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Dictator * WeaponAbuse * IronThunderhorse

May 23, 2007
"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier,
just so long as I'm the dictator."

-- George W. Bush
Washington, D.C., Dec. 19, 2000
(Listen to audio clip)

1) Bush Anoints Himself as the Ensurer of Constitutional Government
- - YouTube “Iraq for Sale” Banned Congress Video
- - Impeachment Momentum
- - 9/11: The elephant that will not leave
- - Slam Dunk Evidence Of Controlled Demolition
- - Senators Want CIA to Release 9/11 Report
2) US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights
- - Hawaii Depleted Uranium - US Army has contaminated paradise
3) Chief Iron Thunderhorse of the Quinnipiac Nation in US Prison

Editor’s Notes:

This issue begins with the scary situation of the executive government of the US pushing its powers further toward dictatorship rule. Following is a link to a You Tube video of an excerpt from Iraq for Sale, which was denied viewing in Congress on the looting of the US Treasury. Then there are articles on Impeachment – (even my little town voted in favor of supporting this action for justice). Item two begins with a Project Censored article on a recent study on US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights. ‘This research explores the current capabilities of the US military to use electromagnetic devices to harass, intimidate, and kill individuals and the continuing possibilities of violations of human rights by the testing and deployment of these weapons.’ Following that is link to a video of Leuren Moret (with commentary by Bob Nichols) on "..the use of forever lethal uranium weapons by the US Army in the former Paradise of Hawaii. The Army has contaminated Hawaii forever with a form of highly radioactive and deadly uranium weapons." And the last item is on Chief Iron Thunderhorse of the Quinnipiac Nation, doing time in US prison. Please consider signing this petition for the pardon of an abused Vietnam Veteran & Veteran advocate.

"A human being is a part of the whole, called by us the 'Universe', a part limited in time and space.
He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest –
a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us,
restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.
Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion
to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody
is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement
is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security."

-- Albert Einstein

1) Bush Anoints Himself as the Ensurer of Constitutional Government

- - YouTube “Iraq for Sale” Banned Congress Video
- - Impeachment Momentum
- - 9/11: The elephant that will not leave
- - Slam Dunk Evidence Of Controlled Demolition
- - Senators Want CIA to Release 9/11 Report

Bush Anoints Himself as the Ensurer of Constitutional Government in Emergency
By Matthew Rothschild
The Progressive
Friday 18 May 2007

In a new National Security Presidential Directive, Bush lays out his plans for dealing with a "catastrophic emergency." With scarcely a mention in the mainstream media, President Bush has ordered up a plan for responding to a catastrophic attack.

Under that plan, he entrusts himself with leading the entire federal government, not just the Executive Branch. And he gives himself the responsibility "for ensuring constitutional government." He laid this all out in a document entitled "National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD 51" and "Homeland Security Presidential Directive/HSPD-20."

The White House released it on May 9.

Other than a discussion on Daily Kos led off by a posting by Leo Fender, and a pro-forma notice in a couple of mainstream newspapers, this document has gone unremarked upon.

The subject of the document is entitled "National Continuity Policy."

It defines a "catastrophic emergency" as "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government function."

This could mean another 9/11, or another Katrina, or a major earthquake in California, I imagine, since it says it would include "localized acts of nature, accidents, and technological or attack-related emergencies."

The document emphasizes the need to ensure "the continued function of our form of government under the Constitution, including the functioning of the three separate branches of government," it states.

But it says flat out: "The President shall lead the activities of the Federal Government for ensuring constitutional government." The document waves at the need to work closely with the other two branches, saying there will be "a cooperative effort among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Federal Government." But this effort will be "coordinated by the President, as a matter of comity with respect to the legislative and judicial branches and with proper respect for the constitutional separation of powers."

Among the efforts coordinated by the President would ensuring the capability of the three branches of government to "provide for orderly succession" and "appropriate transition of leadership." The document designates a National Continuity Coordinator, who would be the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.

