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Ruppert's Bush II * NewDeal * SolarFlares

08 November 2003

"Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world."

Albert Einstein

1) Ruppert's Beyond Bush II
- - Diebold Sued Over Threats
- - Halliburton Contract Extension Canceled
- - Will U.S. Bring Back the Draft?
2) Kucinich ‘New Deal for a New Century'
- - To ‘Rock the Vote' you got to ‘Rock the Boat'
3) Solar Flares Herald Harmonic Concordance
- - Gigantic solar flare was biggest recorded
- - Total Lunar Eclipse Saturday Should be Colorful

Editor's Notes:

Perhaps a chance still glimmers for a Kucinich 2004 administration. I can't imagine a more attractive platform -- an immediate peace dividend making nonviolence an organizing principle for government and humanity. Yet the Kucinich campaign is being held back. There are probably a number of factors why.. Michael Ruppert in item 1 offers one explanation, I am sure there are others, or combinations. But even Ruppert, with all his brilliance – offers very little on ideas for actions to help transform current directions of what is behind the controlling forces of our government. Based on the past actions of the US Government and CIA operations since World War II, Ruppert's analysis on 'peak oil' and related circumstances are quite compelling. Yet where are his ideas to best actualize a unity to transform such predicted events. Yet, Ruppert's news was not all doom and gloom, and he had a few kind words regarding Kucinich and his fight with Muny Power. At Franklin Pierce College in Rindge, NH last Monday, Dennis described the path his life has taken, and why dreams are not easily denied to those willing to persist, and remain true. He predicted a sudden moment for an awakening. Is that moment beyond us to influence, or can everything we do be connected to encourage that dream to be realized? In truth time is of an essence for a collective awakening, where sooner is better than later to alleviate needless suffering, and the prolonging of a crooked US foreign policy scheme that creates much more harm than good. No matter what the media tells us - Truth Is Truth - and that will set us free.

On Monday, November 17, 2003, Flyby News' next film discussion program, called:

"US Constitution In Crisis"
co-sponsored with the Keene State Democrats
will take place in Keene, NH at Keene State College Student Center, Madison Lounge
Monday 17 November 2003 -- 7:30 to 9:30 pm

The films include:

"What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World"
Excerpts from this film compilation, by Frank Dorrel, document CIA covert operations
and US interventions since World War II.

"A Prayer for America"
This is the speech presented by Dennis Kucinich to the
Southern California Americans for Democratic Action,
on February 17, 2002, in response to loss of civil liberties following September 11, 2001.
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Check the link from under campaigns for more on these films and programs.
Please email if you want a PDF file to post for upcoming event.
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On Wednesday November 19
‘Peace is Possible show'
to benefit the Kucinich for US President Campaign
7:00 - 10:00 pm
Oak Hill Middle School
130 Wheeler Rd, Newton, MA

This event includes: Jill Stein (local political activist), Jonathan Mark, (, INCA SON (popular music group from Peru), Crystal Johnson (poet), and Frankie J (reggae singer / songwriter), just to name a few.

For more details on this and other Kucinich New England or US events in support of Dennis Kucinich, see:

Item 3 in this issue is excerpts and links on solar flares and what is being called the Harmonic Concordance on a total lunar eclipse, November 8 – 9, 2003

1) Ruppert's Beyond Bush II

- - Diebold Sued Over Threats
- - Halliburton Contract Extension Canceled
- - Will U.S. Bring Back the Draft?

by Michael C. Ruppert

Peak Oil Dominates --The Takedown of George Bush Continues - Wesley Clark Connected to Drug Money, Al Qâeda, Waco and Another War Waged Over Fraudulent Evidence - Is Dan Sheehan Sabotaging the Kucinich Campaign? - Why Is Everyone After Howard Dean? A Look at the Democratic Challengers Who Will Bring Us More of the Same - Democracy Terminated in California Recall as Compromised Software Becomes Standard in US and Energy Looting Continues... The long-awaited sequel to Beyond Bush I is here! Read Now

[For complete report, see above URL.]



