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Peace Brain * China Missile * Heat Wave

January 24, 2007

9/11 Truth is the Peace Movement with a Brain.

-- Webster Griffin Tarpley

1) 9/11 Truth Outreach to the Peace Movement
- - America’s shadow
- - The many trials of 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani
- - Big Oil, Big Brother Win Big in the State of the Union
- - China's Space Test Reminds of Urgent Need for New Space Treaty
- - Bush Continues to Unite the World... Against Him
2) UN Climate Panel to Project Wrenching Change
- - Global warming: the final verdict

Editor's Notes:

Webster Griffin Tarpley presented a workshop to initiate the 9/11 Truth Squad for the first Primary State in Dover, NH on January 20th. It was a resounding success. Networking activists in the 9/11 Northeast region received much support from this author of “9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA.” His slide presentation from his latest book showed the danger (names and faces) of the covert 9/11 terror network, and he revealed their ‘false-flag modus operandi, and coup against world civilization.’ Item 1 begins with this coming weekend’s efforts to stop the escalation of war and destruction. Sub-items include articles by Jerry Mazza, The many trials of 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani and America’s shadow. Other articles include Greg Palast’s latest on big oil and big brother winning in the ‘state of the union.’ And a key article by author, filmmaker, professor, Karl Grossman, about China’s recent missile test destroying a satellite in orbit. More space junk to contend with and more danger for world-wide conflict, especially since George Bush terminated the ABM Treaty, and covered-up the false flag operations in the crimes of September 11.

Item two is what FN has been reporting since 25 March 2002 when reporting on the Larsen B Antarctic ice shelf collapse. It was 200 metres thick and had a surface area of 3,250 square kilometers and had broken apart in less than a month. The rate of increase is exponential, and many more reports will claim that global warming is worse than expected. “The report reflects climate scientists' growing fears that Earth is nearing the stage when carbon dioxide rises will bring irreversible change to the planet.” Meanwhile, what is happening in response? One bit of positive news is that work on a Stirling engine is progressing for waste to clean electrical power generation for commercial and industrial applications.

“We are seeing vast sections of Antarctic ice disappearing at an alarming rate.
That means we can expect to see sea levels rise at about a metre a century
from now on - and that will have devastating consequences.'

Chris Rapley

Climate expert, quoted from the Antarctic Peninsula last week

1) 9/11 Truth Outreach to the Peace Movement

- - America’s shadow
- - The many trials of 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani
- - Big Oil, Big Brother Win Big in the State of the Union
- - China's Space Test Reminds of Urgent Need for New Space Treaty
- - Bush Continues to Unite the World... Against Him

9/11 Truth Outreach to the Peace Movement
January 18 2007 ~ Source:

Washington, DC -- January 26 - 28, 2007
Contact: Matt Sullivan (301)654-2308

DC911Truth will host a series of activities this weekend in support of the national 9/11 truth movement outreach to the anti-war movement. On the evening of Friday, January 26, 7:00 pm, there will be a strategy session for 9/11 truth activists to plan our efforts for the weekend and beyond. This will be held in a member's home, near the Tenly Metro (red line). Space is limited--we ask that you call to RSVP and get the address. (301)452-1280

On Saturday, January 27, we will be joining with 9/11 groups from NYC, Boston, Philadelphia and beyond, to spread the truth of 9/11 among the anti-war protesters who will be gathering on the National Mall in Washington. Bring your own outreach materials, flyers, banners, DVDs etc.

Look for the dc911truth table on the mall, at the end of the mall nearest the Capitol, near the American Indian Museum.(see map) We will have DVDs, flyers, information cards, buttons, banners, books, magazines, newspapers and all sorts of 9/11truth materials. Look for the black and red banner, the 911ShareTheTruth table or any of the many other 9/11truth tables.

On Saturday evening, will host a movie and speakers forum at the Takoma Park City Hall, three blocks north of the Takoma Park Metro Station.

On Sunday morning, will host a full breakfast event at Capitol City Brewery, in the historic office of the Postmaster General right next to Union Station, blocks from the Capitol. Craig Hill, 911Truth/Green Party candidate for Senate from VT will speak. Deluxe breakfast is $25.

On Sunday, UFPJ will host training for lobbying your congress people. See the UFPJ website for more details on this.

