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28 February 2004
"I am no longer ... feeling comfortable
that I'm going to be able to read and process
what I need in order to participate in writing a report
about how it was that 19 men defeated every single
defensive system the U.S. put up to kill 3,000
Americans on Sept. 11.."

-- Senator Bob Kerrey

1) Kucinich takes on Free Trade with the Heartland of America
- - 2nd in Hawaii!
- - What Ever Happened To Peace On Earth a song by Willie Nelson
- - "SURGING in many ways: we just broke $1 Million....."
2) 9/11 panelist may quit over Bush secrecy
3) Truthout News
4) Beyonda-News

Editor's Notes:

Kucinich is the biggest best secret just itching to break loose. Super Tuesday is super important; so, let's build on the momentum. Need motivation? Read item 1 on a Kucinich press release on challenging the other candidates to fix the problem for real by canceling the free trade agreements, and starting over.. Otherwise, by trying to modify existing free trade agreements, the WTO can over-rule real change. Vote Kucinich. Don't be controlled by media manipulation..

Please note that I amended editor's notes in last issue sent to Flyby News subscribers and posted February 24 regarding Ralph Nader and the importance of Instant Runoff Voting in support of changing politics from within. Yet not all the blame is with Nader, Al Gore and other Democratic leaders played their role, too, enabling George W. Bush to steal the 2000 election.

Please help network especially for those in Super Tuesday states!


"There's so many things going on in the world
Babies dying
Mothers crying
How much oil is one human life worth
And what ever happened to peace on earth"

-- Willie Nelson

1) Kucinich takes on Free Trade with the Heartland of America

- - 2nd in Hawaii!
- - What Ever Happened To Peace On Earth a song by Willie Nelson
- - "SURGING in many ways: we just broke $1 Million....."

Kucinich takes on Free Trade with the Heartland of America

February 26, 2004

Kerry, Edwards Refuse to Join Kucinich in Protecting U.S. Jobs

Congressman Dennis Kucinich tonight challenged Senators John Edwards and John Kerry to save American jobs by joining him in his pledge to cancel the North American Free Trade Agreement. Both refused.

In a nationally televised debate on CNN, Kucinich said that because of NAFTA and the U.S.'s membership in the World Trade Organization, not only are American jobs being "out-sourced" to foreign countries, but the U.S. is powerless to stop foreign nations from unfair competitive practices. Kucinich cited an occasion when Congress was unable to protect American steel jobs from foreign competition because the WTO overruled the legislation.

Kucinich renewed his pledge to cancel NAFTA and the WTO by executive order as his first act in office.

Neither Kerry nor Edwards would commit to canceling NAFTA. Kerry voted for NAFTA and has consistently voted for other comparable trade agreements. Kerry and Edwards both voted for the China trade agreement.

Kucinich has been consistent in his opposition to so-called free trade.

Edwards and Kerry both discussed plans to "fix" the trade agreements. The fact is they cannot be altered. Any proposed change can be overruled by the WTO.

Free trade agreements have resulted in the loss of millions of American manufacturing jobs. Internationally, they have failed to uphold workers rights and environmental standards.

A Kucinich administration would return to bilateral trade conditioned on workers rights, human rights, and environmental quality principles.

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- - 2nd in Hawaii!

Reported on February 25, 2004

Dennis placed 2nd in the Hawaii primary
with 30% of the vote. This gives him 8
of Hawaii's 20 unpledged delegates,
who will go to the national convention
in Boston in July. In Maui, Dennis won
with 50% of the vote. In other primaries
yesterday, Dennis took 7% of the vote in Utah
and 6% in Idaho.

Maui Turns Out for Kucinich

- - What Ever Happened To Peace On Earth a song by Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson and his wife Annie are supporters of Dennis Kucinich
and strongest supporters in Hawaii. To celebrate Dennis' success
in Hawaii, Willie wants to you to hear the song he wrote about
Dennis on Christmas:

What Ever Happened To Peace On Earth
For transcript and audio access:

or for more on why Willie Nelson supports Dennis Kucinich:

- - "SURGING in many ways: we just broke $1 Million....."

From Daniel P. Welch
Re: [Mass_for_Kucinich] SURGING in many ways: we just broke $1 Million.....

Check it out at, and keep the contributions flowing! At 3:30 the "lights" stood $110 beyond the $1 million mark. This has been a great week, with the surge in fundraising, Hawaii....just incredible! And don't forget about the primaries beyond Tuesday--Florida, Illinois, Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania....we will have all these Super Tuesday folks with nothing better to do but call EVERY SINGLE PERSON in those states...send them letters, road trip....whatever! That will be the true Kucinich Konvergence!

