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15 April 2008

"Propaganda is not meant to fool the intelligencia,
it is merely meant to provide them an excuse to avoid
seeing ugly realities, they’d sooner not believe.”

-- Joseph Goebbels

Nazi propagandist,
Nuremburg War Crimes Trials

1) The Shell Game - Week of Truth – Power to the People
- - Week of Truth UPDATE "Buy-In" thru Tuesday April 22
- - Continuity of Government Planning--The Showdown
- - Dick Cheney, A Key Player for ‘Continuity of Government?
- - U.N. Official's Call for Study of U.S. Govt. Role in 9/11 Attacks
- - Iran - The New Motivation for US War in Iraq
- - Faith of the Heart--A Tribute to 9/11 Truthers

The Shell Game is grounded theory leading to fictional interpretations
of the abuse of power by the Global Dominance Group within the US military
industrial complex. This is a book that needs to be read and understood by all Americans.

-- Peter Phillips

Director Project Censored,
Professor Sociology Sonoma State University

Editor’s Notes:

Beginning Wednesday April 16 to next Tuesday April 22, individuals can make 9/11 truth become a reality for millions of more people. If truthers can buy enough books to list THE SHELL GAME in the top ten of the NY Times-reported best-selling books, the momentum for new investigations could be unstoppable. For evidence on this check the interviews posted at and read why top ten makes all the difference. The Shell Game is a cautionary tale to avoid another false flag operation and attack on oil-rich Iran. This is why Lana Wood (an original James Bond 007 actress) supports Week of Truth. Please join us, spread the word and purchase multiple copies. When linking from to buy the book, you will also be supporting 9/11 first responders and their health-care.

Please note the articles to reference why peace and 9/11 truth are connected. For those wanting a 1-page newsletter from Flyby News, see this link for the files of Valley 9/11 Truth. Please note that recently Amy Goodman has called for an investigation into WTC-7. The time for 9/11 truth to come out of the closet could happen from this week of truth; with nuclear weapons all over the place, we should take the quickest approach to getting truth out of the closet. In May, following either the success or failure of the first Week of Truth campaign, FN will be supporting the collecting of 100,000 signatures from NYC voters in support of a Referendum Vote on national Election Day, November 4, 2008, to engage a new 9/11 Commission to investigate September 11, 2001. The results of this initiative could be the most direct path (without Media or government sponsorship) to end the occupation-war, and return civil liberties. But with The Shell Game success getting 100,000 signatures would be like a walk in the park. But one way or another, we need to succeed in uniting efforts to stop the war empire corruption machine, and awaken democracy, using science and empirical rationale to investigate what really happened on September 11, 2001. If you know anyone living or working in NYC, make sure you not only link them to The Shell Game but also

New York Times Best-Selling Author's 9/11 Truth Novel

Week of Truth Buy-In - April 16-22nd

The Shell Game review by Jehan Abdur-Raheem
Also see following reviews by Jonathan Mark and Kevin Barrett:
"Retaking the moment, The Shell Game potential"
"Why Steve Alten is Winning the Shell Game Debate"

For video-audio of the author talking about this campaign;
and for flyers, banners, and buying The Shell Game, while
benefiting Feal Good Foundation, please spread the word: - April 16-22nd

For Independent Investigations

Valley 9/11 Truth
The Reflecting Pool
The first investigative drama to
challenge the official version of 9/11

Revealing the Sources
Media Education Foundation
April 30, 2008; 7:00pm

New England 9/11 Symposium
Family Members and Researchers Speak Out

May 17, 2008 - Keene High School

1) The Shell Game - Week of Truth – Power to the People

- - Week of Truth UPDATE "Buy-In" thru Tuesday April 22
- - Continuity of Government Planning--The Showdown
- - Dick Cheney, A Key Player for ‘Continuity of Government?
- - U.N. Official's Call for Study of U.S. Govt. Role in 9/11 Attacks
- - Iran - The New Motivation for US War in Iraq
- - Faith of the Heart--A Tribute to 9/11 Truthers

- - The Shell Game - Week of Truth – Power to the People
by Jonathan Mark

A coalition of 9/11 truth activists, organizers, artists, filmmakers, authors, researchers, scientists, engineers, etc., have joined together in a nationally coordinated action to overcome the media censorship of truth, reality, responsibility -- to expose the 9/11 cover-up and present facts to an international community.

For this purpose, April 16th thru April 22nd is an opportunity of a lifetime to help Steve Alten’s book, THE SHELL GAME, reach in the top ten of the NY Times best-seller list. This could be huge! The Shell Game is a real thriller that could not only ignite a new 9/11 investigation, but also could possibly preempt another deception-war, or prolong occupation. Visit for more information and learn why this action could make such a difference!

