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February 16, 2007

"To occupy Iraq would instantly shatter our coalition, turning the whole Arab world against us
and make a broken tyrant into a latter-day hero ... assigning young soldiers to a fruitless hunt
for a securely entrenched dictator and condemning them to fight in what would be an un-winnable
urban guerilla war. It could only plunge that part of the world into even greater instability."

George Bush Senior

A World Transformed, 1998

1) Murtha: 'We're going to stop this surge'
- - International Media Advisory on Impending Attack on Iran
- - Bush Administration Collective Cover-Up on Leo Wanta Affair
2) An Open Letter from Ellen Mariani
- - 9/11 Widows Keep on Asking the Tough Questions
- - LinkTV Airs '9/11: Press for Truth'
- - Patriots Question 9/11
- - Improbable Collapse – Spring 9/11 Truth Northeast Tour
3) Navy to continue sonar training
4) Greenhouse Gases Hit New High, Rise Accelerates

"The Secret Government is an interlocking network of official functionaries, spies,
mercenaries, ex-generals, profiteers and superpatriots, who, for a variety of motives,
operate outside the legitimate institutions of government. Presidents have turned to them
when they can't win the support of the Congress or the people, creating that unsupervised
power so feared by the framers of our Constitution. Just imagine that William Casey's
dream came true. Suppose the enterprise grew into a super-secret, self-financing, self-
perpetuating organization. Suppose they decided on their own to assassinate Gorbachev
or the leader of white South Africa. Could a President control them and what if he became
the enterprise's public enemy Number One? Who would know? Who would say no?"

-- Bill Moyers
From opening narration for a 1987 PBS TV program:
THE SECRET GOVERNMENT:­ The Constitution In Crisis

Editor's Notes:

Congressman John Murtha and other members in Congress are taking actions to stop the surge, to support the troops by bringing them home. Maybe Congress will take such actions. I hope. Meanwhile, Bush, Jr. is threatening escalating the war into Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Russia, China, World War III. This illegal police action in Iraq has surpassed the time the US was in WW II. Meanwhile, the peace community still avoids the glaring actions of treason regarding 9/11 and what is being used for the justification of expanding war. Scooter Libby did not take the stand in his own defense, neither did Dick Cheney, realizing Bush would simply pardon Libby before leaving office, (unless they are cell-mates). The Ambassador Leo Wanta story took another big turn, allegedly the entire Bush administration agreed to go against the $4.5 Trillion Court Settlement. Time is slipping fast for our generation and for the future of humanity, and for all the species we are taking down with us.

With a finger on the pulse of life moonlight
drifts past the illumination of a sinking world
tattered in drips of blood, sanctuary sweat-tears
mixed logic nuclear pollution romance smears,
twilight dims and imagination’s fear, corruption
envelopes uncertainty reign in unaware, and unity
may cease to exist from a human point of view.

1) Murtha: 'We're going to stop this surge'

- - International Media Advisory on Impending Attack on Iran
- - Bush Administration Collective Cover-Up on Leo Wanta Affair

Murtha: 'We're going to stop this surge'
Published on February 15, 2007 by The Washington Times
Murtha: 'We're going to stop this surge'
By Jon Ward

House Democrats today outlined their plan to restrict President Bush's use of war funding, with the goal of gradually ending the war in Iraq.

"This legislation will force the administration to consider alternatives rather than escalating," said Rep. John Murtha, Pennsylvania Democrat, during an interview that was aired this morning, in a unique twist, on a Web site:

Mr. Murtha detailed, during a 24-minute interview, his plan to use the appropriations process to hamstring the president's use of war funds. Mr. Murtha's plan is supported by House Democratic leaders, and is thought to be the less politically risky alternative.

Mr. Murtha repeatedly emphasized that his strategy "supports the troops" by requiring adequate training and equipment, as well as forbidding the president from sending soldiers to Iraq who have not been home, away from combat, for at least a year.

"What we're saying, it would be very hard to find fault with. The troops have to be equipped, they have to be trained, they can't be sent back without a year at home," Mr. Murtha said. "People have to understand we're supporting the troops, we're protecting the troops, but on the other hand, we're going to stop this surge."