On Monday, January 29, lobby your congressperson and senators. Craig Hill will help coordinate 9/11truth lobbying.

Keep these cellphone numbers handy while you are in Washington:
Matt Sullivan ( : 301-452-1280
Gabriel Day ( : 831-325-3135
Les Jamieson ( : 917-658-0132
Dave Slesinger ( : 410-499-5403

WEEKEND EVENTS SCHEDULE: Whistleblower Leafletting:
Fri., January 26, 2007
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Call for Location
Call for federal civil servants to expose government treason.
Stand at selected sidewalk exits of federal buildings distributing flyers
and or DVD's by hand. There is a downloadable flyer at
Contact David Slesinger 240-221-3293

911Truth National Strategy Session:
Fri., January 26, 2007
7:00 PM Call for Location
in NW Washington, DC
Call 301-452-1280 to RSVP and get dircetions.
Walking distance from Tenley Metro

UnitedForPeace March on Washington:
Sat., January 27, 2007
Spread the truth about 9/11 at the march.
Literature tables. DVD distribution. All Day. Meet at the table
10am on Nat'l Mall in Washington, DC.
Near the American Indian Museum.
Capitol South or Smithsonian Metro

9/11 Movie and Speaker Forum
Sat., January 27, 2007
6:00 p.m. Takoma Park City Hall
7500 Maple Ave. Takoma Park MD
3 blocks North of Metro Red line: Takoma Park(see map)

911Truth Movie:
Sat., January 27, 2007
11:00 p.m. at Busboys and Poets
2120 14th St. N.W.

911Truth Breakfast
Sun., January 28, 2007
9:00 a.m. at Capitol City Brewery
Next to Union Station, in DC
$25 - Full breakfast, and 9/11 presentations.
Featured Speaker: Craig Hill

Source URL

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- - America’s shadow
By Jerry Mazza
Published January 23, 2007 by
Online Journal Associate Editor

Jan 23, 2007,

In his book, Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, Peter Dale Scott talks about America’s destructive actions rooted so deep in its politics that they prove not to be anomalies but integral parts of our political psyche. Scott invokes Jung’s buried shadow, “the repository for repressed unpleasantness.” Yet the shadow (as in who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men), can still be exposed by the freedoms still available to us in America. And this is our salvation.

Healing, as Scott writes, “can come from an enlargement of insight,” which suggests optimism. He adds “for if America were no more than its shadows depicted here, logic and common sense would rule out the writing and publication of this book.” And so Deep Politics is an invitation to understand beyond political paradigms of logic or reason the irrational and/or criminal forces at work in the woodwork, chewing down the State House while other carpenters toil incessantly to Raise High the Roof Beams.

And so, according to Scott, the murder of John F. Kennedy was not a historic one-off, but the body politic’s modus operandi, cloned in the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and I might add John Lennon and the attempted assassinations of George Wallace, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. Scott reports that within the investigatory process of the Warren Commission, there were some 21 or more violent deaths. And 16 more that died at the time of the Garrison investigation of 1967, later immortalized in Oliver Stone’s milestone film, JFK, not to mention our memory.

Truncated, for the complete article, see:

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- - The many trials of 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani
By Jerry Mazza
Published January 18, 2007
Online Journal Associate Editor

You’ve probably seen her name in 9/11 reports, heard it in discussions. There’s a reference to it in my article 9/11 and the Greenberg Familia in Online Journal. Among other things, that article brings you a list of items that the notorious Greenberg-Traurig law firm was involved in.

Item six is of particular relevance to Ellen Mariani:

“6) Traurig Greenberg works with 9-11 victims on planning their US government ‘hushmail/bribery estates.’ That is, to receive the money [on average about $1.6 million] the victim’s family must sign an agreement never to sue the government [or the airlines] for any reason. Victim-wife Ellen Mariani is currently being legally harassed for not signing and for holding the Bush government’s feet to the fire.”

Tom Flocco’s article link above details the harrowing tale of Ellen now engaged in a legal battle to maintain control of her late husband Neil’s estate, as she continues to seek information, evidence, and accountability related to September 11.

