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04 July 2003

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government."

- Thomas Paine

1) Why Dennis Kucinich Will Win
2) MoveOn Primary Results
3) Willie Nelson Endorses Kucinich for President
4) I Never Promised You a Rose Garden - Michael Moore
5) Update by Michael Ruppert - Beyond Bush
6) Nader on Running and on Dennis Kucinich

Editor's Notes:

Reclaiming the Fourth

The campaign of Dennis Kucinich is on the move. This issue again focuses on his campaign since it is the best chances for reclaiming democracy in the US, for peace in our world. Last Sunday I had the honor of meeting Dennis Kucinich again. He confirmed his support of Instant Run-off Voting, which would include a multi-party, more democratic system in the US. Kucinich spoke at a forum at Sacred Hearts University in Fairfield CT for a US Department of Peace and about a campaign to achieve this vital mechanism for nonviolence and humanity.

Dennis acknowledged my being there at the very beginning of his campaign for US President, and he mentioned reading and appreciating Flyby News. I gave him a two-page letter/report for his consideration, the prior issue of Flyby News, other documents, the book by Karl Grossman called The Wrong Stuff: the Space Program's Nuclear Threat To Our Planet. He mentioned receiving this from Karl, but appreciated another copy. It was Karl Grossman and Carol Rosin that helped unite us on the campaign to ban space-based weapons. And when Bush abrogated the ABM Treaty, it was clear that another campaign was needed to respond. Dennis Kucinich has answered this call, but I never anticipated the depth, passion, eloquence, ability, commitment and personal realism associated with this man. Besides Grossman's book, I also gave Dennis a copy of Leonard Peltier's inevitable classic: Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sundance. Dennis at the peace forum spoke about transforming the US prison system, about ending the federal death penalty, stopping unfair prison [slave] labor. Yet most remarkable about Dennis' presentation is his ability in bringing in spiritual ideals into politics that encompass universal concepts. I usually squirm when someone tries to be spiritual. Yet Dennis' sincerity and viewpoint is inviting and non-denomination, bringing light into matter, into politics. He grounds his philosophy with an impressive record of accomplishments and dedication. His leadership in the US House of Representatives demonstrates courage and integrity.

Besides an incredible meeting with Dennis, for the first time in person, I met film maker and activist, Malachi Roth. Malachi's article is item 1. Yet to really feel his words, I strongly advise your ordering his newest film: The Peace Candidate. It is only twenty-minutes. The full documentary will take more time, but he made this film for activists for the campaign. It includes Dennis Kucinich's wonderful speeches, an exciting sound track with powerful demonstration clips against the so-called preemptive war on Iraq, interviews, which provide a cohesive collage of sights and feelings to inspire and educate.

Item 2 is on the MoveOn Vote results. Dennis has made incredible progress. Item 3 is an endorsement/statement by Willie Nelson worth reading, as well as the next item, a recent letter by Michael Moore to G.W., mixing humor and realism in a way that only comes from irreverent true to the bone, patriot, Michael Moore. And the final item in this issue is an update from Michael Ruppert beyond Bush. The item also updates on Ruppert's 911 investigation ad in major newspapers, and other relevant information.. Item 6 is on a segment of Ralph Nader's interview on CNN's Crossfire, responding to running for President in 2004. Here again is another good reason for supporting Kucinich, since Nader claims that running against Dennis would be the most difficult Democratic candidate to run against..

Frank Dorrel's film, "What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World" will be shown at the Keene, NH public library on July 17 beginning at 6pm. This issue of a secret twisted government need someone like Dennis to bring light to forefront. For this reason we are combining the showing and promoting of this film with the Kucinich for President campaign. Dennis received a copy of this film earlier from Frank Dorrel, but I gave him this most recent edited version. Dorrel says that the film is being shown at theaters, and he continues to sell them at cost for their widespread distribution, and invites others to make copies, to show at community TV station, and for other venues. I also gave a copy of this film to Malachi Roth. Following is a response from Malachi:

"..Also I watched the Dorrel video and once again you are right on the money in terms of spreading it around. I even knew much of the information and had seen many of the excerpted films but having it all together in one package effected me in a way very few films have. It made me face just how hypocritical we are when we point fingers at others for their atrocities. I immediately got the urge to do what your doing in trying to get as many to see it as possible. Thank you so much for all the amazing work you are doing in that regard and will do to get my Kucinich piece out. If every person of influence saw the Dorrel film this would most likely be a completely different country. Though that may not happen any time soon it's a great tool for awakening people.."