- Media Mesmerism and "The Grand Show" - Wes Clark of Waco, Kosovo and Mena Drug Connections -- Dean Fades -- Kerry is the Sleeper - What is Dan Sheehan Doing to Dennis Kucinich? - California Recall Shows "Democracy Terminated"

by Michael C. Ruppert

© Copyright 2003, From The Wilderness Publications,
All Rights Reserved. May be reprinted, distributed or posted on an Internet web site for non-profit purposes only.

[Our July 1, 2003 publication of Part I of this series, with its analysis showing that the Neocons of the Bush administration were systematically being taken down at the direction of the real powers in control of the US economy created a huge demand for the promised follow-up article that would update developments and also look at the many Democratic presidential challengers. Work on that story was halted when this writer experienced a near-fatal encounter with a ruptured appendix and peritonitis in mid-July. (I am now fully recovered.) The delay may not have been a bad thing. One thing that is now apparent is that George W. Bush may have been set up - much as Lyndon Johnson was in Vietnam - to create an unwinnable war for the benefit of globalized monetary interests whose objective is the destruction of the US as a nation-state, while at the same time securing a top spot for US-based corporations in an increasingly globalized and energy-hungry economy..

..the primary objective laid out by Zbigniew Brzezinski in his 1997 book, The Grand Chessboard: The oil and many rebuilding contracts have been denied to any powers "that might seek to usurp the US on the world stage". Even as the US has gone hat-in-hand to the UN asking for help in Iraq (and been rebuffed), it has made it clear that it intends to retain absolute control of Iraqi resources. Europe and Russia will not play that game. Oil in the ground is oil in the bank and, at least for the moment, by tweaking supplies and conflicts around the world, the US can maintain enough supply from other sources to keep the house of cards from falling. Within three to five years, that may not be possible.

The race now is to stabilize Iraq in time to rebuild the infrastructure, and bring its 11% of proven world reserves online. The US majors won't invest there until it is safe. On October 11, The Arabic News reported on a recent World Bank report stating that the reconstruction of Iraqi infrastructure would require four years and more than $50 billion (US). This is another reason why the Bush junta is in jeopardy. There are few left anywhere who believe that they have the cachet to pull it off. The oil companies have lost confidence in the oil men.

Had the US not invaded Iraq, however, French, Russian and German companies would currently be working on billions of dollars of contracts to refurbish the oil infrastructure, thus increasing the amount of Iraqi oil (priced in Euros rather than dollars) reaching world markets by legal or extralegal means outside of UN sanctions.

The Madness of the People

It still remains unclear whether or not Bush will lose the 2004 election, steal it again, or be replaced via an impeachment effort after a win. There is a great deal to be learned from the Democratic Party side of the equation, and voters who eagerly participate in the election process are almost pathologically in denial about the compromise of the process that has occurred with proprietary electronic software that remains easily manipulated and immune from public scrutiny. As the 2000 election was stolen, the 2004 election may already be locked up (or encoded). No activist in their right mind should participate in the Democratic Party nomination process without addressing this key issue. If they do, they should have their head examined.

The most detailed work on this angle has been done by New Zealand's Scoop Media
( and author Bev Harris who has a new book out titled Black Box Voting: Ballot-tampering in the 21st Century. You will never think about voting the same way again after reading it.


For months, now I have been hammered by readers who have wanted me to say something about the California recall. OK, here it is.

The California recall was a trial run for the rigged use of electronic software in the 2004 election, and further exploitation of coming energy shortages. The race was called just one minute after the polls closed even though electronic software was not used in six counties including Los Angeles County. And no one in the major press has raised a peep about it. Yet, within days, a few intrepid researchers were able to find indications of vote tampering on the proprietary Diebold machines used in many California counties. In an outrageous conflict with the public interest, Diebold CEO Walden O'Dell told Ohio Republicans this August that he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year." Even the BBC on October 8th, noted that Diebold and other systems used in California and elsewhere left the door wide open for tampering:

The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia reported on October 8th what Americans, and especially Californians were never told: that the electronic systems were "as flawed as chads."

