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Peak Oil 2006 * Stirling Solution * 9/11 Smoking Gun

24 April 2005 - Part 2

"We not only inherit our past from our ancestors,
we borrow the present from our Grandchildren!"

1) Bush Lies, America Cries
- - Rice changed terrorism report
- - Top Brass Cleared Over Iraq Abuse
- - Colin Powell puts down John Bolton as UN ambassador
- - Psychological resistance to facing election fraud
- - Chairman of Voting Reform Panel Resigns
2) Hell of an Earth Day - House Energy Bill - Take Action for Senate
3) Oil production could peak next year
- - Stirling Solution for Earth-friendly Onsite Power Generation
- - On Line Film - The War for Oil
4) 9/11 'Smoking Gun,' Proving Gov't Complicity?
- - Wisconsin newspaper (and C-Span?) covering David Ray Griffin!

Editor's Notes:

The quote at the top of this issue is from an old Indian saying on Turtle Island, [also found at thehungersite]. The intensity of the news doesn't seem to be lessening these days. Part 1 of this double issue begins with "Bush Lies, America Cries" by Mark Morford. The second item is on the atrocious Energy Bill passed at the US House of (sic) Representatives. This item includes ideas on what you can do to stop the environmentally-destructive Bill at the Senate.

Item 3 begins with an article by John Vidal: "Oil production could peak next year." Following that is an innovative earth-friendly solution for meeting growing demands for electrical power generation with sustainable fuels. The Stirling engine requires only heat to power its operation, so it can use many fuels, conventional and alternative, and can be designed to turn waste heat and gases for cost-effective distributed electrical power generation.

Item 4 is promising, not just because of possible smoking gun evidence to prove a 9/11 hoax, but also because it's about a "conservative who once 'rubbed shoulders' with the Washington neo-cons also says America is now under a fascist rule and Bush must be impeached." The last article is from a Madison Wisconsin newspaper reporting on David Ray Griffin's presentation there, which was also taped for a forthcoming C-Span broadcast. Another lecture by David Ray Griffin is now available on film in both DVD and VHS formats. For information see FN's listing of Films that Make a Difference, number 3: "Truth and Politics: Unanswered Questions About 911"

People say that what we're all seeking is a meaning for life.
I don't think that's what we're really seeking.
I think that what we're seeking is an experience of being alive,
so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances within
our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.

Joseph Cambell

"The Power of Myth"

For the first two items, see:
Bush Lies, America Cries * Hell of an Earth Day

3) Oil production could peak next year

- - Stirling Solution for Earth-friendly Onsite Power Generation
- - On Line Film - The War for Oil

- - Oil production could peak next year, reports John Vidal
The end of oil is closer than you think
Just kiss your lifestyle goodbye
John Vidal
Thursday April 21, 2005


The one thing that international bankers don't want to hear is that the second Great Depression may be round the corner. But last week, a group of ultra-conservative Swiss financiers asked a retired English petroleum geologist living in Ireland to tell them about the beginning of the end of the oil age.

They called Colin Campbell, who helped to found the London-based Oil Depletion Analysis Centre because he is an industry man through and through, has no financial agenda and has spent most of a lifetime on the front line of oil exploration on three continents. He was chief geologist for Amoco, a vice-president of Fina, and has worked for BP, Texaco, Shell, ChevronTexaco and Exxon in a dozen different countries.

"Don't worry about oil running out; it won't for very many years," the Oxford PhD told the bankers in a message that he will repeat to businessmen, academics and investment analysts at a conference in Edinburgh next week. "The issue is the long downward slope that opens on the other side of peak production. Oil and gas dominate our lives, and their decline will change the world in radical and unpredictable ways," he says.

Campbell reckons global peak production of conventional oil - the kind associated with gushing oil wells - is approaching fast, perhaps even next year. His calculations are based on historical and present production data, published reserves and discoveries of companies and governments, estimates of reserves lodged with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, speeches by oil chiefs and a deep knowledge of how the industry works.

"About 944bn barrels of oil has so far been extracted, some 764bn remains extractable in known fields, or reserves, and a further 142bn of reserves are classed as 'yet-to-find', meaning what oil is expected to be discovered. If this is so, then the overall oil peak arrives next year," he says.

If he is correct, then global oil production can be expected to decline steadily at about 2-3% a year, the cost of everything from travel, heating, agriculture, trade, and anything made of plastic rises. And the scramble to control oil resources intensifies. As one US analyst said this week"Just kiss your lifestyle goodbye."

