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08 December 2003

1) Most Censored: 911 Widow's Bush Treason Suit Vanishes
2) 9/11 Commission - A Historical Whitewash?
3) Primary Importance -- How To Get Out Of Iraq

- - Deception by Omission
- - NY Times Magazine ‘Vote Getters'
- - Gift Givers! "kringle boxes" & "The Peace Candidate"
4) Woodward Shooting: Evidence of a Dean Conspiracy?
5) Evidence indicates that Wellstone crash was no accident
6) The Public Execution Of John F. Kennedy

Editor's Notes:

First, let me extend my apologies for sending so much information in one issue. You will be challenged, but once in a while when an avalanche of news descends, digging out through what appears to be overwhelming can be an only choice. Yet the essence of Flyby News is the attempt to somehow get ahead of the curve of an accelerating destruction for humankind. Thus, the focus on the upcoming Democratic Primaries, the occupation in Iraq, and Dennis Kucinich to set a standard for excellence. Yet the first item shows us what sort of a mess we are really in with the ultimate control of mainstream media. Item 2 is a close second in this issue of media manipulation, and about how far away our government operates from the law and justice. But within item 3 and the Kucinich information, you will find an article that speaks of an individual transformation, and a great humility in recognizing the manipulation of smart people in the false pretense of claims that Kucinich is not electable.

Deception by Omission by Charley Cropley

The information in this issue in item 4 on the Robert Woodward shooting is critical and timely now to comprehend. The report by the organization, Justice for Woody, concluded: "..By refusing to pursue the evidence they possessed that Woodward was shot while down and then denied first aid, and instead putting forth a fraudulent homicide investigation, Governor Dean and William Sorrell conspired to obstruct the lawful application of justice in the matter of the police shooting of Robert Woodward."

Item 5 links to another bold article, which you will not find in the mainstream, regarding the "terminal accident" to Senator Paul Wellstone. Item 6 contains a couple of links regarding the evidence on a conspiracy that killed John F. Kennedy. The evidence is quite clear, unless one wants to believe the falsehoods promoted in the mainstream corporate-controlled media. These evidences and the information in Frank Dorrel's documentary film, "What I've Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World," show quite clearly that the government of the US is not truly a democracy, yet, but under the control of a corporate military [un]intelligence dictatorship.

I hope some of you watched or recorded NOW with Bill Moyers on PBS TV this week. The focus on military spending and endangerment is well worth researching, and Moyers cuts through the mustard for millions of people. You can see last Friday's program online from

Updated at under campaigns and events:

Black Box Voting -- This is a democracy-driven grassroots organization that has developed safeguards to prevent tampering with ballots. They've figured out ways to impede tampering with the voters themselves. But DO NOT YET have adequate safeguards to prevent the most dangerous election-rigging of all: Tampering with programmers, vendors and technicians! Why has everything changed, and what are the dangers to Democracy? reported -- Wednesday Nov 26, 2003

"Thanks, Rep. Kucinich: Diebold withdraws in the legal fight over the memos!

The EFF lawsuit could have gone either way, but there was no winning the battle against a powerful congressman, and presidential candidate, like the Honorable Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

To learn more visit

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For Dennis Kucinich's schedule (in NH this week), see:

Please Note:

ABC Presidential Candidate Debate moderated by Ted Koppel at UNH,
Johnson Theater, Durham, NH 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., will be covered by ABC TV in NH, C-span, and will be reported on Nightline 11:30 p.m. this Tuesday!

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In last issue of Flyby News, we corrected information regarding the published report in Encyclopedia Britannica in the mid 1960's. Flyby News published that it was the tri-axial dimensions, but the corrected published measurement was for the distances of the two moons, Phobos and Deimos, in relationship with Mars. But the challenge still stands. Can anyone explain a better explanation than Bart Jordan's for the publication of these distances?

1) Most Censored: 911 Widow's Bush Treason Suit Vanishes

Mariani Lawsuit using RICO Act Disappears From Media!

