—keep in mind, I was shut out in September of ’07 after I had challenged the Democratic Party and Hillary, particularly, on the Lieberman 2 resolution which gave George Bush the power to invade Iran, which is still a threat that looms over our heads.

I was with Ramsey Clark over the weekend, and Ramsey joins me in feeling very, very frightened over the possibility that George Bush may go crazy again and do something significant between now and the term. Remember when Sarkozy asked him, “Well, Mr. President, you’ve did a—you know, you’ve done a fine term of office.” He said, “I’m not done yet!” Well, by “not done,” what’s he got in his mind? What more could he do?

AMY GOODMAN: Senator Gravel, when you say we don’t know the truth about 9/11, what do you mean?

MIKE GRAVEL: Government—90 percent of what the government does is held secret. It’s a whole cult. And that’s the thing that is really strangling our democracy, that we just don’t know what’s going on. And so, you need to rip off the scab and see the wound of what the government is damaging. And so, it’s a cult. And I don’t know how I can phrase it. I’ve written about the subject.

When I was—here, best example I can give you. When I was twenty-three years old, I was in a communications intelligence service. I was an agitant of the communications intelligence service, and I was a top-secret control officer. I was twenty-three years old. Now, I’m forty-two years old, I’m a United States senator, and I could not go in and take notes and read the Pentagon Papers, because they were under guard in the Senate. Now, does it get any stupider than that? And that—and I didn’t even go in. When that was—Nixon sent them to the House, sent them to the Senate, and no staff could read it or senator could read it, couldn’t even take notes. I mean, we are so steeped in this.

And when you hear—and keep this in mind, Amy, any member of the Congress could release any secret about the government’s activities right today, because the court case, the Supreme Court ruled in my case 5-4 that a senator, under—or a House member, under the speech and debate clause of the Constitution of the United States, could not be held accountable.

For the complete article, see:
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Get involved:

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NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative – Why So Important?
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Please support the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative by sending a financial contribution:
Here’s the online link to contribute!

Or write a check made payable to NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative, and mail it to
NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative, 1173A Second Avenue, Suite 155, New York, NY 10065.

Or for supporting volunteers collecting signatures ASAP, send a check made payable to:
Civic Empowerment Network (in memo write: NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative) and send to:
9/11 Ballot Initiative, P.O. Box 1063, Cooper Station, NY 10276

For Independent Investigations - NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative

2) Bush Threatens Iran With Military Action – What’s Next?

- - Ray McGovern Asks Conyers to Impeach to Stop Bush Iran War
- - Iraq War & the Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

- - Bush Threatens Iran With Military Action
By Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor

The US President's remarks on the last leg of his "farewell tour" of Europe raised fears at Westminster
that Mr. Bush is determined to take action against Iran before he leaves office in January.

For article, see:

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- - Ray McGovern Asks Conyers to Impeach to Stop Bush Iran War

Ray McGovern in Detroit Free Press Asks Conyers to Impeach to Avoid Attack on Iran
Impeach Bush now? –Congressional proceedings would help prevent another mistaken war
BY RAY McGOVERN • Detroit Free Press

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- - Iraq War & the Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
Citing Iraq War, Renowned Attorney Vincent Bugliosi Seeks
“The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder”

3) Christopher Story and financial criminal underworlds

- - Christopher Story Explains Wanta “Betrayal”
- - Bush, Cheney at Centre of Huge Corruption Storm
- - Populism and plutocracy: Obama speaks to the Wall Street Journal

- - Christopher Story Explains Wanta “Betrayal”


Wanta Would Not Agree to Abide by All Laws, Be Transparent

Christopher Story sent in the following response to the post in the ongoing Story/Casper thread being maintained by Hobie:

The top of that thread is here:
In my post (about Casper's latest post ) I had expressed my concern about how Story could have been "fooled" by Wanta for so long and he sent along the following explanation and clarification for the benefit of our readers. Much thanks to Mr. Story for this since his reply casts more light on the kinds of things going on behind the scenes. Apologies to him as well for my perhaps too-casual question, but since it has brought the following clarification for our readers I'm happy to take the blame. For anyone following these stories his reply is essential reading.