The House is in their third day today of a four-day debate over a non-binding resolution that would express disapproval of the president's plan to "surge" around 27,000 U.S. soldiers into Iraq. But both Democrats and Republicans agree that the resolution is a prelude to the real battle in March over the appropriations for the war.

"The real vote will come on the legislation we are putting together. This nonbinding legislation is an opinion, but the legislation I am putting together first of all puts restrictions on the president," Mr. Murtha said.

Mr. Bush yesterday said that he hopes Congress does not restrict funding for the war, and House Republicans are working to publicize statements by hardcore anti-war House Democrats who are calling for all war funding to be cut off immediately.

Cutting off all funds for U.S. soldiers in harms way is a move that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is determined to avoid, but many Democrats are receiving intense pressure from constituents to take more dramatic action against the war.

Still, House Minority Leader John Boehner, Ohio Republican, labeled Mr. Murtha's plan "a plan to cut off funding for troops in harm's way."

"While American troops are fighting radical Islamic terrorists thousands of miles away, it is unthinkable that the United States Congress would move to discredit their mission, cut off their reinforcements, and deny them the resources they need to succeed and return home safely," Mr. Boehner said in a press release. "The American people will not support a strategy that involves pulling the rug out from under American troops in the combat zone by cutting off their reinforcements and forcing them to face the enemy without our full support."

Mr. Murtha also said that pressure must be placed on the Senate to vote up or down on the House resolution.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, tried to schedule the House resolution for a vote on Feb. 27th, when Congress returns from next week's week-long recess. However, Senate Republicans went into an uproar when Mr. Reid tried to bar them from offering amendments to the resolution.

"Aren't we allowed to have competing resolutions to debate and discuss?" said Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican. "I've never seen the Senate work this way. I have never seen the Senate only allow one proposal to be debated and voted on."

"I am astonished," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican.

"This is a defining moment for the Senate," said Sen. Ted Stevens, Alaska Republican. "I don't intend to stand by and see the Senate lose its role under the Constitution ... This is not just the rubber stamp of the House. That is what we will be if we follow the intention of the majority leader right now."

Sen. Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Republican, warned his fellow senators that the Senate is in danger of becoming "irrelevant."

"What we have here is that we're close to anarchy. We have been debating the debate all week," said Mr. Specter, who said Mr. Reid should work with Mr. McConnell instead of shutting Republicans out.

Copyright © 2007 News World Communications, Inc.

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- - International Media Advisory on Impending Attack on Iran
February 15, 2007
International Media Advisory on U.S. Strategic Command

And the Impending Attack on Iran

Reports of a possible U.S. air assault against Iranian nuclear facilities have been circulating in the media for more than a year and a half now. Former CIA agent Philip Giraldi (The American Conservative, 8/1/05), Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh (New Yorker Magazine, 4/17/06) and most recently, investigative reporter Craig Unger in the March 2007 Vanity Fair, have all warned of the White House’s plans for an air- and sea-based strike against Iran.

But such an assault has been in the planning since before November 2003, when U.S. Strategic Command near Omaha, Nebraska completed its preparations for waging offensive and preemptive strikes against Iran and North Korea (William Arkin, Washington Post, 5/15/05). Under “CONPLAN 8022” (Contingency Plan 8022), the Omaha-based command center is now commissioned to strike anywhere in the world within minutes of detecting a target deemed a threat to the United States’ national security. And the projected attack against Iran—which could well include nuclear as well as conventional weapons—will be planned, launched and coordinated by StratCom.

For over half a century, the seemingly remote Omaha Air Force Base in the American heartland served exclusively as the command center for the U.S.’s nuclear deterrent. After 9/11, however, StratCom underwent a significant transformation of its role and mission, becoming in effect the ‘war room’ for waging the White House’s “War on Terror.” StratCom retained its historic responsibility for overseeing the largest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world. But it acquired the additional charges of “full-spectrum global strike” (staging offensive, preemptive attacks); combating weapons of mass destruction; space and computer warfare; ballistic missile defense; and surveillance and reconnaissance (the “warrantless wiretaps” conducted by the National Security Agency, for instance, were a StratCom project).