Following is a partial list of supporters promising to buy two copies of The Shell Game
and encouraging members of their organizations to UNITE -

- Richard Gage; Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
- Kevin Ryan; former Underwriter Labs mngr/whisteblower
- Professor Steven Jones; Scholars for 911 Truth & Justice Founder
- Paul Craig Roberts; Wall Street Journal/Columnist for Nat’l Review)
- Peter Phillips; Director of Project Censored
- Dylan Avery; Producer/Director “Loose Change – The Final Cut”
- Bob McIlvane; Father of Bobby – Fighter for 9/11 Truth
- Daniel Sunjata; Star of “Rescue Me” TV Series – 9/11 activist
- Lana Wood, an original 007 (James Bond) actress)
- Luke Rudowski; A Founding Member of WeAreChange
- Jack Blood; Radio Host Who Challenged Tim Russert on 9/11 Questions
- Kyle Hence; 911 Press for Truth Director/Citizen’s Watch Founder
- Carol Brouillet; Organizer of Nat'l 911 Truth Conf in San Francisco
- Janice Matthews; Director of
- Jarek Kupsc; Director of the film “Reflecting Pool”
- Paul Krik, Able Danger, the movie
- Jon Gold; 911Blogger Columnist
- Ken Jenkins; Co-Organizer of the 1st Nat’l 9/11 Truth Conf/Filmmaker
- Les Jamieson; New York 9/11 founder, coordinator
- Michael Jackman; Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth Founding Member
- Michael Wolsey; Visibility911 Founding Member
- Mark Peters; Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth Founding Member
- J. Martelli; Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth Founding Member
- Mike Berger; – Spoke to America on CNN Headline News
- Paul Deslauriers;
- Peter Garritano; Vermont 911 Founding Member
- Reprehensor;
- Jonathan Mark; Flyby News

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- - Week of Truth UPDATE "Buy-In" thru Tuesday April 22

Flyby News Alert - 20 April 2008

From: William Douglas

Has everyone noticed the dramatic boost David Ray Griffin's book got from Week of Truth ? When Alten's "The Shell Game" went up on Amazon two months ago, he immediately linked it to David Ray Griffin's new book (author's can do that on amazon, whereby readers can buy both books at the same time for a discount).

Since the Week of Truth began Griffin's "9/11 Contradictions" linked to "The Shell Game" has seen a dramatic increase in sales, now at Sales Rank: #1,340 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)

Popular in these categories:
#2 in Books > Nonfiction > Current Events > September 11
#2 in Books > Nonfiction > Government > Federal Government
#5 in Books > History > United States > 21st Century

Steve also was invited, along with me to interview on Air America's Clout w/ Richard Greene on Friday, listen at:

The Week of Truth has also inspired Greene at Air America to stage a MONTH OF TRUTH in May, involving 5 Friday shows holding the first such series of 9/11 related debates between 9/11 truth experts, and qualified experts on the other side willing to argue the govt.'s official line.

Alten has gone right to the heart of conservative talk radio with 9/11 questions, that these millions of listeners had NEVER been exposed to before Alten brought them to their airwaves:

Jim Bohannan Show on National CBS Radio, carried on nearly 200 stations nationwide. 5 min. excerpt of 40 minute interview:
Mike McConnell Show on Premiere National Radio (ala Rush Limbaugh/Dr. Laura fame)

See Alten's ABC 6 TV interview on 9/11 truth at
This Week of Truth has been a very good investment for the truth movement. AND IT IS NOT OVER. We have driven "The Shell Game" up from #800 on amazon the night before the Week of Truth began down to #62 this weekend.


"9/11 activists will NOT react to one message, with the information overload,
they have to hear about an action like this again and again and again!"
-- Jack Blood;
Jack Blood Radio Program

Week of Truth - April 16-22

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- - Continuity of Government Planning--The Showdown

Congress, the Bush Administration and Continuity of Government Planning--The Showdown
March 31, 2008
by Peter Dale Scott

In August 2007, Congressman Peter DeFazio, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, told the House that he and the rest of his Committee had been barred from reviewing parts of National Security Presidential Directive 51, the White House supersecret plans to implement so-called "Continuity of Government" in the event of a mass terror attack or natural disaster. (1)

Norm Ornstein, of the conservative American Enterprise Institute, commented, "I cannot think of one good reason" for denial. Ornstein added, "I find it inexplicable and probably reflective of the usual, knee-jerk overextension of executive power that we see from this White House." (2)

The story, ignored by the mainstream press, involved more than the usual tussle between the legislative and executive branches of the U.S. Government. What was at stake was a contest between Congress's constitutional powers of oversight, and a set of policy plans that could be used to suspend or modify the constitution.