For more information on this film, and the program to show it in Keene, NH, see under campaigns, actions, and events at

The next Flyby News issue will have a press release on a newly issued patent for a sustainable energy technology and related stories. Feel welcomed to visit the site and listing of events, including on SolarFest where downloaded information from Flyby News will be available, on July 12 and 13 in Vermont.

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Granny D will open a walk for America. A on July 4, 2003 from Dublin NH where it begins a trek for peace to Keene at Central Square around 4 pm. A program on the Square will start at 5:00 pm with the Nelson Town Band, followed by Keene Mayor Blastos presenting of the keys of the city to Granny D., brief speeches by Granny D. and John Rauh – who will explain how we can achieve public funding of all elections for Just Six Dollars per person. There will be street theater as well as citizens presenting a People¹s State of the Nation address.

For more information on this walk, contact :
Gerhard Bedding, 603-355-2202 E-mail:
Monadnock Freedom Forum, P.O. Box 194, Keene, NH 03431

1) Why Dennis Kucinich Will Win

Why Dennis Kucinich will win and why choosing a candidate based on his “electability” is a recipe for disaster.

by Malachi Roth

Dennis Kucinich will be our next president because there has never been a man of such caliber running for president in our nation's entire history. His honesty, sincerity, morality, genuineness, and immunity to the corrupt nature of power are unprecedented. We have never seen such a candidate run for high office. We are so used to superficial cookie-cutter politicians being forced down our throats with expensive advertising that we think it takes a person like that to win, even though we hate them. Too often we hear the dual complaints, “good people don’t go into politics” and “the choices are dismal” but when one of our own throws his hat into the ring most scoff and claim he will never win our hearts by using passion and principal to appeal directly to our hearts.

New York Times-reading liberals couch their dismissal of Kucinich in statements suggesting that it is other people who will never vote for him. They say things like, “Well, I like him but the rest of the population won’t so I’m going for Dean.” In essence they condescend to the rest of the population for being more superficial and right wing than they are. In truth the people of Kucinich’s own district are far more representative of average America than the urban elites dismissing him as “unelectable” and they’ve been voting for him for years. Liberals are assuming that average Americans who already love Kucinich by the tens of thousands across the country would rather vote for Dean because he is more moderate. Entering any contest with such a defeatist attitude and based on such a misreading of the American people is, in my view, sure to bring defeat.

Dean is simply a not-so-liberal elitist who appeals to liberal elitists because liberal elitists are apologists who are often embarrassed of their liberalism and try to hide it or make excuses for it. That’s the kind of liberal that Black and Latino communities especially dislike; the ones that act liberal but spend their entire lives enriching Republicans through their various professions. If we don’t believe in the integrity of our employers or those we purchase our goods from it makes little difference who we vote for. Our real voting power lies in what we do with our life’s energy and where we spend our money.

On the issues Kucinich is the obvious candidate for liberals and the peace/activist community and yet he also appeals to labor and working class voters. The only people Dean, Kerry, Lieberman, Edwards, Graham really appeal to is our corporate overlords. So what liberal Dean supporters are really saying is that Kucinich is bound to anger our corporate overlords and will therefore never raise the millions of dollars necessary to brainwash the public into voting for him. Thank god for that. Any candidate who does receive the blessing of the corporate elite simply cannot be trusted. Perhaps campaign finance reform needs to begin in our collective psyche. In essence we are trying to create regulations, which keep the wealthy elite from influencing the rest of us through propaganda. Perhaps we have to teach ourselves to be less susceptible to that propaganda before we will be able to pass laws to regulate it. The obvious example is Germany when the republic was still intact but Hitler was prime minister. The opposition tried political methods to keep him from becoming dictator but the Nazis were using psychological warfare techniques, which have nothing to do with politics.

The only way to combat psychological warfare is for every citizen to become rigorously informed. We must teach ourselves to be politically and morally sensitive in ways we have been moving away from for years. In order to change course we must become as free of economic and spiritual corruption as humanly possible. There will always be forces trying to corrupt us; this is how we are lured into a psychological trap where our guilt causes us to dig our pit of denial deeper and deeper to keep out the light of truth and reason.