There is no question that Story trumps "Casper," "poof," "S." and others writing at fourwinds10, especially by his being publicly available under his known name and identified by what he calls "coordinates" (email address, mail address, phone number, etc.), and also by his long history of publication on economic issues and the knowledge and understanding that comes with that.

Here is his reply in full:
You may publish what follows provided you publish every word in one block. Otherwise, you may not publish any of this at all:

'How could Story have been so fooled?'

I am surprised it took you so long to ask this question, even though it is based upon incorrect assumptions (see below).

I will try to condense the answer here. First, the course of events that led to me closing down the Wantagate reports has not yet been presented for general public consumption.

Reasons for this include the fact that in March, when we closed down Wantagate, there were a number of extremely sensitive matters that had yet to fall into place. I can't go into these here because of space constraints and for other reasons, but we proceeded generally as follows.

On 3rd March, we issued a very specific and direct warning to Leo Wanta (see posting) that if he switched back to his previous modus operandi, he would lose his two genuine helpers, viz. Yours Truly and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., his VERY qualified US expert financial adviser. That was what the report dated 3rd March was all about.

As a direct consequence of that report, a Queen's Messenger was sent from London to Wanta with a copy of the report, and a request that he explain what it was all about (who told me this? Wanta).

In March, I was asked by Michael Cottrell to write to The Queen (twice) enclosing certain materials connected with this matter, which I did. I received a reply only in June (I have no complaint about this whatsoever as I was not expecting any response from our Head of State at all).

On 18th March 2008, after I had requested Wanta to place in writing a statement that his financial transactions would conform 100% with the Rule of Law at all times, and had been told flat out that no such written statement would be forthcoming, and after I had nevertheless managed to get one verbal statement (which I myself composed) out of him, I posted a final Wantagate statement in which we couched the matter as carefully and sensitively as possible, my objective being TO TRY TO AVOID 'DROPPING HIM IN IT' IF I COULD POSSIBLY DO SO.

I can now state that what I wrote needed to be read upside down: we could not condemn him for doing what we had reason to believe he was intending, so we held him to his verbal undertaking (to no avail, as it later transpired). Anyone can review how we approached this matter by reading the report. We were STILL trying to ensure that Wanta did not revert to his previous mode, which he had all along earlier indicated (see our repeated Rule of Law statements) he would not do. But what had happened was that he was in fact in contact with Cheney et al, which of course I did not know and which could not be divulged to me. Notwithstanding that I purchased his freedom, he finally double-crossed me: a point I have already publicised.

But he in turn was also double-crossed, in multiple ways. I do not know whether he understands this or not. I am not interested in finding out.

To grandstand at this late stage and ask how I could have been 'fooled', is unreasonable without knowing the full facts, for several reasons. We knew very well that this man had a reputation for being one of the world's most proficient deception operatives: after all, I had researched his background for several years before paying for his exit from probation in July 2005.

He was extracted from the GULAG by me pro bono publico FOR SEVERAL REASONS. One was that my researches had led me to conclude that once his restrictions (imposed unlawfully: see report dated 6th August 2007) had been lifted (which occurred with effect from 14th November 2005) the consequence would be that the entire financial corruption logjam would undergo a 'paradigm shift'.

This is precisely what happened. In April 2006, after I visited UK banks on Wanta's behalf, equipped with a strictly limited Power of Attorney to ascertain information only, preparatory to the repatriation of the funds, alarm bells went off all over the place; and Wanta suddenly travelled (as he could now do thanks to me) to California.

The intel people there sold him the ruse about the $4.5T being his compromise payment.

The moment he accepted this deal, though, he was caught in their trap and became their victim. However I and others realised that what we now needed to do was to HOLD THE INTELLIGENCE THIEVES AND CRIMINALS TO THEIR UNDERTAKING TO WANTA, TO PAY HIM THE COMPROMISE SETTLEMENT OF $4.5 TRILLION THAT HAD BEEN AGREED.

This is why we embarked upon the Wantagate reports, and why those letters were written to the President, Cheney etc. RE-READ THESE PUBLISHED LETTERS AND YOU WILL OBSERVE THAT YOUR SIMPLISTIC CRITICISM OF ME BEING 'FOOLED' IS CARELESS: WHAT ABOUT MR THOMAS HENRY, A CIA LAWYER HIMSELF, WHO WROTE THOSE LETTERS? AND ALL MR WANTA'S OTHER ADVISERS? THEY WERE 'FOOLED' TOO. The fact that Leo Emil Wanta was a deception expert did not mean that he himself could not be deceived. Professional deceivers are often easily deceived.

