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Peace Candidate Campaign * Struggling Grassroots

30 January 2004 - Part 2

4) Flyby News to Presidential Candidates
5) Inside the Kucinich Campaign and struggling grassroots

Editor's Notes:

This second part of today's Flyby News is about the campaign to elect a candidate for peace in 2004. Please consider contacting for another vote for their/our endorsement of a Peace Candidate for US President in 2004.

Then, please ask them to support the winning candidate to overcome the media blockade for real change and peace in our world.

You can send MoveOn feedback @ this link
or send an email to and cc to

The reason for this above campaign is that the hour is late and the question in the last issue of Flyby News - "How much change are you ready for?" - has a negative or non-response from many, since change is scary, initially; but the alternative of keeping this war and carnage of American soldiers going, the war profiteering, and adding to the incentive for more terrorism, is not acceptable and a very good reason to overcome our fears.

Item 4 in this issue begins with a hand-delivered letter to Presidential candidates in NH from Flyby News. This package included a Space Policy document for Peace and Disarmament, Frank Dorell's film, "What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy," and Leonard Peltier's book, "Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance."

Item 5 is a good inside look into the grassroots network for the campaign for elect Dennis J. Kucinich for US President in 2004 or whenever.. We're not dead, yet, and with the concerns described in Part 1, we can't give up. As Dennis says, polls don't vote, television doesn't vote, and the Primaries are just beginning. There is time to take smart actions that care about life, and not controlled by fear.

Thank you for any of your actions. Please, too, consider again in sending Flyby News your snail mail address to help us post FN flyers in your neighborhood. For the person that sent their address, please resend. It got accidentally deleted. Many

4) FlybyNews' to Presidential Candidates

From: Jonathan Mark
Publisher, Flyby News

[The following letter was written and give to Presidential Candidates with a copy of Frank Dorrel's film, ICIS Space Policy document, and Leonard Peltier's book in NH.]

Dear Presidential Candidate:

I hope to have an opportunity for interviewing you for my independent online news publication, Flyby News. began with the launching of NASA's high-risk (plutonium) Cassini space probe. It now has more than 1300 subscribing addresses with the web site averaging about 1,000 hits a day. Our readership is very concerned about the dangers of weapons of mass destruction being supported by such programs as Star Wars and the termination of the ABM Treaty. Our readers are also concerned about the obvious loopholes throughout the 9/11 investigation, the congressional war resolution vote and subsequent invasion of Iraq. Our news journal endorsed the campaign of Dennis Kucinich, but we are hoping that any Democrat nominated will support a transformation of the US government, and its unholy alliances with the military-industrial-media-academic-congressional complex. Yes, it is all interconnected, but so is real solutions for democracy-loving people who believe now is the time to really change and unite for peace and health in our world.

I hope to give you Frank Dorrel's film. It is a classic overview of CIA covert operations and country interventions since WW II to the mid eighties, and with much relevance on today's events. Once we get to see the pattern of what is really happening, then you can see past the crooked rationalizations and lies. On Monday January 26, the day before the primaries, we are showing the first three segments of this film with an open forum for many Presidential Campaigns on US foreign affairs in Keene, NH. Your input or representative(s) would be gratefully appreciated. Please check the enclosed flyer for this event. Also, please review the one-page document from the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS) called "2004 Space Policy Position Paper & Talking Points." Ending the expansion of the arms race makes disarmament of nuclear weapons possible!

Also, Flyby News is interested in transforming the criminal justice system. As you must know, James Salvati, of Massachusetts, was innocently imprisoned for more than thirty years with knowledge of his innocence known by the Director of the FBI, Edgar Hoover. It is time for justice to take hold of such dangerous organizations threatening the ideals of the US Constitution. Another person that is innocent with documented FBI misconduct, is Leonard Peltier. Please help this individual get home with his people and family, and help change a justice system used for political purposes. The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee has given me a letter and Leonard's book to give to you. On the justice issue, Flyby News supports all nonviolent & non-victim crimes, such as personal drug use, to be considered as a health issue and not a criminal one. We believe Dennis Kucinich has the best platform for America and our world. Please consider his ideas for health care, Pentagon cutbacks, stopping Star Wars, bringing back the ABM, signing Kyoto, a Dept. of Peace, and for the US to join with our world community to take on the real dangers to life, especially that of global warming. Among other issues, you will find can offer you many resources. My company, Stirling Advantage, Inc., has received a patent on an engine for generating electricity in an environmentally-clean process.

