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05 September 2004

"Most of the greatest evils that man has inflicted upon man have come
through people feeling quite certain about something which, in fact, was false."

Bertrand Russell

1) 16 solid reasons to vote for John Kerry & John Edwards
- - Get Ready for Democratic Emergency
- - Defend Our Wild Forests - Sign the Petition
2) Censored 2005, The Top 25 Censored News Stories
3) NOW with Bill Moyers, featuring Phillip Robertson, 9/11 next Friday

- - "60 Minutes" Alert this Sunday - Ben Barnes Bush-Ashamed
- - 9/11 Citizens' Commission: "The Omission Hearings" NYC 9/9/04
4) Leonard Peltier and Yorie Von Kahl sue government for illegal imprisonment
- - What are YOU doing on September 12, 2004?
- - September 4 and 5th - Remembering - Geronimo & Crazy Horse

The first step in a fascist movement is the combination
under an energetic leader of a number of men who possess
more than the average share of leisure, brutality, and stupidity.
The next step is to fascinate fools and muzzle the intelligent,
by emotional excitement on the one hand and terrorism on the other.

Bertrand Russell

{Freedom, Harcourt Brace, 1940}

Editor's Notes:

This issue opens with "16 solid reasons to vote for John Kerry & John Edwards" from Gary Rhine of Rhino's blog. In this item too is an article by Ronnie Dugger, "Get Ready for Democratic Emergency." Another segment in this item is for an online petition to "Defend Our Wild Forests." Item 2 lists the top 25 for most censored news stories." Item 3 links with Bill Moyers and the PBS program, NOW, with background on a wonderful interview on last week's show with Phillip Robertson, a journalist covering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001 for In item 3 too is information from Citizens for Honest Fighter Pilots, expecting big news this Sunday from "60 Minutes," on the confession from Ben Barnes about being ashamed for asking "..the head of the Texan Air National Guard, General James Rose, to give Bush a spot in the pilot-training program which would automatically excuse him from the draft and allow him to avoid service in Vietnam." Another important segment in this item is on a 9/11 Citizens' Commission: "The Omission Hearings", which will take place in NYC on September 9, 2004. "The Omission Hearings, co-chaired by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and former Bush Sr. official Catherine Austin Fitts, will hear testimony from Ashcroft-gagged whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, Paul Thompson, author of The Terror Timeline (Harper-Collins), Michael Ruppert (author, Crossing the Rubicon, publisher, From The Wilderness) and 9/11 victim family members. The hearings are a response to citizen concerns such as those raised in a new Zogby poll ( that shows that 49.3% of New York City residents believe some government leaders "consciously failed" on 9/11."

Doing time creates a
demented darkness of my
own imagination. . . .

Doing time does this thing
to you. But, of course, you
don't do time.

You do without it. Or
rather, time does you.

Time is a cannibal that
devours the flesh of your

day by day, bite by bite.

The above poem by Leonard Peltier is printed prior to the contents page for his book, "Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance." Leonard's 60th birthday is September 12. But the big news item 4 is on a new law suit representing Leonard Peltier and Yorie Von Kahl for their denial of Parole and illegal imprisonment.

War ... should only be declared by the authority of the people,
whose toils and treasures are to support its burdens,
instead of the government which is to reap its fruits.

James Madison


1) 16 solid reasons to vote for John Kerry & John Edwards

- - Get Ready for Democratic Emergency
- - Defend Our Wild Forests - Sign the Petition

The following was received from Rhino's Blog, which is the responsibility of Gary Rhine.

Today I offer 16 solid reasons to vote for John Kerry & John Edwards. The first reason is described in the article below from Intervention Magazine. It concerns what the Bush 2 Coup has deemed, "The New Freedom Initiative" wherein, the U.S. Government seeks to test all Americans, school kids 1st, for "disruptive behaviors and emotional disorders" and then initiate drug regimens, eventually using "emerging treatments" like a capsule implanted within the body that delivers doses of medication without the patient having to swallow pills or take injections."

