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17 November 2004

"The means of defense against foreign danger historically
have become the instruments of tyranny at home."

James Madison

1) "Dumpster Diving for Votes" by Bev Harris
- - Rhino's Blog & Election Recount Latest Developments
2) Why Would The President Fix The Election?
3) Falluja Arithmetic Lesson by Prof. Greg Palast
4) Russia joins US in Space Nuclear War Preparations

"When once a republic is corrupted,
there is no possibility of remedying
any of the growing evils but by removing
the corruption and restoring its lost principles;
every other correction is either useless or a new evil."

- Thomas Jefferson

Editor's Notes:

In the parallel universe of independent news, election-theft, the 9/11 saga, the Iraq invasion.. remain unresolved, and very active. Thank goodness for parallel universes. Item one opens with an eye popping account from Bev Harris, "dumpster diving for votes." It seems that this dark era makes the bright light people really shine. Thanks Bev and the grass roots, too, active in demanding recounts, and vote-fraud related investigations. The Election is not over until it is over. Item 2 explains the desperate motivation that could likely be behind the Bush administration illegally keeping control over the US Government. Item 3 is a math lesson by Professor Greg Palast in the assault on Fallujah. Item 4 is on the Nuclear Space War, Russia joins US in such preparations. Don't you feel safe and cozy by how much George Bush has accomplished for national security?

By the way, via the list serve of my town, Steve sent another recommended news resource to keep up to speed on recounts and other electoral-vote issues.

And this link just came in from Common Cause - Help Make Every Vote Count In Ohio

"They that can give up essential liberty
to obtain a little temporary safety
deserve neither liberty nor safety."

- Benjamin Franklin

1) "Dumpster Diving for Votes" by Bev Harris

- - Rhino's Blog & Election Recount Latest Developments

"Dumpster Diving for Votes" by Bev Harris
Executive Director
Black Box Voting

(Volusia County) - November 16, 2004 - Dueling lawyers, election officials gnashing teeth, film crew catching it all.

Here's what happened so far:

Friday Black Box Voting investigators Andy Stephenson and Kathleen Wynne popped in to ask for some records. They were rebuffed by an elections official named Denise. Bev Harris called on the cell phone from investigations in downstate Florida, and told Volusia County Elections Supervisor Deanie Lowe that Black Box Voting would be in to pick up our Nov. 2 Freedom of Information request, or would file for a hand recount. "No, Bev, please don't do that!" she exclaimed. But this is the way it has to be, folks. We didn't back down.

Monday Bev, Andy and Kathleen came in with a film crew and asked for the FOIA request. Deanie Lowe gave it to us with a smile, but I noticed that one item, the polling place tapes, were not copies of the real ones, but instead were new printouts, done on Nov. 15, and not signed by anyone.

I asked to see the real ones, and they told us for "privacy" reasons we can't have copies of the signed ones. I insisted on at least viewing them (although refusing to give us copies of the signatures is not legally defensible, according to our attorney). They said the real ones were in the County Elections warehouse. It was quittin' time and we arranged to come back this morning to review them.

Lana Hires, an employee who gained some notoriety in a Diebold memo, where she asked for an explanation of minus 16,022 votes for Gore, so she wouldn't have to stand there "looking dumb" when the auditor came in, was particularly unhappy about seeing us in the office. She vigorously shook her head when Deanie Lowe suggested we go to the warehouse.

Kathleen Wynne and I showed up at the warehouse at 8:15 this morning. There was Lana Hires looking especially gruff, yet surprised. She ordered us out. Well, we couldn't see why because there she was, with a couple other people, handling the original poll tapes. You know, the ones with the signatures on them. We stepped out and they promptly shut the door behind us.

There was a trash bag on the porch outside the door. I looked into it and what do you know, but there were poll tapes in there. They came out and glared at us. We drove away a small bit, and then videotaped the license plates of the two vehicles marked 'City Council' member. Others came out to glare and soon all doors were slammed.

So, we went and parked behind a bus to see what they would do next. They pulled out some large pylons, which blocked the door. I decided to go look at the garbage some more. Kathleen videotaped this. A man came out and I immediately wrote a public records request for the contents of the garbage bag, which also contained ballots -- real ones, but not filled out.

A brief tug of war occurred, tearing the garbage bag open. We then looked through it, as Pete looked on. He was quite friendly.

We collected various poll tapes and other information and asked if they could copy it for us, for our public records request. "You won't be going anywhere," said Pete. "The deputy is on his way."

Yes, not one but two police cars came up and then two county elections officials, and we all stood around discussing the merits of my public records request.

They finally let us go, about the time our film crew arrived, and we all trooped off to the elections office. There, the plot thickened.

