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28 November 2003

1) Global Warming Gas Seen Increasing Dramatically
- - New View of Data Supports Human Link to Global Warming
2) Crimes Against Nature
3) Greenpeace Forest Campaign Urgent Update
4) Commemoration -- Woody -- December 2nd
5) Bart Jordan: "Measure Man's Mind and Mind Man's Measure"
6) December 7: "Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War"

Editor's Notes:

Item one points to new data on Global Warming. Now there is more data on the Global Warming gas CO2 is the increase, dramatically, and there is new data supporting the human link to the dangerous warming of Earth. Some of this information was received from another excellent news resource:

Item 2 is an article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., critiquing the Bush administration's record of degrading our environment.

A recent urgent Green Peace alert is in item 3 on protecting rainforests, and the opposition threatening activists and the law in our best mutual interests.

Item four is a press release on a Silent March in commemoration on the second anniversary (police-shooting) death of my friend, Woody, Robert Woodward. There are too many questions left unresolved in this tragic case, including Howard Dean's participation in denying a fair investigation.

In item 5 this issue includes a final statement from a paper Bart Jordan called "Measure Man's Mind and Mind Man's Measure," published in the Journal of the New England Antiquities Research Association, Volume # 14, Spring 1985. Bart Jordan's information continues to stand as the best and perhaps only explanation for the source of the distances of the moons of Mars related to this planet. This information was published in the Encyclopedia Britannica in the mid 1960's, years before NASA could confirm. Within the next year and a half, Bart Jordan plans to publish a new paper showing how he derived numbers from alphabets that show advanced measures from ancient languages. It took a Cassini Earth flyby and an independent Flyby News to uncover someone like Bart Jordan. Keep attune for more on this unfolding story of lost eras coming out into the open.

Item six is from for an event on December 7, this upcoming anniversary day of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. MoveOn is supporting a grassroots awareness and response to lies told to us by the Bush administration. Check the link from this item to find events and house parties perhaps near where you live. Catch a screening of the film, "Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War." .

"In mindful time past, we honoured our grandparents;
in mindless time present, we threaten our grandchildren."

Bart Jordan

1) Global Warming Gas Seen Increasing Dramatically

- - New View of Data Supports Human Link to Global Warming

Global Warming Gas Seen Increasing Dramatically
Wed November 19, 2003 09:18 PM ET
By Jeff Franks

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Worldwide emissions of carbon dioxide, considered a culprit in global warming, are expected to increase by 3.5 billion tonnes, or 50 percent, annually by the year 2020, an executive for ExxonMobil Corp said on Wednesday.

At the same time, global demand for energy will rise by 40 percent as the world population increases and economies grow, said Randy Broiles, global planning manager for Exxon's oil and gas production unit.

"Between now and 2020 we estimate increases of some 3.5 billion tonnes per year of additional carbon emissions, so it's definitely increasing," Broiles said at an energy conference sponsored by accounting and consulting firm Deloitte.

He said about 7 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is a byproduct of burning fossil fuels, go into the earth's atmosphere each year from power plants, cars and other sources.

Experts say the United States, which has the world's largest economy and 4 percent of its population, is responsible for about 25 percent of so-called "greenhouse" gases now produced, but Broiles said most future growth in output will come from developing countries.

"Eighty percent of that number, 80 percent of 3.5 billion tonnes, is going to be driven by those developing countries, those economies that are growing at the 4 to 5 percent range, so that's where it's coming from," he said.

A huge increase in the number of cars will cause part of the pollution growth.

Broiles said there are now 15 cars for every 1,000 people in the world, but ExxonMobil expects that number to rise to 50 cars per 1,000 by 2020.

He said ExxonMobil foresees a 40 percent increase in energy demand even though humans are boosting their energy efficiency by about 1 percent a year. Despite advances in technology most energy will still come from fossil fuels, and in particular oil and gas, of which there remain very large reserves, he said.

"The oil resource base is huge -- it's huge -- and we expect it to satisfy world demand growth well beyond 2020," he said.

Copyright Reuters 2003.

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- - New View of Data Supports Human Link to Global Warming

"One of the last gaps in the evidence pointing to a human cause for global warming appears to be closing.- The result is more consensus than ever that emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases are noticeably altering climate."

Published in the New York Times
November 18, 2003
New View of Data Supports Human Link to Global Warming
For the URL link, see:

2) Crimes Against Nature

Crimes Against Nature
Bush is sabotaging the laws that have protected America's environment for more than thirty years

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

George W. Bush will go down in history as America's worst environmental president. In a ferocious three-year attack, the Bush administration has initiated more than 200 major rollbacks of America's environmental laws, weakening the protection of our country's air, water, public lands and wildlife. Cloaked in meticulously crafted language designed to deceive the public, the administration intends to eliminate the nation's most important environmental laws by the end of the year. Under the guidance of Republican pollster Frank Luntz, the Bush White House has actively hidden its anti-environmental program behind deceptive rhetoric, telegenic spokespeople, secrecy and the intimidation of scientists and bureaucrats. The Bush attack was not entirely unexpected. George W. Bush had the grimmest environmental record of any governor during his tenure in Texas. Texas became number one in air and water pollution and in the release of toxic chemicals. In his six years in Austin, he championed a short-term pollution-based prosperity, which enriched his political contributors and corporate cronies by lowering the quality of life for everyone else. Now President Bush is set to do the same to America. After three years, his policies are already bearing fruit, diminishing standards of living for millions of Americans.

3) Greenpeace Forest Campaign Urgent Update

November 28, 2003

Three hundred loggers from Porto de Moz in the Amazon surrounded the Greenpeace vessel MV Arctic Sunrise earlier this week, and local forest activists were threatened with attacks that sent them fleeing for sanctuary. As of today the situation is still highly dangerous. We need your help to strengthen the support of Brazil's federal government.