But the Campbell analysis is way off the much more optimistic official figures. The US Geological Survey (USGS) states that reserves in 2000 (its latest figures) of recoverable oil were about three trillion barrels and that peak production will not come for about 30 years. The International Energy Agency (IEA) believes that oil will peak between "2013 and 2037" and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Iran, four countries with much of the world's known reserves, report little if any depletion of reserves. Meanwhile, the oil companies - which do not make public estimates of their own "peak oil" - say there is no shortage of oil and gas for the long term. "The world holds enough proved reserves for 40 years of supply and at least 60 years of gas supply at current consumption rates," said BP this week.

Indeed, almost every year for 150 years, the oil industry has produced more than it did the year before, and predictions of oil running out or peaking have always been proved wrong. Today, the industry is producing about 83m barrels a day, with big new fields in Azerbaijan, Angola, Algeria, the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere soon expected on stream.

But the business of estimating oil reserves is contentious and political. According to Campbell, companies seldom report their true findings for commercial reasons, and governments - which own 90% of the reserves - often lie. Most official figures, he says, are grossly unreliable: "Estimating reserves is a scientific business. There is a range of uncertainty but it is not impossible to get a good idea of what a field contains. Reporting [reserves], however, is a political act."

According to Campbell and other oil industry sources, the two most widely used estimates of world oil reserves, drawn up by the Oil and Gas Journal and the BP Statistical Review, both rely on reserve estimates provided to them by governments and industry and do not question their accuracy.

Companies, says Campbell, "under-report their new discoveries to comply with strict US stock exchange rules, but then revise them upwards over time", partly to boost their share prices with "good news" results. "I do not think that I ever told the truth about the size of a prospect. That was not the game we were in," he says. "As we were competing for funds with other subsidiaries around the world, we had to exaggerate."

Most serious of all, he and other oil depletion analysts and petroleum geologists, most of whom have been in the industry for years, accuse the US of using questionable statistical probability models to calculate global reserves and Opec countries of drastically revising upwards their reserves in the 1980s.

"The estimates for the Opec countries were systematically exaggerated in the late 1980s to win a greater slice of the allocation cake. Middle East official reserves jumped 43% in just three years despite no new major finds," he says.

The study of "peak oil" - the point at which half the total oil known to have existed in a field or a country has been consumed, beyond which extraction goes into irreversible decline - used to be back-of-the envelope guesswork. It was not taken seriously by business or governments, mainly because oil has always been cheap and plentiful.

In the wake of the Iraq war, the rapid economic rise of China, global warming and recent record oil prices, the debate has shifted from "if" there is a global peak to "when".

The US government knows that conventional oil is running out fast. According to a report on oil shales and unconventional oil supplies prepared by the US office of petroleum reserves last year, "world oil reserves are being depleted three times as fast as they are being discovered. Oil is being produced from past discoveries, but the re-serves are not being fully replaced. Remaining oil reserves of individual oil companies must continue to shrink. The disparity between increasing production and declining discoveries can only have one outcome: a practical supply limit will be reached and future supply to meet conventional oil demand will not be available."

It continues"Although there is no agreement about the date that world oil production will peak, forecasts presented by USGS geologist Les Magoon, the Oil and Gas Journal, and others expect the peak will occur between 2003 and 2020. What is notable ... is that none extend beyond the year 2020, suggesting that the world may be facing shortfalls much sooner than expected."

For the complete article, see:,13026,1464050,00.html

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FN received the above article from a list serve on bioenergy.
For their archive resources see:

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- - Stirling Solution for Earth-friendly Onsite Power Generation

One potential earth-friendly solution for meeting the growing demands for electrical power generation could be in the development of a commercial/industrial Stirling engine. The Stirling cycle requires only heat for its operation, so it can use many varieties of earth-friendly sustainable fuels, such as waste heat and gases, biomass, solar, and other sources.

To learn more, see: Stirling Solution for Onsite Power Generation

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- - On Line Film - The War for Oil

This is the story of the hidden agenda behind the invasion of Iraq. How much has this war really been about control over a dwindling resource? This is a must watch documentary. Real Video:

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For links to such films as "The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror," US foreign policy, 9/11 truth investigations, see:
Films that Make a Difference

4) 9/11 'Smoking Gun,' Proving Gov't Complicity?

- - Wisconsin newspaper (and C-Span?) covering David Ray Griffin!

Former RNC Insider and Bush Strategist Says He Has
9/11 'Smoking Gun,' Proving Government Complicity
Published by "The Arctic Beacon" - April 16, 2005

A conservative who once 'rubbed shoulders' with the Washington neo-cons also says America is now under a fascist rule and Bush must be impeached

By Greg Szymanski

A former Republican Party insider turned Bush basher thinks he has "stumbled across" what may be the "smoking gun," proving the U.S. government's official story about the WTC attacks is an "unequivocal lie."

