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28 October 2003

"The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor
is the mind of the oppressed."

-- Stephen Biko

1) Evidence Of Things Unseen: The Rise of a New Movement
- - October 25 End the Occupation Protest
- - BRING HOME THE TROOPS - November 11 - Veteran's Day
2) Democratic Presidential Debate in Detroit
- - Kucinich Rolling Stone Interview
3) Breaking News from Citizens for Legitimate Government

Editor's Notes:

Item 1 begins with an optimistic viewpoint from a recent speech by Tom Hayden, called "Evidence Of Things Unseen: The Rise of a New Movement." It does seem like the collective intelligence of humanity is increasing in proportion with the increase of personal and global communications. Yet the rate of the assault on our ecosystem is extreme, and increasing its harm, too. Like out-of-control fires in southern Californian with warming winds pumping a devilish glance as feedback into the spiraling dance in a mad reasoning to exchange dense carbon from the earth for excessive green house gas pollution in the air. The warming, the ice melt, is beyond belief to most scientists. For a Flyby News perspective on the mounting evidence of global warming and the modeling to measure this man-made phenomena for the government in the 1950's, see the link from

Item 2 begins with a different take at last Sunday's debate, excerpting those generally excluded in the mainstream's reportings. Dennis Kucinich is fighting for his time in the light, and our best chances for a legitimate government, of, by, and for, the people. Item 3 is late breaking news coverage, from Citizens for Legitimate Government.

"It comes down to recognizing the dignity in all things.
Dignity has intrinsic value,
it cannot be violated without a resistance.
It cannot be defeated.

Wherever there is life, dignity resists suffocation and oblivion.
That's the world we want. That's the world the world wants.
Not an empire, not even a world of great powers,
but a world of democracies based on dignity."

-- Tom Hayden --

1) Evidence Of Things Unseen: The Rise of a New Movement
- - October 25 End the Occupation Protest
- - BRING HOME THE TROOPS - November 11 - Veteran's Day

Evidence Of Things Unseen: The Rise of a New Movement
By Tom Hayden, AlterNet
October 21, 2003

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following piece is adapted from a speech Tom Hayden gave at the Bioneers Conference on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2003.


..The evidence of things unseen. There is rising a new movement in the world. It is bigger than the movement of the 1960s. Yet it is barely seen by the experts and analysts. They look only at the behavior of institutions and politicians, not the underlying forces that eventually burst into visibility.

The first strand of this new movement is the global opposition to the war in Iraq and to an American empire.

One year ago this month, when over 100,000 demonstrators hit the streets in Washington DC, the New York Times reported that surprisingly few attended the anti-war march, perhaps out of fear of the sniper. National Public Radio repeated the story. How could they not see the 100,000?

Apparently because such protests were not supposed to happen anymore. Both the Times and NPR were forced to apologize a few days later and report the huge turnout. Then, in another correction, the Times announced in February that there was a "second superpower" in the world in addition to the White House, which was world public opinion. By then 10 million people were demonstrating globally; two million in Rome, one million in London, 200,000 in Montreal in 20-degrees-below weather -- even a brave few in McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

The second strand is the global justice movement, which began with the Zapatistas on the day NAFTA took effect, then surfaced in Seattle in 1999. Those were called isolated events. Then came Genoa, Quebec City, Quito, Cancun, the world social forums in Porto Allegre. Far from isolated events, these were the historic battlegrounds of a new history being born.

Together these movements mount a challenge to an entire worldview. We are experiencing an enlargement of dignity, an enlargement of what we consider sacred and therefore off the table, not negotiable. The purported Masters of the Universe are becoming as obsolete as those who once claimed the divine right of kings. The earth and its people are not for sale; the environment is not just a storehouse of materials for utilitarian exploitation; and cultural identities can't be replaced as if they were commodities, whether the treasures of Babylon or the rainforests of the Amazon. This movement is saying that diversity will not be looted.

Why is this happening? No one really knows. Movements arise in mystery at the margins, eventually change the mainstream, are repressed or co-opted, and return to the oblivion we call official history..

.. Today the converging movements are in sync with the larger body of public opinion, and spilling over into the mainstream. We see this in the phenomenal growth of, the grassroots support for Howard Dean, for Dennis Kucinich, in the growing fear and loathing of the Pentagon, the White House and Fox News.

