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WMD Friendly Fire * Wolf&Dennis * Reality Check

12 August 2003

1) CIA and DoD Attempted To Plant WMDs in Iraq and Failed
2) CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Dennis Kucinich Transcript

- - A Political Reality Check for California's Political Circus
3) Bush Orders Iraqi Oil as ‘Province' of US Corporations
- - American Troops in Iraq React to Big Brother
- - Articles from - Iraq War Overview

Editor's Notes:

Usually powerhouse and controversial articles such as the one posted in item 1, which is a real mind blower, gets forwarded widely over the Internet. Yet except for a posting on the kucinich4president list serve, [thanks Danny] I barely have seen this information. The author for the article, Al Martin, may be familiar with long term Flyby News readers. We posted his tongue in cheek keen perspective on "Double Take Missile Fraud" and have linked to his web site . Al Martin is a retired US Navy Lt. Commander and former officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence, and is respected as one of America's foremost whistle-blower on government fraud and corruption. His book "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider" explains the interaction of criminal corporate and government networks. In this item's July 2003 article, Al Martin gives an astonishing report on the CIA and DoD's attempt to plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which failed, due to "friendly fire!"

Item 2 is another crystal clear response by Dennis Kucinich in his interview with Wolf Blitzer last Sunday on CNN. Dennis responds to questions on his campaign, the deception and war in Iraq, and on the California recall election. His response on the latter issue concurs with the assessment of Michael Ruppert. In Ruppert's article, also posted this item, he recommends another resource, [web site: ] which shows details on the ‘Enron-style looting of the US Treasury and what it means to you personally.'

Item 3 is another whopper. This points out that George W. Bush, selected President of the US, has issued Executive Order 13303, which "..unilaterally declares Iraqi oil to be the unassailable province of U.S. corporations." The rest of this item summarizes the US soldier and Iraqi's situation in a hell created under false pretenses.

On August 11th I had the honor again of personally meeting Presidential Candidate, Dennis Kucinich. He came to the grand opening of his first campaign office in New England, in Manchester NH. The place was overflowing with enthusiasm, ideals, good people, love, creative directions for an answer to these dark times we are living through. Dennis pointed out the key components of his platform, and what makes him different from any other candidate. He is unafraid to stand up to the influences of corporate-military governments sucking away the life-essence for human rights and dignity. He repeated his message to confront and transform waste in the Pentagon's bloated budget to provide healthcare for all Americans, education, employment opportunities, and other practical measures to represent people before corporate or corrupt-fear-driven interests.

A Northeast Regional gathering for volunteers of Dennis Kucinich will be meeting in Manchester, NH at the campaign office (913 Elm Street, on Sunday August 24. Flyby News will be reporting more on this, and another Dennis Kucinich presentation in southwestern NH in the Monadnock region on August 22nd. The volunteers of Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts are forming a keen collaboration in support of this first primary state for the nomination of Dennis Kucinich for President of the US. As Dennis said, he is right on time!

Please join this campaign for transformation from darkness to light, from hopelessness to hope, from corruption to a new day.

1) CIA and DoD Attempted To Plant WMDs in Iraq and Failed

CIA and DoD Attempted To Plant WMDs in Iraq and Failed

July 2, 2003
Pentagon Whistleblower Reveals CIA/DoD Fiascos

According to a stunning report posted by a retired Navy Lt. Commander and 28-year veteran of the Defense Department, the Bush administration's assurance about finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was based on a CIA plan to "plant" WMDs inside the country. Nelda Rogers, the Pentagon whistleblower, claims the plan failed when the secret mission was mistakenly taken out by "friendly fire."

A DoD whistleblower details an attempt by a covert US team to plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The team was later killed by friendly fire due to CIA incompetence. In a world exclusive, Al Martin [ ] has published a news story about a Department of Defense whistleblower who has revealed that a US covert-operations team had planted "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (WMDs) in Iraq, then "lost" them when the team was killed by so-called "friendly fire."

The Pentagon whistleblower, Nelda Rogers, is a 28-year veteran debriefer for the Defense Department. She has become so concerned for her safety that she decided to tell the story about this latest CIA-military fiasco in Iraq. According to Al Martin, "Ms. Rogers is number two in the chain of command within this DoD special intelligence office. This is a ten-person debriefing unit within the central debriefing office for the Department of Defense."