Truncated, for the complete article, see:
also posted:

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- - YouTube “Iraq for Sale” Banned Congress Video

Iraq for Sale Banned Excerpts

This video was banned from being seen in the US Congress of eye
witnesses giving interviews about the obscene amounts of money
being charged for simple services by Haliburton and other American
private contractors in Iraq and the tremendous waste associated with
cost plus contracts. Well worth the four minutes to check it out.

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- - Impeachment Momentum
Mass Dems Keep National Momentum Going

Impeachment momentum stretches now from one corner of our country to another. On Saturday, the Massachusetts Democratic Party resoundingly passed a resolution to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney – just 20 days after the California Democratic Party passed its impeachment resolution.

With ever more revelations of an out-of-control White House (now with sick-bed coercion), support for impeachment is growing generally and is becoming mainstream inside the Democratic Party. . .except for a few national leaders.

Both the California and Massachusetts resolutions were passed at the Democratic state party conventions, both due to the leadership of PDA. At both conventions, PDA’s impeachment stickers were enthusiastically displayed by many hundreds of delegates, way beyond PDA members – whether those delegates prefer Clinton or Kucinich or whomever.

The Massachusetts resolution called on the state’s delegation in Congress to investigate Bush/Cheney for misleading our nation into war, torture and warrantless wiretapping -- and “if the investigation supports the charges, vote to impeach” both Bush and Cheney “as provided in the Constitution.”


1) Get your local town, city or state to pass its own resolution. Nearly a dozen towns in Massachusetts had passed resolutions before this weekend’s state convention, when Massachusetts Democrats became the 14th to have their state Party endorse an impeachment resolution. For a complete list, go to:

2) Encourage your Congress member to co-sponsor H Res 333, Articles of Impeachment already introduced against V.P. Cheney. Support H Res 333!

3) Order your "ImpeachMINTS" today, and join the hundreds of people who are flooding Congress with mints aimed at freshening democracy! Paste this link -- -- into an email and encourage your friends to order mints.

* *

Resolution to Impeach George W. Bush & Richard B. Cheney (5/19/07)

Whereas George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney have:
Deliberately misled the nation about the threat from Iraq in order to justify a war;
Condoned the torture of prisoners in violation of the Geneva Convention & US law;
Approved illegal electronic surveillance of American citizens without a warrant; and,

Whereas these actions have undermined our constitutional system of government, damaged the reputation of America, and threatened our national security,

Therefore, the voters of the Massachusetts Democratic Convention call upon the Massachusetts delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives to investigate these charges and if the investigation supports the charges, vote to impeach George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney as provided in the Constitution of the United States of America.
Progressive Democrats of America is a grassroots PAC that works both inside the Democratic Party and outside in movements for peace and justice. Our goal: Extend the victory of Nov. 2006 into a permanent, progressive majority. PDA’s advisory board includes six members of Congress and activist leaders such as Tom Hayden, Cindy Sheehan, Medea Benjamin and Rev. Lennox Yearwood. More info:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Voters Approve Petition
Published by the Athol Daily News
Thursday, May 17, 2007

WARWICK [MA] -- An article directing the town clerk to forward a petition to the town's state legislators to investigate the impeachment of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney was approved by majority vote at the reconvened session of the annual town meeting Monday.

A preceding motion to table the article failed, and the action permitted petitioner Ed Hawes to have his say on the town meeting floor. Ignoring the residents who loudly and rudely exited the hall while he was speaking, Hawes told the remaining members that the petition, urging members of the U.S. House of Representatives to uphold their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, by investigating impeachable actions of the president relating to the Iraq war, that 10 or 11 Franklin County towns have already approved the article.

He drew enthusiastic applause when he said, "Let's add our voice to this article."

He recounted the number of lives which have been lost in the Iraq war and the tax dollars used to fund it.

Hawes said the article, "Is all about keeping this country strong, and preserving the Constitution. It's a local issue because it affects every money article on our warrant."