The Wantagate reports had the anticipated effect of placing the US criminalist cadres on notice that every step that could be monitored was going to be publicised almost in real time. In the course of harrassing the 'Black' operatives as they unsuspectingly went about their deception operations as though nothing had changed (we did not know until a few months ago that Bush Sr. roped in Hillary to run Wanta's money, from June 2006 onwards) we successfully chipped away at their pyramid of lies, culminating in December 2006 with the report on the arrest of Paulson.

On 4th April 2008 a US intelligence operative arrived at my London office without an appointment and told me that 'they' started to take us seriously when we reported the Paulson arrest, because this was 'special' information that had been supposed to be closely held.

I seem to recall being wantonly excoriated by ignorant bloggers, who obviously knew better than I did, including people on your website, for reporting Paulson's arrest. The same US visitor informed me on 4th April 2008, without any prompting, that my assessment of the DVD, Dachau, dimension is quote 'one hundred percent accurate' unquote. We knew that anyway, but it was nice to have the point reconfirmed. I believe the operative is in fact an NSC agent.

To ask how I could have been 'fooled', completely misses the point. Of course we knew who we were dealing with. But although I invented the phrase Wantagate and then plugged the matter very intensively, I did this as a marketing matter and publicity device because the Wanta cause served several purposes. The overt object of the exercise, as noted, was to hold the criminalists to their formal undertaking to Wanta, which was successfully making them squirm: had Wanta stayed the course and clung on to us, as he should have done, he would have forced the issue. But he lost patience and was suborned by Cheney et al.

That he reverted to type after the Mandamus hearing on 19th October 2007 in the Alexandria Court, which I attended, reflected the fact that as soon as the matter took on the format of a Court petition placing precise details of the source of funds etc FORMALLY into the public domain, followed by the hearing (which was well attended by spooks of course), 'they' had a huge problem.

For the matter was now completely out of hand. Every accessible step was being monitored by a British investigative journalist who would publish his findings and they could do nothing about it.

This was a situation they had never encountered before: OPPOSITION as well as EXPOSURE. They never expected either. So they 'got at' Wanta even while we were still in Alexandria and New York last October and November.

The way matters then devolved is too complex to explain here [in the email to the website] but I can state that it is being extensively exposed, with many documents, in International Currency Review, Volume 33, Numbers 3 and 4.

I am glad to say that all 972 pages of this huge issue were finally delivered to our bindery on Friday 13th June (a very momentous day for other reasons, as will shortly be rehearsed, separately: see the forthcoming report: Editor). Our paid-up ICR subscribers around the world will therefore soon be receiving a clear, extensive and fully documented exposition of what happened in the Wanta context after the Alexandria Court hearings.

Further, when we reported the Paulson episode over the New Year (2007-2008), the whole thing blew up, and 'they' tried to cut me off from both Wanta and Mike Cottrell. Mike handled this with extreme delicacy not least as he was separately insisting upon the absolute necessity of adhering to the Rule of Law, whereas Wanta had been saying in the Alexandria and New York hotels that this would not be necessary when the money was forthcoming.

Cottrell would not agree to that, and insisted upon meticulous adherence to legality throughout and to the use of the corporate securities account, pointing out that the dorporate securities account and Mr Cottrell's own independent status as an expert securities and financial adviser, coupled with my publicity expertise, were the only protections Wanta had from having his funds stolen again, not least given that all Wanta's bank account money had been diverted previously.

I have on several occasions explained the qualitative differences between straight bank accounts and a US corporate securities account. Michael C. Cottrell, M.S. obtained the corporate securities account on behalf of Mr Wanta on the basis of his own securities market credentials, and was the signatory on the account, which was set up for Wanta's own protection and for no other reason.

However by this time, Wanta had been subverted by Cheney, Hannah et al, and was not listening.

Between January and March, Michael Cottrell determined that his own future and that of his family would be jeopardised by continued association with Wanta, who had appointed him as his financial adviser but was now wilfully refusing to take any of his advice. After all, if Wanta were to undertake certain actions without consulting Mike Cottrell, as the Treasurer, Michael's own position would be precarious: he would go down on the same felonies as Wanta.