The information that is being leaked out is information "obtained while she was in Germany heading up the debriefing of returning service personnel, involved in intelligence work in Iraq for the Department of Defense and/or the Central Intelligence Agency. "According to Ms. Rogers, there was a covert military operation that took place both preceding and during the hostilities in Iraq," reports Al Martin, an online subscriber-based news/analysis service which provides "Political, Economic and Financial Intelligence."

Al Martin is a retired Lt. Commander (US Navy), the author of a memoir called "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider, " and he is considered one of America's foremost experts on corporate and government fraud. Ms. Rogers reports that this particular covert operation team was manned by ex-military personnel and that "the unit was paid through the Department of Agriculture in order to hide it, which is also very commonplace."

According to Al Martin, "the Ag Department has often been used as a paymaster on behalf of the CIA, DIA, and NSA and others." According to the Al Martin story, another aspect of Ms. Rogers' report concerns a covert operation which was to locate the assets of Saddam Hussein and his family, including cash, gold bullion, jewelry and assorted valuable antiquities.

The problem became evident when "the operation in Iraq involved 100 people, all of whom apparently are now dead, having succumbed to so-called `friendly fire.' The scope of this operation included the penetration of the Central Bank of Iraq, other large commercial banks in Baghdad, the Iraqi National Museum and certain presidential palaces where monies and bullion were secreted."

"They identified about $2 billion of cash in US dollars, another $150 million in Euros, in physical banknotes, and about another $100 million in sundry foreign currencies ranging from Yen to British Pounds," reports Al Martin.

"These people died, mostly in the same place in Baghdad, supposedly from a stray cruise missile or a combination of missiles and bombs that went astray," Martin continues. "There were supposedly 76 who died there and the other 24 died through a variety of 'friendly fire,' 'mistaken identity,' and some of them---their whereabouts are simply unknown." Ms. Rogers' story sounds like an updated 21st-Century version of Treasure Island meets Ali Baba and the Bush Cabal Thieves, writes Martin.

"This was a contingent of CIA/ DoD operatives, but it was really the CIA that bungled it," Ms. Rogers said. "They were relying on the CIA's ability to organize an effort to seize these assets and to be able to extract these assets because the CIA claimed it had resources on the ground within the Iraqi army and the Iraqi government who had been paid. That turned out to be completely bogus. As usual."

"CIA people were supposed to be handling it," Martin continues. "They had a special `black (unmarked) aircraft to fly it out. But none of that happened because the regular US Army showed up, stumbled onto it and everyone involved had to scramble.

These new Iraqi "Asset Seizures" go directly to the New US Ruling Junta. The US Viceroy in Iraq Paul Bremer is reportedly drinking Saddam Hussein's $2000 a bottle Napoleon-era brandy, smoking his expensive Davidoff cigars and he has even furnished his Baghdad office with Saddam's Napoleon-era antique furniture.

The Iraq Debacle Du Jour has evidently been extensively documented by the DIA debriefing teams with "extensive tape recordings of interviews with the Iraqi returnees, the covert operatives (as well as their affidavits)." Al Martin has dubbed this "Operation Skim Iraq."

2) CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Dennis Kucinich Transcript

- - A Political Reality Check for California's Political Circus

CNN - 10 August 2003 Wolf Blitzer - Dennis Kucinich Transcript

Congressman Kucinich, welcome to LATE EDITION.

Are you in enemy territory right now?

REP. DENNIS KUCINICH (D-OH), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Not at all. I consider Texas very friendly territory, and Austin in particular. I expect to have a well-organized campaign in Texas, as well as 34 other states that we're now organizing in.

BLITZER: I want to talk about your campaign, but briefly, I'd like to get your assessment of what's happening in California, because, as you know, political trends that often start in California spread around the country, including Ohio, among other places.

What is your read on this recall? Do you hope that Governor Davis is going to be recalled?

KUCINICH: Well, I do not support the recall. I think the recall is destructive. It is going to cost California heavily. It is going to cost them not only in their bond rating but in the distraction from the major concerns which Californians have.

I mean, look at it this way. California got into economic trouble, among other reasons, because of the Bush-Enron corruption, which resulted in energy prices going through the roof. So Gray Davis, in effect, is paying for George Bush's sins.

We need to have some stability in all governments, and I think that we also need to know what the truth is about how California got into this situation in which it is. And I don't think that anyone can lay that squarely in Gray Davis's lap.

BLITZER: Well, when you say corruption, Bush-Cheney corruption, are you accusing the president and the vice president of the United States of being corrupt, in terms of the problems that Enron had?

KUCINICH: Absolutely I am. There's no question that this administration was in bed with Ken Lay. They've covered up all the meetings that deal with energy policy.