Truncated - Source URL

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- - 9/11: The elephant that will not leave

[Following are notes from]
9/11: The elephant that will not leave
Tuesday, May 22 2007

From Ken Becker, Ashland, OR: It just keeps getting better! For those who have not yet read the May 21st, 2007, Ashland Daily Tidings, (Ashland, Oregon, USA) Op/Ed piece below, please prepare for an awesomely pleasant surprise. This was written four days in advance of noted theologian Dr. David Ray Griffin's first appearance in Ashland, Oregon, USA. (See Calendar for full details).

This is now the second op/ed piece from the Ashland Daily Tidings in six months, questioning the events of 9/11 and again going on record to call for an open and complete investigation into the questions surrounding the 9/11 mysteries!

Please forward and post/link this beauty far and wide. This Train Is Moving!!! Contact the other sleeping media. Wake them from their slumber...

May It Bloom a Thousand Flowers! All aboard for 9/11TruthNow!!!


Dr. Griffin was also interviewed May 9 on Gunsandbutter, the excellent KPFA radio show by Bonnie Faulkner, discussing his book. Listen here. Description: Debunking 9/11 Debunking Interview with author and theologian, Dr. David Ray Griffin, on his new book, "Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory". Dr. Griffin takes on four major semi-official publications: The Popular Mechanics book, "Debunking 9/11 Myths"; the Kean/Hamilton book, "Without Precedent"; Vanity Fair's, "9/11 Live the NORAD Tapes"; and NIST's "Answers to Frequently Asked Questions", as well as recent articles in "The Progressive", "Counterpunch", "The Nation", etc. Rational versus irrational conspiracy theories; good science versus bad science; the stand down; psychological resistance to the evidence. KPFA fundraiser with Bonnie Faulkner and Tod Fletcher. — Ed.]

Ashland Daily Tidings Opinion/Editorial
May 21, 2007

Nearly six years after the attacks of Sept. 11, the issue remains undiminished, lumbering around as American leaders still pretend it does not exist.

But the doors of truth, once guarded by ridicule, have slowly parted to reveal reasonable, rational lingering questions that cannot be dismissed by scoffing. Local area activists have joined a nationwide movement that has propelled the memory of 9/11 into political arenas that once regarded the topic taboo. On Thursday, Southern Oregon University will host David Ray Griffin, a highly regarded theologian and the author of three books questioning the Bush administration's explanation of 9/11.

This local interest, as part of a compelling new level of national interest, shows the issue is pushing its way into mainstream interest.

A Zogby International poll — an agency frequently sourced by media outlets — said half of all New Yorkers believe the U.S. allowed the attacks. Nearly two-thirds believe an unfettered investigation is warranted.

Also entering into the fight for truth is our own Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, whose legislative call for the Central Intelligence Agency to open its investigative reports on 9/11 (reported May 17 by The Associated Press) has raised the ire of his colleagues. Joining together with Jay Rockefeller, D-W. Va, and Kit Bond, D-Mo., Wyden's legislation would require the CIA to declassify its executive summary in one month and submit a report explaining why any material was withheld.

Truncated, for the source article’s URL:

Article and comments posted:

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- - Slam Dunk Evidence Of Controlled Demolition

9/11 Debunkers Hide From Slam Dunk Evidence Of Controlled Demolition
Electron microscope analysis of steel spheres from WTC site proves thermate, proves collapse of twin towers was an act of deliberate arson

For complete article, see:

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- - Senators Want CIA to Release 9/11 Report

By KATHERINE SHRADER, Associated Press Writer
Thursday, May 17, 2007


A bipartisan group of senators is pushing legislation that would force the CIA to release an inspector general's report on the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The CIA has spent more than 20 months weighing requests under the Freedom of Information Act for its internal investigation of the attacks but has yet to release any portion of it. The agency is the only federal office involved in counterterrorism operations that has not made at least a version of its internal 9/11 investigation public.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and two other intelligence committee leaders — chairman Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., and senior Republican Kit Bond of Missouri — are pushing legislation that would require the agency to declassify the executive summary of the review within one month and submit a report to Congress explaining why any material was withheld.

The provision has been approved by the Senate twice, but never made into law. In an interview, Wyden said he is also considering whether to link the report's release to his acceptance of President Bush's nominations for national security positions.