On 23rd March, Wanta unceremoniously 'fired' Cottrell. This is explained, with documentation, in the latest issue of the journal. However he did so in a spectacularly crude, illegal, careless and unprofessional manner, promulgating an irregular resolution of the Sole Shareholder, whereas of course a corporation with Directors can only 'resolve' anything via a formal Resolution approved by the Board of Directors. Mike Cottrell, greatly relieved, then filed the correct papers confirming his removal from office, with the Commonwealth of Virginia authorities, directing them to forward all future communications concerning the corporation to Wanta in Wisconsin (where he had said that he didn't operate any business ventures at all).

Wanta had also told Mike Cottrell that 'because the corporation isn't funded, it doesn't exist', which is a novel doctrine as you can imagine.

Further circumstances surrounding this matter are of such gravity, affecting or referencing others, that I will conclude this part of the narrative here, for the time being.

The whole matter is of course FAR MORE COMPLEX THAN THIS.


Therefore, since I am a long-term friend of the United States, I have acted to date with extreme circumspection, avoiding the temptation to publish information when provoked; and it is unfair of people who cannot possibly have the necessary detailed background knowledge, to suggest that I was 'fooled', when the entire matter is infinitely more complex and multi-layered than can be easily explained for a general audience.

This is not special pleading; WHAT I STATE HERE IS ALL TRUE. The way things are going, I fully expect that the entire matter may become public knowledge in due course.

The criticism also misses the key point that the Wantagate exposures PUBLICISED THE ONGOING FINANCIAL CORRUPTION GENERALLY. Indeed, that became their rationale.

Thus, in using Leo/Lee Wanta for their own nefarious purposes, as a front behind which to continue perpetrating fraudulent finance operations, these idiots dug their own grave because this enabled us to publicise, to some extent, what they were up to, almost in real time.

They didn't seem to GRASP what was happening for ages.

Furthermore, as the critic himself states, I have an identity and a telephone number. Anyone can ring me up to check my facts: WHY HAVE YOU NOT DONE SO? If you need information, instead of leaving questions dangling, unanswered, for necessarily uninformed people to belabour, you can call me and ask your questions. BUT YOU HAVE NEVER DONE THIS. Is that because you can't, being anonymous yourself? If so, then how can you presume to publish any credible copy at all?

How can you comment accurately on such a complex matter without consulting the source?

To deliver unwarranted value judgments when you have the opportunity to telephone me at any time for clarification, is not appropriate.

This source is not anonymous like other sources you cite, who cannot ever be queried because they hide behind a cloak of anonymity, but is a live human being who can be approached at any time for information. In an earlier email I explained precisely how to find me. Our London office is located opposite the Coroner's Court, next to Benson's Estate Agents and to the Cardinal Hume Centre Charity Shop in Horseferry Road adjacent to the Barley Mow pub!

I provided that 'useful' data in an earlier email in order to make the crude point that I am not hiding behind anonymity; from which you are invited to deduce that what we have had to publish on these matters has been genuine and accurate (as perceived at the time of posting).

Furthermore anyone can order copies of International Currency Review and can read all about it: there is no mystery about anything we write and do, whatsoever.

EXPOSURE IS THE ONLY WEAPON AGAINST THESE PEOPLE; and I know for a certainty that these exposures have not only shocked them rigid, and taken them collectively by surprise, but they are specifically responsible for the forward movement and for the escalation of matters to the extreme level of crisis resolution that has now been reached.

That these world class criminals have proved so incredibly obdurate is not my problem: our mutual challenge is to hound them relentlessly until the job is complete.

And believe me, it will be done.

But it can't be done so readily if you keep systematically trying to find fault with the person wielding the exposure weapon. I do not say that other exposures aren't helping: of course they are. But if you are going to criticise me, for goodness sake get in touch before you slag me off, because I DO EXIST and i am not ANONYMOUS IN ORDER NOT TO HAVE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS.

The reasons for what happened are logical and can be explained: we didn't do this in March for very sensitive reasons which could not be divulged back then. We have however extensively explained matters in the new issue of International Currency Review.