A big problem is that we are so used to our psychic chains that freedom scares us. It is as if the electorate has just wandered out of the desert and is offered glasses of sand rather than water with the excuse that it is what they are used to, and the amazing part is they drink it. Choosing a candidate based on electability is like assuming that because voters have just come out of the desert they would prefer a glass of sand to a glass of water.

There is a thirst in this country and around the world for relief. Most can see that the human situation has become far more dismal than anyone imagined it would. Most know deep down that the root of the problem lies with people like Bush, Wolfowitz, Lieberman, Kerry, etc and not with a few angry terrorists or petty dictators. It has become obvious to anyone paying attention that the terrorism plaguing the globe is coming from above, not below.

The thirst is not just for change. We know how difficult and tumultuous change is; this time it must be worth the effort. The thirst now is for enlightenment itself. We quietly yearn to become elevated as a species to a place where we can figure out how to make the world run in a humane, efficient, safe and environmentally sound manner. We can’t grasp why we are so prone to empower criminals in the highest levels of our society and allow them to fool us with their thinly veiled duplicity over and over again.

We know that our hard working and our best and brightest have over history identified the problems and come up with a great many solutions. The difficulty seems to be in implementing them and synthesizing them into a universal system of ethical standards, which everyone can agree upon. Global standards which people stick to out of a sense of self-preservation would be far more useful than a world government made up of the same corrupt entities and corporate front men who rule the world today. The reason this is not more obvious is because in many respects we have been divided and conquered as a global population.

There are millions of voices around the world speaking of the challenge before us. These conscientious global citizens see the situation more clearly than the rest and are in the process of educating themselves and the masses through a multiplicity of methods. The scale and breadth of this effort is unfathomable and uniquely collective. The causes of peace and justice are finally starting to gain serious momentum at the exact moment that the Kucinich campaign is finding its legs and spreading like wildfire. He is the next great American leader, but only one man among many men and women are the true heroes among us, using every ounce of their strength and cunning to conjure up the best impulses in the people around them. It is they and the people who are activated by their energy who will carry Kucinich to the White House and mandate massive reforms in our system. Deep down we all know that a spirit of cooperation with the world community and the enactment of strong international laws will end economic tyranny and the accumulation of military power once and for all.

This is not only possible but inevitable. Humans may be easily manipulated by unfounded fears but they also react decisively to real ones. As we come closer and closer to facing extinction through self-annihilation we begin to invent the exact mechanisms needed to survive. Right now many are wishing they could go back to sleep and avoid taking part in the painful task of overhauling life as we know it. The rest, however, are gathering together and beginning a historical discussion about the next phase of human evolution. It is at those gatherings that the name Kucinich is starting to become permanently etched into the dialouge and history of our nation and the world. He is already a legend and is well on his way to becoming one of our most mythic presidents.

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You can contact Malachi Roth where you can inquire about the Peace Candidate film, which is now available, and a Kucinich Documentary in the Works:

by Email:
Voice-mail at (212)822-8545

For more info see this Flyby News archive issue link in item 2: Kucinich Documentary in the Work

2) MoveOn Primary Results

Howard Dean did get more votes than anyone else, but fewer than 50%. thus, MoveOn is not endorsing a candidate, yet. Dennis Kucinich was the surprise winner of the vote, coming in second with 76,000 votes from a low-budget grassroots campaign.. John Kerry came in third. Everyone else got single digits. Following is from


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jessica Smith or Trevor FitzGibbon,

Friday, June 27, 2003 - Fenton Communications

No Candidate Wins Majority
in MoveOn.Org PAC First-Ever Democratic Online "Primary"
No endorsement now
Estimated $1.75 million raised in pledges to Democratic contenders

Most votes to Dean, followed by Kucinich, Kerry

Friday, June 27, 12:00pm—No candidate won a majority in this week's first-ever Democratic online presidential primary, therefore PAC will not make an endorsement at this time. Howard Dean received the highest vote total with 43.87% of the vote (139,360 votes); followed by Dennis Kucinich with 23.93% (76,000 votes); and John Kerry with 15.73% (49,973 votes).