Excellent background research on what appears to be rampant and overtly criminal behavior by Diebold can be found at the following web sites:

Diebold is only one of many firms making voting software, and all of it seems have problems. Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska ought to know. He used to chair a company, American Information Systems, which owns the largest company putting machines into US use, Election Systems and Software. But it's doubtful he's going to complain. Nebraska used his software in the 2002 election and he garnered 83% of the vote. An excellent over view of all the firms involved in electronic voting has been published by The Online Journal at:

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For the complete report by Michael Ruppert, Beyond Bush II, see:
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- - Diebold Sued Over Threats

In Related Information - Breaking News and Commentary
from Citizens for Legitimate Government
November 4, 2003

Diebold Sued Over Threats

Free speech advocates sued Diebold, a manufacturer of electronic 'voting' machines Tuesday, demanding it stop sending legal threats to groups that publish company documents leaked by a hacker. Voting activists who have received the cease-and-desist orders, including students from at least 20 universities, claim the documents raise serious security concerns about Diebold Inc., which has more than 50,000 touchscreen 'voting' terminals nationwide.

MIT snared in dispute over Diebold 'voting' machines --Firm: Students posted stolen Diebold files --Two students have embroiled the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in a nationwide controversy about the reliability of Diebold's high-tech 'voting' machines.

Find article for above summary and other items by
Citizens for Legitimate Government:

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- - Halliburton Contract Extension Canceled


The Army Corps of Engineers is "likely" to cancel the no-bid contract extension granted a week ago to Halliburton for delivery of oil-related services amid allegations that Halliburton is overcharging the federal government to import oil into Iraq. The decision to revisit the contract extension comes in part due to the assertions from inside the Pentagon that Halliburton's price for imported gasoline was "at least double what it should be."

Read the full Mis-Lead -->

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- - Will U.S. Bring Back the Draft?

Published on Wednesday, November 5, 2003 by the Toronto Star
Will U.S. Bring Back the Draft?

Defense Web Site Seeks Volunteers
Conscription Abolished in '73
by Tim Harper

WASHINGTON—A call from the U.S. Defense Department for volunteers to sit on local draft boards has sparked debate here about whether a nationwide military draft could ultimately be needed to complete Washington's Iraq mission.

A number of analysts said yesterday that while any public suggestion of a draft would be politically suicidal for U.S. President George W. Bush in an election year, he could find himself with few other options if he is returned for a second term and the fighting in Iraq is still raging.

2) Kucinich ‘New Deal for a New Century'

- - To ‘Rock the Vote' you got to ‘Rock the Boat'

Washington Post and The Concord Monitor hosted a series of live discussions with each Democratic candidate in the presidential race.

Following are excerpts from online conversations with Dennis Kucinich, November 4, 2003:

The complete transcript is posted from:.

Columbus, Ohio: You want the U.S. to withdraw from the WTO and return to bilateral trade agreements. If the U.S. withdraws from the WTO but no one else does, won't the U.S. still have to negotiate with the WTO? And what is to stop nations from imposing higher taxes on our exports until we rejoin the WTO? Won't withdrawing from the WTO cause the loss of MORE American jobs?