They allowed Enron, to in effect, run the energy policy of this country, to be able to grow and grow, to capture wholesale markets, to put the country in a position -- and California particularly -- where the cost of electricity went up by a factor of four and five. California hard to borrow money to pay the electric bill. California still remains in trouble because of Enron.

You know what? We never had a chance to talk about Enron in the last election because the administration knew it was in trouble, they shifted the discussion to war. And now we find out there was no basis to go to war.

BLITZER: Why is your campaign having such a struggle trying to get off the ground? I'll tell you -- I'll show you these numbers that we've had in one of our most recent polls, the CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll. If you look at all the nine declared Democratic presidential candidates, you are basically at the bottom right now, 2 percent, even below Al Sharpton.

It doesn't look like your campaign has generated any excitement, at least nationwide among registered Democrats.

KUCINICH: Well, let's start with Iowa, for example. I mean, I'm running ahead of Bob Graham in Iowa. I'm statistically tied with John Edwards in Iowa. So we're starting to move up.

The poll, I think, reflects national name recognition. I have some work to do, it's very clear. But with a 6-percent plus-or- minus margin of error, that means I'm either 8 percent nationally, or 4 percent of the people deny that I even exist.

So, at any rate, I think that our campaign, which is grassroots- oriented, is starting to percolate. We're gaining some excitement.

And the fact that I come from Ohio with 19 electoral votes and have shown a real ability to win votes in Republican areas in Ohio, I think is going to become increasingly attractive to people who want a real choice in this election.

BLITZER: But look at Howard Dean. He comes from Vermont, a much smaller state than Ohio. Virtually no name recognition. He has raised $10 million. You've raised but a fraction of that. Why has he managed to get himself on the cover of Newsweek and Time magazine, for example, and you're still struggling to break out from obscurity?

KUCINICH: Well, I think we have to, first of all, congratulate him for the success that he's had.

However, he's been out there more than a year ahead of my campaign. And I think that as my campaign begins to develop, we're going to be able to attract some of the people who now, currently, feel that Howard Dean is the only alternative.

I mean, my campaign offers a true progressive alternative on trade. I'm the only candidate willing to come forward and say I'll cancel NAFTA and the WTO. On health care, the only candidate who is willing to say, look, the private sector has failed, the market has failed, we've got to go to universal single-payer health care, Medicare for all.

The candidate who's ready to challenge the bloated Pentagon budget, which, as you may know, Wolf, there's a trillion dollars in accounts they can't reconcile in the Pentagon. I'll save the taxpayers money, cut the Pentagon budget by 15 percent. That's $60 billion we can put into education and other programs.

So, as I define the differences, it will be very clear to the American people that I'm offering a true alternative, a progressive alternative. And frankly, it's only that kind of alternative which will motivate people to come to vote not only in Democratic primaries, but to give the American people a real choice versus this administration in November of 2004.

BLITZER: You were one of the early opponents of a war against Iraq, going way back, many, many months. But even in the most recent CNN poll, CNN-USA Today-Gallup Poll, look at this, 63 percent of the American public still think it was worth going to war in Iraq. You're still way in the minority position, presumably not only nationwide, but even among Democrats.

Are you rethinking your stance, as far as getting rid of Saddam Hussein?

KUCINICH: Well, you know, we can't measure truth by polls, because the American people didn't have all the information back then when -- and still today, as they're giving their opinion.

The fact of the matter is that there is no evidence that ever linked Iraq to 9/11, to al Qaeda's role in 9/11, to the anthrax attack on this country. Iraq did not have any usable weapons of mass destruction, and it didn't have the intention or the capability of attacking this country.

Now what we're finding out is that the administration took steps to make the American people believe that Iraq constituted an imminent threat, and the administration hyped a nuclear threat, and there was no proof of it.

I think as the American people learn that, the spell of fear which is on this country will be broken, and it's that truth that will help break the fear.

And when that happens, my candidacy, which comes from not only the heartland in Ohio, but comes from the heart of this country, my candidacy will begin to emerge powerfully, because I've told the truth, because I've been able to let the American people know what's really going on. And they want a president who is not only going to be candid and direct, but a president who is going to lead away from unnecessary wars toward peace, toward prosperity.

That's what I represent, Wolf, and I'm confident people are going to respond to that kind of a campaign.

BLITZER: But don't you think the region is better off right now without Saddam Hussein in charge of Baghdad and Iraq than it was before the war?

KUCINICH: Well, no one's ever made a case for Saddam Hussein's staying, but the problem is, you know, does the end justify the means? I mean, this administration did not tell the American...