We began to compare the special printouts given to us with the signed polling tapes from election night. Lo and behold, some were missing. We also found some that didn't match. In fact, in one location, precinct 215, an African-American precinct, the votes were off by hundreds, in favor of George W. Bush and other Republicans.

Hmm. Which was right? Our polling tape, specially printed on Nov. 15, without signatures, or theirs, printed on Nov. 2, with up to 8 signatures per tape?

Well, then it became even more interesting. Lana Hires took it upon herself to box up some items from an office, which appeared to contain -- you guessed it -- polling place tapes. She took them to the back of the building and disappeared.

Then, voting integrity advocates from Volusia and Broward, decided now would be a good time to go through the trash at the elections office. Lo and behold, they found all kinds of memos and some polling place tapes, fresh from Volusia elections office.

So, we compared these with the Nov. 2 signed ones and the "special' ones from Nov. 15 given to us, unsigned, and we found several of the MISSING poll tapes. There they were: In the garbage.

So, Kathleen went to the car and got the polling place tapes we had pulled from the warehouse garbage. My my my. There were not only discrepancies, but a polling place tape that was signed by six officials.

This was a bit disturbing, since the employees there told us that bag was destined for the shredder.

By now, a county lawyer had appeared on the scene, suddenly threatening to charge us extra for the time we took looking at the real stuff they had withheld from us in our FOIA. Other lawyers appeared, phoned, people had meetings, Lana glowered at everyone, and someone shut the door in the office holding the GEMS server.

Andy then went to get the GEMS server locked down. He also got the memory cards locked down and secured, much to the dismay of Lana. They were scattered around unsecured in any way before that.

We then all agreed to convene tomorrow morning, to further audit, discuss the hand count that Black Box Voting will require of Volusia County, and of course, it is time to talk about contesting the election in Volusia.

Bev Harris
Executive Director
This article is posted also:

Join the Resistance!
Do Something. Distribute this article far and wide. Then do something else. You decide and write in about your action.

This is a live account of the important work from the trenches of Bev Harris, Executive Director of Black Box This true life account is from November 16, 2004. Way to go, Bev!

The election was clearly stolen. Even at that, fully 61% of Oklahoma's so-called Democrats either stayed home or voted for Bush.

What are you going to do about this?

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- - Rhino's Blog & Election Recount Latest Developments

Received via RHINO'S BLOG 11/17/04 - Election recount latest developments

RHINO SEZ: In spite of the shrub gang, in spite of the ignorance (root word being ignore) of the major media, the votes are being counted in Ohio. For an update, read the article below, and/or monitor these web sites:

Voters Unite:

Black Box Voting at:

Vote Scam at:

Want To Know:

by Samuel A. Stanson,
The Moderate Independent, NOVEMBER 14, 2004

...the provisional ballots have begun, at last, to be counted in Ohio. County by county, the vast majority of the 155,000 provisional ballots are being accepted as legitimate, in percentages ranging from 75% to 90%, according to The Plain Dealer out of Cleveland. Just to make things seem as much like Florida last time as possible, overseas ballots were still coming in up until Friday, which means they may well have been filled out and sent after the election ended. In any case, the counting of the provisionals has begun, but rather than being the final word, this will only be the beginning, as, according to the now-combined website of Green Party candidate Cobb and Libertarian candidate Badnarik, where you can go to make a donation in support of the recount, already 1,500 people have donated. Our buddy Keith Olbermann at MSNBC reports that they have already raised about $110,000 dollars. Cobb/Badnarik say they need about $113,000 total, while Olbermann states it at about $150,000. Whichever is more accurate, it seems they are pretty certain to get it (you can make sure by dropping them a few bucks at the site above.) Once that recount is official, that will mean not only will we get to the bottom of the districts in which cute things like over 1000% of registered voters casting ballots occurred, but an additional 92,672 "spoiled" ballots - ballots which were made using that familiar old punch card technology, and so which may be valid votes but just have had a hanging chad issue - will be reviewed and, when appropriate, counted...



So General Ashcroft is on his way out. Rhino sez, in unison with millions of other Americans, "Good Riddance!" But meanwhile, the shrub wants one Alberto Gonzales to be the new Attorney General. And what is the reaction of the American public? And of our representatives? This is the man who justifies torture and calls the Geneva Accords quaint & obsolete. With his nomination as A.G., the shrub has thrown down the gauntlet. Some say let's save our ammunition for the most important battles. Rhino sez, "Call your reps & tell them to passionately oppose this man who would justify torture.

For more about Alberto Gonzales, read:
Alberto Gonzales: A Record of Injustice Center For American Progress


Rhino's Blog is the responsibility of Gary Rhine. Feedback & requests to be added or deleted from the list are encouraged. ( See The Latest Greatest Political Cartoons While You Read Rhino's Blog AT :

Rhino's Other Web Sites: (Indigenous Assistance & Intercultural Dialog) (Native American Relations Video Documentaries)

2) Why Would The President Fix The Election?