According to the Vanity Fair article, StratCom could be ready to launch a “massive” aerial attack against the hundreds of nuclear facilities in Iran as soon as the end of this month (February). The possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons to penetrate the reinforced bunkers protecting the Iranian nuclear research facilities is also apparently real.

Today, U.S. Strategic Command in Bellevue, Nebraska (a suburb of Omaha) is the most dangerous place on the face of the earth. To thwart this wrong-headed and potentially catastrophic assault on Iran by StratCom will require nothing less than a mobilization by the world community. The Bush/Cheney Administration must be publicly challenged in the court of world opinion, and international media coverage of StratCom’s leading role is integral to rallying opposition.

Can you imagine the public reaction—particularly in the Muslim world—if the war plans taking shape at StratCom were common knowledge?

Here we have the command center for the world’s largest nuclear arsenal orchestrating an unprovoked attack (possibly even with nuclear weapons) on a non-nuclear Muslim nation, in order to prevent that country from even developing nuclear power for civilian purposes, for fear it might someday make a bomb.

StratCom’s policy promotes a morally repugnant double standard. And it is begging to be turned into a ‘bully pulpit,’ from which opponents can expose its hypocritical behavior.

Under international law, were the United States again to launch an unprovoked attack against a Muslim nation— as it did with Iraq—it would be acting illegally. But if the U.S. were also to use tactical nuclear weapons on Iran, it would be only the second time in over 61 years that a nuclear weapon has been used militarily. And on each of those occasions, it will have been the United States that used them.

The role and mission of StratCom has changed so dramatically in the past five years that most of the world has little idea of what is currently going on there. At this critical moment in history, the international media could provide no greater service to the world community than to publicize the acts being plotted at StratCom.

We urge you to give this ‘news tip’ your full consideration. We may not have much time before something irrevocable in human affairs occurs.

I would personally be willing to assist you any way I can in getting this story out to an international audience. I can be reached directly at 402-475-7616 and at my personal email address of

Thank you for your prompt attention.

Tim Rinne
State Coordinator, Nebraskans for Peace

Nebraskans for Peace is the oldest statewide Peace & Justice organization in the United States,
and has been working for more than 35 years to alert the public about U.S. Strategic Command.
Check out our website at:

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- - Bush Administration Collective Cover-Up on Leo Wanta Affair

Wednesday 14 February 2007 17:49






By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited,
London and New York: Home Page for Wanta Crisis reports since April 2006.
For archives on this issue:

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Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta: Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535 a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS. AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001

2) An Open Letter from Ellen Mariani

- - 9/11 Widows Keep on Asking the Tough Questions
- - LinkTV Airs '9/11: Press for Truth'
- - Patriots Question 9/11
- - Improbable Collapse – Spring 9/11 Truth Northeast Tour

An Open Letter from Ellen Mariani

Before there was even a "911 truth movement" to speak of, Ellen Mariani sacrificed the opportunity to collect 9/11 hush money
and became a beacon of courage and determination. If you don't have time to read Ellen's entire thoughtful letter, [link to
complete article and]
scroll to the bottom and read the last little bit. — Ed. []

Widow battling for 9/11 truth desperately needs your support!
An open letter from Ellen Mariani…

After five years of battling to find the truth of 9/11/2001, the day I lost my husband Louis Neal Mariani on United Airlines Flight 175, I want to give 9-11 activists and 9-11 researchers an idea of what I’ve been through. It includes emotional abuse, harassment, lawyers’ misguidance, and now the prospect of financial ruin. Even more, there’s been a constant pressure to give up the fight to expose the criminals involved in 9/11 and what they did to our loved ones—and to the service men and women presently fighting and dying in the aftermath of September 11, 2001.

It took me three months after 9/11 to gather my composure and face the fact that I would never see my husband again. But on December 20th, I put together and filed a wrongful death law suit against United Airlines. I was not suing the government at that time. That idea originated with attorney Phil Berg.