"It's amazing the efforts the administration is going to stonewall this," Wyden said. "The American people have a right to know what the Central Intelligence Agency was doing in those critical months before 9/11.... I am going to bulldog this until the public gets it."

Truncated, for the complete article, see:
also posted:

For FN resources on this topic, see:
Bush Conspiracy and 9/11 Investigative Reports,
looking into the unanswered questions.

2) US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights

- - Hawaii Depleted Uranium - US Army has contaminated paradise

Influencing Human Cognition:
US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights

Notes from - Monday, May 21 2007

Peter Phillips, associate professor of sociology and media research specialist, has led Project Censored at Sonoma State University since 1996. Once again, he brings us a story of incredible importance, not found in the "other" press. This historical documentation and current information is quite horrifying--but as we consider the consequences of 9/11, it's important for us to know what our government is doing, in spite of the media's refusal to tell us. Thus, the ever-increasing critical value of Project Censored.

As the spectre of martial law looms, and the "need to maintain order" among the population at large in the case of a pandemic or "terrorist attack" is spoken of more often, and more openly, weaponry such as Phillips, et al reveal in this article will potentially become quite useful to this government and military. It behooves thinking citizens to know the realities of what may lay in store for the populace, horrendous as it may be. We need factual information to make good decisions--here it is.

Phillips' latest books, "Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush and Cheney," co-authored with Dennis Loo, and "Censored 2007: The Top 25 Censored Stories" by Phillips and Project Censored are available here. Both are highly recommended reading. — Ed.

By Peter Phillips and Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton
January 9, 2007
Project Censored

Project Censored Releases a New study on the History of US Intelligence Community
Human Rights Violations and Continuing Research in Electromagnetic Weapons.

CLICK HERE TO READ COMPLETE STUDY (pdf): US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights

This research explores the current capabilities of the US military to use electromagnetic (EMF) devices to harass, intimidate, and kill individuals and the continuing possibilities of violations of human rights by the testing and deployment of these weapons. To establish historical precedent in the US for such acts, we document long-term human rights and freedom of thought violations by US military/intelligence organizations. Additionally, we explore contemporary evidence of on-going government research in EMF weapons technologies and examine the potentialities of continuing human rights abuses.

In the 1950s and 60s the CIA began work to find means for influencing human cognition, emotion and behavior. Through the use of the psychological understanding of the human being as a social animal and the ability to manipulate a subject’s environment through isolation, drugs and hypnosis, US funded scientists have long searched for better means of controlling human behavior. This research has included the use of wireless directed electromagnetic energy under the heading of “Information Warfare” and “Non Lethal Weapons.” New technological capabilities have been developed in black budget projects[1] over the last few decades­ including the ability to influence human emotion, disrupt thought, and present excruciating pain through the manipulation of magnetic fields. The US military and intelligence agencies have at their disposal frightful new weapons, weapons that have likely already been covertly used and/or tested on humans, both here and abroad, and which could be directed against the public in the event of mass protests or civil disturbance.

Human Rights belong to people collectively. To believe in rights for some and not others is a denial of the humanness of people worldwide. Yet, denial is exactly what Congress and George W. Bush did with the signing of the Military Commission Act of 2006. The new official US policy is that torture and suspension of due process are acceptable for anyone the president deems to be a terrorist or supporter. This act is the overt denial of the inalienable rights of human beings propagated in our Declaration of Independence and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. More so, US actions declared to the world that the US suspends human rights for those it believes are evil.

The precious words, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” did not declare that only some men (and women) possess unalienable rights. Our independence was founded on the understanding that all men and women are recognized by this nation as having innate rights derived by their humanity.

Likewise, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, created by the United Nations in 1948, signed and ratified by the US Congress, specifies in its preamble that “recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.”

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been a guide for international law for most of six decades, and as such binds the United States to its general principles. Article 10 states that “everyone is entitled to full equality, to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him,” and Article 5 specifically prohibits torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Both of these basic human rights have been superceded by the passage the of Military Commissions Act of 2006.

