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G-Insider 9/11 * GlacierMelt! * SlackerTour

25 September 2004
Fear is not in the habit of speaking truth.

– Publius Cornelius Tacitus

1) Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks
- - 9/11 Families sue Bush, Rich, Cheney, Rumseld, Tenet, Ashcroft et. al.
- - Former CIA Agent Says Bush to Blame for 9/11
- - Ray McGovern in New Hampshire this week
2) Study: "Antarctic Glaciers Melting Faster"
3) "The Slacker Uprising Tour"

- - Bush Family Fortunes DVD Extravaganza
- - NOW with Bill Moyers
- - Campaigns for Reclaiming a Lost USA Democracy

Editor's Notes:

The 9/11 plot thickens with the testimony of Attorney Stanley Hilton, who was a senior advisor to Senator Bob Dole "and has personally known Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz for decades. This courageous man has risked his professional reputation, and possibly his life, to get this information out to people." This and related information is in item 1. Item 2 is hot on the trail of item as one of the most sizzling topic and breaking news item - - on Glacier meltdown. A new study was reported by Reuters. These are not the times to fall asleep, or be overtaken by the immensity of it all. We need each of us to dig deep down for that unbelievable courage to awaken the nonvoter, and some of the borderline walking-dead, which could nearly be about one half of those in the US, caught up in denial and fear, and not seeing the treachery and harm caused by the Bush administration.. FN has posted a new resource link in item 3 for campaigns for reclaiming a lost USA democracy. Please take actions and help transform an accelerating destruction-tendency by the rule of those of greed and corruption for a better way for peace, safety, and democracy.

"Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States
as our Fathers made it inviolate. The people of the United States are
the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to
overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who
pervert the Constitution."

-- Abraham Lincoln

1) Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks
- - 9/11 Families sue Bush, Rich, Cheney, Rumseld, Tenet, Ashcroft et. al.
- - Former CIA Agent Says Bush to Blame for 9/11
- - Ray McGovern in New Hampshire this week

- - Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks
from Thomas Buyea posted at 9-17-04

Keep in mind when reading this, that the man being interviewed is no two-bit internet conspiracy buff.

Stanley Hilton was a senior advisor to Sen Bob Dole (R) and has personally known Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz for decades. This courageous man has risked his professional reputation, and possibly his life, to get this information out to people.

The following is from his latest visit to Alex Jones' radio show.

Alex Jones Radio Show
September 10, 2004

Transcript of interview

AJ: He is back with us. He is former Bob Dole's chief of staff, very successful counselor, lawyer. He represents hundreds of the victims families of 9/11. He is suing Bush for involvement in 9/11. Now a major Zogby poll out half of New Yorkers think the government was involved in 9/11. And joining us for the next 35 minutes, into the next hour, is Stanley Hilton. Stanley, it's great to have you on with us.

SH: Glad to be on.

AJ: We'll have to recap this when we start the next hour, but just in a nutshell, you have a lawsuit going, you've deposed a lot of military officers. You know the truth of 9/11. Just in a nutshell, what is your case alleging?

SH: Our case is alleging that Bush and his puppets Rice and Cheney and Mueller and Rumsfeld and so forth, Tenet, were all involved not only in aiding and abetting and allowing 9/11 to happen but in actually ordering it to happen. Bush personally ordered it to happen. We have some very incriminating documents as well as eye-witnesses, that Bush personally ordered this event to happen in order to gain political advantage, to pursue a bogus political agenda on behalf of the neocons and their deluded thinking in the Middle East. I also wanted to point out that, just quickly, I went to school with some of these neocons. At the University of Chicago, in the late 60s with Wolfowitz and Feith and several of the others and so I know these people personally. And we used to talk about this stuff all of the time. And I did my senior thesis on this very subject [on] how to turn the U.S. into a presidential dictatorship by manufacturing a bogus Pearl Harbor event. So, technically this has been in the planning at least 35 years.

AJ: That's right. They were all Straussian followers of a Nazi-like professor. And now they are setting it up here in America. Stanley, I know you deposed a lot of people and you've got your $7 million dollar lawsuit with hundreds of the victim's families involved...

SH: 7 billion, 7 billion

AJ: Yeah, 7 billion. Can you go over some of the new and incriminating evidence you've got of them ordering the attack?

SH: Yes, let me just say that this is a taxpayers' class action lawsuit as well as a suit on behalf of the families and the basic three arguments are they violated the Constitution by ordering this event. And secondly that they [garbled] fraudulent Federal Claims Act, Title 31 of the U.S. Code in which Bush presented false and fraudulent evidence to Congress to get the Iraq war authorization. And, of course, he related it to 9/11 and claimed that Saddam was involved with that, and all these lies.

AJ: Tell you what, stay there. Stanley, we've got to break. Let's come back and get into the evidence.