Karl Schwarz of Little Rock, Ark., who several years ago began exposing corruption amongst the neo-conservative movement in a book entitled "A One Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas," now has set his sights on proving government complicity in 9/11.

For years, the successful business entrepreneur and conservative republican, once asked by the RNC to run against President Clinton for Arkansas governor, has been using his inside political and business clout to expose corruption among the neo-cons in the Bush administration.

He strayed away from the Bush agenda two years after being one of the lead orchestrators in the Republican Party takeover of Congress during the Clinton administration.

"I designed the strategy that took the House and Senate from Clinton," recalls Schwarz, also a strong supporter and strategist for President George H. Bush. "I designed that takeover two years before I realized the Republican "Contract with America" was actually a "Contract on America."

After his political reawakening, he began blasting the neo conservatives where it hurt most in their pocketbooks coming forward with shocking evidence regarding shady oil deals and government involvement with the Taliban and Pakistan.

In his book and his ongoing seven-part series of articles entitled "Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble," he provides inside information about countless financial scams, essentially revealing the Bush motive behind the Middle East invasion was more about oil profits than the war on terrorism.

Saying the neo-cons within the government are destroying America for their own corporate-global benefits, Schwarz doesn't mince words and is calling for the outright impeachment of President Bush, as well as removal of any member of Congress who aids and abets the corrupt powers within the executive branch.

Now, moving away from financial corruption, he has turned his attention to the 9/11 truth movement, saying he has found a piece of obscure video footage which will conclusively show that the government lied about what type of plane struck the South Tower of the WTC.

As most detectives and investigators will readily attest, uncovering incriminating evidence involves 90 percent perseverance and 10 percent luck, Schwarz admits he had a "whole lot" of the later when running across the video footage in a French foreign film entitled "The Barbarian Invasion."

Contained in the film unrelated to 9/11, is a 1:52 second video segment, shot by an unknown amateur photographer at the WTC, which Schwartz says clearly shows a 737 airliner striking the south Tower, not a 767 Boeing jet as previously reported by the government.

"We tracked down the filmmaker and he acquired the original WTC segment from the Canadian News Service," said Schwarz, adding that he has had the tape analyzed by experts proving it's not a fake. "We are tracking down the original photographer and want to get to him before the government does in order to prove its authenticity.

"This segment, however, conclusively shows a 737 hit the South Tower, not the 767 like previously reported. This in itself should be the smoking gun, which proves the whole story given to us by the government about 9/11 is untrue."

Originally, the government claimed the second jetliner en route to Los Angeles was a 767 Boeing. However, Schwarz said the video will not only show the airline dimensions to be that of a 737, but that he also has evidence that the engine recovered in the WTC wreckage was a model type CFM56, which propels a 737 not a 767.

"Not even two CFM56's could get a 767 off the ground," added Schwartz.

Besides 9/11, Schwartz said the three major areas that need to be thoroughly investigated regarding the Bush administration's present policies, include:

The administration ties with Afghanistan, the Taliban and the Bridas Corp. Schwarz claims a high ranking Bridas executive is one of his main sources, implicating the Bush administration with corruption involving the Taliban and the Afghan invasion, involving numerous breaches of contract due to military invasions.

Information implicating 9/11 Commission members with direct and indirect financial benefits due to the Bush policies in the Middle East.

The Bush administration's creation of financial, social and military chaos in order to undermine the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution.

"Whistleblowers Sibel Edmonds, Karen Kwiatkowski and others that I cannot disclose without jeopardizing their safety, including many members of the Armed Services have acted as my main sources," said Schwarz. "I've also had my own investigators working on issues regarding corporate fraud and that, in turn, uncovered the 9/11 related fraud on the part of the Bush administration."

Asked how he would describe himself, since many critics may consider him a disgruntled Republican with an axe to grind, he said:

"I am conservative, fiscally responsible, an ecumenical Christian and an American Patriot that clearly understands fascism and clearly sees this is exactly what is going on within the Bush administration.

"To answer my critics, they can say whatever. However, those that read my book will clearly see that the main problem now facing America has been caused and amplified by the last three Presidential administrations, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II."

Greg Szymanski

Published by The Arctic Beacon, and posted at:

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The above article and following comments were posted at FN's discussion list serve:
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"'s one thing when a Democrat comes out with this kind of stuff - but when a former Southern Christian Republican insider says these things? Man, you know we're onto something HUGE.

I've had the opportunity to meet Karl Schwarz and do have to say that I believe that he is honest and sincere. He spoke to me from the heart about the anguish he feels about what's going on in our nation these days. He might be a conservative, but in person he comes across as a man who is genuine and who simply has had enough of what's going on. In short, I sense he wants his country back.

You can read more about his thoughts and articles at:


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- - Wisconsin newspaper (and C-Span?) covering David Ray Griffin!