Line up kids. This won't hurt a bit. (Cue the Twilight Zone music)

Bush Wants To Be Your Shrink -- Now Bush Wants to Test Every American for Mental Illness--Including you! And guess who will create the tests?
By Jordanne Graham, Intervention Magazine, August 8, 2004

The other 15 reasons to vote for John Kerry were created by a couple of politically progressive Americans who struggle trying to convince their progressive friends & relatives not to vote for Ralph Nader [or to register to VOTE!]. Sound familiar? Rhino thinks they' make a lot of sense while staying concise. Since it hasn't been published as yet on the web, I hereby post it in full.

Why Vote for Kerry?
Greg Woods & Taigen Dan Leighton

1. During the Bush Administration, there has been unprecedented fraud and corruption that has moved the country from a balanced budget to its greatest debt level in history. This will affect social services, social security, environmental protection, education, and medical practices for generations to come.

2. The Bush Administration is more secretive and lacking in democratic transparency than any administration in modern history.

3. The Bush Administration has lied more and lied more blatantly about the effect and intent of its own policies than any other Administration in modern history. Bush, at best, was asleep to warnings of the impending 9/11 tragedy, and thereafter he stonewalled its investigation. The Bush Administration lied about the reasons for invading Iraq, and violated international and domestic law to do so.

4. There has been a deliberate and concerted attack against civil liberties, the Balance of Powers and Rule of Law. Bush Administration policies have introduced measures that have not been new law so much as the erosion of law. This has amounted to attacks on the Constitution itself in its very foundations and upon the American people in their most fundamental Rights as citizens. Privacy, Due Process Rights and equal protection of law are all affected. John Ashcroft, the misnamed "Patriot Act" and "Homeland Security" measures have undermined American Rights in ways the public has not even begun to imagine collectively.

5. It has now been well established by Seymour Hersh, The Wall Street Journal, and the International Red Cross, among many reports, that torture was investigated planned and approved by the Bush Administration in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay. Torture, bare in mind, is the ultimate expression of the corruption of power. Rationalizations of torture in public -- also planned by Bush and his propagandists -- pervert the very notions of civil behavior, law, and government responsibility.

6. Nader's campaign and his presence on the ballot in many states has been very highly financed by Republicans and specific Bush operatives. Nader's presence in the election confuses theory and practice, substituting credible ideology for devastating real consequences. Should Bush be re-elected something near martial law will be the result. Kerry, certainly, does not represent that.

7. Just on the effect of the Supreme Court for the next 2-3 decades, the next president will appoint at least 3 new Supreme Court Justices, including probably the Chief Justice. Bush will appoint more right-wing anti-Constitutional ideologues opposed to women's rights, environmental protection, and corporate regulation. Kerry will appoint respectable liberal justices.

8. John Kerry's promise to shut down the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump, condemned as unsafe by scientific studies, is reason in and of itself to strongly work for Kerry over Bush, who promotes massive government subsidies to the nuclear energy industry, and development of "usable" nuclear weapons. Kerry also says he will oppose any central nuclear waste dump until we get scientific opinions on the best available approach to nuclear waste safety. Bush and company disdains all science.

9. John Kerry has an overall excellent record on the environment. Bush, as fast as he can, often secretly, has been handing over public lands to oil drilling, and logging, mining, and grazing corporations. He has plans to set up oil drilling up and down the California coast.

10. The Bush government denies the scientific reality of global warming and has actively distorted or suppressed scientific fact to suit its political purposes and influence pedaling.

11. Kerry was the only Senator to work to expose the Iran-Contra scam.

12. Kerry opposes the Death Penalty. Bush bragged about his Texas executions as Governor, and continues sponsoring mass killings of civilians in Iraq, and death of American soldiers in Iraq.