As Flocco points out and Ellen tells me, the challenge to whether she will continue to control Neil Mariani’s estate was filed by Mariani’s step-daughter, Lauren Peters, no less. Peters met with attorney Daniel Bakinowski in the Boston office of the international Greenberg Traurig law firm based in Miami. The firm also has links to both President Bush and his brother, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

In fact, Greenberg Traurig represented President Bush in the 2000 Florida election vote recount. A Greenberg attorney personally represents former Governor Jeb Bush. Greenberg Traurig hired son of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Election Day 2000. Subsequently, Justice Scalia cast one of the deciding votes that placed Bush in the White House some seven weeks later.

To add insult to Mariani’s injury, the suit against the New Hampshire widow, brought by her stepdaughter, accuses her of incompetence in her capacity as estate administratix. All because Mariani refused to accept a financial settlement from the 9/11 Victim Compensation fund, as administered by “Special Master” and intimidator Kenneth Feinberg.

Truncated, for the complete article, see:
also posted:

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- - Big Oil, Big Brother Win Big in the State of the Union
by Greg Palast
23 January, 2006

There was that tongue again. When the President lies he's got this weird nervous tick: He sticks the tip of his tongue out between his lips. Like a little boy who knows he's fibbing. Like a snake licking a rat.

In his State of the Union tonight the President did his tongue thing 124 times -- my kids kept count.

But it wasn't all rat-licking lies.

Most pundits concentrated on Iraq and wacky health insurance stuff. But that's just bubbles and blather. The real agenda is in the small stuff. The little razors in the policy apple, the nasty little pieces of policy shrapnel that whiz by between the appearances of the Presidential tongue.

Truncated, for the complete article, see:

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- - China's Space Test Reminds of Urgent Need for New Space Treaty
By Karl Grossman

China’s successful test of an anti-satellite weapon last week brought me back to a conference I keynoted at the United Nations in Geneva in 1999 on “The Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space.” I was followed by the first secretary of the Chinese delegation to the UN.

As a journalist who has written on this issue, I presented on a screen documents starting with the U.S. Space Command’s Vision For 2020, issued the year before, envisioning U.S. space-based laser weapons zapping targets on Earth by the year 2020. It spoke of the U.S. military “dominating the space dimension of military operations to protect U.S. interests and investment” and “integrating Space Forces into warfighting capabilities across the full spectrum of conflict.”

This “pushes us ­- all of us ­- toward war in the heavens,” I said, because “other nations will follow leading to a new arms race and ultimately war in space. This all must be stopped before it gets completely out of hand.”

The Chinese first secretary, Wang Xiaoyu, then declared: “Outer space is the common heritage of human beings. It should be used entirely for peaceful purposes and for the economic, scientific and cultural development of all countries as well as the well-being of mankind. It must not be weaponized and become another arena of the arms race.”

The next day, a vote was to be held on a bill advanced by China and Russia -­ and our neighbor, Canada -­on “banning the test, deployment and use of any weapons, weapons system and their components in outer space.”

On my way to watch the vote, I came upon a high official of the U.S. delegation to the UN. He attended the earlier conference and wasn’t happy with my remarks. He welcomed providing me some “background.” With limits to U.S. power, he explained on the street outside the UN, the U.S. military believes “we can project power from space” and this is why the country is moving in this direction.

As to other nations responding in kind, he said the U.S. military had done analyses and determined China is “30 years behind” in competing with the U.S. militarily in space and Russia “doesn’t have the money” for it.

I recounted my travels in China, observing its technological strength, and noted China’s space prowess. And, I pointed to the enormous space capabilities and economic potential of Russia. A huge, potentially catastrophic miscalculation is being made, I said. We parted in disagreement.

A few hours later, a near-unanimous vote was held on the measure to ban weapons in space. The U.S. voted no and, because consensus was required, it failed.

This was during the Clinton administration. Under President George W. Bush the U.S. stance on space warfare has intensified. As the administration took office, a commission chaired by soon-to-be Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld issued a report proclaiming that “in the coming period the U.S. will conduct operations to, from, in, and through space to support its national interests.” Last October, the administration formally adopted a more aggressive U.S. position in a new U.S. National Space Policy that said the country will “develop and deploy space capabilities that sustain U.S. advantage.” It also said the U.S. “will oppose the development of new legal regimes or other restrictions” its “use of space.”

What, in this context, does the Chinese test signify?

Was it a demonstration showing that China never deserved to be trusted, its words mere rhetoric? Or, does it signify China, pushed by the U.S., indeed starting to respond in kind? Or does it mean, as China is maintaining in the face or international protests, that China is seeking to force the U.S. into negotiations on keeping weapons out of space?