[Editor's Note: The following note and article received via email]

If you wonder why a President would fix an election, how about it would be too likely to produce jail time if anybody else got in. If you're wondering why the CIA is being purged, you're going to be finding out in upcoming news bulletins.
This following is for anyone wondering
What is his motivation?
The one word that Congress, their donors, the President and
the Vice President should have learned from the Constitution

Function: noun
A return arising from office or employment usually in
the form of compensation or perquisites, ex:
the President shall, at stated times, receive for his
services, a compensation and he shall not receive
within that period any other emolument."

- U.S. Constitution article II
Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Law, 1996
Merriam-Webster, Inc.


n : compensation received by virtue of holding an
office or having employment (usually in the form of
wages or fees); "clauses in the U.S. constitution
prohibit sitting Presidents, Vice Presidents, justices
and legislators from receiving emoluments from their

Who Was Getting What From Whom and
How it Impacted the 9/11 Commission Findings



The 9-11 Commission is a travesty to put it simply and bluntly. 8 of the 10 individuals seated on that commission are directly or indirectly benefitting from Bush War, Homeland Security and Energy policy.

Specifically Chairman Kean (Amerada Hess Oil, needed the removal of Taliban / Bridas Corporation so the TAP {Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline} from Turkmenistan to Pakistan; Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton unduly influenced by major contributors to The Wilson Center that he also chairs and influence peddlers like Jock Covey, Director of External Communications for Bechtel Corporation, also a company that is benefitting by Bush Policy. Such connections trace to Kissinger, AIG and others.

Jamie Gorelick sits on the board of a defensecontractor (United Technologies) and an oil services company raking in huge increases in revenues via Schlumberger. She was also the General Counsel for DoD while the mugging of Argentina based Bridas Corporation was in progress in Turkmenistan and Pakistan and on 9-11 only the Taliban / Bridas contract was the remaining obstacle. Ms. Gorelick was also on the board of Fannie Mae, the US government mortgage insurer and that entity is now under SEC investigation for wrongdoing that happened while she was sitting on that board. Our president's gay "boy toy" Victor Ashe, former mayor Knoxville was also at Fannie Mae during that period of time and is now the Bush appointee as Ambassador to Poland.

Richard Ben Veniste, senior partner of law firm Mayer Brown, Rowe and Maw. That company has and still does represent virtually every oil company and electrical generation plant manufacturer (GE) in Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the latter country also sharing an office with ENRON. Mayer Brown, Rowe & Maw was the key law firm to ENRON and while the Bridas Corporation v. Turkmenneft $500 million arbitration award was on appeal to 5th Circuit US Court of Appeals [decided September 9, 2003] and US Supreme Court [certiorari denied March 22, 2004, Case 03-1018, Turkmenneft v Bridas where Mayer Brown and Turkmenneft tried to reverse the 5th Circuit decision unsuccessfully], Mayer Brown represented Turkmenneft to keep Bridas tied up on court and not out in front of the eyes of America.

Tim Roemer, whose past contributors include SAIC, Carlyle Group, Citigroup, Van Scoyoc & Associates, and others, all firms benefiting from Bush policy.

James R. Thompson, former Republican governor of Illinois, current board member of FMC, which has an oil and gas equipment division that is now raking in significant new revenues in the Caspian Basin. Chairman of Winston Strawn law firm and according to Sen Reid of Nevada, should be facing criminal charges in that state over energy related contracts including Yucca Mountain.

John F. Lehman, J.F. Lehman & Company, a private equity investment company specializing in investments into homeland security and defense related industries. Also was involved in Racal Corporation along with Thomas Weisel Capital Partners and sold that Racal entity for $105 million and $25 million of 2005 revenues. An aborted takeover attempt in Canada has resulted in information being provided to our group and Eliot Spitzer's office as to a possible participant in 9-11.

Fred Fielding was on Bush transition team and sits on a board with wife Diane Allbaugh, husband Joe Allbaugh now heads Newbridge Strategies, LLC, an Iraq investment consultant for the elite few allowed into that financial plundering of American taxpayers. Mr. Allbaugh was Bush Cheney 2000 campaign manager, and Neil Bush is currently with Crest Investments as 4 hour per week, $60,000 a year advisor to Mr. Allbaugh's Newbridge Strategies. Mr. Allbaugh left as head of FEMA right before the invasion of Iraq and some readers will recall that FEMA has operatives in NYC the night before 9-11, were first on the scene according to some sources, including FEMA sources.

There are 8 people who have little if any interest in finding the truth regarding 9-11 and should have never been on that 9-11 Commission. One also has to ask if participation on that Commission by Ms. Gorelick and Mr. Thompson also is the reason there is "no traction" on the possible civil or criminal charges they might have faced on Nevada DOE matters {Thompson} and Fannie Mae matters {Gorelick}.