13. Bush will make his massive tax cuts for billionaires permanent. Kerry will repeal them immediately.

14. The Bush War in Iraq is using radioactive weapons. These appalling weapons are polluting the Iraqi ecosystem, it people and American soldiers alike with the most grotesque consequences for all. So called "Depleted" Uranium munitions, in fact, produce active and deadly uranium contamination that is like a radioactive plague effecting soldiers, their wives and children, for the rest of their lives. The consequences are so severe and far reaching that this may very well be the most cynical and shortsighted policy in the history of government.

15. All in all, the Bush government cannot be called an "American" government in any real sense. It is, in fact and in deed, the most anti-American, anti-democratic and divisive government in American History. VOTE FOR KERRY. Appeal to friends. REGISTER VOTERS if you can. Your vote may be the last best chance to preserve and protect American liberty and democracy.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

- - Get Ready for Democratic Emergency
By Ronnie Dugger

We are in an American emergency. It is the emergency of all our American emergencies. Along with the Civil War, this is our second crisis of legitimacy, but more, it is the culminative crisis of our identity. Are we a democracy, or have we irreversibly degenerated into a presidential-corporate-military dictatorship? Are we still a good country, or are we becoming a bad country? Can we understand and act in the emergency well and fast enough, or will we lose the United States as we know it? But as we approach the national election three months away, we have slowly awakened to realize, too, that this quite general American emergency is focusing down into an historic democratic emergency.

For the complete article, see:

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- - Defend Our Wild Forests - Sign the Petition

Please take a moment to let the Forest Service know you want to protect wilderness areas in our national forests from logging and road-building, by preserving Bill Clinton's Roadless Area Conservation Rule.

Defend Our Wild Forests - Sign the Petition

Bob Fertik, co-founder

p.s. For each signature we collect, the sponsor will contribute $1 to to help us build a powerful progressive majority for change. So sign the petition - and pass it along to your friends!

2) Censored 2005, The Top 25 Censored News Stories

For Immediate Release
September 3, 2004

Project Censored Announces Release of Censored 2005,
The Top 25 Censored News Stories
Media Democracy in Action

Sonoma State University's student run media research group Project Censored announces the release of its annual publication, Censored 2005, a compilation of the year's 25 most significant news stories that were overlooked or under-reported by the country's major national news media, as well as chapters on the grass roots media democracy, media ownership maps, real news about US involvement in Palestine, Haiti, Iraq, and more.

With introduction by Greg Palast and the political cartoon commentary of Tom Tomorrow throughout, this year's book covers critical issues facing the American public this election year. In Chapter 1's list of top 25 stories focus on politics, economics, foreign policy, food and health, the environment, energy, domestic policy, and the military.

"We define censorship as interference with the free flow of information," states Peter Phillips, Director of the Project, "Corporate media in the United States is interested primarily in entertainment news to feed their bottom-line priorities. Very important news stories that should reach the American public often fall on the cutting room floor to be replaced by sex-scandals and celebrity updates."

The Sonoma State University research group is composed of nearly 200 faculty, students and community experts who review about 1000 story submissions for coverage, content, reliability of sources and national significance. The top 25 stories are submitted to a panel of judges who then rank them in order of importance. Current judges include, Norman Solomon, Michael Parenti, Cynthia McKinney, Howard Zinn, and 20 other national journalists, scholars and writers. Censored 2005, from Seven Stories Press is now available in bookstores nationwide, can also be purchased on the project's website at

For more information, contact:
Project Censored
Trish Boreta

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Top Most Censored News Stories