Please put my new flyer to good use: Why don't I see Dennis Kucinich on TV?

It will be posted soon on the site, I'm told,
and is also available in K4P group files at:

I can also send it to folks as a Word doc attachment. Let me know

Also, get in touch ( ) if you can help with calls to Mass and I'll email you a list and script right away--ONLY if you are not in a March 2 state!

Also get in touch if you want Spanish subtitled copies of This is the Moment.

Keep on keeping on, folks.

Daniel P. Welch
interesting commentary in 19 languages, visit:

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This week I met several people who came down from Seattle
to help get out the vote in California. I found out that
Kucinich got 25% of the vote in counties - whole counties!
-- where there was a strong door-to-door campaign -- and
in one woman's precinct, he got 48%! Note to self: One-on-one
discussion is the key to overcoming a media blackout.

..He knows it will probably be a brokered convention in July..
as Dennis says, this is the 135th mile of a 500-mile race.
A lot can happen between now and the July convention.

Jessica Flagg
NYS Volunteer Coordinator
Delegate Candidate for Dennis Kucinich

2) 9/11 panelist may quit over Bush secrecy

Published in the New York Daily News - Thursday, February 26th, 2004

9/11 panelist may quit over Bush secrecy

Following summary from - Breaking News:

9/11 panelist may quit over Bush secrecy -- Frustrated by Bush dictatorship restrictions, a former senator said yesterday he might quit the special commission investigating the Sept. 11 terror attacks. Ex-Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.), now president of New York's New School University, told the Daily News that resigning is "on my list of possibilities" because the dictatorship continues to block the full panel's access to top intelligence officials and materials. "I am no longer ... feeling comfortable that I'm going to be able to read and process what I need in order to participate in writing a report about how it was that 19 men defeated every single defensive system the U.S. put up to kill 3,000 Americans on Sept. 11," said Kerrey.

The article, "9/11 panelist may quit over Bush secrecy" posted:

print format:

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Petition to Senate to Investigate Oddities of 9/11 -
23,175+ signatures

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = homepage:

3) Truthout News

William Rivers Pitt will resume the production
of truthout's audio Overview on Monday, March 1st.

t r u t h o u t | 02.27

William Rivers Pitt | 'The Passion' of the Americans

Hastert Poised to Shut Down 9/11 Probe

U.K. Spies 'Bugged U.N.'s Kofi Annan'

Richard Perle Resigns From Defence Policy Board

Iraqi Cleric Calls for Elections by Year's End

Haiti's Lawyer: U.S. is Arming Anti-Aristide Paramilitaries

t r u t h o u t | 02.26

Shiite Leader Threatens Intifada Against U.S.

Steve Weissman | Praising the President

The New Tork Times | Putting Bias in the Constitution

Hans Blix Says Iraq War Was Unfounded

Afghanistan: Now It's All-Out War

World Health Organization 'Suppressed' Study on Depleted Uranium

Public Deserves to Know What's Behind Energy Policy

In South Africa, the Poor Could Win the Water Battle

Controversial Terror Research Ongoing

Background on Haiti: Some Questions and Answers

HomePage :

4) Beyonda-News
Swami Beyondananda, Valentine's Day, 2004


"Wake Up, America!"

Wake Up Laughing,

and Wake Up Loving

Meanwhile back on earth, the cosmos are drawing us forth.
Even George Bush. He recently announced plans to have a
man on Mars by 2025, and he has a head start. Thanks to
the so-called Patriot Act, he can have someone on Uranus
by the end of the week.

As if we didn't have enough Mars energy these days. You
never hear them talking about putting a woman on Venus, do you?

Going to Mars. That is the George Bush answer to global warming
and environmental destruction. Well, we're just about done with
this planet. Time to mosey on to greener -- I mean redder --
pastures. The E.T.s are very concerned. Right after the Mars probe
landed, the headline in the Intergalactic Gazette was:
"There Goes the Neighborhood."

The best way to preserve our liberties is to take them away.
And maybe if we call it the Patriot Act, no one will notice
that it is the most unpatriotic and unconstitutional
legislation ever passed.

If a Speech Freely Falls in the Forest,
and There is No One There to Hear it --
is it Still Free Speech?

The War in Iraq is less than a year old,
and it has cost us over $90 billion.
That is $246,575,342 a day! Do the math.
And if you find the math difficult to fathom,
how about the aftermath?

Wake Up, America! So I say it's time to "Wake up, America!"
wake up laughing, and wake up loving!

Time for a New Precedent

We must choose a new precedent, because if we keep doing
what we've done we will only get what we've gotten.
Choose a new precedent ... and a new President will follow.
Copyright 2004 by Steve Bhaerman. All rights reserved.

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