I hope we will meet for an interview. I live in western Massachusetts, and hope this information will be helpful for a country we love.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Mark
P.O. Box 1999
Wendell Depot, MA 01380

5) Inside the Kucinich Campaign and struggling grassroots

Editor's Note: This following was received via a yahoogroups list for supporters of Dennis Kucinich in NH. This is real grassroots news, not sugar-coated campaign propaganda. Being critical of our own campaign is key to learning how to make the movement stronger, and to nourish the grassroots from the bottom up, rather than the conventional methods from the top down.. I didn't mention this before, but after my being critical of the campaign in a letter to a steering committee, I received false accusations from a coordinator in NH and actually told I was banned from this campaign, which I ignored, but unfortunately, too, many grassroots ideas have also been ignored, which many believe allowed only a small percentage of votes in NH when that is a state that a grassroots volunteer effort had the most chances in reaching a better percentage of those voting citizens. Yet all is not lost, the movement is still growing, and a new press secretary is on board, William Rivers Pitt, who wrote the item 1 article in last issue, Dennis Kucinich and the Question. Also, the disastrous war and occupation in Iraq, and only one candidate having a real plan for peace, makes this campaign far from over.. Following these emails, check our suggestion for contacting to run another vote and for their support for a media campaign behind The Peace Candidate. The MoveOn anti-Bush ad was censored from CBS's Superbowl football game coverage this Sunday. Yet please consider contacting them for an even more powerful message Support the candidate with a plan to end the carnage ASAP!!

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Daniel P. Welch wrote:

Here is my NON-official statement--feel free to spread to friends, contacts and other groups where disenchanted Dean and other supporters may be found. You can also engage responses where it has been posted, etc. Pass it on. The subject line I used is "Kucinich committed to 50-state campaign." Peace, Danny
Far from throwing in the towel, Dennis Kucinich electrified his supporters in what many observers say was the best party in town Tuesday night. He announced that William Rivers Pitt, political writer and, until this weekend, managing editor of, will be coming on board as Press Secretary. "We've taken the first two steps in a long journey," said the candidate. The new press secretary had this to say, even before he took the job:

"Dennis Kucinich reminds people why they are Democrats, why they are progressives, in the first place. He is the soul and the spirit of those beliefs personified, he is Franklin Delano Roosevelt returned, walking and talking and preaching in the 21st century. Anyone who doubts this has not seen the man in action, has not met the people who surround and support him.

This run for the White House is about far more than winning that office. If you think the end of the primaries will spell the end of his run, think again. If the Democratic Party should win the White House in 2004, a powerful progressive network will have to be in place to push the new administration in the right direction, and against the tide that has been unleashed. This is what Dennis Kucinich is constructing, one brick at a time.

This tide has only just begun to rise. How much change are you ready for?"

In an online forum, Pitt denied that he had 'soured' on Kerry, whom he had been rumored to support. "But Dennis is Dennis," he elaborated. "He's the only one I would walk through fire for." Indeed, Pitt gave a brief, stirring talk at the gathering in Manchester on Tuesday, riling up an already boisterous crowd. "It's like we're glad to get through New Hampshire," one volunteer said. "We never expected much here, and now we're on to states where we have stronger organizations. It's a national grassroots campaign. People who want real change will join us." Here we go.

Daniel P. Welch
For interesting commentary in 19 languages visit
check out Danny's new song at the url above: Who are they to tell us not to dream?

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From: James H. Romer
To: ; Kucinich / NH / Steering
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2004 1:51 AM
Subject: [NH_for_Kucinich] "We never expected much here,...."

Hello Daniel P. Welch:
Who is this "we" that never expected much from New Hampshire? Is it the same people who refused to listen to us when we tried to explain to them how the New Hampshire primary works? Is it the people who crippled our organizing efforts last summer by keeping Dennis out of the state for more than two months, while the Dean campaign was signing up the peace and justice community, Dennis's natural constituency? Is it the hot-shots, the "strategists" who never had the decency to explain to us what their wonderful strategy was and left us hanging for months with no answer to everybody's question, "When's he going to be here?"? Peace, Jim Romer

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From: "Marcosa J. Santiago, M.D."
Mailing-List: list;
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004
Subject: Re: [NH_for_Kucinich] "We never expected much here,...."

Right On, Jim!

Most everyone we have met at the grass-roots level in this campaign has impressed us with their enthusiasm, understanding of the issues and therefore knowing why supporting Dennis is a "no-lose" proposition. But frankly, there have been a few people (particularly at or near the top) in another category altogether, almost as if they were working for another candidate, not Kucinich. This is, alas, the nature of the current US political process - which, even in progressive circles, tends to be top-down, both as to formation of platform and formulation of strategy. One soon feels that any attempt at criticism or negative feedback is regarded as disruptive. Generally speaking, all we are expected to do besides give and raise money is propagate to the electorate a prefabricated program prepared by someone else. This Jimmie Higgins work has to be done, we have all done it. But we must also help with setting the initial course and making the later corrections.

It would be good to have more front-end input, and more effective mechanisms for grassroots-driven midstream adjustments. If we all had more a part of the opening gambits, then we would feel that much more comfortable with the end game. There is no time like the present. We should be organizing for the 2008 campaigns now, before the current enthusiasm evaporates and while our experience with this campaign is still fresh in our mind.

David Ecklein
Marcosa J. Santiago, M.D.

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For an article by Dennis Kucinich,
"State primary a chance to send a message on Iraq", see:
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Please consider contacting
for another vote for their/our endorsement of a
Peace Candidate for US President in 2004.

Then, please ask them to support the winning candidate
to overcome the media blockade for real change and peace in our world.

You can send MoveOn feedback @ this link
or send an email to and cc to

For 30 January 2004 - Part 1
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