AJ: Alright my friends, second hour, September 10th, 2004, the anniversary of the globalist attack coming up tomorrow. Ití»s an amazing individual we have on the line. Bob Dole's former chief of staff, political scientist, a lawyer, he went to school with Rumsfeld and others, he wrote his thesis about how to turn America into a dictatorship using a fake Pearl Harbor attack. He's suing the U.S. government for carrying out 9/11. He has hundreds of the victims' families signing onto it. It's a $7 billion lawsuit. And he is Stanley Hilton. I know that a lot of stations just joined us in Los Angeles and Rhode Island and Missouri and Florida and all over. Please sir, recap what you were just stating and then let's get into the new evidence. And then we'll get into why you are being harassed by the FBI, as other FBI people are being harassed who have been blowing the whistle on this. So, this is really getting serious. Stanley, tell us all about it.

For the rest of the transcript of this interview, see:

Radio Interview with 9/11 Families Attorney:

Radio Audio:

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- - 9/11 Families sue Bush, Rich, Cheney, Rumseld, Tenet, Ashcroft et. al.
for Ordering and Carrying Out the 9/11 Attacks

Lawsuit info: &

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- - Former CIA Agent Says Bush to Blame for 9/11
by Chris Gardner
Published September 22, 2004 by the University of South Florida Oracle

Former CIA agent Ray McGovern went over what he considers the failures of the intelligence community and current administration over the past few years. He has 27 years of experience as a CIA analyst to draw upon and has dealt with every administration from Kennedy to Bush Sr.

Original posting by the University of South Florida
also posted at

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- - Ray McGovern in New Hampshire this week

"Are We Safer?
An Ex-CIA Analyst's Perspective on
Intelligence and the War on Terror,"
with Ray McGovern.

A 27 year veteran of the CIA, Ray's responsibilities under presidents from John F. Kennedy to George H.W. Bush included chairing National Intelligence Estimates, preparing the President's Daily Brief, and conducting one-on-one briefings of the most senior U.S. officials. In January 2003, as doubt grew regarding the intelligence used to justify the war in Iraq, Ray co-founded Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.

Wednesday September 29th, 7-9pm, 105 Hanover Hall, Dartmouth College, Hanover
Thursday September 30th, 7-9pm, Governors Inn, 78 Wakefield Street, Rochester
Friday October 1st, 7-9pm, South Congregational Church, 29 Pleasant Street, Concord

All events are free and open to the public; donations are appreciated. Refreshments to be served following lecture. For more information contact Anne Miller at NH Peace Action, phone 603-228-0559 or e-mail

For more information, see FN updated page on Campaigns for Reclaiming a Lost USA Democracy

2) Study: "Antarctic Glaciers Melting Faster"

Antarctic Glaciers Melting Faster -Study
Published September 22, 2004 by Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Glaciers once held up by a floating ice shelf off Antarctica are now sliding off into the sea -- and they are going fast, scientists said on Tuesday.

Two separate studies from climate researchers and the space agency NASA show the glaciers are flowing into Antarctica's Weddell Sea, freed by the 2002 breakup of the Larsen B ice shelf.

Writing in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, the researchers said their satellite measurements suggest climate warming can lead to rapid sea level rise.

The teams at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, said the findings also prove that ice shelves hold back glaciers.

Many teams of researchers are keeping a close eye on parts of Antarctica that are steadily melting.

Large ice shelves in the Antarctic Peninsula disintegrated in 1995 and 2002 as a result of climate warming. But these floating ice shelves did not affect sea level as they melted.

Glaciers, however, are another story. They rest on land and when they slide off into the water they instantly affect sea level.

It was not clear how the loss of the Larsen B ice shelf would affect nearby glaciers.

But soon after its collapse, researchers saw nearby glaciers flowing up to eight times faster than before.

"If anyone was waiting to find out whether Antarctica would respond quickly to climate warming, I think the answer is yes," said Theodore Scambos, a University of Colorado glacier expert who worked on one study.

"We've seen 150 miles of coastline change drastically in just 15 years."

The affected area is at the far northern tip of the Antarctic, just south of Chile and Argentina. Temperatures there have risen by up to 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit (2.5 degrees C) in the past 60 years -- faster than almost any region in the world.

In the past 30 years, ice shelves in the region have lost more than 5,200 square miles of area.

"The Larsen area can be looked at as a miniature experiment, showing how warming can dramatically change the ice sheets, and how fast it can happen," Scambos said in a statement. "At every step in the process, things have occurred more rapidly than we expected."

But not all the melting in the Antarctic can be seen as a "miniature experiment."

The Ross ice shelf, for example, is the main outlet for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, with several large glaciers that could, if they melted completely, raise sea levels by 16 feet.

"While the consequences of this area are small compared to other parts of the Antarctic, it is a harbinger of what will happen when the large ice sheets begin to warm," Scambos said. "The much larger ice shelves in other parts of Antarctica could have much greater effects on the rate of sea level rise."

Published by Reuters Posted, and posted at:

For FN resources, see:
The Mounting Evidence of Global Warming!!!