Two things are certain: China is not, as I was told by that U.S. diplomat, “30 years behind” in the military use of space, and there is a very a narrow window available for an international agreement keeping space free of weapons.

The template is the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, a visionary pact developed by the U.S., United Kingdom and Soviet Union to prevent what 40 years ago was already feared as the weaponization of space. It bans nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction in space. What China, Russia ­- and our friends to our north, Canada -­ have been doing is trying to broaden that to all weapons.

It’s high time that be done and it must done be soon.

The U.S. has the technology to move into space with weapons. Believing it will end up the only nation up there with arms if it does so is a huge and tragic mistake. China and Russia ­- and who knows what country next ­- will follow us up. And, no nation will have an advantage. Meanwhile, vast amounts of financial resources will need to be expended for space weaponry by the people of these countries ­ money desperately needed for medical care, education, the environment and all the other great needs on Earth.

The U.S. must join with the nations of the world now on an agreement (that includes a system of verification) providing the heavens not become a place for war.

Karl Grossman, professor of journalism at the State University of New York College at Old Westbury, is the author of Weapons In Space (Seven Stories Press) and The Wrong Stuff (Common Courage Press) and host of the video documentary Nukes In Space: The Nuclearizaton and Weaponization of the Heavens (EnviroVideo).

For more on Karl Grossman, see:
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

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- - Bush Continues to Unite the World... Against Him
Published on January 23, 2007 by the Inter Press Service
Bush Continues to Unite the World... Against Him
by Jim Lobe

2) UN Climate Panel to Project Wrenching Change

- - Global warming: the final verdict

UN Climate Panel to Project Wrenching Change
by Alister Doyle
Published on January 23, 2007 by Reuters

A U.N. climate panel will project wrenching disruptions to nature by 2100 in a report next week blaming human use of fossil fuels more clearly than ever for global warming, scientific sources said.

A draft report based on work by 2,500 scientists and due for release on February 2 in Paris, draws on research showing greenhouse gases at their highest levels for 650,000 years, fuelling a warming likely to bring more droughts, floods and rising seas.

The report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) may have some good news, however, by toning down chances of the biggest temperature and sea level rises projected in the IPCC's previous 2001 study, the sources said.

But it will also revise up its lowest projections.

"The main good news is that we have a clearer idea of what we are up against," one source said. The report will set the tone for work in extending the U.N.'s Kyoto Protocol, the main international plan for curbing global warming, beyond 2012.

The IPCC will say it is at least 90 percent sure that human activities, led by burning fossil fuels, are to blame for a warming over the past 50 years.

The draft conclusion that the link is "very likely" would mark a strengthening from "likely" in the 2001 report -- a probability of 66-90 percent.

"Quite often much of the debate is 'what level of certainty do we have around some of these phrases?'," said Robert Watson, World Bank chief scientist who chaired the previous 2001 report.

Scientists and representatives of governments will meet in Paris from January 29 to review the draft and approve a text. Watson declined to predict any of the 2007 conclusions.


But the sources said the new report is likely to foresee a rise in temperatures of 2 to 4.5 Celsius (3.6-8.1 Fahrenheit) this century, with about 3 Celsius (5.4F) most likely.

The 2001 report said temperatures could rise by 1.4 to 5.8C (2.5-10.4F) by 2100 -- but did not say which end of the range was most likely. The IPCC would also narrow the 2001 forecast range of sea level rise of 9-88 cms (3.5-34.7 inches) by 2100.

Bjorn Lomborg, the Danish author of "The Skeptical Environmentalist", said the IPCC would discredit "the rhetoric of catastrophe" that he accused some governments of adopting.

"Yes, climate change is a problem but it's not this over-arching, civilization-destroying thing that the rhetoric of today is telling us," he said.

Even so, the European Union says any temperature rise above 2C (3.6F) will cause "dangerous" change, for instance with more heatwaves like in Europe in 2003 that killed 35,000 people.

"Even the minimum predicted shifts in climate for the 21st century are likely to be significant and disruptive," the U.N. Climate Secretariat says of the 2001 projection of a minimum 1.4C rise. It says the top of the range would be "catastrophic".

Temperatures have risen 0.6C (1.1 F) since 1900 and the 10 warmest years since records began in the 1850s have been since 1994. The world has warmed about 5C (9F) since the last Ice Age.