Airlines get $10 billion in assistance

Unknown to many of us in late September 2001, the presidents of the American Trial Lawyers Association from all over the country had already formed a group to go to Washington DC to meet with our elected government officials to save the airlines. With the help of lobbyists, these people presented a bill called The Air Transportation Safety and Stabilization Act. On September 22, 2001, President Bush signed it into law. The Act established an Air Transportation Stabilization Board that could issue up to $10 billion in Federal credit. Most officials never read the bill, but were encouraged to sign it.

On December 21, 2001, the same Washington DC officials had also put together a September 11th Victim Compensation Fund to pay us for the terrible losses of the lives of loved ones on that tragic day. No court trials would be needed and there would be no attorney fees, so they said. But to receive “compensation,” the victims’ families must sign off that they would never sue the airlines or the government. This rule did not take into account whatever facts the future might reveal as to what really happened or why their loved ones were not protected from the air disasters. After all, incidents of terror and plane crashes had been going on since the 1970’s. To me and many others that “compensation” appeared to be “hush money,” not “help money.”

Truncated, for the entire article with photo of Neil and Ellen Mariani, see:

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- - 9/11 Widows Keep on Asking the Tough Questions
UPDATE 2/14/07 (Revised 4pm): Noam Chomsky signs on ...
For article, see:

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- - LinkTV Airs '9/11: Press for Truth'

Program Details - Special:
Truth, Lies and the Press - Part 1
Length: 2:00
Type of program: Documentary

Upcoming Airtimes, February 10th through March 10th: Schedule here

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- - Patriots Question 9/11

Senior Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Government
Critics of 9/11 Commission Report, see:

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- - Improbable Collapse – Spring 9/11 Truth Northeast Tour

February 10, 2007

Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of our Republic

Michael Berger, Connect the Dots LLC

Western Mass 9/11 Truth Alliance - Stephen Goodale –
Jonathan Mark -- -
Email -

Scientists pose the question: How did three “indestructible” steel-framed skyscrapers collapse? “Improbable Collapse: the Demolition of our Republic” tours the northeast
USA from April 10 to April 24, 2007 – sponsored by Western Mass 9/11 Truth Alliance

Northampton, MA – “Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of Our Republic,” the first film to look at the events of September 11, 2001 from a strictly scientific perspective, will be presented in CT, MA, NY, VT, and NH. The Western Mass 9/11 Truth Alliance is sponsoring a two-week tour with Michael Berger and his groundbreaking film from April 10th to April 24, 2007. Q & A with the film-maker will follow screenings. DVD’s and other resources will be available.

On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center Twin Towers disintegrated in a manner that scientists say resembled deliberately calculated implosions. The facts open for discussion include: at 5:20 p.m. that same day another building, the 47 story WTC 7, completely collapsed within 70 feet of its footprint in 6.6 seconds. These three buildings became the first such structures to ever suffer complete collapse due to fire and damage.

“The dramatic collapse of World Trade Center 7 is something everyone ought to see…It really does have the characteristics of an explosive demolition.”
– Dr. Steven Jones, physicist, author of “Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?”

The new documentary, “Improbable Collapse – The Demolition of our Republic,” closely examines one of the world’s worst catastrophes from a civil engineering perspective. Using photo and video footage as well as expert scientific testimony, the film thoroughly examines the official reports, offering varied criticisms of the official findings, while raising a more plausible hypothesis. Both government investigations and the mainstream media have quietly ignored the findings from these scientific experts.

“Improbable Collapse – The Demolition of our Republic” is produced by Michael Berger and Connect the Dots LLC. As the media coordinator for, he has appeared on ABC World News Tonight, CNN Showbiz Tonight, and Scarborough Country as well as dozens of radio appearances including a recent debate with Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive Magazine.

The Western Mass 9/11 Truth Alliance has sponsored many events and films investigating the anomalies of 9/11 since September 11, 2006 mostly at the Media Education Foundation. On April 11, 2007 the Improbable Collapse screening and Q & A with Michael Berger will be presented at the First Churches, 129 Main St., Northampton. Alliance co-founder, Jonathan Mark is publisher for Flyby News, an online news resource covering (among other issues), The Bush Conspiracy and 9/11 Investigative Reports, looking into the unanswered questions.