The rest of the field was in single digits: John Edwards, 3.19% (10,146 votes); Richard Gephardt, 2.44% (7,755 votes); Bob Graham, 2.24% (7,113 votes); Carol Moseley Braun, 2.21% (7,021 votes); Joe Lieberman, 1.92% (6,095 votes); and Al Sharpton, 0.53% (1,677 votes). PAC hailed the primary as a tremendous kick-off for the campaign to defeat George Bush next year:

* 317,639 votes were cast in the "primary," more than the 2000 New
Hampshire Democratic presidential primary, the Iowa and South Carolina
Democratic presidential caucuses, combined;

* 54,370 voters pledged to volunteer for their preferred Democratic

* 77,192 voters authorized PAC to give their e-mail
addresses to the candidate of their choice; and

* 49,132 voters pledged to contribute money to their candidate, for a
total estimated at more than $1.75 million ($35 average contribution).

"And one of the most promising results for Democrats in 2004, is that most voters said they would ‘enthusiastically support' a broad array of candidates as the party's nominee next year," said Wes Boyd, PAC treasurer.

"This is only the beginning," continued Boyd. "Our most important objectives have been met: early Democratic grassroots involvement; increased contributions and volunteer support for each campaign; and mobilization of the Democratic base to defeat George Bush. We wanted people to have a seat at the table, and they have taken it."

The complete results, along with some analysis, are available on our website at

3) Willie Nelson Endorses Kucinich for President

One of the most beloved figures in popular music and culture has endorsed the populist presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich.


"I am endorsing Dennis Kucinich for President because he stands up for heartland Americans who are too often overlooked and unheard. He has done that his whole political career. Big corporations are well-represented in Washington, but Dennis Kucinich is a rare Congressman of conscience and bravery who fights for the unrepresented, much like the late Senator Paul Wellstone. Dennis champions individual privacy, safe food laws and family farmers. A Kucinich Administration will put the interests of America's family farmers, consumers and environment above the greed of industrial agribusiness.

"I normally do not get too heavily involved in politics, but this is more about getting involved with America than with politics. I encourage people to learn more about Dennis Kucinich at and I will be doing all I can to raise his profile with voters. I plan to do
concerts to benefit the campaign."

(This is an individual endorsement and does not reflect the views of any organization.)

"It's an honor," commented Rep. Kucinich, "to earn the support of a man who has come to symbolize the best values of America."

4) I Never Promised You a Rose Garden - Michael Moore

I Never Promised You a Ruse Garden --
A Letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush

June 26, 2003

Dear Lt. George W. Bush,

I hope you don't mind me referring to you by the only true military rank you ever achieved, that being the one from your on-again, off-again "days" in the, um, Texas Air National Guard. Ever since I saw you in that flyboy outfit, landing on that ship, I assumed you now wanted to be addressed by your military title, as opposed to the civilian rank imposed on you by your dad's friends.

So, Lieutenant, I was wondering, would you do me a favor?

Could you PLEASE do better than a ROSE BUSH?

I saw the guy on TV yesterday that your boys found, the Iraqi who said he had "planted" some nuclear plans in his "back yard" in Baghdad -- 12 years ago -- "under a rose bush."

Woo boy. That's a good one. Do you really think we are as dumb as we look? I know our fascination with "American Idol" and Scott Peterson may make us Americans look a little light in the head, but when it comes to lying to us to lead us into war, we really do demand a bit more of an EFFORT and a FOLLOW-THROUGH.

You see, George, it's not the lying and the doctoring of intelligence that has me all upset. It's that you've had control of Iraq for over two months now -- and you couldn't even find the time to plant just a few nukes or vats of nerve gas, and at least make it LOOK like you weren't lying to us.

You see, by not faking some evidence of weapons of mass destruction, it shows that you thought no one would mind if it turned out you made everything up. A different kind of president, who believes that the American public would be outraged if they ever found out the truth, would go to great lengths to cover up his subterfuge.

Johnson did it with the Gulf of Tonkin. He said our ships were "attacked" by the North Vietnamese. They weren't, but he knew he had to at least make it LOOK like it happened. Nixon said he wasn't "a crook," but he knew that wasn't enough, so he paid hush money to the burglars and somehow had 18 1/2 minutes erased from a tape in the Oval Office. Why did he do this? Because he knew the American people would be pissed if they found out the truth.