Benjamin Santer, a climate scientist at the U.S. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, said research in the last decade had expanded from studying surface temperatures to everything from ocean heat content to glacial retreat.

"The system is telling us an internally consistent story -- you can't explain the observed changes ... in the climate system over the second half of the 20th century by invoking natural causes," he said. He said he did not know the IPCC view.

© Reuters 2007.

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- - Global warming: the final verdict

A study by the world's leading experts says global warming will
happen faster and be more devastating than previously thought
Robin McKie, science editor
Sunday January 21, 2007

Global warming is destined to have a far more destructive and earlier impact than previously estimated, the most authoritative report yet produced on climate change will warn next week.

A draft copy of the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, obtained by The Observer, shows the frequency of devastating storms - like the ones that battered Britain last week - will increase dramatically. Sea levels will rise over the century by around half a metre; snow will disappear from all but the highest mountains; deserts will spread; oceans become acidic, leading to the destruction of coral reefs and atolls; and deadly heatwaves will become more prevalent.

The impact will be catastrophic, forcing hundreds of millions of people to flee their devastated homelands, particularly in tropical, low-lying areas, while creating waves of immigrants whose movements will strain the economies of even the most affluent countries.

'The really chilling thing about the IPCC report is that it is the work of several thousand climate experts who have widely differing views about how greenhouse gases will have their effect. Some think they will have a major impact, others a lesser role. Each paragraph of this report was therefore argued over and scrutinised intensely. Only points that were considered indisputable survived this process. This is a very conservative document - that's what makes it so scary,' said one senior UK climate expert.

Climate concerns are likely to dominate international politics next month. President Bush is to make the issue a part of his state of the union address on Wednesday while the IPCC report's final version is set for release on 2 February in a set of global news conferences.

Although the final wording of the report is still being worked on, the draft indicates that scientists now have their clearest idea so far about future climate changes, as well as about recent events. It points out that:

· 12 of the past 13 years were the warmest since records began;

· ocean temperatures have risen at least three kilometres beneath the surface;

· glaciers, snow cover and permafrost have decreased in both hemispheres;

· sea levels are rising at the rate of almost 2mm a year;

· cold days, nights and frost have become rarer while hot days, hot nights and heatwaves have become more frequent.

And the cause is clear, say the authors: 'It is very likely that [man-made] greenhouse gas increases caused most of the average temperature increases since the mid-20th century,' says the report.

To date, these changes have caused global temperatures to rise by 0.6C. The most likely outcome of continuing rises in greenhouses gases will be to make the planet a further 3C hotter by 2100, although the report acknowledges that rises of 4.5C to 5C could be experienced. Ice-cap melting, rises in sea levels, flooding, cyclones and storms will be an inevitable consequence.

Past assessments by the IPCC have suggested such scenarios are 'likely' to occur this century. Its latest report, based on sophisticated computer models and more detailed observations of snow cover loss, sea level rises and the spread of deserts, is far more robust and confident. Now the panel writes of changes as 'extremely likely' and 'almost certain'.

And in a specific rebuff to sceptics who still argue natural variation in the Sun's output is the real cause of climate change, the panel says mankind's industrial emissions have had five times more effect on the climate than any fluctuations in solar radiation. We are the masters of our own destruction, in short.

There is some comfort, however. The panel believes the Gulf Stream will go on bathing Britain with its warm waters for the next 100 years. Some researchers have said it could be disrupted by cold waters pouring off Greenland's melting ice sheets, plunging western Europe into a mini Ice Age, as depicted in the disaster film The Day After Tomorrow.

The report reflects climate scientists' growing fears that Earth is nearing the stage when carbon dioxide rises will bring irreversible change to the planet. 'We are seeing vast sections of Antarctic ice disappearing at an alarming rate,' said climate expert Chris Rapley, in a phone call to The Observer from the Antarctic Peninsula last week. 'That means we can expect to see sea levels rise at about a metre a century from now on - and that will have devastating consequences.'

However, there is still hope, said Peter Cox of Exeter University. 'We are like alcoholics who have got as far as admitting there is a problem. It is a start. Now we have got to start drying out - which means reducing our carbon output.'

Guardian Unlimited © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007,,1995472,00.html
also posted

For FN's resource page on this issue, see:
The Mounting Evidence of Global Warming

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