Despite the spin, despite the play on our patriotic feelings, despite the legitimate worries about terror, a majority of Americans -- and a strong majority of Democrats -- are questioning the purpose of Iraq, the credibility of the administration, the needless deaths, the unexpected costs, and sacrifice of our domestic needs on the altar of empire. Dissent has even appeared among military families and GIs on the battlefield, angry about the callous manipulation of the body count to justify the President's pledge that the military mission is "accomplished." Dissent within the military is a sign that the end is beginning.

Because public opinion is moving, the Democratic presidential candidates are changing their themes in a positive direction. Just last year, the corporate centrists of the Democratic Party were counseling the candidates to support the President's war, to divorce themselves from any allegiances to the 60s, to wait for the Iraq war to end amidst cheering in Baghdad, and then somehow defeat the president on incremental issues like prescription drugs for the elderly. Talk about out of touch.

Now, in response to the public protests and plain questions of grassroots Democrats, all the Democratic candidates are questioning the president on Iraq, his trade agreements and jobs. Think of them as opportunists if you will, but I think of them as a huge speakers' bureau carrying our questions and themes to millions of middle Americans.

Each of us may decide to back an individual candidate, and that can expand our movement. But let's not let ourselves be swallowed in any single campaign. When the candidates ask for our time and money, let's also ask them to join our movement around a new vision of what America can be..

..Bush won the presidency with the help of his Supreme Court, but the same Court ruled in favor of the gay-lesbian community against sodomy laws after 40 years of struggle that began with riots in Greenwich Village. The recent Court decisions on medical marijuana show the formidable power of public opinion on the move.

It comes down to recognizing the dignity in all things. Dignity has intrinsic value, it cannot be violated without a resistance. It cannot be defeated. Wherever there is life, dignity resists suffocation and oblivion. That's the world we want. That's the world the world wants. Not an empire, not even a world of great powers, but a world of democracies based on dignity.

Tom Hayden is a progressive activist, author and former California elected official.
His most recent book is "Irish on the Inside."

2003 Independent Media Institute. All rights reserved.

The above were excerpts, for the complete article see:

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- - October 25 End the Occupation Protest

Organizers' estimate - 100,000; Police estimate - 50,000; and NY Times reports: 10,000

In another shameful example of biased reporting, the New York Times report of Oct. 25 gave a lower crowd estimate than even the Washington DC police by a factor of five. The October 25 demonstration had a record number of family members of soldiers, veterans and active duty soldiers; contingents from the Arab American and Muslim community; and many others. To read the A.N.S.W.E.R. report of October 25, go to

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DC rally - photos
From PF Soto < >

Hi folks. FYI: today I put up my photos of DC rally, 10/25/03.

More DC pics/news links at:

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- - BRING HOME THE TROOPS - November 11 - Veteran's Day

From: Robert Silverstein
Subject: KUCINICH SAYS: Bring Home The Troops
Date: October 26, 2003

Yesterday, more than 100,000 people came together in Washington to support our troops by asking the Bush Administration to bring them home. Kucinich supporters were there in great numbers and Kucinich signs could be seen everywhere you looked. Many tens of thousands more rallied in San Francisco and in other cities across the nation. Let's help keep the momentum going by hosting BRING HOME THE TROOPS parties on November 11 - Veteran's Day. Please sign up for a FREE Kucinich House Party kit at and help raise funds and awareness for the Kucinich Campaign. Please urge all the veterans you know to support Dennis Kucinich - the candidate who really supports them, and ask them to endorse him at Let's help engage the millions of Americans who believe that peace is patriotic, to see that Dennis Kucinich is the Presidential candidate who will help to create a more peaceful, just and sustainable nation. Let's help everyone to know that Dennis Kucinich is the one who has been standing up in Congress to support our troops by calling for them to be brought home and by providing them with decent benefits rather than by cutting veterans' benefits by $25 billion as Bush's administration has proposed. DJK led the opposition to funding the occupation with another $87 billion and is the only candidate who has a plan that would bring all U.S. troops home by New Year's. UN IN and US OUT of IRAQ! Please help spread the idea of nationwide BRING HOME THE TROOPS parties on November 11 to every organization you know, such as Veterans For Peace,, Working Assets. The war may be "over," but our troops and Iraqis are still dying. Let's keep speaking up until we're heard: BRING HOME THE TROOPS! May Peace Prevail On Earth, Bob Silverstein Director of Endorsements & House Parties Dennis John Kucinich, Campaign for President

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Suggestion: You can help the Kucinich campaign end the war in Iraq and educate the cause for freedom and dignity by purchasing Dennis new book: A PRAYER FOR AMERICA or the video by Malachi Roth THE PEACE CANDIDATE and support the unseen movement.