We cannot be held responsible for Wanta's behaviour. He now has to 'live with' the knowledge that he took my money, which is now considered stolen, got his freedom, and then behaved as he did. That was extraordinarily foolish of him, as our publicity platform was 95% of the way to achieving the outcome that he wanted (after he had made the mistake of falling for the $4.5 trillion compromise settlement): it was also incredibly foolish of him to behave as he did because our platform can still expose 100% of what we know and may well do this if matters are not concluded and The Queen's assets are not handled as they should be.

No, I am not MI6 or MI anything. But I AM a loyal subject of Her Majesty, and proud of it. Her Majesty, who has served our country and the world impeccably throughout her very long reign, is the one remaining upholder of the Rule of Law left.

(This statement may trigger the usual knee-jerk, ignorant American Black propaganda against our Monarch. Those lies come from the same sewer that we are jointly exposing. The criminalists want the British Monarchy out of their way, as it is the one power still standing for the Rule of Law, as may soon become clear).

Christopher Story

For the complete article, see:

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- - Bush, Cheney at Centre of Huge Corruption Storm
by Christopher Story

George W. Bush has stated that he will step down at the end of his term and will embark upon a project to promulgate 'universal values'. For 'universal', kindly read 'consistent with the globalist hegemony objectives of the World Revolution, of which I am proud to have served as the leader'.

The Observer, an international socialist newspaper published in the British capital, stated on 15th June 2008 that President George W. Bush Jr. intends to build a Presidential Library with a 'Freedom Institute... aimed at promoting the universal values that need to be defended'.

The mind boggles. What are the 'universal values' that Dubya Bush's 'Freedom Institute' will be promoting? They will surely have to include the following, at a minimum:

• It’s Okay to order the 9/11 atrocities knowing that 30,000+ people will die in the course of the preplanned demolition of the Twin Towers alone, and to use technology derived from weapons of mass destruction to do so, in order to generate the ‘necessary’ Hitlerian ‘Reichstag Fire’ event to be used as a pretext for invading Afghanistan in order to re-establish total undisputed control over the heroin poppy crop, and then Iraq in order to seize the Central Bank of Iraq, its assets and those of Saddam Hussein’s private institution (Rafidain Bank), and all the country’s oil assets, so that the price of oil can continue to be falsified through the operation of the external oil corporation price cartel for which the CIA ‘works’.

• It’s Okay to falsify all subsequent ‘blowback’ responses, including falsely managing the grief and expectations of the families of the 9/11 victims, and evidence to be considered and published by a controlled ‘whitewash’ commission set up for the specific purpose of managing the fall-out from the 9/11 atrocities, in the knowledge that the truths underlying these abominations can be made to ‘go away’. Goebbels taught that people soon believe lies, and we have learned from him.

• It is Okay to invade and usurp the sovereignty of another country when you covet its oil.

• It's Okay to murder 1.5++ million of its inhabitants and to reduce 25% of its population to the ranks of the dead, the wounded, the deprived, the bereaved, and for an estimated two million of them to be reduced to abject poverty as refugees. Asked by The Observer what he thought that his legacy might be, Bush suggested that 'the liberation of 50 million people from the clutches of barbaric regimes is noteworthy, at a minimum'. The population of Iraq as of June 2006 was 28.51 million. The population of Afghanistan is currently unknown, but that country has no more been 'liberated' than has Iraq (much less so). Mr Bush had also conveniently forgotten (as had the British newspaper's interviewer, clearly) that Bush is on record as having recently described figures like the King of Saudi Arabia as 'barbarians', in the course of his propaganda for 'democracy' in the Middle East [see our further comment on his 'democracy' drive in the region, below].

• It’s Okay to invent tall stories to rationalise an illegal invasion in order to cover up the reality that its purpose was to seize the Central Bank of Iraq and its assets, and subsequently to seize the fiat assets of former financial trading partner Saddam Hussein.

• It’s Okay to authorise the deliberate liquidation of 100+ (probably very many more) special US operatives who were engaged in the seizure of the Central Bank of Iraq, so as to destroy those involved and thus preventing the truth of this atrocity from emerging into the public domain.

• It’s Okay to authorise, legitimize and perpetrate barbaric torture practices replicating Nazi-style behavior in gross, knowing breach of the Geneva Conventions, and to fabricate false, spurious legal rationalizations for doing so.