#1 Wealth Inequity in 21st Century Threatens Economy and Democracy

#2 Ashcroft vs. the Human Rights Law that Holds Corporations Accountable

#3 Bush Administration Manipulates Science and Censors Scientists

# 4 High Uranium Levels Found in Troops and Civilians

#5 The Wholesale Giveaway of Our Natural Resources

#6 The Sale of Electoral Politics

#7 Conservative Organization Drives Judicial Appointments

#8 Secrets of Cheney's Energy Task Force Come to Light

#9 Widow Brings RICO Case Against U.S. Government for 9/11

#10 New Nuke Plants: Taxpayers Support, Industry Profits

#11 The Media Can Legally Lie

#12 The Destabilization of Haiti

#13 Schwarzenegger Met with Enron's Ken Lay Before the California Recall

#14 New Bill Threatens Intellectual Freedom

#15 US Develops Lethal New Bio-weapon Viruses

# 16 Law Enforcement Agencies Spy on Innocent Citizens

#17 U.S. Government Represses Labor Unions in Iraq in Quest for Business Privatization

#18 Media and Government Ignore Dwindling Oil Supplies

#19 Global Food Cartel Fast Becoming the World's Supermarket

#20 Extreme Weather Prompts New Warning from UN

#21 Forcing a World Market for GMOs

#22 Exporting Censorship to Iraq

#23 Brazil Opposes US-style FTAA agreements,
But Provides Little Comfort for the Poor of South America

#24 Reinstating the

#25 Wal-Mart Brings Inequity and Low Prices to the World --

For more on this information, with publications and links posted, see:

3) NOW with Bill Moyers, featuring Phillip Robertson, 9/11 next Friday

- - "60 Minutes" Alert this Sunday - Ben Barnes Bush-Ashamed
- - 9/11 Citizens' Commission: "The Omission Hearings" NYC 9/9/04

NOW Phillip Robertson

Republican speakers have made a case for war in many of this week's speeches. But, few people could give us better insight into the war in Iraq than journalist Phillip Robertson, who has been on the frontlines since April. Just a couple of weeks ago, Robertson was one of the first Western journalists to make it into Najaf during heavy fighting between the insurgent forces of Moktada al-Sadr and the U.S. Bill Moyers interviews Robertson via satellite to get the view from Baghdad and find out what he's been experiencing on the ground.


Since 2001, Phillip Robertson has been covering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for the American news and culture website, He has also reported for Time magazine, BBC World Service Radio, National Public Radio in the United States and CBC radio in Canada. Over the past three years, he has published fifty feature articles in Salon, relying upon first person narrative to communicate the effects of conflict on ordinary people. In 2003, Robertson was a finalist for the USC/Annenberg award for online journalism in the breaking news category.

During the August siege of Najaf, he collaborated with photojournalist Thorne Anderson to document the devastating course of the war in the Shia holy city. After crossing through the US cordon and Mahdi Army forward positions on foot, Anderson and Robertson remained in the Shrine of Imam Ali for three days, interviewing and photographing the Mahdi Army fighters as their lines collapsed under the American offensive.

For the video of the program aired last Friday with Bill Moyers interviewing Phillip Robertson, or to find the scheduling of PBS stations airing NOW with Bill Moyers for next week's program on 9/11/01 and unanswered questions regarding the attacks of that day, see:

For the article by Phillip Robertson, "Into the Heart of Najaf,"
TIME Online, August 24, 2004, see:,8599,687251,00.html

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- - "60 Minutes" Alert this Sunday - Ben Barnes Bush-Ashamed


Citizens For Honest Fighter Pilots Looks Forward To Seeing
Ben Barnes on Upcoming 60 Minutes Program

September 3, 2004

I now understand why the Bush camp went to such extreme lengths to smear Kerry's military service record. It was an attempt to overshadow the scandal that was set to be revealed about Bush and the Air National Guard. It now appears that the release this week of a video of Ben Barnes talking about being ashamed of helping Bush get into the Guard was a mere prelude of things to come.

Citizens for Honest Fighter Pilots has learned that 60 Minutes is set to reveal how in 1968, Bush got Ben Barnes to ask the head of the Texan Air National Guard, General James Rose, to give Bush a spot in the pilot-training program which would automatically excuse him from the draft and allow him to avoid service in Vietnam.

