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08 March 2005

A large part of history is . . . replete with the struggle for . . . human rights,

an eternal struggle in which a final victory can never be won.

But to tire in that struggle would mean the ruin of society.

-- Albert Einstein

February 20th, 1954
{about one year before his death.}

1) Truth and Politics: Unanswered Questions About 911
- - Threshold Fears and Unanswered Questions about 9/11
- - Bush Lied Thousands Died
2) The Einstein File
- - VT Yankee - Public weighs in on dry cask storage

Editor's Notes:

"Truth and Politics: Unanswered Questions About 911" -- is a DVD recorded program with a one hour discussion by David Ray Griffin and 40 minute interview by Dennis Bernstein of Flashpoints Radio Show. Griffin, a professor of philosophy and religion at the Claremont School of Theology, has written over 20 books, two of which are on top of the list in importance for learning about the truth about 9/11, and bogus investigations: The New Pearl Harbor (Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11) and The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions. Among other films, a DVD at a forum entitled "Truth and Politics: Unanswered Questions About 911" is now available at, of David Ray Griffin speaking about his latest 9-11 book in California on October 3, 2004.

The DVD, "Truth and Politics: Unanswered Questions About 911," will be presented at a Northampton, MA "9-11 Questions" Meetup; Tuesday, March 15th, 7:00 pm., free and open to the public at the Media Education Foundation

Additional information in the first item deals with the 9-11 issue, which was ultimately the trigger-mechanism that Supreme Court-appointed President Bush used for his "war on terror," which just happened to result in the losing of Osama bin Laden and the attacking of a sovereign nation that cost the people of Iraq more than 100,000 civilian lives for questionable reasons, and negative results in deterring terrorism.

"I have no hope of clearing my conscience.
The things we are working on are so terrible
that no amount of protesting or fiddling
with politics will save our souls."

Edward Teller
July 1945

1) Truth and Politics: Unanswered Questions About 911

- - Threshold Fears and Unanswered Questions about 9/11
- - Bush Lied Thousands Died

Truth and Politics: Unanswered Questions About 911

"Truth and Politics: Unanswered Questions About 911" -- is a DVD recorded program with a one hour discussion by David Ray Griffin and 40 minute interview by Dennis Bernstein of Flashpoints Radio Show.

DAVID RAY GRIFFIN - Professor of philosophy and religion at the Claremont School of Theology, California for over 30 years, Griffin has written over 20 books, two of which are perhaps the most important in the US in the effort to expose the 9-11 hoax. In his first book, The New Pearl Harbor (Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11). The topic of this above talk is taken from Prof. Griffin's second book on the subject, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions. He spoke in Santa Rosa, California, October 3, 2004. Video produced by friends and colleagues hummux, ken jenkins, jim terrell et al is accessible to a wider audience (i.e., public access TV, fundraisers, whatever). For more on this and other films, see:

FN editor's note - Thanks to hummux - we will be presenting "Truth and Politics: Unanswered Questions About 911" at a Northampton, MA "9-11 Questions" Meetup; Tuesday, March 15th, 7:00 pm., free and open to the public at the Media Education Foundation.

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- - Threshold Fears and Unanswered Questions about 9/11
By Peter Phillips
Published by
March 6, 2005

The intrepid director of Project Censored cuts to heart of the 9/11 truth dilemma, which is not the absence of evidence but the public's fear to know. It is perhaps time for some of us in the movement to rest the factual case, and address the jury's fear. It's still by far the biggest hurdle we face and Phillips starts to help us surmount it here. - Editor - [ ]

For many Americans, there is a deep psychological desire for the 9/11 tragedy to be over. The shock of the day is well remembered and terrorist alerts from Homeland Security serve to maintain lasting tensions and fears. The 9/11 Commission report gave many a sense of partial healing and completion - especially given the corporate media's high praise of the report. There is a natural resistance to naysayers who continue to question the US government's version of what happened on September 11, 2001. This resistance is rooted in our tendency towards the inability to conceive of people we know as evil; instead evil ones must be others, very unlike ourselves.