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich The U.S. is not a beggar in international trade relations. The U.S. is the world's number one consumer market. The world wants to sell to American consumers. That ought to represent leverage. But the U.S. gave up its leverage when it joined the WTO. Withdrawal from the WTO will enable the U.S. to reclaim its leverage. What will we do with this leverage? We need it to solve a major economic crisis on the horizon, and that is the U.S. trade deficit. With this leverage, we will ask of our trading partners to buy from us approximately an equivalent amount of what we buy from them. Lester Thurow calls this the principle of correspondence. We can also promote workplace, human and environmental rights from around the world by simply telling our trading partners that we are not interested in buying their products when they are made with child labor, or by workers who are denied the right to bargain collectively or if the products are made in factories which show no regard for environmental protection. So my approach to trade will enhance the American economy while lifting up human rights, workers' and environmental quality standards world wide.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Allentown, PA: Congressman, you have many wonderful visions, but as a member of Congress you know as well as anyone that just because someone occupies the Oval Office does not mean that Congress will assist in passing legislation. If you were President how would you work with Congress?

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich As a member of Congress I have had excellent relationships with both sides of the aisle. It is important for the President to work with Congress and I will use the relationships I have built through four terms to create a working partnership. I am also aware that my legislative agenda, which will include universal health care, medicare for all, a single payer system, will require support in the Congress which may not currently exist. As the nominee of our party, I will call upon the American people to support candidates for Congress who will take control of the health care system in the United States away from the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies and create a system which truly serves all the American people with guaranteed health care for all. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the nominee of the Democratic Party in 1932, he campaigned on broad economic reforms and asked the American people to give him a Congress which would help him do it. The people of America responded by electing 88 new members to the House of Representatives and 13 new members to the U.S. Senate. Those changes gave FDR the momentum he needed to craft the New Deal legislative agenda. I intend to rally the American people in this election to create a New Deal for a New Century.

The complete online discussions of that day is posted:

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- - To ‘Rock the Vote' you got to ‘Rock the Boat'

If you missed ROCK THE VOTE on CNN last night where candidates held a forum
in Boston with young people, it will also be rebroadcast from 1:00 a.m. to 2:30
a.m. Eastern, and again on Sunday, Nov. 9 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

You can also vote on videos of the Candidates:

Here's another place to vote, a CNN poll

3) Solar Flares Herald Harmonic Concordance

- - Gigantic solar flare was biggest recorded
- - Total Lunar Eclipse Saturday Should be Colorful

Solar Flares Herald Harmonic Concordance
by Karen Steen, Astrologer
posted 10/23/2003

Harmonic Concordance & Total Lunar Eclipse Nov. 8 – 9, 2003

A total lunar eclipse nested within a six-pointed solar system configuration, heralded by extraordinary solar flare activity and resulting geomagnetic storms on earth – occurring together November 8 –9, these celestial developments are being called the Harmonic Concordance. Even considering only the lunar eclipse and its paired solar eclipse later in November, these events have astrological significance for a period of months to years.

What is the nature and significance of the Harmonic Concordance? What distinguishes it from past newsworthy formations, like the 1987 Harmonic Convergence and the 2000 Taurus Alignment? There is a wealth of information and perspectives on the Harmonic Concordance with which to learn and perhaps align. Here, I'll briefly describe the Concordance, offer my view on its significance, and suggest a few choice resources for additional information.

Basics of the Harmonic Concordance

The Harmonic Concordance is defined by the positions in our sky of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the planetoid Chiron on November 8 – 9. Together these bodies form a Grand Sextile pattern – a hexagon or six-pointed star formation around earth. Coincident with the formation of this Grand Sextile pattern are these celestial events:

A total lunar eclipse occurring within the Grand Sextile Jupiter, part of the Grand Sextile, in stressful square aspect to Pluto (90 degrees separation in celestial longitude) Extraordinary solar flare activity with resulting geomagnetic storms on earth.