This alone is not necessarily new information. The real scandal comes from the revelation that Bush later allowed a company to keep a lucrative Texas state contract in exchange for Barnes' remaining silent about helping Jr get into the guard. Like in Bribe with a capital B. To many of us this is not necessarily a new story. However, I predict that new details will be revealed. Basically because I don't believe 60 Minutes would feature an old worn-out story without some new and interesting details of proof to back it up..

Evelyn Pringle,
Founder of Citizens for Honest Fighter Pilots
Miamisburg, OH
The Citizens for Honest Fighter Pilots Compendium

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- - 9/11 Citizens' Commission: "The Omission Hearings" NYC 9/9/04

If you're in New York, don't miss this event on September 9th!

9/11 Citizens' Commission: "The Omission Hearings"

The Symphony Space, Peter Jay Sharp Theater; 2537 Broadway at 95th St,
New York, New York, Thursday, September 9, 1-7 pm

The Omission Hearings, co-chaired by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and former Bush Sr. official Catherine Austin Fitts, will hear testimony from Ashcroft-gagged whistleblower Sibel Edmonds recently featured on 60 Minutes, Paul Thompson, author of The Terror Timeline (Harper-Collins), Michael Ruppert (author, Crossing the Rubicon, publisher, From The Wilderness) and 9/11 victim family members.

The hearings are a response to citizen concerns such as those raised in a new Zogby poll ( that shows that 49.3% of New York City residents believe some government leaders "consciously failed" on 9/11.

Two/thirds (66%) call for a re-opening of the investigation. Given the pivotal historical significance of 9/11, citizens, scholars, and whistleblowers are taking this into our own hands to document the basis for investigation and accountability.

Press Conference to precede event at 11:30 am.

Commission hearings to be followed at 8:00 pm by
premiere of 9/11 documentary by Barrie Zwicker
at 8:00 PM & 9:30 PM Thursday evening.

For press inquiries:
Kyle Hence, 212-243-7787;
9/11 CitizensWatch

4) Leonard Peltier and Yorie Von Kahl sue government for illegal imprisonment

- - What are YOU doing on September 12, 2004?
- - September 4 and 5th - Remembering - Geronimo & Crazy Horse

Federal inmates sue government for illegal imprisonment

In a major law suit filed this week in Washington, DC, two federal prisoners claim that United States Department of Justice officials knowingly violated the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984 (& its amendments) & illegally extended the inmates' prison terms for over a decade.

The defendants named in the law suit include the U.S. Parole Commission & individuals who have served on the Commission during the past two decades; Attorney General John Ashcroft & former Attorneys General Edwin Meese, Richard Thornburgh, William Barr, & Janet Reno; & the current Director of the Bureau of Prisons, Harley Lappin, as well as former directors J. Michael Quinlan & Kathleen Hawk Sawyer.

The law suit was brought by Leonard Peltier, now serving consecutive life sentences for the alleged killing of two FBI agents on June 26, 1975; & Yorie Von Kahl, serving life plus 15 years for the alleged killing of two U.S. Marshals on February 13, 1983. After trial, undisputed evidence of government misconduct was uncovered in each of these controversial cases.

The Sentencing Reform Act (SRA) was passed to address what Congress thought were inconsistent sentences imposed by different judges on different individuals convicted of the same crimes, as well as arbitrary parole decisions. A new system - one of determinate sentences - was born & the Parole Commission was abolished.

At the heart of the suit is the refusal of the government to enforce Title II, Chapter II, Section 235(b)(3) of the Sentencing Reform Act. Effective on October 12, 1984, this part of the law ordered that parole dates "consistent with the applicable parole guideline" be issued to all "old system" prisoners within the following five-year period, at the end of which time (on October 11, 1989) the commission would cease to exist.