Additionally, the Universal Declaration of Human rights declares that everyone has the right to freedom of thought and freedom of expression and opinion. This means that humans have the inalienable right to be able to freely think their own thoughts and discover their own truths. This paper addresses this most fundamental human right and explores the pending threats to individual freedom of thought posed by new EMF weapons technologies.

Freedom of thought or cognitive liberty is the natural human right of each person to be secure in their ability to perceive the world to the best of their ability. To have true cognitive liberty in a world as complex as ours would mean that first we must have access to truthful and unbiased information about the actions of others and the general state of the world. The Center for Cognitive Liberties defines this as “the right of each individual to think independently and autonomously, to use the full spectrum of his or her mind, and to engage in multiple modes of thought.”[2] Without accurate representations we cannot make independently informed choices. It is imperative that the human body and mind be considered sacrosanct. To invade a person’s body without their consent is an egregious human rights crime.

Truncated, for above complete article, see:

For FN archives and updated reports, see:
Military Weather - Psychotronics - Chem/Nukes in Space

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- - Hawaii Depleted Uranium - US Army has contaminated paradise

KITV Hawaii Video - Hawaii Depleted Uranium
For Immediate Distribution

KITV Hawaii Video - Hawaii Depleted Uranium - Leuren Moret/ Bob Nichols Commentary - No Place is Safe. The US Army has contaminated Hawaii!

This is a devastating video on the use of forever lethal uranium weapons by the US Army in the former Paradise of Hawaii. The Army has contaminated Hawaii forever with a form of highly radioactive and deadly uranium weapons.

KITV Hawaii - Depleted Uranium Hawaii (2 Mins 33 Seconds)

The Psychopaths in the American Pentagon are methodically radiologically contaminating not only Iraq, Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia; but hundreds of sites in America like the fabled San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, DC.

According to super secretive memos declassified from the Manhattan Project there are only two reason to use Uranium weapons. One is to kill people and the other is to contaminate the land - forever.

Who are they trying to kill in Hawaii?

Bob Nichols
Project Censored Award Winner
San Francisco Bay View Newspaper
Radio Talk Show Guest and Weapons Expert


For FN’s updated information, see:
Uranium Munitions
devastation to our planet and humanity

3) Chief Iron Thunderhorse of the Quinnipiac Nation in US Prison

Chief Iron Thunderhorse, culture-bearer of the Quinnipiac Nation, the 10,000-year-inhabitants of the Long Island Sound area and the first people ever to be placed on a reservation – over 350 years ago in 1638

They stole his ancient homeland, shattered and scattered his remarkable, peace-loving people, then 350 years later they abused him in Catholic schools and taunted him for his religion. After racists murdered his wife and baby son, they sent this 18-year-old young man to Vietnam, behind enemy lines where this Green Beret witnessed atrocities which no young man should ever see. To the government, Iron was just a tiny relic of an almost - exterminated indigenous peoples who had been under attack physically, religiously, and culturally for over 350 years. Iron was an expendable, but gifted and useful, cannon fodder.

This young man, however, managed to maintain his integrity of character even in the Mekong Delta and refused to lead his men to follow an order to neutralize our own boys, when a government drug experiment went wrong. He saw too much, knew too much, and their attempts to brainwash failed, so he refused to become an undercover operative in the states. Instead, he studied law in California and became a street lawyer to help right the wrongs wreaked upon indigenous peoples through almost four hundred years of oppression and ethnic cleansing. He tried to help anybody he could who faced injustice, regardless of race or religion.