See: (upper right corner) to link for details, or call 1-866-413-3664.

2) Democratic Presidential Debate in Detroit

- - Kucinich Rolling Stone Interview

Following is a link to the complete transcript, but following are EXCERPTS of the Democratic presidential debate in Detroit, sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute and Fox News.

FDCH e-Media
Monday, October 27, 2003; 12:30 AM

QUESTIONERS: Carl Cameron, Fox News Channel ,
Huel Perkins, Detroit WJBK TV Fox 2 News Anchor

CANDIDATES: General Wesley Clark (Ret.)
Former Governor Howard Dean (VT)
U.S. Senator John Edwards (NC)
U.S. Rep. Richard Gephardt (MO)
U.S. Senator John F. Kerry (MA)
U.S. REP. Dennis Kucinich (OH)
U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman (CT)
Former U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun (IL)
The Reverend Al Sharpton

PERKINS: Ambassador Braun, a memo from the secretary of defense questions whether we are actually winning the war on terror, questions our intelligence. CIA Director George Tenet now under fire, a Clinton appointee.

Whose head should roll here?

And furthermore, everybody up here is going to say that the commander in chief needs to provide a plan, but what is your plan specifically for getting us out of this mess?

MOSELEY BRAUN: Well, I have been consistent from the beginning. I opposed this war, and I raised the question of how much it would cost the American people, even before our troops were committed there.

MOSELEY BRAUN: Having said that, I stand with the mothers of the young men and women who are there, and believe that, as Americans, we have to bring our troops home but we have to bring them home with honor. We blew the place up; we have to fix it back.

And at present, the United Nations and none of the -- happily, we're moving toward internationalizing the force, but even the United Nations won't put troops in the ground there because it's too dangerous.

I think we have to do what we can do to give our troops the support. Some of those young men and women are sitting out there in the desert without even basic supplies. It is an outrage the way we are treating our own service men and women in this effort.

And by the way, those who are injured, like Shoshanna Johnson, are not getting the kind of support they need when they come back home.

It's just wrong the way the Defense Department is handling this and this administration is handling our troops.


They're not supporting the troops, they're just supporting their friends with big contracts to rebuild Iraq and to make more money.


PERKINS: Congressman Kucinich, you have been consistent in your opposition to the war, but there are reports that you have also refused to sign the intelligence nondisclosure form, which means that you are not allowed to see all the information collected in secret by the CIA and FBI.

And the question is, how can you oppose something that you do not know?

KUCINICH: Well, actually, I knew enough not to vote for the war without having to sit in on briefings that were totally phony.



I mean, those briefings are designed to mislead members of Congress, so I thought I'd spare the time and work on things that were a little bit more important.

I could tell you that I've actually presented a plan -- it's on my Web site at -- it's an exit strategy to get the U.N. in and the U.S. out of Iraq.

And that involves three points: First, to have the U.N. handle the oil with no privatization of Iraqi oil.


To have the U.N. handle the contracts with no more Halliburton sweetheart deals, no war profiteering.


And to have the U.N. handle the cause of new governance in Iraq on behalf of the Iraqi people until the Iraqi people can be self- determining.

We can get the U.N. in and the U.S. out, and it's time to bring our troops home.


Furthermore, you know, a number of us have opposed the war, but I'd have to say to Dr. Dean, you said in paid TV ads that only you opposed the war in Iraq, but that's not true.

Why forfeit the public trust? Why can't you just admit you made a mistake and take down the ad? I mean, you have Ambassador Braun, Mr. Sharpton, myself, we opposed the war. Why don't you take down those ads? They're not true.

IFILL: Governor Dean?

DEAN: Here's what the ad says, among other things: "130,000 troops in Iraq with no end in sight and a price tag that goes up daily. The best my opponents can do is ask questions today that they should have asked before they supported the war."

Now, that include -- that's those opponents who supported the war. Clearly, Ambassador Moseley Braun, Dennis Kucinich, Bob Graham, Al Sharpton and myself opposed the war right from the beginning.