For complete schedule of tour and more information, see: -- Calendar
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Improbable Collapse has been accepted for competition in the Carolina Film
& Video Festival and will be presented at Duke University; February 20-23rd.

3) Navy to continue sonar training
By: JOE BECK - Staff Writer
Published by the North County Times

SAN DIEGO ---- A decision by the Navy to reject rules by the California Coastal Commission to protect whales and other marine mammals from sonar training exercises raised the possibility Tuesday of a legal clash with the commission or a leading environmental organization.

The coastal commission is beginning a three-day meeting today in San Diego that will include consideration of its next move in the dispute, which intensified Monday when the Navy notified the commission it would not comply with the rules. Mark Delaplaine, a staff member, said the commissioners will conduct part of the meeting in closed session to consider the possibility of a lawsuit against the Navy. Meanwhile, the Navy is forging ahead with sonar training, perhaps as early as today.

Joel Reynolds, a lawyer with the Natural Resources Defense Council, said his organization was prepared to sue the Navy if the coastal commission did not.

The Navy's rejection of the rules came in a letter to Peter Douglas, executive director of the coastal commission, from Rear Adm. C.J. Mossey.

The letter says any harm done to whales and other sea creatures is not significant enough to adopt the rules. Navy officials said in a statement released Monday that they could not conduct effective training under the new rules.

The Navy says sonar training is essential to defending commercial shipping lanes against a looming threat by a new generation of ultra-quiet diesel submarines. Environmentalists have cited scientists' investigation of whale strandings in Greece, the Bahamas, the Canary Islands and other parts of the world as irrefutable evidence of the threat sonar training poses to marine mammals.

Mossey's letter to Douglas argues that any effects on whales' behavior caused by sonar training are "temporary" and harmful only to a few individual whales.

The letter also contends that the coastal commission has no legal authority over sonar training exercises, which are usually conducted 75 miles or more out at sea. The coastal commission's rule-making power encompasses a three-mile zone off the coast. It has also invoked its authority over activities outside the three-mile limit that are deemed likely to harm the environment within the three-mile limit.

Jon Yoshishige, a spokesman for the Pacific Fleet in Hawaii, said the Navy would be conducting sonar training exercises in waters off Camp Pendleton either today or Feb. 23.

-- Contact staff writer Joe Beck at (760) 740-3516 or
For article, see:

For FN’s resources, see:
The harmful impact on Whales and Dolphins
by the U.S. Navy's experimental use of active sonar systems

4) Greenhouse Gases Hit New High, Rise Accelerates
Published on February 16, 2007 by Reuters
Greenhouse Gases Hit New High, Rise Accelerates
by Alister Doyle

OSLO - Greenhouse gases widely blamed for causing global warming have jumped to record highs in the atmosphere, apparently stoked by rising emissions from Asian industry, a researcher said on Friday.

"Levels are at a new high," said Kim Holmen, research director of the Norwegian Polar Institute which oversees the Zeppelin measuring station on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard about 1,200 km (750 miles) from the North Pole.

He told Reuters that concentrations of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas emitted largely by burning fossil fuels in power plants, factories and cars, had risen to 390 parts per million (ppm) from 388 a year ago.

Levels have hit peaks almost every year in recent decades, bolstering theories of warming, and are far above 270 ppm before the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century. Climate scientists say the heat-trapping gas is blanketing the planet.

Holmen said the increase of 2 ppm from 2006 reflected an accelerating rise in recent years. "When I was young, scientists were talking about 1 ppm rise" every year, he said. "Since 2000 it has been a very rapid rate."

"The large increases in release rates are definitely in the Asian economies," led by China, he said. China is opening coal-fired power plants at the rate of almost one a week.


Carbon dioxide concentrations peak just before the northern hemisphere spring, when plants start soaking up the gas as they grow. Southern hemisphere seasons have less effect since there are fewer land masses -- and plants -- south of the equator.

Truncated, for the complete article, see:

For FN's resource page on this issue, see:
Mounting Evidence of Extreme Global Warming

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