BLITZER: Well, that's the question. Does the end, getting rid of Saddam Hussein, his Baath Party, the Saddam Fedayeen, all the elements that tyrannized Iraq for so many decades, doesn't that justify the means?

KUCINICH: Is it worth 259 American lives? No. As a matter of fact, we have to recognize that this administration took this country to war saying that there was an imminent threat and that Iraq had nuclear capability. That has proven to be a lie.

They didn't take us into war in order to create regime change, because if that's the policy of this country, we're going to be very busy looking at regime change in North Korea, in Iran, in Syria and any place this administration feels it ought to.

We have to work with the world community in order to achieve international security, and that's where the mistake was made. We should have worked with the United Nations, we should have continued the weapons inspections.

And it's unfortunate, the administration took us into war, and now they're changing the reason why we went to war. They didn't take us into war so that we could get rid of Saddam Hussein, they took us in to get rid of nuclear weapons.

BLITZER: Let me ask you about a novel proposal you came up with the other day, a creation of a Department of Peace here in Washington. Among other things, you write this, you said, "Of peace, wherein we all may tap the infinite capabilities of humanity to transform consciousness and conditions that impel or compel violence at a personal, group or national level, toward creating understanding, compassion and love."

What are you proposing, actually, by calling for the creation of a department, a federal bureaucracy of peace?

KUCINICH: Well, the same thing that Martin Luther King was talking about years ago when he talked about making nonviolence an organizing principle in our society, to create programs where we teach our children peace-giving and peace-sharing and mutuality and identifying the other person as oneself, where we learn that violence isn't inevitable.

We look at the challenges of domestic violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, gangs in the schools, the problems that exist in racial violence, violence against gays.

I mean, our society has potential to evolve, and I think people want a leader who recognizes the power the American people have to continue this challenge we were given by our founders to create a more perfect union.

On an international level, the Department of Peace aspires to work with the world community to get away from war, to make war archaic. We have to believe in our capacity to create a world which has the ability to survive. And I'll tell you, Wolf, policies of unilateralism, preemption, of nuclear first-strike, building new nuclear weapons, putting weapons in space, building missile shields that contemplate World War III, take us away from the kind of peace which the American people are ready for.

We can achieve peace working with the world community, cooperating internationally. The Department of Peace built on a vision of people who for the longest time have believed that America has this great capacity to be able to not only improve itself, but to take us in a direction that's sustainable.

BLITZER: Congressman Dennis Kucinich wants to be president of the United States. We'll continue to cover your campaign.

Congressman, thanks so much for joining us.

KUCINICH: Thank you very much, Wolf.

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- - A Political Reality Check for California's Political Circus
by Michael Ruppert

A New Interactive Web Site Hits You in the Face Over the Enron-Style Looting of the US Treasury and What It Means to You Personally

August 8, 2003, 1200 PDT, (FTW) -- Wholesale Enron-style looting of US taxpayer money on a scale that threatens the stability and safety of every American has prompted an historic alliance between activism, technology, and financial expertise. A new interactive web site, now makes real, on a local level selected by each user, the enormous amounts of money that have been stolen from the US Treasury. It also makes clear that most of our current problems---from energy shortages, to federal, state and local budget deficits, to needed infrastructure changes---could be addressed if the US government and private corporations like Lockheed-Martin and CSC-DynCorp were held accountable for their mishandling of taxpayer money.

The web site is a collaborative project between three disciplines as represented by its creators:

Former Assistant Housing Secretary and past Managing Director of Dillon Read, Catherine Austin Fitts,

Henri Poole, President of Affero, Inc. and board member of The Free Software Foundation

Brad De Graff of The Venture Collective

The importance of the issue, and why it must be injected into every political debate from now on, is dramatically emphasized by the political circus unfolding in California which has been sparked by massive budget deficits, not all of which are attributable to political mismanagement. If such a belief were true, then California would be the only state facing such crises. Instead, we see a nation sinking under red ink while trillions of our dollars are missing.

Candidates in the California recall race (and every American political contest) must be held accountable for this unconscionable theft of taxpayer money. This new web site makes it possible for every American to relate cooked government books and stolen money to the quality of life in their home state and to translate that loss into what it means in terms of education, health care and energy issues. The site also includes an interactive electronic petition where the American people can put their feet down and demand accountability, which is both their right and obligation under the Constitution.

It is not a case where the people "can" make the politicians listen. It is a case where the people "must" make the politicians change.