Despite Wes's statements to the contrary, he did support the resolution. He told Katrina Swett in New Hampshire that she should support the resolution. These other folks voted for the war, too.

So don't think my ad is inaccurate at all. I'm talking about the people who supported the war, with whom I disagree.

IFILL: OK, that is the end...

KUCINICH: That ad is a misrepresentation.

IFILL: OK, Congressman.

KUCINICH: And anyone who reads it would understand that's a fair characterization.

IFILL: You have made your point.

That's the end of round one. Now we're going to go to our second round of questions, also on the war on terror and foreign policy.

= = = =

PERKINS: Congressman Kucinich...


... you have proposed changing the name of the Department of Defense to the Department of Peace, but in a world in which our enemies are willing to kill themselves to kill us, is it not better that we stand and fight? And is it not better that we wage that battle on foreign shores and not here in America?

KUCINICH: Well, first of all, my proposal was to create a separate, Cabinet-level position, a Department of Peace, which would work domestically to make nonviolence an organizing principal in our society..

..And I think we could take up on the work of Dr. King and others who have worked to make nonviolence an organizing principal, through making sure that we address the problems of violence in the homes -- domestic violence, spousal abuse, child abuse -- violence in the communities, gangs, violence in our schools.

When we contrast that with the purpose of the Department of Defense, that's to provide military force. Now, I think that we have to have a commitment to work with the nations of the world to make war archaic so we won't need to send our men and women abroad in search of wars or to fight wars that they never should have had to fight in the first place.

IFILL: Thank you, Congressman.

= = = = = = = =

CAMERON: Reverend Sharpton, quite recently, U.S. General Boykin stood in a church and characterized the war against terrorism as a battle between Christianity and Islam. As a public person who has not been afraid to bring politics to the pulpit, what's your reaction to that?

SHARPTON: Let me say three things, because I want to respond to some others as I get to your answer.


One, I think that it is very dangerous on the second anniversary of the PATRIOT Act to empower this attorney general in any way that can target people. Robert Kennedy, Jr. and labor leader Dennis Rivera and I went to jail over protesting the Navy bases in Vieques before the PATRIOT Act.

This administration wants to stifle and to stop dissent. And when we see, particularly when you are of color, rise to power -- this is a Congressional Black Caucus tonight -- when we see what they're doing to John Street, what they've tried to do to Kwame Kilpatrick here in Detroit...


... we cannot let this Justice Department have power where they can play politics with the judicial system in the name of the PATRIOT Act or any other act.

Secondly, in the Middle East, it's not a question of terrorists. Who defines terrorists? Today's terrorist is tomorrow's friend.


We were the ones that worked with Saddam Hussein. The United States worked with bin Laden. I went in 2001 and met with Arafat at the insistence of the Israeli foreign minister. Would anyone here meet with Arafat, in terms of trying to get peace in the Middle East?

Let's put the hard questions out, Senator Lieberman. Would you meet with the head of the Palestinian Authority?


SHARPTON: In answer to your question, I think that Boykin's statement is wrong. This is not about one religion against another. It's about right versus wrong.

I said it earlier when we were talking about right to choose, one of the reasons I'm glad to be in this race is we're going to have the battle between the Christian right and the right Christians.

= = = = = = = = =

CAMERON: Congressman Kucinich, when would you balance the budget?

And on tax cuts, there is a debate amongst you who are debating. Some would repeal all of the Bush tax cuts, others would repeal some but leave them in place. To repeal the Bush tax cuts, is that a tax hike on those who've seen a reduction?

KUCINICH: No, actually the tax cuts that go to people in the top brackets ought to be repealed and ought to be put into a fund to provide for universal college education, free tuition for the 12 million American students who are currently attending public colleges and universities.


Now, this administration, if it moves toward budget balancing, will inevitably balance it on the backs of the American people.

My economic strategy would be to fuel growth in the economy by having a full-employment economy, by working to rebuild our cities with a massive new WPA-type program.

My economic policies will work toward universal health care, which will inspire further growth in the economy; universal pre- kindergarten, which will enable parents to be able to have their children ages 3, 4 and 5 for a five-day-a-week child-care program, saving families between $5,000 and $7,000 per child.

KUCINICH: My economic program will include the cancellation of NAFTA and the WTO and return to bilateral trade, condition (ph) on workers' rights, human rights and the environment.