Your blatant refusal to back up your verbal deception with the kind of fake evidence we have become used to is a slap in our collective American face. It's as if you are saying, "These Americans are so damn apathetic and lazy, we won't have to produce any weapons to back up our claims!" If you had just dug a few silo holes in the last month outside Tikrit, or spread some anthrax around those Winnebagos near Basra, or "discovered" some plutonium with that stash of home movies of Uday Hussein feeding his tigers, then it would have said to us that you thought we might revolt if you were caught in a lie. It would have shown us some *respect*. We honestly wouldn't have cared if it later came out that you planted all the WMD -- sure, we'd be properly peeved, but at least we would have been proud to know that you knew you HAD to back up your phony claims with the real deal!

I guess you finally figured that out this week. It started to appear that millions of us were calling you on your bluff -- those "fictitious reasons for the fictitious war." So you quickly produced this man and his rose bush and some 12-year old piece of paper and some metal parts. CNN broke in at 5:15pm and screamed they had the exclusive! "IRAQI NUCLEAR PLANS FOUND!" But a few good reporters started asking some hard questions -- and, barely 3 hours later, your own administration was forced to admit the plans were "not the smoking gun" proving that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.


Never a good idea to rely on a bush, Lieutenant.


Michael Moore

- - - - - - - -

5) Update by Michael Ruppert - Beyond Bush


Powers above the White House are deciding that it's time for the Bush gang to go. As a Watergate-style take down is being meticulously put into place, the question is not whether the Bush Administration will be removed before or after the 2004 election. The important questions are whether Bush's successor will address 9/11, Peak Oil, civil liberties, or any of the critical issues. What is being done even now to control the challengers in the Presidential election? A clandestine drama is unfolding and we'll help you understand it. This special free series is a must-read going into 2004.

July 1, 2003 - PART I - The anatomy of the coup against Bush. How it is being set-up as a form of damage control. How the press is building to a climax that may break even after Bush has won (bought or stolen) re-election. How the CIA is hanging Bush out to dry.

For the complete article: BEYOND BUSH - Part I by Michael C. Ruppert, see:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[Flyby News editor's notes:]

For a Time Magazine article: "The War That Never Ends"

Here's some interesting results of a June 24, 2003 Newsday Bush Poll,

Asking if You Would Vote For Bush in 2004

17.8% Definitely (387 responses)
80.1% Absolutely Not (1740 responses)
2.1% Undecided (46 responses)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ruppert's 911 Ad Update

As of July 1, 2003 FTW has placed insertion orders and written the check for our full page ad to run in the following newspapers:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The Miami Herald
The Boston Globe
The Arizona Republic

Because in most cases all we are provided with is a time window in which the ads will run all we can say at this point is that FTW subscribers and those who contributed so generously to make this happen should start looking for the first ad to run sometime in the week of July 7th.

We are continuing our battles with censorship in some mainstream papers and we are winning some of them. We will say more when we can. We can promise you this: There will be some pleasant surprises coming.

Good news: New York is a lock!

Stay tuned…

Watch this page for new news and updates:

6) Nader on Running and on Dennis Kucinich

Interview with Ralph Nader
Aired July 1, 2003 - 16:30 ET


Robert Novak questioning Ralph Nader about Need for Green Party Presidential in 2004 if Dennis Kucinich Wins Democratic Nomination

NOVAK: I'm going to try once again why is it that you don't think that Dennis Kucinich, Howard Dean, they're saying exactly what you're saying. Well, why do you have to run again when you've got people on the left and the Democratic Party saying the same thing you are?

NADER: Well, you raise an interesting point. If Dennis Kucinich gets the nomination, it'll be less reason to have a third-party challenge. He's a very progressive Democrat and his views actually are closer to Jim Carville's than many of the nominees, potential nominees, not to mention Gore and Lieberman.

Number two, around Labor Day I'm going to send a progressive agenda to
the Republican, Democratic Parties, not the candidates, and see how they react. We've got serious problems in this country that are being ignored, we've got serious necessities...

NOVAK: Why don't you run as a Democrat?

NADER: First of all, it's not the Democratic Party any more that I know. It's not Carville's Democratic Party, it's the Democratic Leadership Counsel, it's the corporate Democrats, it's Al Frome (ph). It's a party that is selling itself to the same corporate interests that the Republican Party's been selling themselves to.

For the complete transcript, see:

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