The formation of a Grand Sextile, and Jupiter in square position to Pluto, are relatively rare events. The Grand Sextile, composed of two interlocking Grand Trines, is considered an exceptionally resourceful pattern that can be equally creative and productive. The square aspect of Jupiter to Pluto corresponds to critical sociopolitical developments within their twelve-year recurring cycle together - I regard their square as an external motivator to the Grand Sextile. Solar and Lunar eclipses each occur twice a year on average, usually in pairs by location and timing (eclipse season). When they occur, solar eclipses are associated with a New Moon, lunar eclipses with a Full Moon. Eclipses of both the Sun and Moon can be either partial or total, with total eclipses being more significant astrologically. Total solar eclipses occur only every second or third year, total lunar eclipses more frequently. Sun, Moon, and planetary positions during total eclipses correspond to significant individual and social developments lasting months to years. Solar eclipses correspond to overt or conscious developments or crises, lunar eclipses to more subtle or unconscious developments. Eclipse developments, which can begin a month or more before the actual eclipse, often shift a focus or balance of power, bring a long-simmering process to crises, or clear the way for new starts.

Solar flares result from Sunspot activity that averages a 12-year cycle. Sunspot activity has been peaking in the past 2–3 years. Recent huge solar flares are causing geomagnetic storms of extraordinary magnitude now and through the Full Moon eclipse / Harmonic Convergence on November 8 - 9. These storms are affecting global satellite transmissions, interrupting television, radio, and cell phone transmissions. Astrological correspondences for Sunspot and solar flare activity are just recently being observed, while their correspondence with planetary cycles has been recognized for decades.

For many, a picture is worth a thousand words:
- For a chart of the Harmonic Concordance as it will appear in the sky around you, go to
- To view a brief movie of the huge solar flare on October 23, go to

Both the 1987 Harmonic Convergence and the 2000 Taurus Alignment were characterized by a clustering of the Sun with planets and high solar flare activity, not with eclipses. The Harmonic Concordance of November 8 – 9 is unique in its dispersed, highly organized pattern, association with total eclipses of the Sun and Moon, and extraordinary solar flares.

For the complete article, see:

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- - Gigantic solar flare was biggest recorded

Gigantic solar flare was biggest recorded
Fri Nov 7,11:26 AM ET


PARIS (AFP) - A massive flare disgorged by the Sun this week was the biggest ever recorded, although the Earth will luckily escape most of its blast of radiation, the European Space Agency (ESA) reported here.

"The massive solar X-ray which occurred on November 4 was, at best estimate, an X28," ESA said. "There is still a small chance this will be revised by a small amount, but it is now official. We have a new No. 1 X-ray flare for the record books, the most powerful in recorded observational history."

The previous biggest flare on record was rated an X20. Flares of that magnitude were recorded on August 16 1989 and again on April 2 2001.

Solar flares are a magnetic storm on the surface of the Sun that spew out gas into space.

This material is then heated to a super-high temperature, producing a burst of radiation that depending on its intensity and direction can cripple orbiting satellites and disrupt telecommunications on Earth.

For the complete article, see:

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- - Total Lunar Eclipse Saturday Should be Colorful
By Robert Roy Britt
Senior Science Writer
posted: 07:00 am ET
07 November 2003


Astronomers expect a colorful show Saturday night when Earth's shadow falls on the Moon, creating a total lunar eclipse.

The visible portion of the eclipse will begin in the Americas just after 6 p.m. ET, but only for eastern residents. Along the western coast the eclipse will be underway as the Moon rises above the horizon at sunset. The visible portion of the eclipse will be over before 10:30 p.m. ET.

Europeans will have to stay up late. The eclipse begins there before midnight, and the heart of the event in Europe will occur early Sunday morning.

The Moon will go into total eclipse at 8:06 p.m. ET and emerge from totality 25 minutes later.

If you are out at sunset, there is another sight to look for. Venus is just emerging in the evening sky and appears as a bright dot just above the southwest horizon before full darkness sets in. It quickly follows the Sun down.

All evening in the southern sky, Mars shines brightly, an obvious beacon that typically has an orange or yellowish cast. Mars is brighter than any star in that part of the sky. Stretch your arm out and make a fist. Now count four fist-widths to the right of the Moon and you'll see Mars. That's about 40 degrees of separation, as astronomers count it.

For the complete article, see:

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For more on the Harmonic Concordance, see:

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