One also cannot underestimate that Amerada Hess board had Nicholas Brady, a strong proponent of the Grand Caspian Chess Game and a former aide to GHWB sits on that board too.

It will all come out in the Wash - after American citizens take the matter over and get the "Whitewash" out of the 9-11 Commission Report.

As for the book the 9-11 Omission Commission produced, is a good "FICTION" read.

They also left out the key parts of what FBI translator Sibel D. Edmonds had to say, that being she found "drug trafficking, money laundering, foreign names and AMERICAN NAMES involved in the financing of 9-11". That is entirely consistent with our findings and has been delivered to Mr. Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General of the State of New York for criminal prosecution.

They also left out that apparently, three Americans
put insurance riders on the WTC towers in June or July
2001 and that paid off handsomely to them - but of
course, NO AMERICAN knew anything about 9-11.
The 9-11 Commission was a scam, their report a travesty.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Also by Karl W. B. Schwarz
{Online Journal Contributing Writer}; See:
"Beware: the GOP has become a fascist cult"

3) Falluja Arithmetic Lesson by Prof. Greg Palast

Monday's New York Times, page 1:

"American commanders said 38 service members had been killed and 275 wounded in the Falluja assault."

Monday's New York Times, page 11:

"The American military hospital here reported that it had treated 419 American soldiers since the siege of Falluja began."

Questions for the class:

1. If 275 soldiers were wounded in Falluja and 419 are treated for wounds, how many were shot on the plane ride to Germany?

2. We're told only 275 soldiers were wounded but 419 treated for wounds; and we're told that 38 soldiers died. So how many will be buried?

3. How long have these Times reporters been embedded with the military? Bonus question: When will they get out of bed with the military?

Monday's New York Times, page 1:

"The commanders estimated that 1,200 to 1,600 insurgents had been killed."

Monday's New York Times, page 11:

"Nowhere to be found: the remains of the insurgents that the tanks had been sent in to destroy. ...The absence of insurgent bodies in Falluja has remained an enduring mystery."

NOT in the New York Times:

"Every time I hear the news
That old feeling comes back on;
We're waist deep in the Big Muddy
And the Big Fool says to push on."

- Pete Seeger, 1967

Greg Palast is author of the Best Democracy Money Can Buy. The New Deal: "Joker's Wild: Dubya's House of Cards" - regime change deck from 7 Stories Press available @

4) Russia joins US in Space Nuclear War Preparations

From: S p a c e W a r


Russia to acquire new nuclear weapons systems Putin

MOSCOW (AFP) Nov 17, 2004
President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Russia would in the coming years acquire new nuclear weapon systems which other nuclear powers do not yet have and are unlikely to develop in the near future.

"We have not only conducted tests of the latest nuclear rocket systems," Putin said in televised remarks to a meeting of generals representing the various branches of Russia's armed forces. "I am sure that in the coming years we will acquire them.

"Moreover, these will be things which do not exist and are unlikely to exist in other nuclear powers," he added.

Putin failed to specify what type of complex he was referring to but Russia has been seeking to upgrade its nuclear arsenal after the United States announced plans in 2001 to develop a missile defense shield in abrogation of its 1972 ABM Treaty with Moscow.

Washington argues its shield would only be capable of defending the United States from attacks from so-called "rogue states" and could not stand up to Russia's massive Soviet-era nuclear arsenal.

However Putin has since mentioned plans for Russia to also develop a similar system along with new types of intercontinental missiles that Moscow claims could penetrate any space shield put up by the United States.

The ITAR-TASS news agency speculated that Putin was referring to the mobile Topol-M missile which is analogous to an US Minuteman-3 and is meant to form the backbone of Russia's future nuclear arsenal.

The Topol-M is the first intercontinental missile developed by Russia following the Soviet Union's collapse but its deployment -- initially set for the end of 2002 -- has been repeatedly delayed because of severe cash constraints.

The ITAR-TASS report quoted the missile's Moscow producer as saying that mass production of the Topol-M will be included in the military's 2005 procurement budget.

This would mean they would be issued to the armed forces in 2006.

The shift in attention to nuclear deterrence came unexpectedly because Putin has for months said that terrorism posed the major threat to Russia's national security amid a wave of deadly suicide attacks from guerrillas in rebel Chechnya.

Putin said Wednesday that Russia still viewed terrorism as the greatest threat to its national security but should also not forget about the nuclear threat.

"We understand that the moment we turn our attention from such elements of our defenses as a nuclear missile shield, then we will be facing new threats," Putin said.

"That is why we will continue to persistently develop our armed forces on the whole, including its nuclear arsenal potential," Putin said.

All rights reserved. 2004 Agence France-Presse

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