Theologian calls for response to 9/11
By Samara Kalk Derby
April 19, 2005

David Ray Griffin asks the tough questions about Sept. 11, contending U.S. officials had some knowledge of what was coming and possibly orchestrated the attacks.

Griffin, whose book, "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11," came out a year ago, drew an enthusiastic standing ovation from the majority of the 400 or so people who packed his lecture Monday night at Bascom Hall.

A retired Christian theologian, Griffin, 65, taught for more than 30 years at the Claremont School of Theology in California.

His comments Monday night were directed at religious people, who he said need to respond to Sept. 11 - and the American empire that has ensued - based on the moral principles of their religious traditions.

Drawing laughter from the crowd, Griffin said he had in mind principles like: "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors' oil" and "Thou shalt not murder thy neighbors in order to steal their oil."

While Griffin noted that his books and talks have not received attention from the mainstream media, C-SPAN had a cameraman at the event and plans to air the lecture at a future date. Madison's public access cable television station, WYOU-TV/Channel 4, meanwhile, will air the talk at 7 p.m. Thursday.

Americans interpret the events of Sept. 11 in one of four ways, Griffin said:

A first group accepts the official interpretation that Sept. 11 was a surprise attack by Islamic terrorists. It is easy for these people "to think of America's so-called War on Terror as a just war," Griffin said.

A second group accepts the official line but thinks Sept. 11 has been used opportunistically by the Bush administration to extend the American empire. People who hold this view often believe that America's response to Sept. 11, which has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths, is far worse than the attacks themselves, he said.

A third group believes the Bush administration knew the attacks were coming and let them happen. It shows the government as "deliberate and cold-blooded," advancing its imperial designs while hypocritically portraying itself as promoting a "culture of life," Griffin said.

Although there has been no national survey, a Zogby poll taken last year indicated that almost half of the residents of New York City share this view, he said.

A fourth group believes that the government orchestrated the attacks. While no poll shows how many Americans believe this, polls in Canada and Germany have found as many as 20 percent of those populations do, Griffin said.

In his follow-up book, "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions," Griffin examines the questions that he and others in the "9/11 Truth Movement" charge were never examined by the federal government's 9/11 Commission.

Evidence to support the theory that U.S. officials had at least had some foreknowledge of the attacks comes from David Schippers, the chief prosecutor for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, who reportedly received warnings from FBI agents about the attacks six weeks earlier, Griffin said.

Other government officials, including Attorney General John Ashcroft, would not respond to the warnings, he added.

There was the extraordinarily high volume of "put options" purchased in the three days before the attacks, Griffin said, with investors betting that stock in United and American Airlines - the two airlines used in the attacks - would go down. There were also a suspiciously high number of put options for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, which occupied 22 stories of the World Trade Center.

"U.S. intelligence agencies monitor the market, partly to look for signs of impending attacks," Griffin said. "One wonders how information could be much more specific than this."

Griffin then made a case that government officials planned and executed the attacks.

For one, the United States military neglected to send fighter jets to intercept the hijacked planes. Such interceptions usually occur within 10 to 20 minutes after the first signs of trouble and are routine, happening about 100 times a year, Griffin said.

It seems implausible, he said, that the Pentagon was struck by Flight 77, since it is "surely the best defended building on the planet." The U.S. military has the best radar systems in the world and "does not miss anything occurring in North American airspace," he added.

Griffin also made a case that the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings was brought on by thousands of explosives placed throughout each of the buildings. They went straight down, at free-fall speed, as in controlled demolitions, and many people in the buildings reported that they heard or felt explosions, he added.

"High-rise steel-frame buildings have never - before or after 9/11- been caused to collapse by fire," he said.

Sue Adams, 50, introduced herself to Griffin after the talk, calling him heroic. "I think some day we may really know the truth," she said, adding that it will likely be after the Bush administration is gone.

Orion Litzau, a UW freshman studying engineering, agrees that the answers the government put out through the 9/11 Commission were more than a simple deception.

"They were not only partly false but a complete, bold face lie," he said. "David Ray Griffin brings out interesting points about what could be the true story behind the 9/11 attack."

Jim Goulding, 67, who teaches religious studies at Edgewood College, admitted at first he wondered whether Griffin was a crackpot, but instead found he had a "tremendous reputation as a theologian."

Goulding has read both of Griffin's Sept. 11 books.

"I think he makes a convincing case - well documented, well footnoted," he said.

This article is posted at:

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Thanks to 9-11 Visibility Project for sending FN this article.
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For more information on this issue, visit FN's archives for:
The Bush Conspiracy and 9/11 Investigative Reports,
looking into the unanswered questions.

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