The protest and threats were aimed not only against Greenpeace, which has been exposing illegal logging in the region, but against the Brazilian Environmental agency (IBAMA)'s attempt to enforce the laws of Brazil as well. In an action a few days ago our activists discovered a barge full of illegal logs in a remote riverside harbour. Activists painted "Crime" on 6,000 cubic metres of logs, and marked the area with yellow tape as a "Forest Crime" scene. Inspectors from IBAMA, the Brazilian Environmental agency, are currently active in the region. Inspectors working along the Transamazonian highway were trapped in their hotel last week when they were surrounded by 300 armed loggers.

Loggers were provoked to protest by a local radio station, saying they were "cowards" if they didn't chase Greenpeace out. The radio station is owned by the mayor of this small town, who also controls the largest logging operation in the region.

There are two things you can do to help with this extremely urgent and dangerous situation.

First, send a letter to Brazilian president Lula da Silva asking him to support his own government officials and local citizens:

Second, make an urgent phone call or send a fax to your local Brazilian embassy. There is a list of Brazilian embassy information here:

To get more involved in the campaign, become a Greenpeace Forest Guardian:

You can read more about Forest Guardians here:

4) Commemoration -- Woody -- December 2nd


Commemoration of the second anniversary of the death of Robert "Woody" Woodward to be held on December 2, 2003

(December 2, 2003): Two years ago Robert Woodward was brutally gunned down by Brattleboro police officers Marshall Holbrook and Terrance Parker while seeking political sanctuary in a church. Woodward spoke of threats against his life by federal agents, and held a small knife to his eye, threatening suicide if he was left alone. The police fired seven bullets into Woodward's body within 60 seconds of entering the church, most of which were fired after he was downed. Four months later, these police officers were exonerated in a fraudulent and biased investigation by state Attorney General William Sorrell. Howard Dean, at that time Governor of Vermont, refused to appoint an independent investigator, stating that he was "comfortable" with Sorrell's findings.

It is a widely known fact that William Sorrell's family was instrumental in the launching of Howard Dean's political career and the two are lifelong friends. To date, no criminal charges have been filed against either police officer, although 17 out of 18 church eyewitnesses questioned insist that Woody never threatened anyone but himself. A civil law suit against the town of Brattleboro is pending.

WHAT: Silent March through downtown Brattleboro that will commence at the Brattleboro Food Co-op parking lot and proceed to the police station/municipal center

WHEN: December 2, 2003, beginning at 12:00 noon until 2 p.m.

WHERE: Meet at the Brattleboro Food Co-op parking lot @ the intersection of Rts119 and Rt 5 (Main St.) We will march up Main St to the Police Station/Municipal Building

WHO: Justice for Woody, friends, and concerned citizens
P.O. Box 802; Amherst, Massachusetts 01004-0802

Press Contacts:

Paul Borneo Tel. 413-367-2444, Ellen Berrios: or Keith Carlson:

Justice for Woody was founded in the aftermath of Robert ("Woody") Woodward's unnecessary fatal shooting at the hands of Brattleboro police officers Marshall Holbrook and Terrance Parker. JFW seeks justice in the Woodward case and police reform in Brattleboro. JFW works alongside other organizations throughout the country seeking to end the use of excessive force, wrongful death, and racial profiling by police. JFW also works to preserve and restore civil rights.

For further information, please visit our website

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The following links to a letter by Mary Rives printed in the Valley Advocate on the first anniversary:

5) Bart Jordan: "Measure Man's Mind and Mind Man's Measure"

The following is the final statement from a paper Bart Jordan wrote called
"Measure Man's Mind and Mind Man's Measure"
published in the Journal of the New England Antiquities Research Association, Volume # 14, Spring 1985.

"Patient reader: we all know that musicians are supposed to emote and not think. However, before leaving you with this minor statement of major systems, this truncated report inviting a thousand queries, allow this musician some emotive thoughts about Man's personal measure. From my former articles and foregoing account, it can be seen that much of what we are now may be measured against what we were then. And it is just this matter of measure that must be understood the "we" of then and now.

We are historic; we were prehistoric. How do we measure ourselves? Our intellectual present versus our intuitive past? Originality versus aboriginality? Such notions as present Man is matchless and past Man is witless have little validity and less virtue. There is a difference between hidden harmony and apparent harmony, between mentality and ornamentality, between a thinking individual and a thoughtless society. In mindful time past, we honoured our grandparents; in mindless time present, we threaten our grandchildren.

Where are the measures of yesteryear? Blue Winter Mother, Green Spring Daughter, Yellow Year Person, Orange Autumn Son, Red Summer Father a bow has been set in the cloud, a covenant made with the Earth. There be a message in these measures for a man's family and for the Family of Man:

Love Creation and Created
Honour Moon, Sun, and Planet
Obey Time and Space
Obey Sound and Light
Honour Earth, Star, and Comet
Love Finite and Infinite

We have inherited more than the wind. We have a measure of Man's mind.

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For information and resources on Bart Jordan, see:

For Flyby News updated page on Bart Jordan,
see under "Breaking News Stories" at
or following URL link:,86884,

6) December 7: "Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War"

On the evening of December 7th, 2003, thousands of people around the country will gather to watch and discuss the new documentary: Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War.

Together, we'll strengthen the MoveOn community, get the truth out, and raise some money to make sure that people in key battleground states know the real story about how we went to war.

Interested in hosting a party? Click below, and we'll provide you with tools to manage your party and a guide to putting it together. You can just invite your friends and colleagues, or you can allow MoveOn members in your area to attend -- our software makes it easy to do either.

Host a party.

Find a party in your area:
Search within miles of your zip code:

For more on MoveOn:

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