The "whereisthemoney" web site makes a point of the cost of conversion of oil- powered vehicles to natural gas. FTW must emphasize that irreversible natural gas shortages in North America and worldwide make such a move both impossible and inadvisable. But, as a teaching point, the figures are astounding. This example highlights the money that might be available to develop biodiesel fuels or to facilitate the essential infrastructure changes required to develop, for example, hybrid and solar technologies that will soften the growing impact and reality of Peak Oil and Gas. These challenges are only going to get worse.

What is so amazing about this web site is that its head-spinning, rolling dollar counters, adjustable for all 50 states, focus on only about $1.5 trillion of missing taxpayer money and do not include an additional $2.3 trillion in money admittedly "missing" from the Pentagon for FY 1999.

Asked why the site did not include the additional $2.3 trillion in DoD funds, Fitts replied, "We wanted to use a number from an administration cross-over year where it was absolutely clear that this was a bi-partisan issue rather than something that could be dismissed or buried as the fault of only one party rather than a system. The figures, as presented, are amazing enough and they present a challenge to lawmakers at every level that cannot be dodged by pointing the finger at someone else."

Be prepared for an eye-opening experience when you visit:

© Copyright 2003, From The Wilderness Publications,
All Rights Reserved. May be reprinted, distributed or posted on an Internet web site for non-profit purposes only.

3) Bush Orders Iraqi Oil as ‘Province' of US Corporations

- - American Troops in Iraq React to Big Brother

- - Articles from - Iraq War Overview

Executive Order 13303:
Bush Orders Iraqi Oil as ‘Province' of US Corporations

"Bush's order unilaterally declares Iraqi oil to be the unassailable province of U.S. corporations."

Executive Order 13303 states categorically that "any attachment, judgment, decree, lien, execution, garnishment, or other judicial process is prohibited, and shall be deemed null and void," with respect to the Development Fund for Iraq and "all Iraqi petroleum and petroleum products, and interests therein."

If ExxonMobil ChevronTexaco remove Iraqi oil, they will be immune from legal proceedings in the U.S.. Anything goes wrong where U.S. corporate oil operations are in play and they will be immune to any legal judgment. An oil tanker accident; an explosion at an oil refinery; pipelines destroyed, etc., "the President, with a stroke of the pen, signed away the rights of Saddam's victims, creditors and of the next true Iraqi government to be compensated through legal action. Bush's order unilaterally declares Iraqi oil to be the unassailable province of U.S. corporations. (Ibid.) In their closing argument the two authors make their point as well as I could ever have done:

In the short term, through the Development Fund and the Export-Import Bank programs, the Iraqi peoples' oil will finance U.S. corporate entrees into Iraq. In the long term, Executive Order 13303 protects anything those corporations do to seize control of Iraq's oil, from the point of production to the gas pump - and places oil companies above the rule of law.

It should be noted that Mr. Bush signed the EO less than three weeks after declaring a coalition victory and secession of all hostilities. We know he was dead wrong about the first; I would suggest this scam to protect U.S. monopoly corporate interests will be challenged not only in the courts, no matter that Bush has already declared all claims null and void, but challenged in blood for decades to come!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

- - American Troops in Iraq React to Big Brother

"Rumsfeld is an arrogant asshole. That's a quote, by the way."
Colonel David Hackworth

"The soldiers know the traffic is being monitored by the Pentagon, that Big Brother is monitoring everything they write. But still my sources keep coming from Afghanistan and Iraq. I very seldom get direct sources -- remember before we deployed, they [soldiers] were at home and could send e-mail from personal Yahoo accounts, now they have to use military accounts and are paranoid that these are being read. The [direct] traffic I get now are from guys who don't give a fuck, who are not going to stay in [the military], who don't give a shit about the consequences of sounding off. But remember -- you can never outsmart a convict in prison or a soldier on the battlefield. They both live by their wits, so what they do is write home and say "Hey dad I love you, we are having a few problems with tanks, etc. If this letter should happen to find itself into the e-mail of Hackworth at it wouldn't disappoint me." I am getting 30 to 40 of these letters.

American troops in Iraq are complaining of basics like clean clothes, hot food and mail from home. Is there anything wrong with the Pentagon's famous supply chain? This goes back to the shitty estimate on the part of Rumsfeld. He did not provide enough troops or the logistical backup, because his Army was not staying, it was coming home. So who needs a warehouse full of shit? "

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- - Articles from - Iraq War Overview

Soldiers Emails | Bring Us Home

Family Shot Dead by Panicking US Troops

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