There is nothing wrong with disaster planning per se. Like all governments, the U.S. government must develop plans for the worst contingencies. But Congress has a right to be concerned about Continuity of Government (COG) plans refined by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld over the past quarter century, which journalists have described as involving suspension of the constitution. (3)

In the 1980s, a secret group of planners inside and outside the government were assigned, by an Executive Order, to develop a response to a nuclear attack in which the U.S. government had been decapitated, forcing an alternative to the constitutional rules of succession. Two of these planners were Dick Cheney, then a Congressman, and Donald Rumsfeld, then a private citizen and CEO of the G.D. Searle drug company.

"One of the awkward questions we faced was whether to reconstitute Congress after a nuclear attack.It was decided that no, it would be easier to operate without them," said one of the COG planners in the 1980s, who spoke to James Mann (The Rise of the Vulcans, 141-42). James Bamford reported the same remark in his book Pretext for War (p. 74).

After the end of the Cold War, the urgency of coming up with plans faded. The COG nuclear planning project "has less than six months to live," reported Tim Weiner of the New York Times. (April 17, 1994). Mann and Bamford concluded, wrongly, that all the COG planning of the Reagan era had been abandoned.

In fact, Reagan's Executive Order 12656, issued in 1988, remained in effect. The order states that Continuity of Government procedures are called for in the event of "any occurrence, including natural disaster, military attack, technological emergency, or other emergency, that seriously degrades or seriously threatens the national security of the United States." (4)

Under Clinton, some parts of the planning, presumably military, were continued by a group including Rumsfeld and others whose roster (according to Andrew Cockburn) was "filled almost exclusively with Republican hawks." Cockburn quotes one participant, a former Pentagon official, who said "They'd meet, do the exercise, but also sit around and castigate the Clinton administration in the most extreme way." (5)

According to the 9/11 Commission Report (p. 326; cf. p. 38), "Contingency plans for the continuity of government" were implemented on September 11, 2001. (6) But what measures were invoked remains unclear.

Some clues may be supplied by COG's past history. COG planning in the 1980s was handled by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and its controversial director, Louis Giuffrida. According to a Miami Herald article by Alfonso Chardy on July 5, 1987, Giuffrida's plans included "suspension of the Constitution," along with detailed arrangements for the declaration of martial law. (7)

Those suspicious of what COG means today have pointed to a number of post 9/11 steps to facilitate the implementation of martial law, including the creation of a new military command (NORTHCOM) for the continental United States. They note also Homeland Security's strategic plan Endgame, whose stated goal is the creation of detention camps designed to "remove all removable aliens," including "potential terrorists."

Then in 2007 National Security Presidential Directive 51 (NSPD 51), issued by the White House, empowered the President to personally ensure "continuity of government" in the event of any "catastrophic emergency." (8) According to the Washington Post (May 10, 2007), this directive "formalizes a shift of authority," from the Department of Homeland Security to the White House, in establishing " a shadow government" after an emergency. (9) Congress has yet to hold a single hearing on NSPD 51. (10)

NSPD 51 contains "classified Continuity Annexes" which shall "be protected from unauthorized disclosure." Congressman DeFazio twice requested to see these Annexes, the second time in a letter cosigned by House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson and Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Christopher Carney. It was these requests that the White House denied.

Without full disclosure, such suspicions will only fester and distract from the real issue: the role of Congress in constitutional government. In the event of national emergency, Congress must be at the heart of the defense of democratic government and American territory. It is reasonable for the citizenry to ask, "How do Continuity of Government plans preserve and protect the role of the popularly chosen branch of government?" The answer is, we simply don't know.

DeFazio's inability to get access to the NSPD Annexes is less than reassuring. If members of the Homeland Security Committee cannot enforce their right to read secret plans of the Executive Branch, then the systems of checks and balances established by the U.S. Constitution would seem to be failing.

To put it another way, if the White House is successful in frustrating DeFazio, then Continuity of Government planning has arguably already superseded the Constitution as a higher authority.

Will Congress insist on its right of review COG planning? The answer to this question will depend on discussion in the blogosphere, the degree of pressure exerted by the electorate on their representatives, and the questions asked the men and women who would be president.

Peter Dale Scott is the author of The Road to 9/11.

For references and resources on this article, see:

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- - Dick Cheney, A Key Player for ‘Continuity of Government?

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- - U.N. Official's Call for Study of U.S. Govt. Role in 9/11 Attacks

OpEd News
Headlined on 4/13/08:
NY Sun Reports on U.N. Official's Call for Study of U.S. Govt. Role in 9/11 Attacks
by Bill Douglas

The ability of otherwise rational people to continue to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the glaring problems with the U.S. government’s official story of the attacks of 9/11 . . . appears to be nearing a rapidly escalating end.

Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels stated at the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials, “Propaganda is not meant to fool the intelligencia, it is merely meant to provide them an excuse to avoid seeing ugly realities, they’d sooner not believe.”