911 Widow's Bush Treason Suit Vanishes
By W. David Kubiak

"The decision 'not to do the story' appears to be multiplying all over the nation." -- Fred Powledge, ACLU

"Whoever said 'no news is good news,' was BADLY misinformed."
-- Dan Rather

Think you're already amazed, alarmed or appalled enough by the state of US journalism today? Chew on this a while and think again.

Grieving New Hampshire widow who lost her man on 9/11 refuses the government's million dollar hush money payoff, studies the facts of the day for nearly two years, and comes to believe the White House "intentionally allowed 9/11 to happen" to launch a so-called "War on Terrorism" for personal and political gain.

She retains a prominent lawyer, a former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, who served with distinction under both Democrats and Republicans and was once a strong candidate for the governor's seat.

The attorney files a 62-page complaint in federal district court (including 40 pages of prima facie evidence) charging that "President Bush and officials including, but not limited to Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Ashcroft and Tenet"

1.) had adequate foreknowledge of 9-11 yet failed to warn the county
or attempt to prevent it;

2.) have since been covering up the truth of that day;

3.) have therefore abetted the murder of plaintiff's husband
and violated the Constitution and multiple laws of the United States;

4.) are thus being sued under the Civil RICO (Racketeering,
Influence, and Corrupt Organization) Act for malfeasant conspiracy,
obstruction of justice and wrongful death.

The suit text goes on to document the detailed fore-warnings from foreign governments and FBI agents; the unprecedented delinquency of our air defense; the inexplicable half hour dawdle of our Commander in Chief at a primary school after hearing the nation was under deadly attack; the incessant invocation of national security and executive privilege to suppress the facts; and the obstruction of all subsequent efforts to investigate the disaster. It concludes that "compelling evidence will be presented in this case through discovery, subpoena power, and testimony [that] Defendants failed to act and prevent 9/11 knowing the attacks would lead to??| an 'International War on Terror' which would benefit Defendants both financially and politically."

Press releases detailing these explosive allegations are sent out to 3000 journalists in the print and broadcast media, and a press conference to announce the filing is held in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia on November 26th commemorating the end of the first futile year of the independent National 9/11 Commission).

Imagine the world-churning implications of these charges. Imagine the furor if just one was proved true. Imagine the courage of this bribe-shunning widow and an eminent attorney with his rep on the line. Then imagine a press conference to which nobody came.

(Well, more precisely, imagine a press conference at which only FOX News appears, tapes for 40 minutes, and never airs an inch.)

Now imagine the air time, column inches and talk show hysteria that same night devoted to the legal hassles of Michael, Kobe, and Scott Peterson, and divide that by the attention paid to our little case of mass murder, war profiteering and treason. (OK, this is really a trick question because no number divided by zero yields any answers whatsoever, which evidently in this case is the result preferred.)

When you present documented charges of official treachery behind the greatest national security disaster in modern history and the press doesn't show, doesn't listen, doesn't write - just what in fact is really being communicated? That despite all the deaths, lies, wars, and bizarre official actions that flowed from 9/11 there's actually nothing there to be investigated at all? That addressing desperate victim families' still unanswered cries for truth is not a legitimate journalistic concern? That news will now be what the corporate media say it will be, so drink your infotainment Kool-Aid and kindly shut up?

(While the 9/11 blackout is the most flagrant sign of current media dysfunction, it hardly stands alone. Where, for example, was our free and fearless press when Pentagon power-broker Richard Perle confessed to a London audience last month that yes indeed, our war on Iraq was illegal as hell? He calmly explained that "in this case international law stood in the way of doing the right thing??| [it] would have required us to leave Saddam Hussein alone, and this would have been morally unacceptable."

(Guardian/UK, 11/20/03) And what news have we seen of the thousands of Depleted Uranium deaths and birth defects now desolating Afghani, Iraqis and our own Gulf War troops? And whose looking into the $1.2 trillion the Pentagon admits is "missing" or the half trillion in laundered funds now propping up our banks? And how many times have you seen it reported that unbid Iraq contracts have pushed the worth of VP Cheney's 433,333 Halliburton stock options to $26 million plus? But to return to 9/11, the funny business has just begun. If you thought press performance after JFK's death was a cynical farce, you ain't seen nothing yet.)