For the complete article, see:

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- - Bush Lied Thousands Died

From: "Joseph Martin" < >
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2005 08:53:13 -0800

Subject: America's Congress Has No Conscience.

Full Story

Bush Lied Thousands Died

Remember back just after the World Trade Center was hit the Bush administration stated that Americans were being murdered by Osama bin Laden with the use of the anthrax virus. It was all over the news. This created a panic. People were terrorized into believing that they too would be murdered by this terrible virus and that we needed to combat terrorism in the Middle East. Well, it turned out that the anthrax that was used to murder our people belonged to our own government. We know this because this particular type of anthrax was of its own kind. The spores were very small. It was an inhalation anthrax. The same strain of anthrax used in vaccine testing and biochemical weaponry research by our government. (Only by our government.) When this became known the Government turned around and said it was stolen. This was like dropping a registered gun at the seen of a murder and when the weapon was traced to them they reported it stolen. How convenient. Shortly after that there were no more terrorist scares implemented with anthrax. Their cover was blown.

Now think back during the 2004 elections. The Bush administration and especially Heather Wilson found a new terrorist weapon called Ricin. Again, they made it appear that we were under attack by terrorists and we needed their protection. When the elections were over we didn't hear anything else about it. Why?

Collin Powell under George Bush's direction lied to the United Nations and the American people, and anyone else that would listen about weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq. They presented to the United Nations as CIA evidence a plagiarized student's thesis that was written 10 years previously. They even were audacious enough to displayed picture of the facilities and vehicles where these weapons were being stored, hidden, and transported. Bush lied. None of this was true. Bush had plans to invade Iraq from the very beginning. He wanted the oil.

Bush lied to us about his drug habit.

He lied about his military records and going AWOL.

He lied about his arrest records.

What I'm getting at is: The Bush administration told lie after lie and they murdered their own people for Bush's political aspirations and the oil in Iraq, and we speculate that he may do it again. His administration is stepping up the terrorist propaganda as of 2/28/05 with the news media and we feel that it won't be long before he tries something else because everyone is starting to loose their trust in him. Even members of his own administration are running like rats from the sinking ship. No one trusts him or his administration anymore he has lied so much. Bush is a traitor and a murderer to us, the American people, and he needs to be brought to justice soon.

Below is a list of websites where you can learn more about his administration and his family's involvement in crime, corruption, and murder, along with information on the Kennedy assassination.

Former German Defense Minister
Confirms CIA Involvement in 9/11

Some of Bush's Involvement in 9/11

War Crimes

America's Plans to Kill Americans

Depleted Uranium

Results of Depleted Uranium

E-mail From Joe Wilson

Bush and Saudi Connection

Letter to Bush

Bogus Terror Threats And Bush's Police State

Similarities Between Bush and Hitler

Torture at Abu Ghraib,8542,1211872,00.html

John Kerry's & George Bush's Military Records

Hail to the Thief

911 for the Truth

Bush Resistance

Vets for Justice

War Pictures of Afghanistan

War Pictures of Iraq

Afghanistan Massacre

911 Cover Up

Kennedy Assassination

The Tragedy of Bill Clinton

Bush Lied

Murder for Oil

State Corruption and Sex Crimes

Bush is Evil

Bush's Drug Use

Bush's Arrest Record in Maine

The Bush Family Values Center

We as a people must stop living in a fantasy world and avoid the propaganda machine created by our government. We need to form a coalition and find some way to make the Bush administration answerable for their actions as we are. Good luck in what ever decision you may make. Thank you for your time.

Joseph Martin

For Flyby News updated resource page, see:

"The Bush Conspiracy and 9/11 Investigative Reports,
looking into the unanswered questions"

2) The Einstein File

- - VT Yankee - Public weighs in on dry cask storage

- - The Einstein File
by Fred Jerome

It's widely believed that Einstein was the "father of the atom bomb." In fact, readers of Fred Jerome's book The Einstein File will discover that the scientist was barred from working on the bomb, as a security risk by J. Edgar Hoover's FBI and US Army officials.