On December 7, 1987, Congress enacted Public Law 100-182 which amended the SRA; repealed, in Section 2, the release criteria established by the original section 235(b)(3); & restored the release criteria under 18 U.S.C. 4206. This amendment did not restore the Parole Commission or remove its obligation to establish mandatory release dates, with sufficient time for appeal, by October 11, 1989. These changes to the law also applied only to crimes committed after the law was amended on December 7, 1987. The amendment simply did not apply to the plaintiffs or to the some 6,000 other "old system" prisoners still held by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons today.

After it had technically ceased to exist, the Parole Commission claimed it needed more time to complete its work. Congress inexplicably granted a number of after-the-fact extensions, the first in 1990 & the latest in 2002. The suit claims these extensions were legally invalid & therefore inapplicable because, at the time they were made, the Parole Commission had already been abolished.

The plaintiffs should have been given their release dates by October 11, 1989, minus sufficient time to exhaust appeals. Had the Parole Commission followed the congressional mandate, Peltier would have been released over 12 years ago. Lacking in any statutory authority, the U.S. Parole Commission in fact illegally extended the terms of imprisonment of both men. The failure of the Parole Commission to give release dates to Peltier & Von Kahl violated the ex post facto, Bill of Attainder, & Due Process clauses of the U.S. Constitution.

The plaintiffs have demanded a permanent injunction preventing further misapplication of the SRA & its amendments by the government; enforcement of the rights created by the original section 235(b)(3); and, due to irreparable injuries suffered by Peltier & Von Kahl, compensatory & punitive damages as determined by a jury.

Contact: Barry Bachrach, Esquire; Bowditch & Dewey,
311 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01615; (508) 926-3403

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

- - What are YOU doing on September 12, 2004?

From the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee -

On February 6, 1976 Leonard Peltier was arrested by the RCMP at Smallboy's Reserve in southwest Alberta for the deaths of two FBI agents. Thus began Leonard's life in prison. For the next 9 years, Leonard was moved from prison to prison, from Calgary to Kansas where he still resides today, at Leavenworth United States Penitentiary-Maximum Security.

Over the last 30 years, document after document, admission after admission, fact after fact has been brought to light clearly proclaiming Leonard's innocence. Every single complaint filed by Leonard's attorneys has been filled with constitutional violations on the part of the U.S. Government, yet insofar, to no avail.

September 12, 2004 is Leonard's 60th Birthday. There will be no parties for him. No cake, no presents, no friends or family. This man, who has spent half of his life behind bars, warrior for his people, deserves our attention on that day of all days.


You can write to Leonard

Leonard Peltier
PO Box 1000
Leavenworth, KS 66048


Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
PO Box 583
Lawrence, KS 66044-0583


- - September 4 and 5th - Remembering - Geronimo & Crazy Horse

From Rhino's Blog


September 4th, 1886 -- Legendary Apache leader, Geronimo surrenders to General Nelson A. Miles at Skeleton Canyon, Arizona, ending the last major US-Indian conflict. Geronimo had led a small band of men, women & children out of forced internment on the San Carlos reservation, successfully evading thousands of US & Mexican troops, regiments of Indian auxiliaries, & an unknown number of civilians, for over 18 months in the Southwest wilderness. In 1918, it's alleged that the shrub's grandfather, Prescott Bush, stole Geronimo's skull from his grave at Fort Sill, Oklahoma as part of his "Skull & Bones" initiation. (no joke folks) "Of skulls and bones: More secrets of the tomb Native Americans groups fight to recover lost skulls of Geronimo"
by Noam Rudnick, 10/23/03, Yale Herald


September 5th, 1882 -- Oglala Lakota (Sioux) warrior, Crazy Horse, assassinated while in custody at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, bayoneted by a U.S. soldier after allegedly resisting confinement in a jail cell.

(There's a picture at this site - but the tale is told that Crazy Horse never let his photo be taken)

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For Flyby News' resource page on Leonard Peltier, see
Leonard Peltier and FBI Misconduct - & What You Can Do About It!

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