A few years back Harold Evans of the London Sunday Times, observed that the challenge facing American newspapers "is not to stay in business -- it is to stay in journalism.'' As corporations' authoritarian, profit-driven consciousness comes to dominate both media and governance, you can expect a lot more serial celebrity scandals and even less news on the way things work or anything that really counts.

There is a clear method and message in this obscurantist madness. All this media consolidation and tightening control is strategically aligned with deregulation, privatization, social program-gutting deficits and free trade regimes. They are all convergent tactics to enforce corporations' full spectrum dominance over democratic humankind. If your progressive or conservative instincts bid you to arise against this coup, standing with our 9/11 widow is a good place to start. Her name is Ellen Mariani, her lawyer is Phillip Berg and their complaint is now online at:

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911 Victim Ellen Mariani Open Letter To The POTUS
Thursday, 27 November 2003, 136 pm
Press Release: Ellen Mariani Lawsuit

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News Conference – Wednesday - 11/26/03 – 12 Noon
911 Victim's Wife, Ellen Mariani, files RICO Act
[Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act]
Federal Court Complaint against President Bush and Cabinet Members

2) 9/11 Commission - A Historical Whitewash?

Insight on the News - National
Issue: 12/09/03

A Historical Whitewash?
By Kelly Patricia O Meara

Receiving a subpoena in Washington is becoming as common as "credible but nonspecific" terrorist threats, and few are more likely to be issuing them than the bipartisan 10-member commission set up by Congress to investigate the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The problem for the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (also known as the 9/11 Commission) is that Nov. 27 marks its first anniversary and time is running out before the May deadline for filing its report. The 9/11 Commission was allotted 18 months and $14 million to investigate the circumstances that produced the Sept. 11 attacks, but commission insiders say the federal agencies with the most information haven't been cooperating.

For the complete article and reference links, see.

3) Primary Importance -- How To Get Out Of Iraq

- - Deception by Omission
- - NY Times Magazine ‘Vote Getters'
- - Gift Givers! "kringle boxes" & "The Peace Candidate"

‘Democratic Hopeful Kucinich Promotes Candidacy As Chance To Get Out Of Iraq'
Associated Press Writer
December 2, 2003, 7:10 PM EST

NEW YORK -- Democratic presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich said Tuesday his candidacy represents the only opportunity voters will have to voice their support for a swift end to the United States' involvement in Iraq.

The Ohio representative, who ranks behind most democratic candidates in state and national polls, has been a consistent critic of President Bush's policy in Iraq and has accused other Democrats of wavering in their opposition to the war.

On Tuesday, he reiterated his position, saying the U.S. should withdraw from Iraq and let the United Nations administer and rebuild the country.

"Ending the occupation in Iraq is going to be the defining issue in the Democratic primaries," Kucinich said at a news conference. "And I'm standing alone right now with a plan to get out of Iraq within 90 days, but it involves going to the U.N. and taking a new approach."

"All this presence in Iraq is helping Al Qaeda," he said. "It's making the terrorists stronger, not weaker."

Speaking against the privatization of Iraq's oil industry, Kucinich said the United Nations should manage the country's oil reserves and distribute the oil wealth to the Iraqi people.

Kucinich also spoke about his plan to overhaul the nation's healthcare system and replace it with a universal healthcare program.

"Right now the insurance companies own us," Kucinich said. "They can raise copays and deductibles, they can limit your area of coverage.

"It doesn't matter who you are they have control. I'm talking about taking control away from the insurance companies and putting it in the hands of the American people."

Copyright © 2003, The Associated Press,0,4422174,print.story?coll=ny-ap-regional-wire

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Kucinich Alone Against an Occupation"
November 25, 2003

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- - Deception by Omission

The following was posted by the NH Peace Action [] list with the note:
"(challenging to the peace movement and worth reading)"

Deception by Omission
by Charley Cropley
Nov. 8, 2003


I am amazed and frightened to have discovered only days ago how successfully and subtly my perceptions and my sense of personal power are manipulated by our media. Until then I considered myself well aware of the media's motives and methods and therefore immune to their manipulation. However I have been more profoundly deceived and disempowered than I had thought possible. My deception runs deep; the consequences enormous.