On April 10, 2008, the New York Sun Newspaper reported on a new U.N. Human Rights Council official assigned to monitor Israel, who is calling for an official commission to study the role neoconservatives may have played in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The Sun reported that the UN official calling for the 9/11-neocon link study, who was unanimously appointed to his UN position on March 26, is Richard Falk, Milbank professor of international law emeritus at Princeton University.

This explosive development builds on a growing tsunami of such demands. Years ago former German national minister and parliamentarian Andreas Von Bulow, was joined by UK former national minister and parliamentarian, in stating that the evidence indicates that 9/11 was orchestrated by elements within the U.S. government.

Around that time I had the opportunity to interview Paul Hellyer, who served as a Canadian Minister of National Defence. In that role Hellyer was very familiar with normal NORAD Air Defence procedures, and expressed to me his deep concern that the US Air Force was mysteriously absent on the morning of 9/11, and that he felt an urgent need for a new investigation.

Since then hundreds of military, intelligence, engineering, architectural, and government experts have come out publicly doubting the official story, and many saying outright that the evidence indicates that elements of the U.S. government had to have executed the attacks of September 11, 2001. Their statements are available for viewing at

The tsunami of international suspicion preceding this week’s explosive demand by the U.N. official, appeared to have crested and begun its crushing descent in the last few weeks, which began when Japanese Senator Fujita grilled the Japanese Prime Minister on national television for nearly 30 minutes. In that time Fujita laid out and presented graphics indicating that the American government had not only lied to Japan about 9/11, but that pointed to likely US government involvement in the attacks. Fujita stated that many ministers of the Japanese Parliament thanked him for his courage and expressed their own suspicions of the US Government’s official 9/11 story.

Truncated, for the complete article, see:

For another article on U.N. Official Call for Study Of Neocons' Role in 9/11, see:

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- - Iran - The New Motivation for US War in Iraq
Published April 14, 2008 by Agence France Presse

CRAWFORD - The US rationale for war in Iraq has morphed from ousting strongman Saddam Hussein, to countering Al-Qaeda militants to its latest incarnation — facing down what officials in President George W. Bush’s administration call the Iranian “threat”.

“Iraq is the convergence point for two of the greatest threats to America in this new century: Al-Qaeda and Iran,” Bush said last week, renewing accusations that the Islamic republic is backing Iraqi militias hostile to US forces and covertly seeking nuclear weapons.

“If we succeed in Iraq after all that Al-Qaeda and Iran have invested there, it would be a historic blow to the global terrorist movement and a severe setback for Iran,” he said.

With Saddam dead and Al-Qaeda weakened — according to Bush — Iranian-financed extremists, which top US commander in Iraq David Petraeus has called “special groups,” have emerged as a key reason for maintaining US troop levels in Iraq.

“Unchecked, the ’special groups’ pose the greatest long-term threat to the viability of a democratic Iraq,” Petraeus said last week as he told US lawmakers of military strategy in Iraq for the coming months.

However, exactly what steps the United States may take to counter this “threat” remain unclear, and depend largely on Bush’s decisions in his remaining nine months in the White House.

Bush told ABC News that he had no intention of attacking Iran, but vowed to protect US interests and refused to rule out the use of force altogether.

“The message to the Iranians is: we will bring you to justice if you continue to try to infiltrate, send your agents or send surrogates to bring harm to our troops and/or the Iraqi citizens,” Bush said.

Asked to elaborate on this “justice,” Bush replied: “It means capture or kill, is what that means.”

Bush repeated that “all options need to be on the table, but my first effort is to solve this issue diplomatically,” and added that he was amused by unfounded rumors of an impending attack.

“I’m chuckling, because, you know, from my perch, my perspective, these rumors happen all the time … I wouldn’t say they’re amusing. It’s part of the job, I guess.”

Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Sunday confirmed US concern with Iranian actions but said the chances of the United States “stumbling” into a confrontation with Iran through skirmishes in Iraq “are very low.”

Truncated, for the complete article, see:

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- - Faith of the Heart--A Tribute to 9/11 Truthers thanks Mr. Dreiger for making this lovely tribute video, and we thank all of you for your tireless activism, as well. Indeed, "it's been a hard road," as this song says, especially for those of us who have been walking it these many years. While we're not to the end of it yet and must keep walking--indeed, redouble our efforts, creativity and energy--we have made great strides. We ARE the ones we've been waiting for. — Ed. []

This great video's description at YouTube reads:

"Whenever I start feeling cynical about all the corruption in the world,
I then think of all the good people now trying to effect positive change
to make it a better place and I feel consoled by this.
This video is dedicated to all those Truthers out there."

For FN’s archives, see:
The Bush Conspiracy and 9/11 Investigative Reports,
looking into the unanswered questions.

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