• It's Okay to commit treason almost every day, to perpetrate open-ended financial fraud, to lie through both sides of one's face, to demand cuts from transactions involving stolen funds, to blackmail domestic and foreign leaders, to order assassinations (by shooting or poisoning) and to commit other outrages for which the statutory penalties in the United States are death by lethal injection. (That should not worry him, as he presided over 151 executions while Governor of Texas, more than any other State Governor in history: and it is on the open record that he rejoiced in the prospect of the deaths that he was inflicting).

• It's Okay to attack a sovereign country on the basis of a false prospectus, to lie to the nation on the basis of that false prospectus, to disregard evidence that weapons of mass destruction were removed from the country (via the two Russian ships that sailed from the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr a few weeks prior to the March 2003 invasion) and to perpetuate that basic deception with devious obfuscations such as the following statement from Bush's interview with The Observer: 'We didn't realise, nor did anyone else, that Saddam Hussein felt like he needed to play like he had weapons of mass destruction'. No harm, presumably, in implicitly blaming the intelligence community for its incompetence, given that the so-called intelligence community is itself the co-author of these lies, deceptions and illicit operations.

• It's Okay to freeze a reported $50 billion of Iraq's money (but we think vastly more than this) with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in order to maximise pressure on the Iraqi Government into signing a coveted treaty granting the United States 58 permanent bases in the occupied country (compared with the current 30 bases), not merely in order that the United States can control Iraq's oil in perpetuity, but also so that the US kleptocracy can be permanently embedded inside Iraq ready to seize Iran's oil resources and contracts that it lost back in the 1950s.

• It's Okay to ponce around the Middle East preaching 'democracy' after having presided over the stealing of two General Elections through the rigging of electronic voting machines and software. In this respect the Bush II Administration is no better than a 'former' Soviet Republic – resembling Georgia under Shevardnadze (known there as 'Stalin II'), when ballot boxes were brought already pre-stuffed to the polling stations even under the noses of Western 'election monitors' bribed to certify in writing that the election had been fair, with a contradictory minority report attached.

• It is Okay to steal billions and trillions of dollars belonging to others, to subvert and suborn the banking system, to bribe legislators, to 'legitimise' fraudulent finance by not only condoning it but also participating in it on a grand scale, to treat the holding of the highest office as an opportunity to make trillions on the side, to connive with corrupt foreign leaders to help oneself to more stolen funds whenever such an opportunity arises, to pontificate about 'universal values' while stamping upon every 'value' except those of his master, Lucifer, and then obfuscating the immense damage that he has inflicted upon humanity by having his staff arrange for well-known sycophantic British journalists to be on hand on Air Force One, in Rome, in Paris, at breakfast, wherever, to record every nuance of his serial lies and obfuscations, as he attempts to fine-tune his 'legacy image' in the knowledge that, thanks to his apparatus's control over the corrupted US Fourth Estate, the general population will have 'forgotten' his depredations by November 2008, and knowing that it is neither here nor there who wins the forthcoming election, since the criminalised US intelligence community will win and will remain in charge.

• It's Okay to abuse the Presidency of the United States as a captive platform for the pursuit of internationalist, globalist, World Revolution objectives, with the collaboration of a brainwashed US military class which the whole world can see is much more interested in its pensions, payoffs and plaudits, than with saving the United States from the clutches of the most evil bunch of organised financial criminals to have walked the face of this earth since the days of Mussolini.

For complete article, see:

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- - Populism and plutocracy: Obama speaks to the Wall Street Journal
By Patrick Martin
Published by World SSocialist Web Sire
19 June 2008


Obama noted the growth of economic inequality over the past two decades—under the Clinton administration as well as the Bush administration—and he observed that this contradicted the claims that an increase in productivity would raise living standards overall. “What we’ve seen is rising productivity, rising corporate profits but flat-lining or even declining wages and incomes for the average family,” he said.

For that reason, he explained, some form of government intervention in economic life was required to alter the distribution of wealth: “It’s going to be important for us to pay attention to not only growing the pie, which is always critical, but also some attention to how it is sliced. I do not believe that those two things—fair distribution and robust economic growth—are mutually exclusive.”

Obama is the first Democratic presidential candidate in a generation even to raise the issue of wealth distribution in a campaign. However, the resulting article in the Journal did not portray him as a dangerous radical, but as a potential ally of big business who might be persuaded to lower taxes on corporate America.