I have come to recognize my deeper, more dangerous level of deception through a process of inquiring into why so many of my friends think Dennis Kucinich is not electable. Among my friends most say "Yes, nobody better represents me than Dennis Kucinich. But… I don't think he's electable." I kept asking my friends "Why? Please explain to me why you think that." I have not heard a single answer that is even slightly satisfying, even from my more intelligent and politically informed friends.

I love those moments when I recognize that something doesn't make sense to me. When I see clearly that I simply do not understand something and I need to investigate it more thoroughly. I reached that place with regard to Dennis being "not electable." I realized that I did not understand what the term "not electable" actually means. "Why?" I asked myself. "Why is he "not electable"? What specifically makes him not electable?"

Only months ago I had never heard of Dennis Kucinich. Lila Sophia Tresemer was the first person that spoke to me of how genuinely moved she was by him. Although I highly respect Lila I thought to myself that somewhere, somehow this man must be another new age candidate without a chance. It was precisely because I'd never heard of him that caused me to assume he must lack something. I wasn't sure what it was, but there must be some reason that I'd not even heard of him. It was hard for me to imagine that someone whose name I'd never heard could be a serious candidate for president.

So I began to educate myself about Dennis' life and political history. What I learned about this man appeared to be anything other than "not electable". In fact he seemed almost heroic, possessing seemingly unimpeachable integrity. I felt gratitude and a rekindling of hope that somehow such a candidate actually existed within our political system; that there actually was an electable candidate who represented my longings as accurately as Dennis Kucinich. I became satisfied that the label "not electable" does not match with Dennis Kucinich nor anything he has ever said or done. It is inaccurate. It is a lie..

Dennis Kucinich is THE leading political spokesperson for the movements for global peace, environmental protection, economic justice, social justice, living wages, universal health care and education. Any other democratic candidate would be more acceptable to corporate America than Dennis Kucinich. In comparison to Dennis all the other "electable" candidates pale in the scope of reform they offer. The business of global war, environmental destruction and economic terrorism will carry on undisturbed under their presidencies.

His exclusion from coverage by major media is precisely because he is supremely electable. Dennis Kucinich is the single greatest threat to George Bush. He is the one candidate who when he is heard appeals to the intelligence, compassion and goodness of America. There is no one else even in his league. Listen to him and judge for yourself. You cannot understand who this man is through the media. Get a video and watch him. He will stir your heart to believe again in the possibility that our nation can change… profoundly. You will feel the opportunity to make a difference in our government that had previously seemed impossible to you. You will want to get involved, and you would, except for one thing… you know he's "not electable".

For the complete article, and please consider forwarding, see:
Deception by Omission by Charley Cropley

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

- - NY Times Magazine ‘Vote Getters'

Re: Sunday November 30, 2003
New York Times Magazine
Vote Getters

Leading designers made a visual statement for candidates of their choice that were published in last Sunday's NY Times Magazine. The first poster was on Dennis Kucinich, and created by George Lois, who is responsible for the creation of "..many of Esquire's revolutionary magazine covers in the 1960's. He came up with the "I Want My MTV" campaign and the name Lean Cuisine. His previous campaign experience includes working for several senatorial campaigns, including Jacob Javits's in 1962 and Robert F. Kennedy's in 1964.

‘Morally I think Kucinich is incredible. He makes a point in saying forcefully that he does not believe the lies of the Bush administration. And his name presents possibilities. He has two i's in his name, which led me to think of the line, ‘The eyes that see through the lies.' The subtext is, We have a blind president, and I am running against a bunch of other candidates who didn't understand that they were being conned. This is a very touch political statement for this time. As for the button, I think just saying ‘Kucinich means courage' adds another element to what he is about. His name's hard to say, but you can use that to your advantage when you say ‘Kucinich means something.'"

To see and download poster, see:
Vote Getters

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What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World

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Help distribute the new Kucinich video, "The Peace Candidate"
(a film by Malachi Roth), on VHS

This video chronicles two days Kucinich spent in New York City during the opening weeks of the war as he spoke out on campus, at gatherings, and at the United Nations. The money from the purchase of this film, including shipping and handling, counts as a Kucinich for President campaign contribution. Also available at a discount in packs of ten for $100. Two ways you can help the Kucinich for President campaign end the occupation and bring the troops home: buy copies as gifts for friends, or use this video to host house parties.