3) "The Slacker Uprising Tour"

- - Bush Family Fortunes DVD Extravaganza
- - NOW with Bill Moyers
- - Campaigns for Reclaiming a Lost USA Democracy

- - "The Slacker Uprising Tour"
by Michael Moore


Dear Friends,

Tomorrow I begin a little 20-state, 60-city tour to try and convince the fed-up, the burned-out, and the Nader-impaired to leave the house for just a half-hour on November 2nd and mark an "X" in a box (or punch a chad or touch a screen) so that America and the world can be saved. (I don't mean "saved" as in all workers will henceforth control the means of production. That's, um, going to take a few more years.)

What I'm asking is that our fellow Americans, as the collective landlord of a public housing project at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., take just a few minutes to evict the tenant who is currently wrecking the place (not to mention what he's doing to the rest of the neighborhood). After all, isn't this one of the coolest things about a democracy, getting to give some payback to those in power? "YOU'RE FIRED!" Oooh, that feels good -- especially if the recipient of the pink slip is someone who wants to send your kid off to war.

So, having nothing better to do for the next month (and eager to visit such swinging states as Iowa! Ohio! Arkansas!), I have decided to go to every battleground state in the country and do whatever it takes to get out the vote. I will do your laundry, I will clean your house, I will give you a year's supply of beer nuts if you will commit to me to go to the polls on Tuesday, November 2.

I'm calling it "The Slacker Uprising Tour," a coast-to-coast effort to bring the non-voting majority out of hibernation and kick some political butt. My goal is to get as many of the 100 million non-voters in America as I can to give voting a try -- just this once. I want at least 56% of all eligible voters to vote and thus set a modern-day turnout record.

I'm putting out the red alert call to slackers everywhere to help me lead this revolt. I want everyone in their teens and twenties who exist from one packet of Ramen noodles to the next bag of Tostitos to take your fully-justified cynicism and toss it like a Molotov right into the middle of this election. As "non-voters" you have been written off. But if only a few thousand of you vote, it could make all the difference. You literally hold all the power in your hands. That's even cooler than holding a TV remote.

I, the original slacker -- I, who have endured all sorts of attacks for my slacker demeanor -- yes I am coming to an arena or stadium just outside your dorm room (or that little space off the furnace room where your parents still let you stay, rent-free). Why arenas and stadiums? Because there are so many of us -- AND they serve beer and chips. From the Sun Dome to the Key Arena, from the Patriot Center to the Del Mar Race Track, I will be there and I will bring prizes and presents and clean underwear for all in need.

Before I arrive, I have arranged for free screenings of "Fahrenheit 9/11" in each city. When I get there I will have with me dozens of voter registrars who will register new (or recently transplanted) voters (please check this link for voter registration deadlines -- they are fast approaching in most states in the next 10 days!).
Absentee ballot applications will also be available. And the good people of Move-On, ACT and other groups will be present at each of my appearances to sign up volunteers to get out the vote on election day.

Details of where I will be appearing will be available in your local media. Many venues, due to advance word already out there, have "sold out" (at most stops, students get in for free and community people pay a nominal fee -- usually $5 -- to cover costs). Again, check your local media to find out the times and dates and how to get advance tickets.

A partial list of the cities I'm visiting includes: Seattle, Big Rapids (MI), Mt. Pleasant (MI), Tucson, Dearborn, Phoenix, East Lansing, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Albuquerque, Toledo, Columbus (OH), Ames (IA), Cleveland, Fairmont (WV), Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Bethlehem (PA), Fairfax (VA), Carlyle (PA), State College (PA), Minneapolis, Gainesville, Nashville, Miami, Memphis, Orlando, Salem (OR), Jacksonville, Tampa, Kansas City, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Madison, Green Bay, Las Vegas, Reno, Denver, and, of course, Tallahassee, Florida. Others will be posted later.

While on the road, I will try to keep my blog up-to-date and post some pictures we take in each city. The three campuses on the tour which register the most students to vote (or who have the most non-voters committing to me to vote) will receive a special scholarship from us at the end of the tour.

Thanks, in advance, to everyone out there who is working hard during this election. I know it will make a difference.

Let's leave no non-voter behind.

Michael Moore

P.S. Good news! This current weekend our distributor has added an astounding 600 new theaters to the list of those still showing "Fahrenheit 9/11." This is highly unusual for a film entering it's fourth month of release, but the demand has been strong to bring it back in many areas and our wonderful distributors have responded. This is a perfect time to either see it again on the big screen or take a friend who hasn't seen it, as it won't be around in theaters for long. The DVD and home video come out October 5!

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- - Bush Family Fortunes DVD Extravaganza

Another recommended action, especially before the election, is to watch and show Greg Palast's investigative work - "Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" - DVD screenings, house parties, individual and bulk order purchase information is posted at:

An activist rate of about $6.50 per DVD is available. You can also make individual orders for the DVD at

For more on Greg Palast, see

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- - NOW with Bill Moyers

Last Friday's program was excellent on the DEBT and rigged election debate procedures.

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- - Campaigns for Reclaiming a Lost USA Democracy
or check for updated link when visiting

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