Sign Petition For The Pardon and Release of Abused Vietnam Veteran & Veteran Advocate IRON THUNDERHORSE

An Appeal for Human Rights Legal Advocacy on Behalf of Iron Thunderhorse
By Ruth "Little Owl" Duncan Thunderhorse


I write on behalf of my disabled husband, Iron Thunderhorse, Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) prisoner #624391 (formerly known as William Coppola -- ID #283650), currently incarcerated at the Polunksy Unit in Livingston, Texas. Iron has been involved in civil and political rights work most of his life. He has been a "jailhouse lawyer" since his incarceration began in 1978. He has now initiated court action that could benefit tens of thousands of TDCJ prisoners whose human rights as disabled persons and/or as Native Americans are presently being denied. Standing up for human rights, first among which – for Iron – is the inalienable right to practice one’s own spirituality or religion, has put his life in great jeopardy. As for me, I have been an activist in the arena of religious involvement, and more recently in Native American civil rights. Yet, I never imagined I would be called to deal with injustices on the scale I now encounter, since becoming Iron Thunderhorse’s life partner and advocate.

This document expresses my views. I was helped with the research by Ann Pohl, a Canadian human and indigenous rights activist and social researcher who has taken an interest in my husband’s case. I asked for Ann’s help because of the extremely difficult circumstances in which I am trying to provide protection for and support to my husband. I live in poverty, have limited access to computer and email facilities through the public library, and have an increasing sense of my own personal endangerment due to otherwise inexplicable happenings.

In the United Nations’ Body of Principles for the Protection of All Persons under Any Form of Detention or Imprisonment (adopted by General Assembly resolution 43/173 on 9 December 1988), to which the United States of America (US) government is bound under international human rights law, "Principle 33" states:

1. A detained or imprisoned person or his counsel shall have the right to make a request or complaint regarding his treatment, in particular in case of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, to the authorities responsible for the administration of the place of detention and to higher authorities and, when necessary, to appropriate authorities vested with reviewing or remedial powers.

2. In those cases where neither the detained or imprisoned person nor his counsel has the possibility to exercise his rights under paragraph 1 of the present principle, a member of the family of the detained or imprisoned person or any other person who has knowledge of the case may exercise such rights.

3.Confidentiality concerning the request or complaint shall be maintained if so requested by the complainant.

4.Every request or complaint shall be promptly dealt with and replied to without undue delay. If the request or complaint is rejected or, in case of inordinate delay, the complainant shall be entitled to bring it before a judicial or other authority. Neither the detained or imprisoned person nor any complainant under paragraph 1 of the present principle shall suffer prejudice for making a request or complaint.

Over his almost three decades in the TDCJ state prison system, Iron has made complaints, as outlined in both Sections 1 and 4, regarding human rights violations he has endured as a disabled person and as a Native American. Iron does not "have the possibility to exercise his rights" any further. So, in keeping with Section 2, I have prepared this urgent request for assistance for my husband.

Iron and I met about 10 years ago through an US national network on Native American spiritual traditions, which we both contributed to as writers and artists. At that time, I was re-examining my life’s work as a Baptist minister and opening my spiritual world to the teachings of my own Native American ancestors. Finding we shared many common interests, Iron and I began a friendship through long-distance, personal correspondence. Despite how painful it has been for me to give up my confidence in the American justice system, over time I came to understand that everything Iron had been telling me was true: about his life, the circumstances that led to his imprisonment, and his ongoing campaign for human rights inside TDCJ facilities. Almost three years ago I married this fine, honest, deeply spiritual, and courageous man.

I ask for your consideration and immediate response to this material. My husband’s very survival is severely threatened at this time.

2. Iron’s Incarceration

After Iron’s return, in the early 1970’s, from special services military duties in south-east Asia, he spoke out against the Vietnam War. He trained and worked as a community-based, grassroots paralegal advocate for poor and culturally/racially marginalized people. He also became an activist on Native American issues, associating with members of the American Indian Movement and other US progressive civil and political rights movements.

Iron is a political prisoner. Some human rights and other activists may shy away from use of the term "political prisoner" for an American inmate, but the cases of Geronimo Pratt, Leonard Peltier, and many other progressive Black, Hispanic and Native American activists raise serious questions about FBI and other officials’ manipulation of the criminal justice system. Even the former US Ambassador to the UN, Andrew Young, admitted in 1978 that there were (are) "thousands" of political prisoners in the US – dissident "minority" human rights activists who were removed from the "free world" American landscape through incarceration. Iron has been one of those political prisoners for decades now..

Truncated for the complete article, see:

For more information, see:

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