This olive branch to Wall Street does not represent a change in direction, but a continuation of the course which Obama has pursued throughout the campaign to secure the Democratic presidential nomination.

Obama’s policies can be considered unfriendly to the super-rich only by comparison to those of George W. Bush. They are actually somewhat less onerous than those carried out in Bill Clinton’s first term in office, when the income tax rate for the wealthy was raised by a small amount.

As for his proposals for increased spending on infrastructure, outlined in his Flint speech, these include $15 billion a year for ten years on new energy technology, $60 billion for transportation improvements, particularly railroads and energy grids, and $10 billion for early childhood education.

For the complete article. see:

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For another article on the WSJ article, see:

4) Alvin M. Marks, Inventor with 122 Patents, Dies at 97

May 31, 2008
Alvin M. Marks, Inventor With 122 Patents, Dies at 97

Correction Appended

Alvin M. Marks, a prolific inventor who held patents on polarized film for sunglasses, a 3-D moviemaking process, a generator the size of a grapefruit that could produce enough electricity for a house, a windmill with no moving parts and a trillion-dollar “space train,” died Sunday in Gardner, Mass. He was 97 and lived in Athol, Mass.

The cause was liver and pancreatic cancer, said Molly Bennett Aitken, his former wife.

A man capable of both small-bore pragmatism and large-scale imagination, Mr. Marks held 122 patents. An expert in optics, he developed several variants of polarized film that were used in sunglasses and to reduce glare on television screens; a headlight system to aid night driving; and window panels that change gradually from transparent to opaque and back again.

In 1951, he was granted a patent for a “three-dimensional intercommunicating system” that could be used to make TV shows and movies. He was president for many years of the Marks Polarized Corporation, based in the Whitestone section of Queens, where, along with his brother, Mortimer, who died in 2006, he invented many improvements on his original device, even though three-dimensional moviemaking never became the widespread technique he hoped it would.

For much of the latter half of his career, Mr. Marks focused on developing alternative and low-cost energy sources. An early experimenter with solar energy, he served as an adviser to President John F. Kennedy, and in 1967 was a consultant to the United States Senate on new technologies.

His inventions in the energy field include several aerosol electric power generators for home use as well as larger-scale generators, including the “windmill” with no moving parts, which proposed the placement in remote locations of enormous screens that would emit charged water particles into the wind to create power.

In recent years, he had been developing an array of minute antennas capable of collecting sunlight and transforming it into electricity, as well as a corresponding battery for storing it.

Alvin Melville Marks was born in Brooklyn on Oct. 28, 1910. His father, Alexander, was a lawyer. He studied at a variety of colleges and universities, including Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Harvard, M.I.T. and New York University, receiving a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Cooper Union. Because he could read German, his former wife said, he spent much of his Navy service during World War II translating intercepted Nazi documents.

After his first two marriages ended in divorce, he married Molly Bennett in 1967; they divorced a decade later, and she subsequently married Gerard Aitken III, who became Mr. Marks’s business partner, helping to raise money to support his research. Mr. Aitken died in 1987, and Mr. Marks adopted the two young children his partner and friend had had with his former wife.

All told, he had five children, two stepchildren and two adopted children, all of whom survive him. They are Sara Marks Tabby of Merion Station, Pa.; Bridget Marks of New York City; Jacqueline Marks of Dallas; Sean Christopher Marks of Litchfield, Conn.; Frederick Peter Marks of Athol; Douglas Marks of Pensacola, Fla.; Meridyth Senes of Burlington, N.J.; Gerard J. Aitken IV of Swan Lake, N.Y.; and Hannah Aitken of New York City. Mr. Marks is also survived by 12 grandchildren.

“My father was fluid with unconventional relationships for years,” said Ms. Marks Tabby. “That’s how he ended up having a hand in raising nine children.”

In 1989, Mr. Marks won a patent, with Peter H. Diamandis, for perhaps his most audacious invention, a plan to circumvent conventional space travel with a 6.6-million-pound, 180-foot train that would be propelled into outer space in an electromagnetic tunnel. It would cost trillions of dollars and take a decade to build, he said, but once complete, it would cut the cost of space exploration drastically.

“It’s a feasible idea and should be given consideration,” he told The New York Times at the time.

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