It was part of Hoover's secret, 23-year campaign to undermine Einstein's influence, a campaign that included illegally opening the scientist's mail, monitoring his phone, trying to link him to Soviet spies, and trying to take away his American citizenship - a campaign detailed for the first time in The Einstein File. The book, published in May by St. Martin's Press, also brings to light evidence that Hoover was working with or duped by pro-Nazi elements in Germany and the US. After three years of FOIA efforts, Jerome succeeded in obtaining virtually the full FBI file on the world's most famous scientist. (In a 1983 version released by the FBI more than 25% of the file was withheld or blacked out.)

From the Book Jacket:

..The story that emerges not only reveals a little-known aspect of Einstein's considerable social and humanitarian concerns, but underscores the dangers that can arise to the American republic and the rule of law in times of obsession with national security.

"A convincing portrayal of Albert Einstein as a purposeful and discriminating political activist who helped turn the tide against McCarthyism during the 1950's."
-- Priscilla Johnson McMillan

"Fred Jerome's investigative gem details the other life of Albert Einstein, a life most of us have never knew about, but which made him a prime target of Hoover-McCarthy Gestapoism. Yet despite those hysterical times, and the ominous parallels between then and now, readers of this breakthrough book will draw hope in discovering the strength and courage that complemented Einstein's genius."
-- Paul Delaney

Learn more ==>

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- - VT Yankee - Public weighs in on dry cask storage

Public weighs in on dry cask storage at VY
Reformer Staff

BRATTLEBORO -- Approximately 70 people attended a Windham Regional Commission meeting Thursday night to weigh in on spent fuel storage at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power station.

And the message they sent was clear: Either don't allow it, or allow it with strict conditions.

Officials at the plant submitted an application to the commission in early February for dry cask storage. Thursday's meeting was an opportunity for members of the public to comment on the matter.

While the commission is not the deciding body on the issue, it will make a recommendation to the Public Service Board. The commission can also be a party in the hearing process that Entergy will have to go through before the quasi-judicial board.

Dry casks are specially made steel canisters that can hold spent nuclear fuel after it has cooled in the spent fuel pool. The steel canisters are contained inside thick concrete tube-like structures and are then placed on a concrete pad, surrounded by barbed wire fence.

Many at the meeting voiced concern that allowing an unrestricted number of casks at the plant would pave the way for Entergy to renew its operating license. The current license expires in 2012, but the company can apply to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a 20-year extension.

The only way the plant can operate beyond 2012 is by creating more storage space, as the fuel pool is almost full.

Ed Anthes of Nuclear Free Vermont noted that while dry cask storage has its own risks -- the cluster of casks can be easily seen by potential terrorists -- it would be safer than Vermont's fuel pool.

But, he added, license extension would leave Vermonters with a pad full of dry casks and a full fuel pool.

"What Entergy offers us is the worst of both worlds," said Anthes.

The threat of terrorism was a commonly voiced concern, as was the likelihood that the dry casks would not be a temporary storage.

Article truncated, for the complete article, see:,1413,102~8860~2744073,00.html

Radiation and Public Health Awareness -- The Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP) was established by scientists and physicians dedicated to understanding the relationships between low-level, nuclear radiation and public health. The RPHP "Tooth Fairy Project" "..grew out of the work of Dr. Jay Gould, Director of the Radiation and Public Health Project and author of The Enemy Within: The High Cost of Living Near Nuclear Reactors. By analyzing 50 years of US National Cancer Institute data, Dr. Gould proved that.of the 3,000-odd counties in the United States, women living in about 1,300 nuclear counties (located within 100 miles of a reactor) are at the greatest risk of dying of breast cancer.." Back in the days of the pre-Cassini-Earth flyby, a Letter of Concern by Dr. John W. Gofman provided ample evidence showing why there is no safe dose for alpha particles emitted by the radioactive decay of plutonium.. This concern has also been realized by the impact from the use of Depleted Uranium missile shells, which has caused much harm to soldiers and civilians, but especially to the young. For more on these issues, actions, and campaigns, visit these web sites: Nuclear Information and Resource Service, New England Coalition, Citizens Awareness Network, Traprock Peace Center, and The Radiation and Public Health Project

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