My economic program will address things like this: the sale of United States steel assets to foreign countries which are undermining our ability to defend our economy and to defend our national security.

= = = = = = =

Congressman Kucinich, we looked it up today, the last member of the House who was elected directly from the House to the presidency was Abraham Lincoln.


That was a long time ago. How do you plan to break that string of failure?

KUCINICH: Well, actually, that president, who was James Garfield, lived in the same county that I am from. So I'm looking to repeat history, in that regard.


KUCINICH: And I also will say that we have to -- I suppose all of us must believe this, but my presence here on this stage arises from growing up in the city of Cleveland and understanding the power of individuals to change the outcome, of being able to come from poverty, being able to come from living in a car and understanding that with hope and with courage you can create new possibilities.

And I think every American is waiting for a president who can relate to the aspirations of people who don't have jobs so that we can have a full-employment economy where the president understands the importance of jobs.

People today who don't have health care want a president who understands how important it is to have health care because maybe at some time in his life he didn't have the advantages.

I think people are looking for someone they can identify with and someone who has been able to achieve an American dream and cause all people to have the chance to reach and achieve that dream.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The above was excerpts take from the complete transcript, at URL link:

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- - Kucinich Rolling Stone Interview

Waiting for Lefty
Dennis Kucinich is the new leader of Alternative America

By Will Dana - Rolling Stone October 22, 2003

"You're looking at a guy who believes he can beat a rigged game," says Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

For the article, see:

3) Breaking News from Citizens for Legitimate Government

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government

October 26, 2003
All articles, dates, and links from summaries below are here:

US wants mini-nukes for smaller aggressors --Influential advisers at the Pentagon are backing the development of a new generation of 'low-yield' [?!?] nuclear weapons - so-called "mini-nukes" - in a controversial report to be published this autumn.

Two More Explosions in Central Baghdad --At least two explosions detonated Sunday evening in an area of Baghdad that includes the headquarters of Iraq's U.S.-led occupation, the U.S. military said.

Rockets Drive Wolfowitz From Baghdad Hotel --The U.S. occupation authority retreated from its headquarters Sunday after Iraqi insurgents, using a "science project" of a rocket launcher, attacked the heavily guarded hotel with a missile barrage that killed an American colonel, wounded 18 other people and sent the visiting deputy defense secretary scurrying for safety.

Grim tally underlines 'slog' in Iraq --Statistics on raids, deaths back up Rumsfeld memo The "long, hard slog" in Iraq that Donald H. Rumsfeld foresees from his third-floor office on the Potomac comes into even clearer focus along the Tigris and Euphrates in the tally of attacks, in the toll of American dead, in the cold eyes of many Iraqis.

Military families rally to bring troops home --They were near the front of the anti-war march in Washington on Saturday - dozens of parents, siblings and spouses of soldiers occupying Iraq.

Holy coincidence, Batman! Second soldier in Jessica Lynch's 'rescue team' dies mysteriously: Far >From Killing Fields, Death in U.S. Haven --Lance Cpl. Sok Khak Ung of the Marines was shot to death along with a friend in the driveway of his father's home last weekend. There are no suspects, although witnesses said a figure in a dark hooded sweatshirt rose up from behind a five-foot fence separating the Ung property from the apartment next door and fired a half-dozen shots from a handgun before running away. Corporal Ung took part in the diversionary attack to cover the rescue of Pfc. Jessica D. Lynch on the night of April 1.

Jury Awards $70M Against Halliburton --A jury has awarded $70 million to a Houston man who claimed that Halliburton and another oil company cheated him out of the chance to develop an oil field in Kazakhstan in the late 1990s.

Syria threatens retaliation if Israel strikes again: report --Syria has threatened to attack Israeli settlements in the Golan Heights if Israel launches another attack on its territory, Syria's Foreign Minister has warned.

White House Accused of Stalling 9-11 Panel --Members of both parties are accusing the White House of stonewalling the federal commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks by blocking its demands for documents despite threats of a subpoena.

Bush team sees opportunity in California --Dictator Bush's political advisers have begun working to turn California Gov.-s-elect Arnold SchwarzeNazi's GOP California coup into support for Bush in the 2004 s-election. [And, with a little help from the vote fraud coupmeisters at Diebold, Bush is poised for coup 2004!]

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