To order your copy and download a flyer to distribute, see:
"The Peace Candidate"

4) Woodward Shooting: Evidence of a Dean Conspiracy?

The Robert Woodward Shooting:
Evidence of a Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice

Version 1: released November 26, 2003

[Excerpt - the conclusion of this detailed report reads]:

B. Governor Dean and Attorney General Sorrell Conspired to Obstruct Justice

The homicide investigation conducted by Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell consistently avoided collecting, analyzing, or pursuing the evidence that Woodward was shot after falling and then denied medical care.

Sorrell characterized his investigation as "competent" and "diligent," while carefully hiding compelling evidence of police wrongdoing.

Governor Dean was the only official above the Vermont Attorney General who was capable of initiating an independent, unbiased investigation.

Governor Dean stated that he was "comfortable with" Sorrell's investigation, and refused repeated calls for an investigation independent of Vermont law enforcement.

By refusing to pursue the evidence they possessed that Woodward was shot while down and then denied first aid, and instead putting forth a fraudulent homicide investigation, Governor Dean and William Sorrell conspired to obstruct the lawful application of justice in the matter of the police shooting of Robert Woodward. "

For the above complete report, see:

At following URL you can also find links to Woodwards' Civil Case, the State's (Non)Case, the (elusive) investigation by the FBI and Department of Justice, and more, see:

For general information visit Justice for Woody Homepage –

5) Evidence indicates that Wellstone crash was no accident

Posted on Thu, Nov. 20, 2003 by the

Evidence indicates that Wellstone crash was no accident
Point of View by JIM FETZER
One man's opinion: Evidence indicates that Wellstone crash was no accident

For nearly a year now, evidence has been accumulating about the event that ended the life of this magnificent human being. Whatever caused the crash was not the plane, the pilots or the weather. In spite of what you may have heard, the plane was exceptional, the pilots well-qualified and the weather posed no significant problems. Even the National Transportation Safety Board's own simulations of the plane, the pilots and the weather were unable to bring the plane down.

This means we have to consider other, less palatable, alternatives, such as small bombs, gas canisters or electromagnetic pulse, radio frequency or High Energy Radio Frequency weapons designed to overwhelm electrical circuitry with an intense electromagnetic field. An abrupt cessation of communication between the plane and the tower took place at about 10:18 a.m., the same time an odd cell phone phenomenon occurred with a driver in the immediate vicinity. This suggests to me the most likely explanation is that one of our new electromagnetic weapons was employed.

The politics of the situation were astonishing. The senator was pulling away from the hand-picked candidate of the Bush machine. Its opportunity to seize control of the U.S. Senate was slipping from its grasp. Its vaunted "invincibility" was being challenged by an outspoken critic of its most basic values. Targeted for elimination, he was going to survive. Here's one man's opinion: Under such conditions, the temptation to take him out may have been irresistible.

For the complete editorial, see:
Evidence indicates that Wellstone crash was no accident

JIM FETZER, a professor in the philosophy department at University of Minnesota Duluth, is the editor of three books on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy: "Assassination Science: Experts Speak Out on the Death of JFK" (October 1997); "Murder in Dealey Plaza: What We Know Now that We Didn't Know Then" (August 2000); "The Great Zapruder Film Hoax: Deceit and Deception in the Death of JFK" (September 2003).

= = = =

The official version recently attributed Wellstone's accident to pilot error, in not recognizing the plane excessively slowed down to a dangerous point!

Following is a November 18, 2003 report from CBS News:

6) The Public Execution Of John F. Kennedy

Skolnick: The Public Execution Of John F. Kennedy

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also see: "Conspiracy Dismissed: 40 Years Later"
Published on Saturday, November 22, 2003 by

Conspiracy Dismissed: 40 Years Later,
The Media Digs a Deeper Grave
by Andrew Christie

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From the Wilderness Publications

The Kennedys, Physical Evidence, and 9/11
by Michael C. Ruppert, see:

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